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Interesting facts about Orem

  1. Orem was named in 1914 after Walter C. Orem, President of the Salt Lake and Utah Railroad.
  2. Orem borders the eastern shore of Provo Lake.
  3. Stevens-Henager College, a campus of Broadview University and an educational Center UVU are located in Orem.
  4. Orem is home to Utah Valley University, the largest and fastest growing university in Utah, with more than 34,000 undergraduates.
  5. Several successful businesses started in Orem, include: Omniture, Novell, Blendtec, WordPerfect adn SecurityMetrics.
  6. Orem is well-known for its fruit orchards.

Utah Orem Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Utah Orem Mission. We try our best to keep this information up to date, but it’s a good idea to double check the mission address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

Utah Orem Mission
612 W 100 S
Lindon, Utah
Phone Number: 801-796-3422
Mission President: President Chris D. Killpack

Utah Orem Mission Map

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Videos with Utah Orem RMs

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Utah Orem Mission.  We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews.

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Utah Orem Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Utah Orem Mission. This blog list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their mission blog was updated.

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Elder Nicolas Ovalles eldernicolasovalles.blogspot.com 2017
Sister Kathleen Billings hermanabillings.wordpress.com 2016
Sister Wendy Mena wendyinthewest.blogspot.com 2016
Sister Rechelle Taylor desiredtoserve.blogspot.com 2016
Elder Kentish whatilearnedinutah.blogspot.com 2016
Sister Inman sisterinman.wordpress.com 2015
Elder Kirk Ahrens elderkirkahrens.blogspot.com 2015
Elder Matthew Noad missionarymattnoad.blogspot.com 2015
Elder Logan Fuhriman missionsite.net/elderloganfuhriman 2015

Utah Orem Mission Groups

Here are Utah Orem Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Utah Orem Mission.

  1. Utah Orem Mission Group (78 members)

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Utah Orem Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Utah Orem LDS Mission.

  1. 2015-2018, Chris D. Killpack

Utah LDS Statistics (2016)

  • Church Membership: 2,040,178
  • Missions: 10
  • Temples: 16
  • Congregations: 5,033
  • Family History Centers: 171

Helpful Articles about Utah

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Utah Orem Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Utah Orem RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

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When did you serve?

  • 2016-2018 (McKinly)
  • 2016-2017 (Kensley)
  • 2016-2017 (Brooke)
  • 2015-2017 (Robert)
  • 2015-2017 (Ben)
  • 2015-2016 (Christian)
  • 2015-2016 (Kelsey)
  • 2015-2016 (Dalton)
  • 2014-2016 (Aleksy)
  • 2014-2016 (Chris)
  • 2015-2015 (Elsie)

What areas did you serve in?

  • I served in Herriman, Orem, Lehi, American Fork, Riverton, Eagle Mountain and Lindon Utah. (McKinly)
  • Orem Geneva, Saratoga/Eagle Mountain, Poly area, Orem Cherryhill/Hillcrest. (Kensley)
  • Orem, American Fork, Riverton. (Brooke)
  • Lehi, American Fork, Pleasant Grove, Cedar Hills, Pleasant Grove, and Lehi. (Robert)
  • Orem, American Fork, YSA, Orem Spanish, Lehi, Eagle Mountain. (Ben)
  • Alpine, Pleasant Grove, Orem, and Riverton. (Christian)
  • Polynesian South area, Herriman/Riverton, Highland West, Orem North. (Kelsey)
  • Lehi, Orem, American Fork, Utah Valley University Student Housing (Dalton)
  • Orem, Saratoga Springs, and Lehi. (Aleksy)
  • Orem, Eagle Mountain, Provo. (Chris)
  • Riverton, Herriman. (Elsie)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Ribs, Enchiladas, Tacos, Steak. (McKinly)
  • Flautas, cevichee, and tacos. (Kensley)
  • Lasagna, tacos, anything that we hadn’t had multiple times that week. (Brooke)
  • When members would ask what my companion and I would like for dinner, I almost always said “breakfast.” It’s hard to go wrong, and the best meal I was ever served on my mission was one of these. Otherwise, the casseroles and the home-baked bread are usually pretty good. (Robert)
  • Utah knows how to use a grill. Also JCW’S is the best. The Mexican food in Spanish areas is DELICIOUS. Real tacos are so good. Also arepas are super good (they’re Venezuelan and Colombian). (Ben)
  • Fried Rice, Casserole. (Christian)
  • Cafe Rio salads, Kneaders, and serving in the Polynesian areas got to try different meals from their culture which consisted of rice, taro, horsey, pusulu, terryaki chicken and beef, etc. (Kelsey)
  • BBQ. Fish. Funeral Potatoes. Crepes. (Dalton)
  • Pozole. (Aleksy)
  • I served Spanish speaking so I enjoyed harepas. There were a few transfers I served in English too and it’s true that those in Utah eat Jello Salad. Don’t diss it until you try it. (Chris)
  • Chicken enchiladas, taco soups, Navajo tacos, homemade Cafe Rio. (Elsie)

What was a funny experience?

  • There was one time while my companion and I were in a Ward Council Meeting, and the Bishop turned the time over to us, but the Ward Mission Leader interrupted and advertised his real estate business (he really did not like being ward mission leader). After he was done with what he wanted to say, the Bishop then said “this commercial has been brought to you by Brother (name remains undisclosed). He was released a couple months later. After that meeting, my companion and I died from what had just happened. (McKinly)
  • I was bitten by a mink at a mink farm in Saratoga and the man we were teaching thought it was the funniest thing and he was always drunk and would just ramble about the weirdest things. After I was bitten, he rambled about the Bible and how it was the only book we needed and so forth. (Kensley)
  • I had the opportunity to return to multiple areas I had served in and when the members I had known saw me, they were so excited. That was fun to surprise them and get to work so fast in a new area. (Brooke)
  • There was one day that the wind was really strong, to the point that trampolines were getting flipped over. The wind was coming down from the copper mine and kicking up sand everywhere, so it was hard to see very far. My companion and I were helping a couple neighbors with their trampoline by holding it up against the wind while they removed the metal arms that hold up the safety net. So it’s cold and the wind is trying real hard to push this trampoline into the ground, and then I look down and see a small brown spot on my shirt. Within the next minute, it was literally raining mud. (Robert)
  • I had lots of companions from the south. Over time, I started to be able to talk in a southern accent (and still can do this day). One day, my southern companion and I started to (jokingly) argue about tractors and trucks and everything southern in an accent of course and he caught it all on video. (Ben)
  • My trainer had me try to put down a parking brake. Unfamiliar with how, I messed with it for 5 minutes before finally getting it, and finally realizing he recorded me, and we had a great laugh about it. (Christian)
  • When I was on bikes and walking all summer. It would be so hot my companion and I would ride our bikes trough sprinklers to cool off.  One hot summer day, I tried to go over a curb to get in the side walk on my bike and my bike flipped and I flew off my bike landing on my handlebars. It was painful but one funny moment to remember! (Kelsey)
  • My companion saying Feliz Navidad to a woman that was naturally a bit more tan than most. We are English elders too😂 (Dalton)
  • My companion and I were running late to a service project but we had to stop by our apartment to grab some work clothes before we headed over. We ran in the house and on our way back out we were running across the yard and her foot went into a whole and she fell over right onto her face. Right at that moment some elders were driving by and just happened to see her fall, of all people to pass by! Also once my companion and I were running laps around a church building for morning exercise. We got really tired and both collapsed onto the ground in the parking lot. Some one apparently saw us and laying there and since it was early morning thought we were a couple of drunks. They called the cops on us, so they showed up and we then had to explain we were missionaries doing exercise, not drunks. (Aleksy)
  • I don’t know a specific part, but “white washing” definitely preceded the best adventures. (Chris)
  • Just day to day things with your companion or awkward encounters with funny people. Or like when the set of sisters were trying to be nice and grab us some lunch since we had a very long way to bike home and they ran over a curb on Redwood Road. (Elsie)

What was a crazy experience?

  • One dangerous experience I had occurred as my companion and I were biking home and we saw a fire truck at the house right next to our apartment. We were thinking to ourselves “what has happened” but continued on to our basement apartment. As we got into our apartment, we got a knock on the door from a fireman who said to us “Elders, there has been a chlorine leak, we are evacuating you”. So then my companion and I leave our apartment expecting to be escorted somewhere else, but then the fireman brings us out onto the driveway and just starts casually talking with us about his mission (that’s what happens when you serve in Utah). Him and his other fellow firefighters were not even wearing masks. And I was standing there thinking to myself “Dude, there is a chlorine leak going on and you’re not even concerned?”. We stood there for like 10 minutes while he was talking to us, and then all of a sudden, I feel this burning sensation in my throat. That sensation was caused by that leak next door to us! We were then escorted away from our house and I was worried that I was gonna die that night while my companion was like “if I die, oh well”. We then went to a nearby chapel, got a hold of our mission president and district leader, and were then transported to a different set of elders’ apartment for the night until we were cleared to return to our apartment the following day. To be honest though, I was really concerned about that situation, hahaha. (McKinly)
  • Didn’t have one. (Kensley)
  • My companion and I were trying to find new investigators and we felt prompted to go down a particular street. While we were walking down the street, we walked past a car full of people and immediately I felt that we needed to leave. We went to our senior couples house that was just down the street. Nothing happened, but it was not a good feeling. (Brooke)
  • Driving on snow/ice was both funny and dangerous, but it was mostly fun. I didn’t have any experience with driving on snow before my mission, but it didn’t take too long to learn. Just don’t be reckless, and you’ll stay wreckless! (Robert)
  • One time my companion and I were walking up in very dark Alpine at night. He had a walking stick. We walked by this big dog who was barking at us, and right after we passed by him on the far side of the street he charged us. My companion held up his walking stick in like an attack position and the dog stopped and a slunk away. We were very thankful for his walking stick that night. (Ben)
  • While on a hike with our district, we came across a rattlesnake that I didn’t see until I was almost right on top of it. (Christian)
  • We went hiking as a zone activity on mount big baldy. This sister and I barley had any water on the way home and drank all the water we had brought. It was a really hard to get home and we went in the middle of summer. Some of the Missionaries had a hard time making it to the top so they turned back and went down hill. Most of us stayed including one sister and I. On the way down, my companion fainted leaving us with three Elders who found us and helped us out as the rest of the elders were far ahead. We had to call 911 and search and rescue had to come up and pull this sister off in a helicopter to the ER. Two of the elders were down already to help search and rescue find us and I was left with one elder to go down with by myself as my temporary companion!! Lol craziest experience ever! The next day I was left in the mission home with another sister recovering from this experience. One I will never forget. Lessons learned and memories made. (Kelsey)
  • A girl in a onesy hit on us with her zipper low, showing a severe amount of cleavage. Eye contact. Eye contact. Eye contact. (Dalton)
  • An older gentleman at Walmart cornered us in a Walmart and wouldn’t let us leave. He told us some of his beliefs and how we were wrong. He made comments like, don’t look at your companion, when he would ask one of us a question and wouldn’t let us talk. Finally some Elders came by and since he had done the same to them earlier, they knew what he was doing and came to get us out of the situation. (Aleksy)
  • Well, anti-Mormonism isn’t as common as the Church, but it seems as strong. I got a few punches thrown at me by anti-Mormons a few times. (Chris)
  • Walking next to dogs I guess or the road was always when the odds of our safety decreased, it’s Utah. (Elsie)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • One spiritual experience I had on my mission that I will never forget, occurred while I gave a young boy a priesthood blessing. This young boy belonged to a part-member family, and he had been struggling with a respiratory problem and his mother asked my companion and I if we could give him a blessing. We told her that we would love to, and so we did. With that healing blessing, I had the opportunity to act as voice on the second part of the blessing (the blessing itself). As I laid my hands on this young boys’ head, I could feel the love that God has for him and I could feel the power of the Priesthood doing its work. In that blessing, I told that young boy that “Heavenly Father desires to heal you”. A couple of weeks later, we went by this young boys’ home and asked his mother how he was doing. She said to us with a lot of gratitude and almost tearfully that he had been healed from his condition, and that he was out and about playing with his friends and felt healthy and alive! I knew right then and there that I had been the answer to someone’s prayer and that Heavenly Father had used me to help not only bless this young boy, but his mother and entire family as well. (McKinly)
  • We were impressed to follow up on someone and they were really struggling with their testimony. We were able to help them and teach them. They regained their testimony and just recently went through the temple. (Kensley)
  • There was a sister I got extremely close to in one of my areas, but her family moved and I never heard how she was doing. My next and final transfer was to the area that she lived in. She told me that she was praying for someone from her old ward to come visit her. She was crying as she told me this and said I was an even bigger blessing than she expected. (Brooke)
  • Um… All of it? Seriously though, the whole experience was spiritual. Interestingly, a few of the most spiritual lessons I had were when I was with the one companion I had that I couldn’t stand. (My trainer.) (Robert)
  • We were reading in the Book of Mormon with a recent convert and her fellowshipping family in Alpine Young Single Adults. We all read Ether 12 and talked about it, and halfway through the dad of the fellowshipping family walked in and joined us in the lesson. He was less active and struggling a lot, and hadn’t joined in a single lesson in the six or more months since this recent convert has started taking the lessons in the beginning. The Spirit was there so strongly and it felt like the family was coming together again. (Ben)
  • One day, while I was having a bad day with my anxiety and depression, my companion felt an impression to visit one of the less actives we were teaching. He was never home during the day and it was 2:00 in the afternoon, but rather than protest, I halfheartedly said, “Okay” and we went. It turned out he was home, and he was having a hard day. He prayed and asked God that if He loved him, he would show him that he does. Not 5 minutes later, we showed up. It was a heartwarming experience for me and it was a morale boost to all of us. (Christian)
  • We were teaching the plan of salvation to this family and the Spirit was really strong. We got to the part about the three kingdoms and the mother of the family got a little emotional and made the comment that it just made so much sense because since we are all Children of God it makes sense God has a place for each of us and would never send his beloved children to jail. (Aleksy)
  • Soooo many! I think one that will always blow me away is the simple act of faith of talking to EVERY ONE. My companion and I chatted with a girl we saw walking to her car for MAYBE 60 seconds (she was clearly trying to get somewhere quick) and she told us I don’t know anyone in that apartment and points to the top floor on the east side of the building. We knocked on this door and the young man that answered was clearly shocked a bit. We found out he had just gotten off of his knees from a prayer about his sister in the ER. INCREDIBLE Spirit was there as we prayed with him and taught him. Joe is an amazing man! (Dalton)
  • Too many to put. You saw them EVERY DAY! I would have served my whole life had they let me. (Chris)
  • Watching a man I taught for over 6 months start coming to church with well read pamphlets we had given him earlier that week and he’d say things like “this all makes so much sense to me” and you could literally see the Spirit change his entire family’s life. And then the day he was baptized, he gave the most beautiful prayer ever and I am so grateful so have been in a place where the Spirit was that present. (Elsie)

What are some interesting facts about the Orem Mission?

  • Some interesting things about the Orem Mission is that it has the densest amount of members of the Church out of any mission on Earth. And unlike any other mission, it has a great retention rate and a great deal of convert baptisms because of the member involvement. Also, it is only three years old now and it covers an area that is growing immensely (Utah Valley). It is very diverse and it is almost like the melting pot of the church. (McKinly)
  • It has the highest amount of active members. (Kensley)
  • It is only 2 years old as of July 2017. (Brooke)
  • For the most part, we covered multiple stakes at a time. The smallest area I covered was 2 stakes with a total of 14 wards. Also, we got to go the Conference Center for General Conference, we went to the temple once a quarter, and we sometimes got to go to other special events (e.g. the January 2016 Worldwide Missionary Broadcast). (Robert)
  • There are more stakes and members in the Utah Orem Mission than any other mission in the world. Even though geographically it’s very small, it spans trailer park ghettos to old towns established in the mid 1800s to the super rich to farmland to cheap new developments in the desert and everything in between. You’ll meet people from all over the world. (Ben)
  • Despite covering mostly city, the Utah Orem Mission only has 1 temple in its borders. The Utah Orem Mission became the highest baptizing English speaking Mission in the country barely a year after splitting from the Utah Provo Mission. (Christian)
  • We started with 92 stakes or something like that, that our entire mission covered. By the time I finished, we covered I want to say like 96 or something. Same geographic area, but the stakes split! (Dalton)
  • We couldn’t drink caffeinated beverages. Utah missions probably have the most senior missionaries than any other mission. (Aleksy)
  • It takes 45 minutes to drive across it, we have the highest membership in world, and it’s also the best in the world. The first is fact, second is opinion (factual opinion). (Chris)
  • There are actually non- members in Utah. We have lots of temples but are encouraged to only go when we have investigators who are able to go after a year. (Elsie)

What was the weather like?

  • The weather was interesting to say the least. Utah is known for being very indecisive on its seasons. We had one winter where it was not like winter (like we only had one big snow storm), and then we had random dust storms come through a good deal of the time. The summers were pretty hot and the fall and spring had decent temperatures. (McKinly)
  • Changed every day and depended on the season. Cold in the winter and hot and dry in the summer. Never was a nice breeze. (Kensley)
  • Summers are super hot. Winter is very snowy, but I didn’t find it that cold. (Brooke)
  • Dry. No humidity here, so you might need moisturizer. It does get warm (in the summer…I think it got into the 90s), but it also gets down to 14°F so prepare to dress warm. Also, the mission is in a valley enclosed by mountains. Think a more natural-looking Mordor. Because of that, you get what they call inversion, where smoke and pollution just sits in the air unless there’s a lot of wind or rain. (Robert)
  • Dry. All of the time. Hot and sunny in the summer. Watch out for the inversion in the winter, the air quality plummets sometimes. Overall a very sunny place though, and not much crazy weather. (Ben)
  • Pretty standard, but at some times unpredictable. (Christian)
  • Cold and snowy in the winter and hot in the summer. Fall is very beautiful! All four seasons here. (Kelsey)
  • Dry bro, so very dry. I had to get out the lotion daily. (Dalton)
  • Cold and dry in the winter and Hot and dry in the summer. We get a good amount of snow during the winter. You will get dry skin. (Aleksy)
  • Nice in the summer. Really nice. I enjoy snow, so it wasn’t a huge challenge in the winter, but it does get very cold. It’s also very dry, so lotion and eye drops are a must. (Chris)
  • Hot, cold. (Elsie)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • One thing I liked about the Orem mission is that it is a mission where you get to see many people become members of the church through baptism. I also loved the scenery of the Wasatch mountains and how it was not that humid. I loved the people I served! They were very down to Earth. I met many good members and non-members alike. They were sincere and wanted to help the missionaries. (McKinly)
  • I loved how loving they were.They always wanted to give and make sure we were provided for. (Kensley)
  • Everyone wants to help the missionaries. They don’t necessarily know what to do to help, but they want to help. (Brooke)
  • Most people are very nice, even the anti-Mormons don’t usually yell at you unless you’re in Riverton or Herriman. The street system is really good, too. Most (there are a few exceptions) of the roads are arranged and numbered in a grid pattern so it’s usually really easy to find people and places. The only issue is that each town has their own grid, and then the county has its own grid, which can cause a lot of confusion at town borders. (Robert)
  • There are so many members in Utah that really want to help missionaries but don’t quite know how, so we get to help them get direction to their efforts and desires. Members are generally so willing to help us and The Lord in His work. (Ben)
  • As for the places, each place had a different sort of atmosphere to them. For example, one was lively and bustling with activity, while another had a more quiet, homely feel. (Christian)
  • I loved my fellow Missionaries. We were literally all brothers and sisters in the lords work and they become eternal friends till this day! (Kelsey)
  • Utah is so unique and I learned so much serving there! Such a unique perspective from SO many members! I am so blessed. (Dalton)
  • There is a lot of love here. I served mostly with the Hispanic population and  I loved it. They are so warm and loving, always greet with a hug. People are so good and giving here. (Aleksy)
  • The actual general member population can be a little weird, to be honest. Members are sweet, but some may ask you to resolve disputes, talk to you endlessly, or try and find a way to report you to the Mission President. Those who you serve, find, teach, and baptize are wonderful. Always wonderful. I served in a single city for a year and four months. That sounds boring, but it was actually tons of fun! Working hard always leads you to find new adventures and places. (Chris)
  • Everything! I loved how willing the members were to help us with food, housing and mostly missionary work. So many men and women gave up time with their families to help the Lord’s work go forward and that is amazing to me. (Elsie)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Some of the things I would recommend bringing include a Preach my Gospel manual, an oil vile (if you are an elder), a couple of suits, a bunch of white shirts (long and short sleeve), and several pairs of slacks or pants. I would also recommend sturdy work shoes as those are a big help. For Sisters of course, please ask someone different cause I don’t know. (McKinly)
  • Warm jackets! and water proof boots! (Kensley)
  • Make sure everything is in compliance with the dress standards given for missionaries and you’ll be good. Get skirts and shirts that can be interchangeable with each other to increase your wardrobe options. (Brooke)
  • Make sure you have shoes with tread. My shoes were completely flat on the bottom during my first Christmas, and it was impossible to walk anywhere with all the ice. In short, prepare for the cold, but have some warm weather clothing as well. (Robert)
  • Expect to gain weight. Make sure belts have room go grow and pants aren’t tight. You will leave the mission with a lot more stuff than you left with, so don’t come out with your suitcases pushing the weight limits and packed full. (Ben)
  • Just pack the standards, but think a little outside the box to prepare for unpredictable weather. (Christian)
  • Bring layers and thick coats for winter, especially if you are in a walking area. The weather outside does not stop you from doing missionary work. (Kelsey)
  • Bring a small shoulder bag! You won’t need to carry around your physical copies of your quad. Just enough room for your tablet and a physical copy or two of the Book Of Mormon. (Dalton)
  • Warm things for the winter, light fabrics for the summer. Also don’t stress too much about making sure you bring everything you need with you. You can get things on preparation day once your in the mission and have a better feel for what you need. The DI is your best friend. (Aleksy)
  • Roll the clothes, don’t fold. Also, wrinkle free will save you loads of time on your mission. (Chris)
  • Don’t over pack…you’ll probably get more on your mission. (Elsie)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • One blessing I have received from serving a mission (and this is probably the greatest of them all), is a sure knowledge that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is real and that God has a plan for me in my life. I was able to learn through my experience of the spiritual gifts that God has blessed me with, the importance of loving and serving others, how important it is to have the Savior in my life, and how true my patriarchal blessing is. Another blessing I’ve received from serving my mission (and this is just for brownie points) is increased physical stamina (I tried to work out as much as I could on the mission). (McKinly)
  • I was prepared to face challenges in school and family life. (Kensley)
  • So many! But I made so many eternal friendships while I was serving. (Brooke)
  • All the things. I can’t even count them. I tried once. (Robert)
  • My memory has been improved tremendously. I became a genuine and virtuous person who is the same inside and out. I became truly converted to the gospel. I see miracles in my life daily because I do my part and know better what to look for. (Ben)
  • I realized that when I served, I learned a lot about myself and even more so about the gospel. I learned of my weaknesses and strengths. If there was one trait I developed on my mission, it would be humility. (Christian)
  • So many it’s hard to imagine what I DIDN’T gain from it. Wow, I would say the blessing of receiving revelation and simply trusting God in his guidance, even if it leaves you in a stupor of thought of how I am to accomplish this task. (Dalton)
  • I learned how to love people wholeheartedly and gave me a better understanding of Christ like love. I learned how to study. I met some of the best friends I’ll ever have and gained perspective on whats important in life. My family was safe and well while I served. (Aleksy)
  • Guidance, self-forgiveness, a greater love for my family, and a great witness of the Savior. Overall, my blessing was a far better life. (Chris)
  • An eternal family. I was companions and friends with my now sister in law and she is the one who let me meet my soul mate. My life has been forever changed in many ways but that moment is the one I am most grateful for because it helped my testimony grow even stronger of God’s plan of happiness for us as individuals. (Elsie)

What are some skills you gained?

  • Some skills I gained on my mission included mainly leadership and social skills. In regards to leadership skills, I was put into the position of trainer/senior companion frequently, and district leader a few times. Through those assignments, I really learned the importance of being a good example as a leader and the need to minister to those around me. In terms of social skills, I really learned to reach beyond myself and express interest in the lives of others. I learned how to start conversations with random strangers and became comfortable with doing so. I also learned the importance of being straightforward with people and that is a skill that I still apply today. Lastly, (believe this or not), I feel that my mission also helped me with my courage to talk to girls (before my mission I had never really asked a girl out on a date because I was terrified to, but I did after I returned home). (McKinly)
  • The ability to study better, listen and understand promptings better, and understand the scriptures. (Kensley)
  • I was forced to talk to everyone, so that comes a lot more natural now. I was an introvert. (Brooke)
  • In no particular order: -Goal-setting and planning -Time management -Logistics -Communication -Teaching -How to understand people -Exercise -Public speaking -How to change or abandon a plan in light of unforeseen circumstances -Study by the Spirit -Listening to the Spirit. (Robert)
  • I can help people be their best selves. I am much better at putting the important parts of life first. I am not afraid to share what I know to be true. (Ben)
  • I came out of my shell of anxiety and I became better at interacting with other people. I also became a good teacher, or so my companions tell me. (Christian)
  • Patience, charity, selfless love for others, and being able rely and recognize the Spirit.  (Kelsey)
  • Working well under stress and with very little sleep😂. (Dalton)
  • I learned how to work hard and that I am much more capable than I thought I was. I became more out going and learned how to communicate better. I learned how to study and apply new knowledge. I also became better at directions. (Aleksy)
  • Talking to people! Seriously, if you’re talking to everyone on your mission you’ll be able to talk to anyone about anything in any situation. A very useful skill! I also was able to study with more focus. Before my mission I had A’s and B’s, but because I learned to study, I have been able to achieve all A’s. (Chris)
  • Speaking in public, riding a bike in a skirt, having stronger faith. (Elsie)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • At the beginning of my service, I really wished that I would have not focused on getting to the finish line instead of enjoying the journey. Looking back upon my mission experience now, the mission went by too quickly and I wish that I had appreciated and cherished the beginning of my mission a little more than focused on the end instead. (McKinly)
  • Studied the language better! (Kensley)
  • It is going to be difficult. You won’t get along with everyone you meet, but it will be so worth it! (Brooke)
  • I wish I knew how to prepare and teach a lesson in the format of a discussion rather than a presentation. (Robert)
  • I wish I knew the power of the Book Of Mormon in helping change people’s lives. I wish I knew how to be genuinely give compliments to strangers and help them be able to feel how important they are. (Ben)
  • How hard it was going to be. I knew it was going to be hard, but it wasn’t anything like I had imagined once I actually got out there. (Christian)
  • Don’t be afraid to be out of your comfort zone. As you put your trust in the Lord, he will fill in the rest and make your weakness your strengths. Just know you aren’t alone and it may be hard adjusting to a new lifestyle but there are so many members that will love you like your own family and be there to support you! Fellow missionaries you serve this will be in this together with you and you will have a loving companion! You got this! (Kelsey)
  • Their relationship with the Savior is how they become truly converted and how POWERFUL a tool the Book Of Mormon is in this quest for truth and knowledge. (Dalton)
  • I wish I had been a little less stubborn with my trainer. I wish I had learned Spanish before the mission. I wish I had studied the gospel a little more diligently before the mission. (Aleksy)
  • Just be eager to learn obedience. I messed up out of ignorance, which everyone does. Eager obedience brings true success and adventure. You’ll never get bored that way. As soon as I began talking with everyone, my mission EXPLODED! You find so many people by purposefully talking with everyone. (Chris)
  • To not be worried about what others think, you are a missionary! Not someone to be their friend then a missionary. You are first and foremost the Lord’s servant and people notice that immediately so when you are uncomfortable and try to be a friend first instead of getting to the out, the Spirit isn’t there as strong and it takes longer. (Elsie)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Orem?

  • I do have a testimony for those who will be serving in my mission. Whoever you are, I testify to you that you are going to the Orem Mission because Heavenly Father needs you there. I know it’s Utah and that there are bunch of church members there, but believe me, you have not experienced a Utah mission yet until you have gone to one. Many wonderful experiences lie ahead of you! You will have opportunities to teach repentance and baptize converts, help members in their missionary work, and teach and lead other missionaries. Lastly, I testify that you will come to know who you are to your Father in Heaven and that you will create new and great relationships with others, and you will know through your experience of the trust that Heavenly Father has for you as you serve in an area with many members (including their children) who are looking up to you as an example of a Christlike missionary. (McKinly)
  • Study the language and focus because it goes by too fast. And keep a journal! (Kensley)
  • Trust that God knows where you are supposed to be. Utah might not sound like an exciting place to serve, but it is where you are needed. He loves you, and will be with you the entire time. (Brooke)
  • Home/Visiting Teaching is missionary work to members. The more you really do that, the more practice you’ll have at being a missionary. In one of my areas early on, there was an investigator who we were never able to meet for a lesson. When we would text to set something up, she would respond positively, but never show up. One day during planning, I thought to text her and ask about setting up a lesson. As I started to, I remembered something she had told us was going on in her life that had kept her from being able to meet with us previously; so instead of asking when we could meet, I asked how that was going and how we could help. Because of that, she asked to set up an appointment with us! The lesson I learned is that investigators need to at least be treated like friends. If you treat an investigator or a less active member like a client or a patient, they won’t respond well. If you think of them as friends (while always following your purpose), you will focus on them as a person rather than their lesson as a number, and that’s when the miracles happen. (Robert)
  • Love the members. They can be annoying, can get in the way and slow you down, and can be super frustrating sometimes, but they are trying their hardest. If it weren’t for the members and hair honest missionary efforts every day being a missionary in Utah would be impossible. (Ben)
  • People will do their best to discourage, be they non members, less actives, anti-Mormons, or even members who think they know it all. But what matters is that you are doing the best you can and are trying to get better at it. The only opinion you should acknowledge is God’s, and I testify that He won’t steer you wrong when you go to Him for help. (Christian)
  • Don’t stress, if you just strive to do your very best, the Lord will put before you,  what you must do. (Dalton)
  • Always rely on the Savior, He is the only true and constant source of strength. Heavenly Father watches over and protects His missionaries. Always testify of the Savior. You are capable of more than you think and never let Satan discourage you. Miracles do happen. Heavenly Father is a God of Love and will hear and will answer all you prayers. Have faith. (Aleksy)
  • Enjoy it and be obedient. If you serve well, it’ll be a great adventure and you’ll witness miracles. I mean real miracles. Scripture worthy miracles. The Lord is involved in the work. It’s a shame we can’t see Him, because if we could, we would see him running beside missionaries. (Chris)
  • Go out with the missionaries, bring them to people you care about and watch how they teach and remember everything you felt while they taught the things you liked and the things you didn’t and then go and do better than they did. Everyone is learning but I feel like if people went out as their true self giving their all to the Lord you’d see a huge change in the success of missionary work ,being genuinely filled with the spirit and teaching for the Lord is the best tool you could ever use. (Elsie)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • On my very last day in the field, my companion and I were tracting out a trailer park that was predominately Spanish (we were English-speaking Elders). With not knowing a whole lot about that trailer park, we knocked on one door and a woman answered saying “Hola, coma estas?”. Knowing a little bit of Spanish from high school, I tried to continue the conversation with her by saying “Muy Bien, y tu?”. She then said “bien” and then some other Spanish words I didn’t pick up on. I then said to her “we apologize but we don’t speak much Spanish”. And then she said back to us in perfect english “I apologize but I don’t speak much english” and smiled at us. We then told her that if she needed any service from us that we would be happy to help. I thought that situation though was a good example of this as I did not have the Gift of tongues hahaha. (McKinly)
  • I meant to tell the bishop I was embarrassed but said I was pregnant instead. (Kensley)
  • Well I accidentally said I’m horny a couple of times instead of saying I feel hot (like when the weather is hot). (Ben)
  • In Spanish, it happens a lot but for the most part they teach you to stay away from the really awkward ones in the Mission Training Center so no worries. (Aleksy)
  • 1.) Word for suspicious in Spanish is sospechoso, but I couldn’t say that, so I said sospechocho (which is how babies say it). 2.) I meant to say “we’ll work as hard as a mule” in Spanish, but it came out as “I have a pure body.” Either way, my strength was complimented. (Chris)
  • I said a word in English while at dinner with an all Tongan family with my Tongan companion and that word was not a good word in Tongan I guess and they almost all choked on their food from laughing so much. (Elsie)