Quotes About Stories & Storytelling

Here’s a collection of quotes about stories and storytelling.


“You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows that they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift.” ― Erin Morgenstern

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” ― Philip Pullman

“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.” ― Sue Monk Kidd

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” ― Rudyard Kipling

“The telling and hearing of stories is a bonding ritual that breaks through illusions of separateness and activates a deep sense of our collective interdependence.” — Annette Simmons

“Stories are important…They can be more important than anything. If they carry the truth.” — Patrick Ness

“We’re all made of stories. When they finally put us underground, the stories are what will go on.” — Charles de Lint

“We learn best – and change – from hearing stories that strike a chord within us.” — John Kotter

“Stories give color to black and white information.” — Todd Stocker

“Each of us has a family tree full of stories inside of us… Each of us has a story blossoming out of us.” — Francesca Lia Block

“In this time of ‘information overload’, people do not need more information. They want a story they can relate to.” — Maarten Schäfer

“You have a natural intuition for storytelling. We all do. We’re actually programmed and wired for storytelling. It’s in our DNA, designed to help us navigate and make sense of the world. Don’t worry, we all have this ability. There’s even a specific gene that allows us to take every experience and relationship and store it in the mind as a story.” -Michael Margolis

“Those who tell the stories, rule the world.” — Hopi Proverb

“Around every corner is a story waiting to be told. And people are longing to hear it.” -Jeff Goins

“Stories are written to be shared, and it is our responsibility to retell those that we witness — not only for our own sake, but for the benefit of others. Stories change people. They shape entire cultures.” -Jeff Goins