Lifey App


I love learning from others’ life experiences. Over the past 9 years I’ve video interviewed about 3,000 people about their life experiences on YouTube and the Lifey app.

A few years ago I felt strongly inspired to create an app to make it easier for people to learn from each other.

On the Lifey app we’re virtually interviewing 10s of thousands of people about their life experiences as they relate to careers, colleges, cities, health conditions, marriage, parenting, dating, personal finance etc. We’re aiming to make a Wikipedia-like resource that’s free for everyone to learn from each other. It’s kind of like a free mentoring resource aimed at helping people to make better life decisions and hopefully to have a happier, more successful life.

I believe everyone has experiences and insights that could help someone else. We’re trying to collect all those experiences and insights and index them in a way that could they could reach those who they could help.

I invite you to join us and share your experiences to help others!