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User Reviews
Nathan Adamson

Cool app to share experiences where you can find it all compact and in on place instead of scouring YouTube for hours to find what you’re looking for and ending up disappointed anyways.

Mary Felber

Such an easy app to use! I am excited to watch other people’s stories and to see what other topics will be talked about.

Austin Hall

This app is a fun and easy way to share short videos on a variety of subjects. I like that I can share my personal experiences that may help others down the road.

Sister Stubben

This app is such a great idea!!!..It’s so fun to see all of the different videos and it feels so real while also not too much of a time commitment to watch!

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Watch thousands of vlogs about countries, missions, cities, careers, colleges, health conditions, etc.

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Lifeys are video selfies about your life.

I felt inspired to create video resources as a BYU Freshman in 2006. I started coding the Lifey app in 2018. I’m currently working on the Lifey app in Missouri.

In 2012, I started the Prepare to Serve YouTube Channel where I interviewed about 1,000 returned missionaries about their experiences. After a couple years I created more YouTube channels, interviewing people about their health conditions and creating free video biographies. Then I felt inspired to create a platform that would make it easier to search for video interview-like information. As much as I loved creating video interview playlists on YouTube, I thought there must be a better way to collect, organize and search video information.

I felt strongly inspired to create this resource a few years ago.

You can help by recording your experiences and insights. If you are interested in helping crowdsource videos about a given topic, email me at alexbalinski@gmail.com.

Eventually there will be hundreds of thousands of topics about just about anything. So far, we’ve launched sections on colleges, cities, missions, health conditions, religions, etc.