Highland, Utah

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Highland, Utah: Blogs

Here’s a list of Highland blogs and websites written by people who live in Highland, or are about Highland.

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Highland City Website highlandcity.org 2017
Highland Library highland.ent.sirsi.net 2017
Highland Utah Stake highlandstakeinfo.org 2017
Highland City Website highlandcity.org 2017
Highland City Library FB Page facebook.com/Highland-City-Library 2017
Residents Of Highland, UT facebook.com/highlandcity 2017
The Daily Herald heraldextra.com/..highland 2017
Zillow Real Estate zillow.com/highland-ut 2017
Wikipedia Article wikipedia.org/wiki/Highland,_Utah 2017
Lone Peak High School lphs.alpineschools.org 2017
Lone Peak Police Website lonepeakpolice.com 2017
Lone Peak Police FB Page facebook.com/Lone-Peak-Police-Utah 2017
Lone Peak Fire District lonepeakfire.com 2017

Highland, Utah: Groups

Highland Groups On Facebook

  1. Highland & Alpine 24/7 Yard Sale (20,780 members)
  2. Highland, UT Online Yard Sale Group (4,894 members)
  3. Lone Peak High- Class of 2010 (464 members)
  4. Lone Peak High School Class of 2007 (442 members)
  5. Gospel Study For Sister- Highland, Utah (430 members)
  6. Highland Utah East Stake News And Information (357 members)
  7. Lone Peak High School Class of 2004 (330 members)
  8. Lone Peak High School Class of 2008 (318 members)
  9. Lone Peak High School Class of 2013 (317 members)
  10. Lone Peak High School Class of 2005 (312 members)
  11. Lone Peak Singles Ward (Highland, UT) (299 members)
  12. Highland City Observers (272 members)
  13. I Was A Stranger – Highland Utah Stake (25 members)
  14. Mystic Cove Hidden Oaks Neighborhood (24 members)
  15. Residents Of Toscana (Highland, Utah) (20 members)

Other Highland Groups, Forums and Events

  1. Eventbrite Events Near Highland, Utah

Highland, Utah: Survey

We’re surveying people about living in Highland, UT. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*The information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Your name, how long you’ve lived in Highland)

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Highland, Utah: Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Highland?

  • Small community. (MacKenzie, 2 years)
  • Quiet, beautiful, low crime, farm areas, upscale. (Shelby, 2 years)
  • That businesses are closed on Sunday. (Andrea, 6 years)
  • Purple. (Karen, 6 years)
  • Beautiful surroundings – location. (Kim, 6 years)
  • Large yards. (Ann, 12 years)
  • Mountains and general safety. (Karen, 12 years)
  • Little traffic and no mosquitoes. (Deborah, 13 years)
  • The people. (Lesley, 14 years)
  • Family friendly, the people. (Rod, 14 years)
  • Country living, people taking care of their yards. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • Seeing the empty parking lots on Sundays and attending the Highland fling. (Valerie, 21 years)
  • Location. (Layne, 25 years)
  • The rural feel. (Teresa, 25 years)
  • Quiet town, there are still homes with land, it’s a close community. (Anonymous, 25 years)
  • Small town. Next to the mountains. (Deric, 26 years)
  • Family atmosphere. (S., 38 years)
  • The people and the mountains. (April, 44 years)

Highland, Utah: Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Highland?

  • Highlands far from freeway access. (MacKenzie, 2 years)
  • When development gets too excessive. Too many condos or apartments etc. Development of green spaces. Too many non-residents overtaking Highland Glenn Pond. (Shelby, 2 years)
  • Entitled, unfriendly people. (Andrea, 6 years)
  • Speeding tickets. (Karen, 6 years)
  • Roads. (Kim, 6 years)
  • Roads. (Ann, 12 years)
  • Everyone for mayor or town council runs on cutting the budget and since we have such a lean budget, they try to take money away from the library. (Deborah, 13 years)
  • The roads. (Lesley, 14 years)
  • I don’t really have anything on that. (Rod, 14 years)
  • The city is unfriendly to business, only rentals or low income housing is outlr basements, so many homes are turning into duplexes. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • Lack of humidity. (Valerie, 21 years)
  • High taxes because of very little commercial/retail development. (Layne, 25 years)
  • The traffic. (Teresa, 25 years)
  • The city officials aren’t very unified- I’m grateful there is a turnover every couple years. (Anonymous, 25 years)
  • No complaints. (Deric, 26 years)
  • Traffic at SR 92. (S., 38 years)
  • No stores. (April, 44 years)

Highland, Utah: Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Highland? Best kept secrets, etc.

  • Get involved in community events. (MacKenzie, 2 years)
  • Parks, canyon, walking/running. (Shelby, 2 years)
  • Highland fling, TSO, the library. (Andrea, 6 years)
  • Go to parks. (Karen, 6 years)
  • I love the running trails. (Kim, 6 years)
  • Getting snow cones, riding bikes, walking. (Ann, 12 years)
  • Splash pad, hiking, driving up AF canyon. (Karen, 12 years)
  • Splash pad, library, nice parks. (Deborah, 13 years)
  • Hike, bike, BBQ, be outside. (Lesley, 14 years)
  • The splash pad, Highland Glen Park. (Rod, 14 years)
  • Highland Glen Park, trails, the splash pad. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • Take walks, spend time with friends. (Valerie, 21 years)
  • Working in my yard. (Layne, 25 years)
  • Walk, bike. (Teresa, 25 years)
  • You can walk everywhere and all commercial areas are in one place. (Anonymous, 25 years)
  • The mountains and canyon. (Deric, 26 years)
  • Hiking, parks, sports, events. (S., 38 years)
  • Ride horses. (April, 44 years)

Highland, Utah: Reputation

What’s Highland known for?

  • Smaller town, less commercialism. (MacKenzie, 2 years)
  • Being a nice area, safe, beautiful. (Shelby, 2 years)
  • Big lot sizes. (Kim, 6 years)
  • Being a nice area. (Ann, 12 years)
  • Little crime and close-knit LDS community. Everyone helps each other. (Deborah, 13 years)
  • Wind. (Lesley, 14 years)
  • Being a quiet family-friendly community. (Rod, 14 years)
  • Snotty neighbors, nice houses, poor city management. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • Being next to American Fork and Alpine? (Valerie, 21 years)
  • Strict rules. (Layne, 25 years)
  • Good people. (Teresa, 25 years)
  • Being a close knit community of middle to upperclass citizens. (Anonymous, 25 years)
  • Community and family. (S., 38 years)
  • Great people. (April, 44 years)

Highland, Utah: Crime

What’s the crime like in Highland?

  • Not sure, very little. A neighbor on my street had things stolen from her garage, but she left it open all night…(MacKenzie, 2 years)
  • Low, but occasional robberies because thieves know it’s a nice area. (Shelby, 2 years)
  • Getting worse. (Andrea, 6 years)
  • Not too much, but there is some. (Karen, 6 years)
  • Cars outside get broken into often. (Kim, 6 years)
  • Low crime. Occasional vandalism or break-ins. (Ann, 12 years)
  • Adventure Learning Park, behind Lone Peak High School, is not the best place to be after dark. (Karen, 12 years)
  • A few people breaking into cars and that’s about all. (Deborah, 13 years)
  • Hollows. (Lesley, 14 years)
  • Not bad. (Rod, 14 years)
  • Stealing packages and stuff out of garages. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • Uncommon. (Valerie, 21 years)
  • Not bad as far as I know. (Layne, 25 years)
  • I don’t know. (Teresa, 25 years)
  • Summer time- kid pranks and vandalism, quickly handled by the area police. (Anonymous, 25 years)
  • Negligible. (Deric, 26 years)
  • Crime can be bad. I have neighbors who’ve had break-ins. (S., 38 years)
  • We’ve had damage done to a car that was not in the garage. We’ve also had our home broken into. We don’t dare to leave our garage door open. We live on 6400 West. (April, 44 years)

Highland, Utah: Advice

Any advice for people moving to Highland?

  • Move to stay. There are great people. Get involved, and try to fight against too much commercialism. (MacKenzie, 2 years)
  • You’ll love it. But let’s keep highland beautiful, safe and charming. Let’s avoid it becoming what we try to get away from in other towns. (Shelby, 2 years)
  • Bring your morals with you. (Andrea, 6 years)
  • You will love it. (Karen, 6 years)
  • It’s a great place. (Ann, 12 years)
  • Don’t try to shop on Sunday, because everything’s closed. (Deborah, 13 years)
  • Heavy patio furniture. (Lesley, 14 years)
  • Hurry up and come. (Rod, 14 years)
  • Buy aquaphor, Aveeno lotion, and a humidifier. (Valerie, 21 years)
  • You will have a strict moral code enforced on you, be willing to live it. (Layne, 25 years)
  • I tell them it is a good place to live. (Teresa, 25 years)
  • Get involved. (Anonymous, 25 years)
  • It’s expensive. (April, 44 years)

Highland, Utah: Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Highland (interesting, fun, unexpected, crazy, etc.).

  • Two speckled fawns were in my neighborhood. So sweet. (Shelby, 2 years)
  • A City of Highland water worker came to my house because I was using a large amount of water. It turns out we had a pipe leak we didn’t know about. We were very happy to have caught it. (Ann, 12 years)
  • Old school, hometown parade. (Lesley, 14 years)
  • Running for city council was an awesome experience, especially knocking on doors. (Rod, 14 years)
  • I always loved the yearly parades, and Highland fling. I loved watching the so you think you can dance mini version they did a few years ago. (Valerie, 21 years)
  • I got a ticket for letting my dog off its leash in Highland Glen Park, because some guy called the police. (Layne, 25 years)
  • When we moved here there were no stop lights, just a four-way stop on Alpine highway. (Teresa, 25 years)
  • We’ve had the same neighbors for the entire time we lived here. (S., 38 years)

Highland, Utah: The Future

How do you think Highland will change over the next 10 years?

  • It will grow, and city council will allow too many commercial businesses and it won’t have the small community feel. (MacKenzie, 2 years)
  • I think Highland will become more commercialized. Hopefully not. (Shelby, 2 years)
  • I hope not. (Andrea, 6 years)
  • Growth. (Karen, 6 years)
  • Lots of growth – I hope both commercial, as well as residential. (Kim, 6 years)
  • It seems to be cramming in more high-density housing. Also traffic is getting worse. (Ann, 12 years)
  • More traffic because everyone wants to live here. (Deborah, 13 years)
  • Less rural, more homes. (Lesley, 14 years)
  • There will be some growth, but hopefully we will retain our bedroom community feel. (Rod, 14 years)
  • Higher density housing. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • Probably. Change is constant. There are always new stores every time I visit. (Valerie, 21 years)
  • Not much in my opinion. (Layne, 25 years)
  • The price to live in Highland will be too high and there will be more traffic. (Teresa, 25 years)
  • More commercial areas in the city center. (Anonymous, 25 years)
  • More traffic and population growth. (S., 38 years)
  • I hope we get some stores! (April, 44 years)

Highland, Utah: Other Facts

Any other interesting facts about Highland?

  • Highland Fling is our city yearly celebration. It is a great family activity day! (Ann, 12 years)
  • The wind blows out of the canyon every night- Gale force. (Deborah, 13 years)
  • Named after the highlands of Scotland. (Lesley, 14 years)
  • Our drinking water is untreated. (Rod, 14 years)
  • It used to be the best place to live in Utah county. (Layne, 25 years)
  • I love the heritage. (Anonymous, 25 years)
  • I love learning the history of Highland. (S., 38 years)
  • My father and grandfather were born here. I was raised here and came back. We loved raising our kids here! (April, 44 years)