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Misión Chile Concepción

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Chile Concepcion Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Chile Concepcion Mission. We try to keep this info up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

Chile Concepcion Mission
Castellon 1063 Oficina Norte
Casilla 2210
Phone Number: 56-41-222-7613
Mission President: President Nelson Catala

Chile Concepcion Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the Chile Concepcion Mission (LDS). To access the official, up-to-date map for the Concepcion Mission:

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Chile Concepcion Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Concepcion Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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Concepcion Mission 2016
Elder Chase Webster 2016
Sister Kimberly Farnsworth 2016
Elder Connor Nef 2016
Elder Jacob Parker 2016
Elder Matthew Livingston 2016
Elder Spencer Robertson 2016
Elder Chase Hartvigsen 2016
Elder Scot Evelo 2016
Sister Brinlee Saunders 2016
Elder Jade Smoot 2016
Elder Trent Sellers 2016
Sister Chelsie Godown 2016
President & Sister Arrington 2015
Sister Katelyn Parkin 2015
Sister Mckenzie Lance 2015
Elder Carson Love 2015
Elder Sam Roberts 2015
Sister Sydney Johnston 2015
Elder Garrett Watts 2015
Elder & Sister Kennington 2015
Sister Hannah Peterson 2015
Elder Sean McAlister 2015
Sister Brooke Romney 2015
Sister Laney Blau 2015
Elder & Sister Pulsipher 2014
Elder Christian Mundell 2014
Sister Julia Dunne 2014
Sister Merissa Woodbury 2014
Sister Jordanne Burgess 2014
Elder Zachary Brown 2014
Elder Cyrus Holt 2014
Elder Jace Hancock 2014
Sister Ashley Lovell 2013
Elder Peter Blomfield 2013
Sister Aubrey England 2013
Elder Tanner Curtis 2013
Sister Elizabeth Crosby 2012
Mission Alumni 2012
Elder Myles Lulla 2012
Elder Jeremy Meservy 2012
Elder Jared Philpott 2012
Elder Brent Reed 2012
Elder Cody Dastrup 2012
Elder Christopher McNeil 2012
Sister Mackenzie Knapp 2011
Sister Paige Conley 2011
Sister Samantha Smith 2011
Cody Cody Moss 2011
Elder Nathan Pitcher 2011
Elder Trevor Vincent 2011
Elder Austin Nelson 2011
Elder Matthew Ward 2011
Elder Gabriel Zepeda 2011
Elder Tyler Scott 2011
Elder Mark Roberts 2011

Chile Concepcion Mission Groups

Here are Chile Concepcion Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Concepcion Mission.

  1. Mision Concepcion- James C. Kougioulic Group (462 members)
  2. Mision Chile Concepcion Facebook Group (414 members)
  3. Chile, Concepcion Mission Facebook Group (299 members)
  4. Return Missionaries Concepcion Mision 2010-13 Group (204 members)
  5. Mision Chile Concepcion Facebook Group (181 members)
  6. SUD Mision Chile Concepcion 1985-1987 Group (154 members)
  7. Mision Concepcion (Heywood & Hardy) Group (104 members)
  8. Mision Chile Concepcion Facebook Group (33 members)
  9. Mision Chile Concepcion 1989-1990 Facebook Group (25 members)
  10. Mision Chile Concepcion 1990-1994 Facebook Group (23 members)
  11. The Original Concepcion Mission Facebook Group (20 members)
  12. Mission Chile Concepcion Facebook Group (12 members)
  13. Concepcion Mission Moms and Friends (LDS) Group (6 members)

Chile Concepcion Mission T-Shirts

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Fun fact: Brad Wilcox served a mission in Chile!

Chile Concepcion Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Concepcion LDS Mission.

  1. 2016-2019, Nelson Catala
  2. 2013-2016, Kent J. Arrington
  3. 2010-2013, Neall W. Humphrey
  4. 2007-2010, Oscar Wilfredo Chavez
  5. 2004-2007, James Clyde Kougioulis
  6. 2001-2004, Ralph Steven Romney
  7. 1998-2001, David Kenneth Broadbent
  8. 1995-1998, Prescott Bangerter Hardy
  9. January 1995-July 1995, Eduarda Ayala
  10. 1992-1995, D. Evans Heywood Jr.
  11. 1989-1992, Judd Allsop
  12. 1986-1989, Robert H. Lemmon
  13. 1983-1986, Roland L. Hamblin
  14. 1980-1983, Max Willis
  15. 1977-1980, Leon R. Walker
  16. 1975-1977, Lester D. Heymore

Chile LDS Statistics (2015)

  • Church Membership: 579,235
  • Missions: 10
  • Temples: 1
  • Congregations: 604
  • Family History Centers: 99

Helpful Articles about Chile

Chile Concepcion Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Chile Concepcion RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

When did you serve?

  • 1997-1999 (Mike)
  • 2009-2011 (Trevor)
  • 1994-1995 (Jasna)
  • 1984-1986 (Leandro)
  • 1983-1984 (Alejandra)
  • 1982-1984 (Troy)
  • 1981-1983 (Jimmy)
  • 2009-2011 (Chance)

What areas did you serve in?

  • Chillan, Angol, Concepcion, Talcahuao. (Jasna)
  • Estuve en Andalien, Lota, Constitución, Talcahuano, Talca y Hualpen. (Leandro)
  • Lebu, Hualpen, Concepcion, Penco, Linares. (Troy)
  • Talka, Linares, Parral, Talcaquano, Chiquayante. (Jimmy)
  • Concepcion (Universitario), Chillan (Puente Nuble), Molina, Curico (Alameda). (Chance)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Sopaipillas, longaniza, arroz con lentejas. (Mike)
  • Casuela (traditional Chilean soup), any of the meats they make (particularly lamb in the spring), and of course churrascos (a meat sandwich with tomato, avocado, cheese, and whatever else you want). They eat a lot of potatoes and rice as well. (Trevor)
  • No recuerdo, no tenia favoritos creo. (Jasna)
  • Spagettis, beans, potatoes. (Leandro)
  • Chancho en piedra, tortilla de rescordo. (Alejandra)
  • Empinadas (Queso y carne). (Troy)
  • Torta de mil hoja – a pastry made from layers of baked dough and manjar. Manjar is boiled condensed milk that turns into a soft caramel. I also liked to eat hupo (not sure of the spelling). It is a toasted wheat kernels that is ground into flour. You can eat it as hot cereal or sprinkled on top of watermelon (really, just don’t inhale when you bite). (Jimmy)
  • Empanadas chilenas, pan amasado, pastel de choclo, completos, chorri panes. (Chance)

What was a funny experience?

  • In Chile the people believe that extreme quick changes in body temperature will causeyour face to droop. So one evening my companion was drinking a steaming cup of cafe trigo which is a drink made from burnt wheat. It was near freezing outside. He all of a sudden stood up from the table and approached the front door. The family all started too look worried and asked whats he was doing. He explained that he was about to get some fresh air. As he opened the door the whole family began to scream “NO!!!” in unison. He then reentered the house acting like his face had dropped and said, “Oh no, what happened to my face!?” He was just kidding and once they realized he was fine, the family burst out in laughter. (Mike)
  • In the spring time, they make a food called humitas, which is basically a corn tamale. My companion ate one that had a bit of spice in it, and for some reason it gave him an immediate need to leave and made it home just in time. (Trevor)
  • Viaje al Salto del Laja y paseo a las termas de Chillan. (Jasna)
  • Una ves con mi compañero en la zona de andalien llegábamos a la pensión después de un día de lluvia habian muchos charcos de agua y yo venía saltando de charco en charco cuando derrepente desaparesco en un charco de dos metros de profundidad! Salí no se como todo embarcado Y mojado.después del susto no podíamos parar de reírnos jaja. (Leandro)
  • Salir a correr a las 6 y nos salio un toro al camino.nunca en la vida corri mas rapido 🙂 !!! (Alejandra)
  • We had 6 elders in the office apartment. One night when my companion and I returned the other elders had put my companion’s bed out on the roof. He jumped in and acted like he was going to sleep in it. (Troy)
  • In the rainy season, you could get some flooding and the rain would blow horizontally so an umbrella would not keep your bottom half dry and often umbrellas would collapse anyway. Well one of the elders from my district in Chiquayante had some plastic pants made to keep him dry and he was making fun of the rest of us who were getting wet. Just then he stepped off of the curb into an invisible hole (because it was covered in water). The water came up to his waist. He had to crawl out of the hole and he was soaked. Laughed for days.

What was a crazy/dangerous experience?

  • One evening me and my companion were walking home and a group of guys stopped us and asked if I was from England. I told them that I was from USA. They said good and one man brandished a machete and said because if you’re from England I had something for you. We quickly departed and went straight home. (Mike)
  • Really any time you get one one of the city buses (micros) and the driver is in a hurry to make his round. They drive crazy and fast in tight spaces. (Trevor)
  • Enfrentarnos a un hermano en una violencia intrafamiliar. (Jasna)
  • Cuando fuimos al salto del laja, fuimos detras de la cascada de agua, fue divertido pero peligroso…los Elderes fueron de mal influencia ;). Igual fue muy arriesgado e irresponsable, muchos nos odiaron! (Alejandra)
  • We had 3 earthquakes while I was there and 2 of the 3 we were teaching on the hill sides and the houses about fell over but we escaped. (Troy)
  • I was on splits with a Zone leader who spoke much better Spanish than I. Some guys started yelling at us and I didn’t understand but apparently it was crude vulgar stuff. Suddenly my companion who was pretty big started running at these guys. Not sure what to do I followed and the next thing I know these guys were pulling out clubs. I thought we were going to get beat up but my companion came to his senses and we backed down and got out of there in one piece. (Jimmy)
  • My companion and I were walking on the sidewalk and a piece of glass fell from a building and landed on his head cutting it open and a week later he almost got ran over by a truck. It was crazy. (Chance)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • Once my companion and I were walking on a street that was the border to our area and my companion noticed a man walking on the other side of the street and he started walking towards him leaving our assigned area. I protested a bit bit eventually followed him. He taught the man the first discussion right there on the street and got a baptism commitment from him. He was referred to the Elders of his home ward. Once he finished the lessons and was ready to be baptized he requested that my companion perform the baptism. My companion was close to going home at that time and very much wanted to bring one more to the waters of baptism. The Lord granted him his righteous desire. (Mike)
  • Every time an investigator accepted the invitation to follow Christ and get baptized because they really believed in Him and the message we shared. (Trevor)
  • Poder ver a hermanos cambiar su vida. (Jasna)
  • Muchas!! Una cuando una hermana que estábamos enseñando en Lota nos dijo después de varias charlas muy espirituales que cada ves que testificabamos de Cristo ella veía como una luz que nos rodeaba ..sin duda ese espíritu santo que nos acompañaba siempre…hoy ella es una gran líder y dos de sus hijos fueron misioneros tambien. (Leandro)
  • Ver a mis conversos tratar de entender de como seguir el espiritu. Fue muy especial. (Alejandra)
  • Just being with the most wonderful people in the world. The Chileans are so close to the Lord and I was inspired daily by them. We also had several conferences with Elder Cook of the 70. He spoke very good Spanish. (Troy)
  • One night my companion and I were knocking doors and a man opened the door and let us teach. When the lesson was over the man said he had had a dream in which he saw the two of us coming to his house. We went home walking on clouds. The man and his family were soon baptized. (Jimmy)
  • We were teaching a family that was spiritually starving and we entered their home and began to read Mosiah 18 in the Book of Mormon. As we each took turns reading, the Spirit entered their home and the mother looked up at us with tears in her eyes and said this is amazing. She recognized the Spirit and for the first time in a very long time she felt peace in her home. It was amazing how powerful the Spirit was in their home that night. (Chance)

What are some interesting facts about your mission?

  • Missionaries do not have cars or bikes. They rely on walking and buses for transportation. The bus and taxi system in most towns are as developed as any large American city. (Mike)
  • It’s in the south of Chile, so if you’re around Temuco you will probably meet some Mapuche (indigenous people). There are also fairly frequent earthquakes. Most of them are small and over in less than a second, but once in awhile you do get some big ones. (Trevor)
  • Es caluroso en verano y muy lluvioso en invierno. (Jasna)
  • Mñn creo que el compartir el Evangelio en cualquier sircunstancia y en cualquier momento de ese período misional. (Leandro)
  • Absolutamente todo! (Alejandra)
  • Young men were called at that time to 18 month missions by President Kimball. There was a stretch of about 2-1/2 years that they did this and then changed back. My group didn’t have a choice, we only could stay 18 months. I really wish I could have stayed the extra 6 months. That is when elders and sisters really have the language down. (Troy)
  • On average, we each companionship had about one baptism per month. (Jimmy)

What was the weather like?

  • Its hot and dry in the summer and cold and wet in the winter. Over 90% of the years rain comes during the 3 months of winter. (Mike)
  • Very hot in the summer, and cold in the winter. But there is no snow, at least where I was. Maybe in the Osorno Mission you would get snow, or if you served in Cunco (in the south of the mission near the volcano Llaima). You will want short sleeve shirts for the summer and warm clothes for the winter, and definitely water proof pants and coat to wear over your regular clothes. Sometimes it will rain for a week straight. (Trevor)
  • Acceptable. (Jasna)
  • Obviamente el verano je. (Leandro)
  • Mas frio que en santiago, peñaflor! Los paraguas no sirven!! (Alejandra)
  • Hot, rainy, cold…Perfect. (Troy)
  • Pretty good for the most part but in the rainy season, we were often drenched. (Jimmy)
  • Humid, cold, and rainy in the winter time and hot and humid in the summer time. (Chance)

What do you like about the place/people you served?

  • There are so many kind and generous people everywhere in Chile. Most people were very welcoming when tracting. We were offered food in most of the member’s home that we visited.
  • The people are typically very nice, even when they don’t want anything to do with the church. They are a warm people and will be genuinely interested in your story. They just might not always want to hear about Christ, especially in the wealthier neighborhoods. I loved every area I served in. From rural towns of 15,000 people to large cities, I always had fun serving the Lord and my brothers and sisters. (Trevor)
  • Es hermoso en cuanto a arquitectura de casas de barrio. (Jasna)
  • Sin duda la gente que conocí que enseñe y que por el amor al Evangelio se convirtieron en SUD. (Leandro)
  • Cariñosos, amables!! (Alejandra)
  • The people of Chile are sooo humble and giving. Even if they were poor they didn’t think they were. (Troy)
  • The people were very friendly and kind. When I was there, the standard of living was much less than the United States but the even though the people had less stuff they were very happy for the most part. (Jimmy)
  • I love their culture. They are a very loving people. Most people will give you the shirt off their back even if they are not interested in the soul saving message you have to share. (Chance)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Pack light and have some extra space to pack souvenirs towards the end of the mission. (Mike)
  • Don’t bring a ton of clothes or transfers will be a burden. The packet you get will tell you exactly what to bring, but make sure you bring water proof pants and jacket that can go over your clothes AND whatever bag/backpack you carry (if your mission allows backpacks). (Trevor)
  • Botas de goma para el invierno y la nieve. (Jasna)
  • No se creo que concejos no son necesarios pues cada cual escribe su propia misión en la vida. (Leandro)
  • Solo llevar lo necesarío, no ser tan egolatra y pensar que puede vestirce como un top model. Menos ego!! (Alejandra)
  • Take enough clothes and give them all away before you leave to young men or women of Chile that are going to be leaving on missions. I think that it really helps. I left everything I had except for what I was wearing and the new suit I had made there. (Troy)
  • Water proof pants. (Jimmy)
  • Make sure you have a rain jacket and pants as well as some comfortable rain boots. (Chance)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • There is no doubt that I was in the best physical and spiritual shape of my life during my mission because of my obedience to the rigorous daily schedule. I also got to meet some very special missionaries that helped me learn to be a better person and helped me acquire a lot of patience. (Mike)
  • My personal blessings were numerous and I am still benefiting from my service as a missionary. I learned how to think and care more about others than myself, I saw families strengthened and many people get closer to Christ. My own family was blessed as well, though several of my siblings aren’t active members. (Trevor)
  • Muchas, mi familia se bautizo. (Jasna)
  • El ser un buen hijo de Dios..hoy estoy alejado de la Iglesia principalmente por cosas que definitivamente no comparto ej. Que hijos criados por dos personas del mismo sexo no puedan recibir el bautismo …discúlpenle pero lo encuentro ridículo…Jesús dijo z:”dejad que los niños vengan a mi que de ellos es el reino de los cielos….” sin mayores comentarios. (Leandro)
  • El desernimiento y poder trabajar con el espiritu de DIOS!! (Alejandra)
  • I grew spiritually everyday. I also am grateful to have learned Spanish (Castellano). I use it daily where I live. (Troy)
  • Wonderful love for the people of Chile and rich experiences teaching this people who have great faith in God. (Jimmy)
  • They are innumerable but one of the greatest is the ability to recognize the Spirit and listen to its promptings. (Chance)

What are some skills you gained on your mission?

  • I gained the ability to perfectly enunciate the Spanish language to the point the Latinos in the US usually think I’m Latino also. Even though I’m a pretty white guy with blue eyes when they hear speak they have a hard time believing that I’m not at least part Latino. (Mike)
  • Interpersonal skills (speaking and listening), independence, Spanish, work ethic, sympathy, empathy, leadership abilities, etc. there are just too many to count. If you lose yourself in the work, you learn almost every skill set you need to know to be a successful person after your mission. (Trevor)
  • Enseñar. (Jasna)
  • Creo que la pasciencia pues no es fácil convivir con diferentes caracteres. (Leandro)
  • Comunicar con mas claridad. Usar el espiritu. Servir con amor. Eficaz. (Alejandra)
  • Speaking Spanish. Getting along with others. (Troy)
  • Spanish, of course and some skills in dealing other in a more peaceful way. (Jimmy)
  • They are innumerable but one of the greatest is the ability to recognize the Spirit and listen to its promptings. (Chance)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • I wish I would have worn my shoes for a few weeks before the mission and walked a lot more to break them in and get past the foot blisters before arriving in Chile. (Mike)
  • I wish I had known the language better. I did pick it up very fast but for the first transfer I remember feeling frustrated that I couldn’t understand most of what was said. Spend a lot of time on the language before you go to the Mission Training Center and while you are there as well. It will be so useful to you if you can start already being competent in he language. (Trevor)
  • Uuuu me costo mucho memorizar las lecciones. Adaptarme rapido. Aprender rapido los nombres de los conversos. E investigadores, tambien los lideres. (Alejandra)
  • Would have liked to have the discussion memorized before my mission and better knowledge of the scriptures. (Jimmy)
  • I wish I knew to have stronger faith in people and their ability to change. Some of the people that you think are less likely to change, do. (Chance)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to your mission?

  • Learn to pray for guidance of the Holy Ghost on a regular basis. He will guide you to the people that are waiting for you if you listen to Him. (Mike)
  • Everyone says a mission is the hardest thing you will do. It is hard work, but I loved every minute of it. If you forget yourself, work, and dedicate yourself to the service of others, those two years will be over before you know it. (Trevor)
  • Acostúmbrese a caminar. (Jasna)
  • Sólo que sirvan con amor y fe…pues el recuerdo de nuestra misión será algo que nos acompañará el resto de nuestras vidas estemos donde estemos Y seamos lo que seamos. (Leandro)
  • Van a servir. No ser egolatro ( a ). Amor por todos. Seguir el espiritu. * etc, etc, etc. 😉 (Alejandra)
  • Read and understand Preach My Gospel. Love the people. Teach by the spirit. (Troy)
  • Love the people. They are so wonderful. Some people would find fault because of the different culture and life style but if you embrace it and accept the people, they will love you in return. (Jimmy)
  • Read the Book of Mormon every day. It is the greatest tool that will help investigator’s feel the Spirit and know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and the Spirit will persuade them to act and commit to the invitations of the missionaries. (Chance)

What was a funny language mistake your or another missionary made?

  • Be careful how you use the word “queque.” It refers to a vanilla cake but also is commonly used to refer to a person’s rear end. (Mike)
  • Just know that if you go foreign and speak another language, your first companion will likely pull pranks on you, and may just get some members in on it. I remember one of my first nights, one of the members (I did not know they were members at the time because my companion told me they were investigators) asked me to go buy some wine and bring it back, and then his wife was telling me all about how she had seen demons. Needless to say, I was confused and a little freaked out. But it was hilarious when they told me it was all a joke. (Trevor)
  • Hermana me gusta el raja. …..queria decirme que preferia el color rojo. 🙂 Raja en mi pais es trasero de alguien, en forma grotescamente hablando. (Alejandra)
  • I gave a blessing to an elderly sister that was ill (not dying). I said “Que se muerje instead of que se mejore.” The family really got a good laugh at that one as did I then and still do now. I share many experiences with the young men and women of my ward. (Troy)
  • Saying we have a body made of flesh and cheese (queso) instead of flesh and bone (hueso). Instead of “we put our hands (manos) on your head and ordain (le ordenamos) you”, someone said we put our monkeys (monos) on your head and milk you. (Jimmy)