Schedule a Lifey

How To Create Your Lifey:

  1. Watch the Lifey intro video.
  2. Watch the Lifey outline video.
  3. Schedule your Lifey by emailing me at
  4. Print and fill out your Lifey outline. (write legibly)
  5. Come to your scheduled appointment and bring your Lifey outline.

–That’s it!

*If you have any questions about scheduling your Lifey session, feel free to e-mail me at . Thank you!

~Alex Balinski

*This service is 100% free. If you can, we suggest a $100 donation to help cover the costs of editors and equipment.

*When using our Lifey studio, we ask that you respect our values of: honesty, kindness, clean language, modesty, optimism, etc. We reserve the right to deny our free service to anyone who we feel might not respect our values. We also reserve the right to not include video segments that go against our values.