Woods Cross, Utah

Life in Woods Cross, Utah, explained by people who’ve lived in Woods Cross:

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Woods Cross Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Woods Cross?

  • Quiet. (Peg, 1 year)
  • Family friendly, parks. (Laura, 3 years)
  • Feels like a small town. (Kelly, 3.5 years)
  • I love the people. (Megan, 4 years)
  • Small town feel. (MaryAnn, 4.5 years)
  • The trail. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • 1. The commute to anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley north of I80 is the best along the Wasatch Front. 2. Their planning and zoning function seems to be much better than NSL. (Rob, 5 years)
  • Far enough from the city, but close enough at the same time! (Kim, 8.5 years)
  • Small, little traffic in the actual City itself. (Anonymous, 9 years)
  • Still quiet but close to everything. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • Close to freeways. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • It’s a small community where people know and look out for each other. I also feel like the voice of the citizens really matters here and we have a say in what happens in our community. (Sarah, 15 years)
  • The trees. (Heidi, 17 years)
  • The people. (Valerie, 18 years)
  • Small community. (AJ, 20 years)
  • Commute. (Anonymous)

Woods Cross Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Woods Cross?

  • Mosquitoes. (Peg, 1 year)
  • Mosquitoes!!! (Laura, 3 years)
  • The refineries. (Kelly, 3.5 years)
  • Refineries and railroad tracks. (Megan, 4 years)
  • Trains. (MaryAnn, 4.5 years)
  • The mosquito and the semi trucks that will potentially be allowed on the legacy in 2020. (Anonymous 5 years)
  • Mosquitoes and I worry about liquefaction when and if the “big one” hits. (Rob, 5 years)
  • Refineries (of course), the asphalt plant (or whatever that place is that smells like lawn chemicals sometimes), the need for mosquito spraying. (Anonymous, 9 years)
  • Trains, especially when arms don’t work properly, they stay down for a long time with no trains coming or the train stops for hours. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • I feel like the big developers (Smoot and Candlelight Homes) are trying to just make a buck here instead of having any concern over what’s best for the community. I also feel like a few members of the city council currently are losing sight of what’s best for Woods Cross. (Sarah, 15 years)
  • Trains and refinery. (Heidi, 17 years)
  • Waiting for trains to pass. (Valerie, 18 years)
  • Refineries and no sidewalks. (AJ, 20 years)
  • Refineries and train crossings. (Anonymous)

Woods Cross Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Woods Cross?

  • Bike, walk on parkway. (Peg, 1 year)
  • Pickle ball at Hogan Park. (Laura, 3 years)
  • The parks are well designed, accessible and fun. (Kelly, 3.5 years)
  • Literacy in the park in the summer, Christmas tree lighting at the city, Halloween. (Megan, 4 years)
  • Parks. (MaryAnn, 4.5 years)
  • Trail. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • Legacy bike trail. (Rob, 5 years)
  • Walking/biking Legacy parkway, go visit the cows or horses, summer park events at the legacy park nearby. (Kim, 8.5 years)
  • Fairly low I think. (Anonymous, 9 years)
  • Events at Hogan Park. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • We love Hogan Park, the Legacy Trail, and the school playground. (Sarah, 15 years)
  • Long board on Legacy trail. (Heidi, 17 years)
  • Go to the park and play pickle ball, walk. (Valerie, 18 years)
  • Go to the park. (AJ, 20 years)
  • Legacy trail, Hogan Park. (Anonymous)

Woods Cross’s Reputation

What’s Woods Cross known for?

  • Oil refinery. (Peg, 1 year)
  • Nothing really. (Kelly, 3.5 years)
  • Farm life. (Megan, 4 years)
  • Small town. (MaryAnn, 4.5 years)
  • Trail, close to SLC. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • Refineries. (Rob, 5 years)
  • Unfortunately, people outside of Woods Cross think of the Holly Refinery first. People who live here know that what makes this community is the people who live here, who care about and look out for each other. (Sarah, 15 years)
  • Trees. (Heidi, 17 years)
  • The refineries. (Valerie, 18 years)
  • Refineries, train crossings. (Anonymous)

Woods Cross Crime

What’s the crime like in Woods Cross? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • My neighborhood is a hot spot. (Laura, 3 years)
  • There seems to be a high occurrence of garage and package theft. (Kelly, 3.5 years)
  • We live in Mountainview Estates and it seems to be a hot spot, but we’ve got the neighborhood watch going and the police officers know we’re a hot spot, so it’s gotten better. (Megan, 4 years)
  • Crimes of opportunity (garages left open, keys left in cars, etc…). (MaryAnn, 4.5 years)
  • The mountain view houses are targeted by petty crime. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • Seems to be more burglaries in nice subdivisions than I would have expected. Not sure if the incidence of porch piracy but it is likely similar to other areas. (Rob, 5 years)
  • Lately, our neighborhood! Nice houses mean more people think we have more to give. (Kim, 8.5 years)
  • Low crime. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • I think the hot spot is my neighborhood, Mountain View Estates. Is not from here though. The property crime and theft skyrockets in this neighborhood from October through January. The criminals know this is the highest income area in town and target it around the holidays. (Sarah, 15 years)
  • Low crime rate. (Heidi, 17 years)
  • Not sure, I’ve only had a bike stolen out of my garage a few years ago. (Valerie, 18 years)
  • A lot of theft. (AJ, 20 years)
  • Petty theft. (Anonymous)

Woods Cross Advice

Any advice for people moving to Woods Cross?

  • Invest in mosquito repellant. (Laura, 3 years)
  • Great location, just don’t buy a sinking or flooding house. (Kelly, 3.5 years)
  • Best place to raise a family. Manage time accordingly with the trains. (Megan, 4 years)
  • Be involved in the community. (MaryAnn, 4.5 years)
  • Do it. (Rob, 5 years)
  • Welcome to the family! (Sarah, 15 years)
  • Do your research on the property. (Heidi, 17 years)
  • You will love living here. (Valerie, 18 years)
  • Don’t live close to the hotels unless you want to get robbed. (AJ, 20 years)

Woods Cross Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Woods Cross (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • Summer literacy and holiday city events are fun. (Kelly, 3.5 years)
  • In our neighborhood, Halloween is amazing. It’s like a big party. (Megan, 4 years)
  • I love the legacy trail and use it almost daily in good weather. (Rob, 5 years)
  • Halloween at the park. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • Our neighborhood and Valentine Estates banded together against the proposed Candlelight Homes development adjacent to our communities. We emailed city council members, attended meetings and did or own research about why it wasn’t good for Woods Cross. It was awesome to work together for common goal and be successful. (Sarah, 15 years)
  • We love the Memorial Day celebration, because we’ve had two sons in the military. The memorial for veterans is a nice touch. (Valerie, 18 years)
  • When the refinery tank blew up. (AJ, 20 years)

Woods Cross’s Future

How do you think Woods Cross will change over the next 10 years?

  • Grow! Lots of families. (Laura, 3 years)
  • Woods Cross will fill in with more development. Traffic will be worse and crime will go up. (Kelly, 3.5 years)
  • More businesses and homes. (Megan, 4 years)
  • Hopefully not a whole lot. (MaryAnn, 4.5 years)
  • Potential more crime. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • North Salt Lake will keep approving multi family units along their stretch of Redwood Road until traffic is unbearable. (Rob, 5 years)
  • The farms to the north will probably sell and it’ll start to get bigger with homes and businesses. Not looking forward to it growing much more. (Kim, 8.5 years)
  • Get more crowded and developed. (Anonymous, 15 years)
  • I hope it won’t change much. (Sarah, 15 years)
  • Housing will continue to grow, and the traffic will get intense. (Valerie, 18 years)
  • Hopefully they will put sidewalks in on 1100 West & on 1500 South. (AJ, 20 years)
  • More urban sprawl, less open area. (Anonymous)

Woods Cross Facts

Any other interesting facts about Woods Cross?

  • It’s definitely the same in the community feel from when I was a kid, but it’s gaining more businesses. (Megan, 4 years)
  • I’ve always wanted to live in a city with multiple oil refineries ;). Seriously, they don’t bother me. (Rob, 5 years)
  • Love that I only have to go a block or two to catch the front runner. (Valerie, 18 years)
  • Onion street (1100 West) has a great history. (AJ, 20 years)