April 10, 2017

West Virginia Charleston Mission

LDS Church & Missionary Work

Haley (West Virginia Charleston Mission)

–Paraphrased from Haley’s mission interview–

West Virginia Charleston Mission Info

It covers five different pieces of five different states. It’s like a circle through most of West Virginia. There is a sliver of Ohio and it goes down and has a third of Kentucky. Then we have the third western part of Virginia. We have a piece of Maryland and Pennsylvania as well. It’s pretty diverse. We speak English and a lot of hillbilly. Everyone has the same culture, but as you go farther north, the cities are bigger and there are more people. In the southern part it’s very rural. The roads are curvy, tiny, and mountainous. There are lots of trees and bugs. There are sprickets, which are like a mix between a spider and a cricket. I learned to embrace it. It’s really humid and that means that winters are really cold too. My last week in the mission, it snowed three feet overnight. We got to do a lot of service shoveling out neighbors. There is a lot of flooding going on right now. I wish I could be there to help. West Virginia is pretty poor. You see it a lot. You’ll be looking for an address and you’ll go through a holler which is a dirt road with mountains on both sides. You pretty much have to hike up the mountain to get there. When it rains it pours there.