Warsaw, Missouri

Life in Warsaw, Missouri, explained by people who’ve lived in Warsaw:

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Warsaw Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Warsaw?

  • Small town, low-cost of living. (Renee, 2 years)
  • Seeing the stars! Trees! Beautiful area! Peace and quiet! (Kay, 3 years)
  • The lakes. (Valerie, 5 years)
  • The lake. (Savannah, 7 years)
  • Laid-back lifestyle. (Tiger, 15 years)

Warsaw Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Warsaw?

  • The fact that smoking is allowed in restaurants. And Wal-Mart is the worse in the country on not having anything, lack of good inexpensive grocery store. (Renee, 2 years)
  • Lack of a great Italian restaurant! (Kay, 3 years)
  • Lack of cell phone reliability. (Valerie, 5 years)
  • No Taco Bell. (Savannah, 7 years)
  • It’s considered one of the poorest counties in the state and it really needs a lot more sheriff/police patrol . Anytime after 7 p.m. till 6 a.m. we only have two deputies covering about 450 square miles . (Tiger, 15 years)

Warsaw Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Warsaw?

  • The lake, antique shops. (Renee, 2 years)
  • Boating, relaxing, shopping, antiquing. (Kay, 3 years)
  • Fishing, swimming, tubing, the little wine shop downtown, swinging bridge. (Valerie, 5 years)
  • Nothing. (Savannah, 7 years)
  • All outdoor activities including all water sports, hunting, fishing, hiking, biking trails, horseback riding and it also has a lot of antique shops. (Tiger, 15 years)

Warsaw’s Reputation

What’s Warsaw known for?

  • The lakes. (Renee, 2 years)
  • Heritage Days. (Kay, 3 years)
  • Truman Lake. (Valerie, 5 years)
  • Drugs. (Savannah, 7 years)
  • Hunting and fishing and other sports related activities associated with the Lakes. (Tiger, 15 years)

Warsaw Crime

What’s the crime like in Warsaw? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • Not really sure… I live in the county. (Kay, 3 years)
  • Not much around where I live (down BB). (Valerie, 5 years)
  • Bad. (Savannah, 7 years)
  • Just seems to be your usual drug-related crimes and domestic violence . (Tiger, 15 years)

Warsaw Advice

Any advice for people moving to Warsaw?

  • Learn to slow down an relax, no one gets in a hurry in Warsaw. (Renee, 2 years)
  • Enjoy the peace! There are a lot of great things to do here! (Kay, 3 years)
  • We’ve lived here part-time for 5 years, but will be moving permanently next Monday, so I’m really interested in the results of this. (Valerie, 5 years)
  • Don’t. (Savannah, 7 years)
  • Expect a very laid-back low-profile lifestyle. (Tiger, 15 years)

Warsaw Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Warsaw (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • Shopping at Statuary Gardens!!! Eating at Northtown, Cosmic Cafe, the dam place with my friends and family. Relaxing at the lake. (Kay, 3 years)
  • I loved being stopped in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and a lady from the newspaper asked my boys about a food that reminded them of fall. (Valerie, 5 years)

Warsaw’s Future

How do you think Warsaw will change over the next 10 years?

  • Grow, lake tourism will grow. (Renee, 2 years)
  • I have no idea.. never lived anywhere this small before. (Kay, 3 years)
  • I think that it will grow commercially, and I fear that there will be a little loss of the small town feel of the area. (Valerie, 5 years)
  • Not much. (Savannah, 7 years)
  • The only thing I see changing in Warsaw in the next 10 years is that the addition of the new County Prison would help out in jobs and maybe given the sheriff’s department a little bit more of an upper hand I’m getting control the crime in the area. (Tiger, 15 years)

Warsaw Facts

Any other interesting facts about Warsaw?

  • Love the area around the harbor! A lot of interesting history. (Kay, 3 years)
  • McDonald’s is lit. (Savannah, 7 years)
  • Warsaw has a very big history in the makings of our country. It played an important part as a settling of the West with the Osage River and a lot of Civil War history . (Tiger, 15 years)