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Virginia Chesapeake Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Chesapeake Mission. We try to keep this information up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

Virginia Chesapeake Mission
1115 Cherokee Road
Portsmouth, VA 23701

Phone Number: 1-757-465-1324
Mission President: President Randall F. Weed

Virginia Chesapeake Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the Virginia Chesapeake Mission (LDS). To access the official map for the Chesapeake Mission:

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Videos with Chesapeake RMs

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Chesapeake Mission.  We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews.

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Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about Virginia. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about Virginia, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

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Virginia Chesapeake Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Chesapeake Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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Elder Braden Shill 2017
Elder Jonathan Collier 2017
Elder Harrison Adams 2017
Elder Samuel Runyan 2017
Sister Alli Black 2017
President & Sister Weed 2016
Sister Kristine Pickett 2016
Sister Jessi Fisher 2016
Elder Ethan Rogers 2016
Elder & Sister Ashton 2016
Elder & Sister Diehl 2016
Elder Landon Brown 2016
Sister Steinfeldt 2016
Elder Aaron King 2016
Sister Megan Moore 2016
Sister Susi Fields 2016
Sister Mariah Jacobsen 2016
Elder Jared Cannon 2016
Sister Kelene Fletcher 2016
Sister Mikalai Weibye 2016
Sister Cami Carlson 2015
Sister Erica Olesen 2015
Elder Spencer Braithwaite 2015
Sister Mikaela Cahoon 2015
Sister Amanda MacKay 2015
Sister Reed 2015
Elder Michael Martinez 2015
Elder Dallin Remund 2015
Sister Jamie Jasperson 2014
Sister Chelsea Snow 2014
Sister Sheighla Petrie 2014
Elder Aaron Meyerink 2014
Sister Myrissa Bunker 2014
Sister Chanae Anderson 2014
Sister Courtney Bennett 2014
Elder & Sister Myers 2014
Sister Amber Garvin 2014
Sister Hailey Watt 2014
Elder Jeremy Noble 2014
Elder Joseph Matheson 2014
Sister Jackie Carson 2013
Elder Hyrum Smith 2013
Elder Sean Burnham 2013
Elder Donovan Novak 2013
Elder Kent Masulonis 2013

Virginia Chesapeake Mission Groups

Here are Chesapeake Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Chesapeake Mission.

  1. Virginia Chesapeake Mission Group (138 members)
  2. Chesapeake Mission Alumni Group (78 members)
  3. Chesapeake Missionaries Group (33 members)

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Chesapeake Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Chesapeake Mission.

  1. 2016-2019, Randall F. Weed
  2. 2013-2016, Alan J. Baker

Virginia LDS Statistics (2016)

  • Church Membership: 94,528
  • Missions: 3
  • Temples:
  • Congregations: 197
  • Family History Centers: 46

Helpful Articles about Virginia

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Chesapeake Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Virginia Chesapeake RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

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When did you serve?

  • 2015-2017 (Amber)
  • September 2013-March 2015 (Mikaela)
  • June-September 2015 (Jacob)
  • 2012-2014 ( Jeremy)
  • June 2013-December 2014 (Maurielle)
  • 2014-2015 (Jaeci)
  • 2013-2015 (Timothy)
  • 2013-2014 (Melanie)
  • 2012-2014 (Jacob)
  • 2013-2015 (Michael)
  • 2014-2015 (Alyssa)

Which areas did you serve in?

  • Virginia Beach, Franklin, Newport News, and Goldsboro (NC). (Amber)
  • Richmond, Chesterfield, Virginia Beach, Sandbridge, Norfolk. (Jeremy)
  • Salem (Virginia Beach) VA, Greenville NC, Smithfield NC, Franklin VA. (Maurielle)
  • Greenville, North Carolina 2nd Ward and Franklin, Virginia. (Jaeci)
  • Chesapeake- Deep Creek, Elizabeth City, Harkers Island, Poquoson, Kempsville- Virginia Beach. (Timothy)
  • Havelock, Harkers Island, Albertson, Mt. Olive, and Virginia Beach. (Melanie)
  • Franklin, VA–Currituck, NC– Mt. Olive, NC– Goldsboro, NC– Suffolk, VA– Chesapeake, VA. (Michael)
  • Rocky Mount, NC; Franklin, VA; Cape Henry, Virginia Beach, VA; Washington, NC. (Alyssa)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Chicken n’ dumplin’s, fried chicken, mashed potatoes. (Amber)
  • Tacos. (Mikaela)
  • Southern barbecue was the BEST. (Jacob)
  • BBQ, biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, hush puppies, seafood. (Jeremy)
  • Fried Chicken, Chicken Pastry, Hush Puppies, Boberry biscuit from Bojangles, Butter Beans, Pimento Cheese Sandwich, Pretty much any dessert you could think of. (Maurielle)
  • Hush puppies. Stewed apples. (Jaeci)
  • Fried okra, hush puppies, steamed oysters, collard greens, soft crab, and lots of other kinds of seafood. (Timothy)
  • Hush puppies. (Melanie)
  • Collards, Hush puppies, fried corn bread, pecan pie, pretty much everything except for chitlins (yuck). (Jacob)
  • Alligator, fried chicken, and hush puppies! (Michael)
  • Fried chicken, kale, green bean casserole, biscuits, corn casserole. Pretty much a Thanksgiving feast every day. (Alyssa)

What was a funny experience?

  • Holding hands with a circle of 10 homeless men in hoodies in an alley way…and saying a prayer :). (Amber)
  • We were teaching a family about the plan of salvation and at the end, one of the little girls turns to her sister and says “Let’s never fight again. Or make mom mad, or dad, or Callie (their baby sister) even though she pulls our hair and bites us sometimes.” A few minutes later she was running after her sister down the street, saying “stop trying to run over me and get over here so I can run over you.” They didn’t last very long without fighting. (Mikaela)
  • When one of the members pulled a gun on me as a prank. Thanks, John. (Jacob)
  • Too many to count! (Maurielle)
  • My second meal appointment ever was with a wasted, yet harmless, less active woman. After eating heaping plates, my trainer told her she was full. The lady looked at her, leaned over and patted her stomach, proclaiming, “oh, you are full!” My companion made me eat the second helping. (Jaeci)
  • I don’t know if there is just one that would be a good one to share but there were lots of ones where we were teaching and we would say something and realize our error and then to see what they heard from the Spirit. Which could also double as spiritual. Acting on promptings also no matter how weird it may look or feel. (Timothy)
  • A pastor we were teaching laid prostrate on the ground when he prayed at the end of a lesson. Pretty interesting! (Michael)
  • My companion and I were contacting a less active that no one really knew about. The trailer was out in the boonies of the area and it was one of 3 trailers on the lot. We parked and walked to the front door, unsure if this was really the place. Trailers are oddly numbered. Anyway, my companion noticed a lock (looked like one used for a locker) as the door knob. She pointed it out and said that there was probably no one inside because it was locked. I then said, while knocking on the door, “They probably do that when they are not home.” She stared at me blankly as I waited for the door to open and said, “So…they’re not home…” I then realized what I just said and did! We busted up laughing and left the home. (Alyssa)

What was a crazy experience?

  • Receiving strong spiritual promptings every single day to leave a sketchy/ghetto area. (Amber)
  • When one of the members pulled a gun on me as a prank.  (Jacob)
  • I was in Richmond on an exchange, we were in the projects in Gilpin Court proselyting around 8 PM when we heard gun shots. We hurried and got him ASAP. (Jeremy)
  • There were crazy things when it rained and when we drove. But we were protected. There was also one time that we were trying to contact someone on the roster that no one knew anything about. It was clear out in the country. While we were walking up the driveway, we heard gun shots. I thought they were shooting at us! But instead of running away, I kept walking. We found out that they have a gun range in their yard and they weren’t shooting at us. But because a lot of the mission has rural areas, you never know what kind of things people are going to be doing in their yards. (Maurielle)
  • I was in a car accident. But even though it was crazy, and has impacted my life significantly, the most important take aways from this experience are 1) His angels are watching over you, 2) doctors’ offices are great places to find new people to teach, 3) God really does have a plan for each of us. (Jaeci)
  • We were working with a less active part member family and we were going for one of our appointments and the neighbor who was the divorced husband of a member of the family came yelling at us and telling us to not come back again. What was the crazy dangerous part was he was either going hunting or just got back from it so he was holding a gun in his hand and waving it at us while he was yelling. (Timothy)
  • -Went to try and visit an 88 year old investigator who had told the sisters he’d dress up as a gorilla for them. We got there and he did! -We were going to visit a less active and the GPS took us past the house, we turned around and there was a car facing the direction we were going but on the wrong side of the road. When we passed the lights came on and it started following us. We passed the house again so we turned around in our investigator’s yard and watched the other car as it pulled up into another driveway and watch us. -Shooting just a few houses down from our house. (Melanie)
  • Biking through the ghettos of South Norfolk, we saw a swat team getting ready to swarm an apartment. We knew it was time to get out of that area! But leaving that area, we were stopped by a police officer who ended up being very interested in our message. (Michael)
  • My companion and I went to contact a referral after it was dark. Normally, we like to do it in the daylight, but other factors led to us contacting at night. We pulled off the highway onto this small strip of broken trailers. There were no street lamps, so we turned on our brights briefly to look at the trailer numbers. All of a sudden, we both get this weird feeling in our stomachs. We comment on the fact that we both don’t feel like we are supposed to be here. Just then, we found the right trailer and see a silhouette of a man in the doorway holding a long stick of some sort. I quickly realize that it is a rifle and yell for my companion to get us out of here! She starts screaming, which makes me scream. As she is turning the car around, I keep my eyes on him. He starts to walk out of the door across the porch toward us. I pray that we will be okay. Once we got back on the highway, the awful feeling went away and the Spirit comforted us. (Alyssa)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • Literally the whole 18 months <3. (Amber)
  • I had a great experience in a lesson. We were teaching a family about the Book of Mormon and they seemed really interested in what we were saying. While I was testifying of the Book of Mormon and how I knew it was true, I felt the spirit testifying to me that my words were true. It was a wonderful experience where I truly gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon. (Mikaela)
  • My first baptism! The spirit was so abundant and it was a great experience. (Jacob)
  • Baptizing an awesome family in Virginia Beach. (Jeremy)
  • The whole mission. It’s hard to choose just one. The one that always comes to mind though happened on Easter Sunday. I was in an area that didn’t trust the missionaries because there had been a previous elder/sister relationship. So we were working on gaining the trust of the members again. We had worked so hard and were making progress. Then on Easter Sunday, we didn’t have a dinner appointment. We didn’t have any investigators or less actives come to church. And people always say that Christmas and Easter were the times everyone went to church. So it was a rough day. When we went home for lunch, I was very depressed. We were trying to figure out what to eat for lunch and I said a prayer in my heart, saying, “Father, I don’t even want to figure out what to eat for lunch, let alone dinner… Please help.” It was such a silent small plea, but I meant it with all my heart. Before we could even pray over our food for lunch, we got a call from the Bishop’s daughter inviting us to dinner. I originally answered the phone, but I had to hand it to my companion because I started weeping with gratitude. At this point, we hadn’t ever been to the Bishop’s house because his wife has a hard outer layer (she is now one of the few people I keep in contact with because I love her so much) and it took a lot for her to invite missionaries into the home. So this was truly a miracle. And I knew it. So I went into the bedroom and immediately knelt down and continued to weep. I was so grateful for this experience. It wasn’t something big–it wasn’t something that would determine salvation or anything–it was just a dinner on Easter Sunday. But because He loved me so much, He wanted to show me that He cared about the things I cared about. If it was important to me, it was important to Him. It also confirmed to me that He truly does hear every plea we make. He hears and answers our prayers. (Maurielle)
  • Once, we found a lady who was destitute, and was considering committing suicide the day we met her. We didn’t know that until weeks later, when she told us we helped her feel “something special”, and that helped her pull through. The Spirit is present when you allow it to be, and it makes all the difference. (Jaeci)
  • My companion and I got to see some people that you would never expect to be ready for the gospel open up and really let the Spirit come into their homes and make big drastic changes to their lives because of their feeling the Holy Ghost. There was one lady who committed to live the commandments before we got to the blessings of living them and she wouldn’t want us to tell her what the blessings were because she wanted to find out on her own. (Timothy)
  • Reading the Book of Mormon as a mission and studding about Jesus Christ. (Melanie)
  • There was one day my companion and I were riding our bikes and a woman was in a motorized wheelchair coming up the street. We talked to her, and she told us she was in a tough place and was waiting for the bus to come. We checked the bus times for her and said a prayer with her there at the bus stop. It was very touching and the Spirit was definitely there! (Michael)
  • I was about 8 months into my mission when I found out some terrible news about my family. It shook me to the core; so much that I called the President wanting to go home to help them. He told me the best thing for them was for me to stay and serve so that they can receive blessings. But, I could not concentrate on the work. After weeks of desperately praying to my Father to help me abandon anything holding me back from becoming a missionary, including thoughts about my family, I felt it. This weight I had been carrying lifted from my shoulders. I felt so light I could have flown. Tears of complete sorrow turned to tears of magnificent and complete joy. The Atonement of Jesus Christ transformed me from a puppet doing missionary things to an actual missionary wanting to serve. And being able to lay everything on the alter of sacrifice came only after a super hard trial. (Alyssa)

What are some interesting facts about the Chesapeake Mission?

  • There’s lots of history, it’s definitely part of the south. (Amber)
  • There is a lot of history in my mission from the beginning of the country. There is also a lot of military in the area. (Mikaela)
  • There are lots of historical civil war sites. It includes the largest Civil War battleship replica in the world. (Jacob)
  • The Chesapeake mission was made in 2013. Almost everybody is religious in VA. It’s the prettiest state in the US. (Jeremy)
  • Lots of bugs. I served in a lot of rural areas. Southern accents are the best. (Maurielle)
  • A lot of military families/bases, etc. The Richmond and Raleigh missions lost most if not all of their coastline to the more recently created Chesapeake Mission. (Jaeci)
  • One of the most diverse places I have ever seen. There’s places that haven’t changed in hundreds of years and others that there would be brand new buildings the next day. No place like it anywhere else. (Timothy)
  • We had Yorktown in our mission. Yorktown is where the Revolutionary War was won. So we could say the Restoration began in our mission. (Michael)
  • There are a lot of lighthouses! They are so fun to climb up and see. I addition to lighthouses, military bases scatter the mission. It’s normal for people to be in the military. But they are harder to get to. North Carolina is so Southern and hick whereas Virginia is a melting pot of differences. People in general get super offended if you do not eat until your stomach explodes – so be prepared to eat the equivalent of 5 huge meals a day. (Alyssa)

What was the weather like?

  • Humid. Short and mild winters. Hot and sweaty summers. (Amber)
  • Really hot and humid in the summer. In the winter when it gets cold, it is a bitter cold. (Mikaela)
  • Very hot, very humid, very rainy, and very wonderful. (Jacob)
  • Very rainy and humid, occasional snow in the winter. Really hot and humid in the summer. (Jeremy)
  • It gets HOT in the summer. Humidity kills you. You sweat like crazy. Luckily, all but two areas for sisters have cars. Not sure about elders. You want very breathable fabrics for the summer. Loose fitting. In the winter, the cold chills you to the bone because of the humidity. I would wear under armor under my tights and sometimes even add shorts under my skirt. (Maurielle)
  • Humid. Ice storms. So pretty! Hot. Cold. (Jaeci)
  • It was really humid. To the point, we were swimming in summer and frozen in winter. The humidity was really high. But after a year you kind of get used to it and it isn’t so bad. (Timothy)
  • Raining a lot and little snow but when it does come everything closes down. (Melanie)
  • Very humid during the summer, cold winters. I loved spring and fall. The falls were absolutely gorgeous. (Michael)
  • HUMID!!!! When you are on the coast in the summer, the humidity still is awful, but not as awful if you are inland. I was in Rocky Mount during my first summer, and almost died a few times from heat exhaustion (okay, that’s a little overstated…but you get it). And when it snows, it’s called ice rain. Snow fluries do fall, but it is mostly ice that coats the streets and you cannot drive on it. In the spring, pollen coats everything! So everything is yellow! And if you have awful allergies like me, you are in deep trouble. The fall is my favorite! The colors are glorious and it’s the perfect weather. (Alyssa)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • Everyone is so, so nice. Southern hospitality is a thing. (Amber)
  • The people there are amazing! They are loving and kind, even if they aren’t interested in hearing our message. (Mikaela)
  • Absolutely everything. I love the people of the Virginia Chesapeake Mission and the areas were so cool. (Jacob)
  • The southern hospitality. Most people are at least nice, even if they don’t want to listen to you. (Jeremy)
  • I loved the southern accent. It took me a little while to get the hang of it, but I loved it. I loved the southern hospitality. It’s a real thing! People just talk to each other. It’s awesome. I loved the members and the strength I saw in them. There are several churches that preach anti-mormon material over their pulpits so it’s kind of hard sometimes because all these Baptists think we are terrible. (Maurielle)
  • Almost everyone believes in God and loves to talk about Him! They’re usually very polite and will give you water bottles when you knock on their door, even if they won’t let you in. (Jaeci)
  • All of the people were really nice and generally open. Even if they didn’t want to listen, they would thank you for what you were doing. Always offering us water in the summer and something to keep us warm in the winter. (Timothy)
  • Everything! (Melanie)
  • The southern people are absolutely wonderful. They are so hospitable. I loved them so much. (Michael)
  • BLACK PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!!! They will actually let you in for you to teach them. Of course, some of them never want you to come back again or want to Bible bash you. But for the most part, they are great. White people are harder to get to because they are usually more wealthy and already have a church. But I have 2 RC’s that are white, so it’s possible. Haha. But in reality, its Southern Hospitality at its best. People are friendly and will feed you all the time. It’s so easy to talk to people because they love to talk your ears off! (Alyssa)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Bring light clothes for the summer and a good winter jacket. Also, rain boots! (Amber)
  • Leave extra room. You always accumulate a lot of stuff from your areas. (Mikaela)
  • Lots of short-sleeved shirts for the summer, bring a rain coat, and mentally prepare for the winter. (Jacob)
  • Lightweight rain jacket is a must. (Jeremy)
  • Take care of your clothes. Don’t dry your cardigans in the dryer. (Maurielle)
  • Be modest. Only take the recommended amount of clothing, or thereabouts, you’ll probably accumulate more, and you don’t have a lot of packing space. (Jaeci)
  • You definitely want thin and breathable fabrics for the summer and thicker ones for the winter. I heard golf slacks were really good breathable and flexible. (Timothy)
  • Bring summer clothes and winter clothes. (Melanie)
  • Be sure to get warm winter gloves. (Jacob)
  • For Elders: wear light, white shirts during the summer. The humidity makes it pretty miserable if you wear cotton white shirts during the summer. (Michael)
  • For Sisters: make sure to get shirts that you do not have to wear any undershirt (beside your garments). When it feels like 115 degrees because of humidity and you feel like your swimming through the air, you will thank me that you are not having to wear 3-4 layers. (Alyssa)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • I can’t possibly describe it. Mosiah 2:41 came true completely. I was blessed in all things. (Amber)
  • I received a strong testimony of the gospel, a stronger relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and a greater understanding of how I can live the gospel. (Mikaela)
  • I met an amazing girl who I am currently dating, and I gained so many life-long friends. I also know how to talk to and relate to people. (Jacob)
  • Everything. I am beyond grateful for everything it did for me and prepared me for the rest of my life but most importantly serving the people there. (Jeremy)
  • It saved my life… I never planned on serving a mission. Ever. But now that I’ve gone and come home, I wonder why it was never a part of my plan because it was the best thing I could have ever done. (Maurielle)
  • I know who I am, and who I want to be. I know God has a plan. I feel comfortable talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I understand the Gospel. I learned how to study. (Jaeci)
  • Better appreciation for the scriptures and the gospel and now its really easy to talk to people outside of church about the gospel and member missionary work has gotten better and now I know what is really important and what really needs my attention versus distractions. (Timothy)
  • Gained a greater testimony and I also met my husband. (Melanie)
  • I found a job within two weeks of being home, I have an amazing girlfriend, and a firm testimony of the restored gospel. (Michael)
  • I am totally converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and my testimony will never be shaken. I know how to love as the Savior loved, even when people turned me away. The people in my mission are my friends for eternity – members and missionaries alike. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve. (Alyssa)

What are some skills you gained?

  • Talking to people, loving strangers, working really hard, winging things…etc. (Amber)
  • Because of my mission, I have greater teaching and communication skills. I feel more comfortable talking with others and sharing my feelings and beliefs with them. (Mikaela)
  • Social skills, respect for those with different opinions, and I’m great on a bike now. (Jacob)
  • Leadership skills, communication skills, responsibility, accountability. (Jeremy)
  • Planning. Waking up. Working hard. Judgement skills. Communication skills. Relationship skills. Spiritual skills. (Maurielle)
  • Talking to people is a lot simpler. Getting the guts to do something is not the end of the world. (Jaeci)
  • Ability to talk to people and not at them. I also got some skills from almost constantly fixing up bicycles. I also learned a couple of construction skills from performing service for people. You can also learn a lot of leadership skills and accountability. (Timothy)
  • More outgoing. (Melanie)
  • Patience, charity (more so than I had before), a better ability to put others first, a stronger desire to repent daily! (Michael)
  • 1. How to bring up the gospel in a light conversation. 2. How to deal with a different personality in a different companion 24/7. 3. How to set goals and make plans and to execute those plans effectively. 4. How to study the gospel. 5. How to turn my weaknesses into strengths. (Alyssa)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • How proud the Lord was of me. (Amber)
  • I wish I knew how important it is to teach simply. The gospel is simple and easy to understand and sometimes I think I tried to make it more complicated than it really was. (Mikaela)
  • You’ll never ever want to leave your first area. (Jacob)
  • That there are tough times, the great times always out weigh the hard but it does get exhausting and trying some times. (Jeremy)
  • I wish I had been more humble. (Maurielle)
  • The only standards that matters are God’s standards. God’s commandments are there to help us be happy. The Lord will consecrate thine afflictions (weaknesses, mistakes, blunders, embarrassments, pains, and anything less than joyful) for thy gain. 2 Nephi 2:2. (Jaeci)
  • I wish I knew the scriptures at the beginning of my mission. Then it would have been easier to teach people from them. (Timothy)
  • How to better study the scriptures. (Melanie)
  • Talked with everyone. I let fear creep in far too often. Talking with everyone is a habit you will need for your entire mission! (Michael)
  • I struggled with the skill to effectively ask questions in lessons. I am great at explaining and talking, just not asking questions. So I wish I knew how to do that better at the beginning so my lessons could have been so much more meaningful. (Alyssa)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries called to Chesapeake?

  • This is the Lord’s work. Just remember that it is His precious time. (Amber)
  • READ. YOUR. SCRIPTURES. The Book of Mormon is literally the best tool for preparing you to serve God. Get ready to learn to work hard and be humbled. (Jacob)
  • Love the people, serve them and consider yourself a Virginian for life! (Jeremy)
  • Remember that it’s not about becoming a great missionary, it’s about becoming like Christ. Love the people like Christ would. You are literally His representative to the people in the areas you serve in. Get to know the members. Show them you care about them. (Maurielle)
  • Commit now to be obedient, even if you disagree with a policy. As you strive to do what’s right for any reason, the reasons will improve. Be honest with yourself, your God, and your Mission President. Love God, and do it for Him. (Jaeci)
  • As long as you have conviction and know that your Heavenly Father loves you and those around you, it will be easier. (Timothy)
  • Study Preach My Gospel. Practice the lessons on your friends and family members so you can get a feel of teaching. Go out with the missionaries where you are now. (Melanie)
  • Become very familiar with Preach my Gospel, and if you haven’t read the Book of Mormon all the way through, READ IT! (Michael)
  • Always be ready to be humbled and to be corrected. Take that correction and turn your weakness into a strength. And always be exactly obedient. It is so true that miracles happen with exact obedience. I had a baptism because my companion and I decided to be exactly obedient and diligent every day. (Alyssa)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • Apparently being “a mess” in the south is a good thing?? (Amber)
  • Southern is a different language. The first week, I couldn’t understand the English they were speaking. (Jacob)
  • Southern is a different language. Don’t try to adopt the accent, the local folks don’t think that’s funny. If it happens, it’s okay. They say things like, “have a blessed day!” “Cut (turn) the light/tv/oven off”, “I was piddling around” (lazy), etc. if you don’t know what something means, ask, and laugh with them. (Jaeci)
  • Well, I didn’t learn a language, but Southern drawl is a foreign language in itself. For the first few months of my mission, I served in North Carolina where they are hard to understand because of the drawl. Because of that, members would laugh at me lightheartedly because I had no idea what they were saying! Haha! (Alyssa)