Velda Kay Chipman

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What a wonderful legacy has been documented here. Thank you, Velda Kay. ? (It is fun to picture my dad walking on his hands!) 🙂 ~Kathryn Morgan

Velda Kay Kunzler Boekweg Chipman is one of the most unselfish, service oriented people I know. I have had the privilege of knowing her all my life because she is my mother. I feel so blessed because she has set such a wonderful example of love and devotion for me. Doing what is right has always been the most important thing to her above anything else, and that has made such a great example for me and for our children and grandchildren. Family and the gospel are the highest priorities in her life. We love you Mom! ~Julie Dixon, Daughter

I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful mother-in-law. She has been a great example to me of a righteous and valiant woman of God. She is always willing to help and serve in many ways. She has been a wonderful Grandma to our children. She has always made a special effort to remember all of their special days and do special things with and for them. The birthday cards, the baptism quilts, the special crochetted dresses, the graduation gifts, the birthday dinners, and so many more are just a few of the special ways she has helped us celebrate those special occasions. We loved having her accompany us on many special family trips, including Disneyland, Yellowstone, and The Grand Canyon. I appreciate the many times she has let our children stay with her while we were out of town. I am grateful for her testimony that she has born many times through letters and in person. She has truly enriched my life. ~Sherri Boekweg, Daughter-in-Law

Velda Kay Boekweg Chipman is the most perfect person I know! She emulates the Savior in all that she does. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been in her ward and learn from her stellar example. Love you, Sweet Sister! ~Debbie Chadwick McKay, Friend

I really admire Grandma’s incredible commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It seems that in every conversation Grandma finds a natural way to share the Gospel and uplift those around her. I also really appreciate Grandma’s hospitality. It’s always fun to go to the family reunions and see her and the rest of the family. Getting to sit in on Grandma’s life history was a wonderful privilege. I’m glad I married into such a strong, wonderful family! Love you, Grandma! ~Alex Balinski, Grandson