Type 2 Diabetes

Here’s a free collection of resources about Type 2 Diabetes- Type 2 Diabetes blogs, videos, support groups, first-hand experiences and advice from people who have Type 2 Diabetes, etc.

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Type 2 Diabetes Blogs

Here’s a list of Type 2 Diabetes blogs- blogs written by people with Type 2 Diabetes, or about Type 2 Diabetes.

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Diabetes Daily diabetesdaily.com/blog/section/type2 2018
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Befithappy befithappy.com 2017
Exploring Diabetes Type 2 bobsdiabetes.blogspot.com 2017
Trials Of T2 Diabetes brian-the-bsc.blogspot.com 2017
Joyful Diabetic joyfuldiabetic.com 2017


Type 2 Diabetes Support Groups

Type 2 Diabetes Support Groups On Facebook

  1. Type 2 Diabetes Straight Talk Facebook Group (15,037 members)
  2. Type 2 Diabetes Rebels Group (5,160 members)
  3. The Sugar Hunter Type 2 Diabetes Support Group (3,479 members)
  4. Diabetes – Type 2 – Living With It Group (3,100 members)
  5. Type 2 Diabetes UK & Ireland Group (2,967 members)
  6. Conquer Type 2 Diabetes Naturally Group (2,959 members)
  7. Type 2 Diabetes Sweeties Group (2,667 members)
  8. Diabetes The Way Out (Type 2) Group (1,267 members)
  9. Type 2 Diabetes Xplained Group (755 members)
  10. Type 2 Diabetes Support Group (723 members)
  11. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Group (675 members)
  12. Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Made Simple Facebook Group (324 members)
  13. Type 2 Diabetes Support Group (237 members)
  14. Pregnancy In Type 2 Diabetes Support Group (202 members)
  15. Type 2 Diabetes Support Worldwide Group (117 members)

Other Type 2 Diabetes Support Groups And Forums

  1. Daily Strength Diabetes Type 2 Support Group (721 members, 5,394 posts)


Type 2 Diabetes Survey

We’re surveying people about their experiences with Type 2 Diabetes. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*This information is not meant to replace medical advice, and the information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Name, Age)

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Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

What symptoms have you experienced?

  • Nausea, feeling thirsty, tired. (Jennifer, 36 years old)
  • Minor eye pain, some temporary burning pain in one thigh, dizziness. (Erin, 37 years old)
  • Incredible thirst, tingling in my feet, fungal infections, dizziness. (Lena, 38 years old)
  • I had to have 1 1/2 toes amputated. I had cellulitis in my leg, then in my stomach. A sore in my other foot wouldn’t heal, and I couldn’t walk on it for five months. Now I have charcot in my right foot that’s not fixable, so I’m waiting for my crow boot to come in, so I will have to wear it until and if they decide to amputate. Neuropathy in my feet hurt so bad- no feeling on the outside up past my ankles. (Susan B., 47 years old)
  • OSA, gastrointestinal issues, POS, arthritis, depression and anxiety. (Jacinda, 48 years old)
  • Thirsty, going to bathroom a lot and nueropathy. (Winnie, 49 years old)
  • Feeling tired, cranky. (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • Type ll for 20+ yrs. Highs, lows, glaucoma (beginning stages of open angle), neuropathy. (CG, 51 years old)
  • High blood sugar, high blood pressure, weight gain, high cholesterol. (Tom, 51 years old)
  • Thirsty a lot, tired a lot. (Patty K., 53 years old)
  • Sweats, chills, neuropathy, fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, high blood sugar, low blood sugar. (Kellie, 60 years old)
  • Shaking, sweating, headaches. (Jo, 67 years old)

Type 2 Diabetes Facts

What interesting facts have you learned about Type 2 Diabetes?

  • It’s manageable. (Jennifer, 36 years old)
  • Sugar, and eating badly doesn’t cause it. (Erin, 37 years old)
  • That not all diabetics react same to the same foods. Some food which might raise sugar for others doesn’t raise my sugar levels. That there is more to it than just diet and exercise, and that diabetic self-care should involve mental health as well. (Lena, 38 years old)
  • It is a silent killer. Everything I eat, or everything I do affects it . (Susan B., 47 years old)
  • IT CAN BE REVERSED. (Jacinda, 48 years old)
  • How to make my sugar go up. (Winnie, 49 years old)
  • That anyone can get it :(. (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • How it wears my energy down! (CG, 51 years old)
  • How to control it. (Tom, 51 years old)
  • Nothing, but this costs a lot. (Patty K., 53 years old)
  • Ha. It’s not because you’re a bad person. (Kellie, 60 years old)
  • Don’t ignore it. (Jo, 67 years old)

Type 2 Diabetes Pain Management

What are effective ways to manage your pain (if applicable)?

  • Not much pain, so I don’t use anything. (Erin, 37 years old)
  • Most of my physical pain includes cramps, so a magnesium supplement is my biggest pain killer. (Lena, 38 years old)
  • I have not had anything that has helped me. You learn to just deal with it. You become stronger. (Susan B., 47 years old)
  • I don’t. Body adjusts and blocks most of it. (Jacinda, 48 years old)
  • I usually take Tylenol, or just try to ignore it. (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • Moving! Walking! Yoga! (CG, 51 years old)
  • Exercise and out door work. (Tom, 51 years old)
  • Sleep and heating pad. (Patty K., 53 years old)
  • Gabapentin, Savella had temporary success. Hydrocodone works but I won’t take it regularly due to risks. Aleve. (Kellie, 60 years old)

Type 2 Diabetes Difficulties

What are the hardest aspects of living with Type 2 Diabetes?

  • Carbs, watching what you eat. (Jennifer, 36 years old)
  • Having to check my blood sugar four times a day, and write down everything I eat for my doctor. (Marissa, 36 years old)
  • No sugar and low carbs. I love them both, so I miss the ease of eating what I want. (Erin, 37 years old)
  • When I have phases when I feel completely sluggish, and don’t feel like getting out of bed, or when I feel exhausted even if I did get enough sleep. And when I have phases of burnout. (Lena, 38 years old)
  • Medication every day and shots. Testing your blood three to four times a day. Sores not healing. Everything you eat, or drink affects you . (Susan B., 47 years old)
  • NONE. Don’t LIVE with it as it can be reversed. (Jacinda, 48 years old)
  • I can’t eat what I want. (Winnie, 49 years old)
  • Trying to figure out the sugars. For example, I know I cannot have pure sugar, but I love fruit, but some of it is bad for me. (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • Having to “graze” on food really throws a wrench in work! Having to be aware of hypoglycemia if I get too busy. What to eat when going out…Lack of energy. (CG, 51 years old)
  • Having to take all the medication and the costs of it. (Tom, 51 years old)
  • All the pills, and remembering to take them. (Patty K., 53 years old)
  • The fact that I might die early and I can never eat Tiramis again. (Kellie, 60 years old)
  • Remembering medication. (Jo, 67 years old)

Type 2 Diabetes Advice

What words of encouragement/advice can you share with others who have Type 2 Diabetes?

  • Take it a day at a time. (Jennifer, 36 years old)
  • There are resources out there to make almost anything you could eat before, just slightly adjusted. (Erin, 37 years old)
  • To take it slow and one day at a time. There will be good days and bad days. Just do the best that you can for that day. (Lena, 38 years old)
  • Always take your meds, keep your sugars down. Exercise. Keep all your doctors appointments. (Susan B., 47 years old)
  • Go see a dietitian AND START REVERSING IT. It’s not a life long permanent illness. (Jacinda, 48 years old)
  • It’s hard, but it’s life-changing. (Winnie, 49 years old)
  • Never give up, you can do this :). (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • You will, at times, get tired of poking, injecting, watching what you eat! Keep going though! Don’t stop! (CG, 51 years old)
  • You can do it. I weighed 225 and am 5 ft 10 now I weigh 180 and all I did was change my diet and start parking my car way out in the last few parking spots so I had to walk a little more each time I parked my car. (Tom, 51 years old)
  • You can do it. (Patty K., 53 years old)
  • Just stick to your Keto diet. (Kellie, 60 years old)
  • Keep seeing nodiabetic educator. (Jo, 67 years old)

Type 2 Diabetes Diet and Exercise

What’s been your experience with diet and exercise?

  • Great. (Jennifer, 36 years old)
  • Diet and exercise have drastically improved my blood sugar over the past two months since getting diagnosed. (Marissa, 36 years old)
  • I’ve lost 30lbs with only the change in diet. (Erin, 37 years old)
  • I ended up following my own diet, I guess. I had to find what is working best for me. It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally have found my way through miles of information and advice. As for exercise, I finally found that working out at home is currently my way to go. I do it every day for 30 minutes. (Lena, 38 years old)
  • Exercise is hard when you can’t feel your feet. Fruit and vegetables. (Susan B., 47 years old)
  • Reversed DT2. Arthritis left, OSA went, POS gone and NO MORE DEPRESSION NOR ANXIETY. Easy choice to make when you see all benefits by diet and exercise and THE FOODS ARE SO YUMMY and filling. Never hungry! Nor fatigued. (Jacinda, 48 years old)
  • Not good. (Winnie, 49 years old)
  • Some days I do really good with walking and eating right. Then I have days that I honestly just don’t care :(. (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • I know both are key. But, it’s not always easy. (CG, 51 years old)
  • It really helps and you don’t have to do so much if you add a little every day. (Tom, 51 years old)
    Diet has helped dramatically. Exercise increases my fibromyalgia. I do it but it takes my 3-4 days of pain to recover. (Kellie, 60 years old)
  • Difficult. (Jo, 67 years old)

Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

What’s been your experience with treatments (medication, etc.)?

  • Good. (Jennifer, 36 years old)
  • I take Glydeuride once a day at dinner. I don’t like having to do so, and hope someday to be able to come off of medication. (Marissa, 36 years old)
  • On janumet, but once samples are gone I have to switch to metformin, because my insurance won’t cover it, and it costs $300 a bottle! Insane and cruel! (Erin, 37 years old)
  • I am currently on janumet, but have been on insulin for two years. (Lena, 38 years old)
  • I’m insulin dependent. I have to take it daily. (Susan B., 47 years old)
  • I am currently taking metformin and glipizide. I HATE the diarrhea that sometimes comes with the metformin. (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • Have been on Lantus Insulin for years. I dislike having to do two needle sticks per day. (CG, 51 years old)
  • I really hate the medication and I’m not sure if it helps or is killing us. (Tom, 51 years old)
  • They make me so tired, and have no energy. (Patty K., 53 years old)
  • Metformin has helped somewhat but I believe my dose is too low. (Kellie, 60 years old)
  • Awful, most diabetic medication makes you feel sick. (Jo, 67 years old)

Type 2 Diabetes Recommendations

Anything you’d recommend for someone with Type 2 Diabetes?

  • It’s not easy at first, but then it gets easier. (Jennifer, 36 years old)
  • Erythitol, coconut flour, almond flour, Enlightened ice cream. (Erin, 37 years old)
  • There are many online resources for people to find, as well as support groups. I also share my personal experiences with type 2 diabetes on my blog (befithappy.com ). (Lena, 38 years old)
  • Test your blood. Take your medicine. Read up on all of it . (Susan B., 47 years old)
  • DIET AND EXERCISE. (Jacinda, 48 years old)
  • Sometimes peanut butter will lower your high sugars, or a piece of cheese that has no sugar. (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • Fingerstick test!!! Take your meds! Walk! Drink plenty of water! Get your blood work done. A1C, liver and kidney function! Yoga meditation, prayer. Play. Sing. Rejoice! (CG, 51 years old)
  • Change your diet and exercise. (Tom, 51 years old)
  • Be sure to see your doctor. (Patty K., 53 years old)
  • Eat a ketogenic diet. (Kellie, 60 years old)
  • Try and eat sensibly, and try and walk every day. (Jo, 67 years old)

Type 2 Diabetes Resources

What specific resources have you found most helpful?

  • Talking with others. (Jennifer, 36 years old)
  • Reversing Diabetes group on Facebook. (Marissa, 36 years old)
  • Pinterest, Keto groups on Facebook. (Erin, 37 years old)
  • Diabetes.co.uk, the Mayo Clinic. (Lena, 38 years old)
  • Googling youtube videos by worlds leading Diabetes Scientists, learning about endocrinology online on diabetes sites, educating self its not a terrible disease at all just basically a food allergy, read everything, joined reversal support groups, not listen to negatives, read articles on reversal, swimming, walking, diabetic living magazine too, seeing a dietitian. (Jacinda, 48 years old)
  • The internet and my doctor. (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • Online diabetes support groups. (CG, 51 years old)
  • Natural cures and remedies. (Tom, 51 years old)
  • Type two diabetes straight talk kicked me out without explanation. I have no idea why. Another group taurus low carb but has lots of discussion involving cooking with bananas and honey, etc. I have not found any social media that is helpful. Doctors only promote ADA diet which doesn’t work and more and more meds. If you have diabetes you are on your own. (Kellie, 60 years old)
  • Community health center. (Jo, 67 years old)

Type 2 Diabetes Stories

Share an experience you’ve had related to living with Type 2 Diabetes.

  • I’m a type 2 diabetic, I experience it every day. (Jennifer, 36 years old)
  • People can be blamey about type two, like somehow you deserve it, because you probably ate badly. (Erin, 37 years old)
  • This is just a short excerpt from one of my blog posts: “My struggle with weight has always been a part of my life. I was always the ‘fat’ one, ever since I was a little girl. There were plenty of reasons, emotional eating being number one. Being overweight, stress and irregular eating eventually lead to me being diagnosed with Diabetes Type II. At first, I was in shock and overwhelmed by the diagnosis and was following the diet to a tee. I was so scared that eventually, all the stress came out through what they called an ‘organically conditioned depression and huge panic attacks. It took some time and effort to climb out of it. Now I am on my journey towards healthier and happier me.” (Lena, 38 years old)
  • Being in the hospital alone and surgeon comes in, and tells you your going to have at least a toe or two removed, but it might be most of your foot . (Susan B., 47 years old)
  • LOST LOADS of weight and cured my arthritis, POS, OSA, depression & anxiety. And reversed my DT2. I didn’t have a poor me this sucks attitude. Instead was..okay lets fix this because I CAN. Near zero sugar consumption with refined sugars, fructose, lactose and no sodium like in soft drinks, quit caffeine, allowed self to be human and feel naturally designed emotions such as its normal to cry more than 20 times a year. Didn’t take on others negative attitudes so instead joined groups who are positive in attitude and spirit to change and be well. (Jacinda, 48 years old)
  • Took medicine, went in lows, and didn’t do well. (Winnie, 49 years old)
  • One Sunday I had taken my medicine, but had not ate like I am supposed to, and it caused my blood sugar to dip to 65. I then had to eat one of my “glucose tablets” to bring it back up. They bring my sugar up too fast which causes me to have headaches. (Rina W., 49 years old)
  • Hypo moment! 47 BS!! Had to use glucose tabs and frosting! I was EXHAUSTED after! (CG, 51 years old)
  • I have asthma and have been kept for days in the hospital because the asthma meds cause blood sugar to skyrocket. (Tom, 51 years old)
  • At times I feel like my life is over due to having no energy. (Patty K., 53 years old)
  • I went for a few months of suffering from feeling cold and sweating at the same time. I now know it was high blood glucose.. No one could diagnose it because my fasting bg was normal when it was tested. (Kellie, 60 years old)
  • Constant urinary infections. (Jo, 67 years old)