Syracuse, Utah

Life in Syracuse, Utah, explained by people who’ve lived in Syracuse:

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Syracuse Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Syracuse?

  • Convenience to all my stores I shop often. (CJ, 3 months)
  • Sense of community. (Stacey, 1 year)
  • Good schools. (Teresa, 2.5 years)
  • Clean, nice, safe, and mostly friendly city. (Ajay, 3 years)
  • Great neighborhood. Great sunsets. Not with the cows, but I can hear them at night. The trail down Bluff. Youth programs. (James, 10 years)
  • Community. (Sarah, 13 years)
  • Trails. (Anonymous 13 years)
  • Being able to see the stars at night. (Kim, 15 years)
  • Small town feel next to everything. (Misti, 15 years)
  • It’s quiet. (David, 18 years)
  • Less snow than other areas; Syracuse Days fireworks. (Elizabeth, 18 years)
  • My family and heritage. (Mariah, 33 years)
  • Neighbors and the smell of onions. (Laura, 39 years)
  • My amazing neighbors too. (Pat, 42 years)
  • My neighborhood. (Pat, 44 years)
  • Small community. (Pam, 55 years)

Syracuse Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Syracuse?

  • Distance to the freeway, but I’m excited hear about the west side freeway project that may happen. (CJ, 3 months)
  • 1000 W traffic intersection. (Stacey, 1 year)
  • Religious segregation. (Teresa, 2.5 years)
  • I’ve been to 7 countries and 40 states, absolute worst drivers here. Never look before entering traffic. When I ask others, the feeling is mutual. (Ajay, 3 years)
  • A couple of rough streets. People wanting to stop progress and development, rather than control and direct it. (James, 10 years)
  • We need more schools. (Sarah, 13 years)
  • People and the conservative mindset. (Anonymous, 13 years)
  • Mosquitoes. (Kim, 15 years)
  • Mosquitoes. (Misti, 15 years)
  • Mosquitoes. (David, 18 years)
  • Increased traffic. (Elizabeth, 18 years)
  • Speeding tickets. (Mariah, 33 years)
  • It getting busy/traffic. (Laura, 39 years)
  • Too much growth, increase in crime. (Pat, 42 years)
  • Growth, too many houses. (Pat, 44 years)
  • Taxes. (Pam, 55 years)

Syracuse Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Syracuse?

  • The Rush fun complex, the library, recreation center and playground, Jensen nature park, antelope island. (CJ, 3 months)
  • Library, park, rec center, Black Island Farms, pumpkin walk, fireworks. (Stacey, 1 year)
  • Rush, youth sports through the park program. (Teresa, 2.5 years)
  • Rush Funplex, Antelope Island. (Ajay, 3 years)
  • Trails, Rush, Rec Center, pumpkin walk. (James, 10 years)
  • Antelope island, Rush, trails, parks. (Sarah, 13 years)
  • Trails. (Anonymous, 13 years)
  • Hike, bike, watch little league sports or high school sports, antelope island, block party with neighborhood. (Kim, 15 years)
  • Rush, library, heritage days. (Misti, 15 years)
  • Not much. I go elsewhere to have fun. (David, 18 years)
  • RUSH, parks, good places to walk. (Elizabeth, 18 years)
  • City recreation sports and music classes, the rush, parks, plays and orchestra. (Mariah, 33 years)
  • Jensen pond, antelope island, rush and Chloe sunshine park and other parks. (Laura, 39 years)
  • Attending high school events, movies, Antelope Island. (Pat, 42 years)
  • Antelope Island. (Pat, 44 years)
  • The Rush Funplex. Antelope Island. Movie Theater. Syracuse Community Center. Syracuse Museum. Skate Park. Parks. (Pam, 55 years)

Syracuse’s Reputation

What’s Syracuse known for?

  • Access to Antelope Island. (CJ, 3 months)
  • 1st RC Wiley Store. (Stacey, 1 year)
  • Being a difficult place to live if you are not LDS. (Teresa, 2.5 years)
  • Antelope Island. (Ajay, 3 years)
  • Antelope Island. “Community” bickering online, Titans. (James, 10 years)
  • Antelope Island. (Sarah, 13 years)
  • Bad politics. (Anonymous, 13 years)
  • Antelope island and open farm land. (Kim, 15 years)
  • Gateway to antelope island. (Misti, 15 years)
  • Mosquitoes. (David, 18 years)
  • The Gateway to Antelope Island. (Mariah, 33 years)
  • Onions and good people. (Laura, 39 years)
  • Gateway to Antelope Island. (Pat, 42 years)
  • The high school. (Pat, 44 years)
  • Gateway to Antelope Island. (Pam, 55 years)

Syracuse Crime

What’s the crime like in Syracuse? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • Crime doesn’t seem high, more vandalism by bored teens, in my opinion. (CJ, 3 months)
  • Biggest crime is people taking/destroying other people’s property on their property. (Stacey, 1 year)
  • If you live in a housing area with house prices less than $300,000, the crime is higher. (Teresa, 2.5 years)
  • Fairly low. (Ajay, 3 years)
  • Weird little pockets of problems, open garage burglary, open car burglary. (James, 10 years)
  • I’m not sure. (Sarah, 13 years)
  • Teenagers being stupid and vandalism. I think it’s rare we have anything more than that. But the teenagers cause lots of problems. It’s because they’ve never been taught respect for people who are different. (Anonymous, 13 years)
  • Getting worse. (Kim, 15 years)
  • Worse closer to Antelope Drive. (Misti, 15 years)
  • Not too bad. I haven’t seen much in the places I’ve lived. (David, 18 years)
  • It keeps getting worse. (Elizabeth, 18 years)
  • Skate park!!! Car accidents, speeding tickets. (Mariah, 33 years)
  • A lot of car break-ins and small crimes. (Laura, 39 years)
  • Around the golf course, it is sad to say that crime is increasing or maybe we are just more aware of it because of social media. (Pat, 42 years)
  • Getting worse, golf course area. (Pat, 44 years)
  • I haven’t had any crime situations personally, but I hear that crime is around. (Pam, 55 years)

Syracuse Advice

Any advice for people moving to Syracuse?

  • Avoid the construction areas and the snoody $600,000 homeowners. (CJ, 3 months)
  • Overall Syracuse is a great place to live. We are a community that looks out for each other. The only downside is we have great schools but weird boundaries especially for Syracuse High and a lot of overcrowded elementary schools, higher property taxes than neighboring cities. (Stacey, 1 year)
  • I advise all military families to stay away from Syracuse, unless they are LDS. It is very difficult to fit in, and feel like you are a part of the community, if you have not grown up here. (Teresa, 2.5 years)
  • Use 193, don’t be afraid to offer help to a stranger, watch out for other drivers on the road. (Ajay, 3 years)
  • Find a neighborhood that matches your personality and kids ages. Be a good neighbor regardless of religious interest. Don’t stereotype. Be informed, not offended. (James, 10 years)
  • It’s growing and changing. (Sarah, 13 years)
  • If you aren’t LDS and a republican, find your friends fast. (Anonymous, 13 years)
  • You can make it as great as you want. You are living on farm land, don’t complain about the cow smell. (Kim, 15 years)
  • It’s a nice area, but growing fast. (Elizabeth, 18 years)
  • Get to know your neighbors and get on the Syracuse Citizens Facebook page. (Mariah, 33 years)
  • Go to the library- it is great. (Laura, 39 years)
  • Don’t, 😆but if you do, come and be friendly and be a good neighbor. Get involved in the community. (Pat, 42 years)
  • Come and help make our city better by being friendly and accepting. (Pat, 44 years)
  • You will love Syracuse, but it’s growing very rapidly. (Pam, 55 years)

Syracuse Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Syracuse (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • Good neighbors who have kids for our kids to play with. (CJ, 3 months)
  • Loved taking my kids to Black Island Farms and pumpkin walk this year! (Stacey, 1 year)
  • The fireworks put on last year was nice. The summer festival is lacking, compared to other small towns around here. (Teresa, 2.5 years)
  • Firehouse open house was nice, kids loved it. (Ajay, 3 years)
  • I love heritage days. (Anonymous, 13 years)
  • Wonderful support from neighbors when I lost my husband. (Elizabeth, 18 years)
  • I grew up here and am now raising a family here. I loved riding my bike to baseball practices and games. I love Syracuse Heritage Days in the summer. We used to have a corner market named Hamblin’s with a gas pump and a drive up window for groceries. We used to go swimming in the ditch (canal) on south 2000 w. RC Willey isn’t just for buying furniture. It’s for dreaming and eating hot dogs too! (Mariah, 33 years)
  • Riding my bike to old star video to get a VHS movie and then to Hamblins to get candy. (Laura, 39 years)
  • Our Heritage Days used to be allot more fun. No commercial things there. It was a great opportunity for different groups to do find raisers with games and food and rises for kids. Lots of baseball games and most of ask the Old Timer’s softball game. (Pat, 42 years)
  • I loved the small town appeal when I first moved here. You knew everyone. I would go to Hamblin’s Market for a couple of things and it would take an hour because I would see people and we would visit. Syracuse days was a time to bring the city together with booths from local wards and businesses, no commercial private ones. They held events all week like all-star baseball and softball games, and the old timers softball game was so much fun. It was based around community instead of money! (Pat, 44 years)

Syracuse’s Future

How do you think Syracuse will change over the next 10 years?

  • With a possible west side freeway, it may attract more big businesses like Sam’s Club or Planet Fitness, or fine dining instead of fast food. (CJ, 3 months)
  • Lots of homes and people, little farm land. (Stacey, 1 year)
  • It will grow with many more housing areas, hopefully the government of Syracuse will be able to properly adjust along with the growing size. (Teresa, 2.5 years)
  • Grow, less road construction hopefully. (Ajay, 3 years)
  • 2-3,000 new homes. New freeway access. A developed retail center around Walmart. (James, 10 years)
  • More homes, legacy highway. (Sarah, 13 years)
  • More people, more problems. No water, more traffic, no more open spaces. (Anonymous, 13 years)
  • Need to have more things for kids to do outside. (Kim, 15 years)
  • More people moving in, more traffic. (Misti, 15 years)
  • More farms will be sold off to developers to build more houses. (David, 18 years)
  • More homes. More people. More schools. It’s getting bigger. (Mariah, 33 years)
  • Get more crowded. (Laura, 39 years)
  • More traffic, more people, less interaction with each other. (Pat, 42 years)
  • Traffic will be worse, crime will increase, it will become like any other town along the Wasatch Front. People are so busy getting someplace and not getting to know one another. (Pat, 44 years)
  • It will probably double in population and hopefully we get some family restaurant here and not just fast food or pizza. (Pam, 55 years)

Syracuse Facts

Any other interesting facts about Syracuse?

  • 2000 west has an elementary school, middle school and high school, all within five minutes of each other. (CJ, 3 months)
  • It’s changed a lot in the last 15 years, used to be rural and farming. There were also people who settled here that I believe were of Asian decent. (Stacey, 1 year)
  • Modern facilities. (Ajay, 3 years)
  • My wife’s great great….grandfather W.W. Galbraith named it Syracuse. (James, 10 years)
  • There are lots of small businesses. (Elizabeth, 18 years)
  • My ancestor was the first to build a home here- Joseph Bodily. He had three different homes and his third is still standing on Bluff Road. If you have a chance to go to the museum, then take it! (Mariah, 33 years)
  • I loved growing up here and living there now. (Laura, 39 years)
  • We have a great museum that has a lot of Syracuse history and I advise everybody to make a day and go to this WONDERFUL Museum!! (Pam, 55 years)