South Ogden, Utah

Life in South Ogden, Utah, explained by people who’ve lived in South Ogden:

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South Ogden Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in South Ogden?

  • Proximity to highway and shopping. Love the dog parks. (Charlotta, 1 year)
  • It’s not ghetto. (Hazy, 1 year)
  • My view of the mountains. (Kaye, 1 year)
  • The neighborhoods. (Amber, 1.5 years)
  • Safer neighborhoods, mature trees, and the people. Plus my dog loves going to the dog park. (Lynne, 2 years)
  • Being close to McKay Dee and Weber State. (Jeanine, 3 years)
  • Family. (Stacey, 4 years)
  • The kind people and the ease of access to high quality stores and restaurants. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • Proximity to commerce and entertainment. (Bryan, 6 years)
  • It’s quiet. (Karen, 10 years)
  • Small town. (Lynn, 17 years)
  • I know everything about it. (Dennis, 25 years)
  • The niceness. (Gage, 25 years)
  • The people, parents and community. (Stephanie, 30 years)
  • The community. (Tiffany, 40 years)
  • It is well kept up and has good leadership. (Joan, 52 years)

South Ogden Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in South Ogden?

  • I feel like the city didn’t care about the residents concerns. (Charlotta, 1 year)
  • Nothing. (Hazy, 1 year)
  • Traffic. (Kaye, 1 year)
  • None of the parks allow dogs, except the dog park. (Amber, 1.5 years)
  • We live in the bowl by Ogden athletic club (Crestwood dr), and when it snows, the snow plows are 10 to 12 feet away from our curb and mail box. It is so hard to keep it shoveled because who can do that manually. (Lynne, 2 years)
  • Traffic on 40th. (Jeanine, 3 years)
  • Crime. (Stacey, 4 years)
  • Riverdale rd. and 40th st. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • Proximity to Ogden’s violence. (Bryan, 6 years)
  • Not a lot of kids in the area we lived. (Karen, 10 years)
  • Traffic. (Dennis, 25 years)
  • The roads. (Gage, 25 years)
  • The roads. (Tiffany, 40 years)

South Ogden Things To Do

What are fun things to do in South Ogden?

  • Newgate Mall. Dog parks. (Charlotta, 1 year)
  • Parks, close to highways. (Hazy, 1 year)
  • South Ogden Nature Park. (Amber, 1.5 years)
  • Splash pad, dog park, beautiful walks. (Lynne, 2 years)
  • Eat. That’s about it. (Jeanine, 3 years)
  • Hiking, temple, festivals. (Stacey, 4 years)
  • Walking trails around the many ponds in the area, South Ogden days, the Greek festival. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • The pond, hikes, nature park and splash pad. (Bryan, 6 years)
  • Burchcreek mercantile, parks, splash pads, south Ogden days. (Karen, 10 years)
  • In the winter sleigh ride down Raymond Ave. (Lynn, 17 years)
  • 4th of July activities. (Dennis, 25 years)
  • Dog park! (Gage, 25 years)
  • South Ogden Days, Sporting events, fireworks at Weber State. (Stephanie, 30 years)
  • Bike/walking trails, South Ogden days, Weber State sports and activities. (Tiffany, 40 years)
  • Spend time with family and friends. (Joan, 52 years)

South Ogden’s Reputation

What’s South Ogden known for?

  • Old people neighborhood. (Hazy, 1 year)
  • Weber State university. (Amber, 1.5 years)
  • Better neighborhoods. Well established and safe. (Lynne, 2 years)
  • Weber state college. (Stacey, 4 years)
  • Being better than Ogden. 🙂 Honestly though, probably McKay Dee hospital. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • Safer place next to Ogden, Mckay Dee Hospital. (Bryan, 6 years)
  • South Ogden days. (Karen, 10 years)
  • Good people. (Lynn, 17 years)
  • Nothing. (Dennis, 25 years)
  • Nice neighborhood. (Gage, 25 years)
  • Great community. (Stephanie, 30 years)
  • Good community. (Tiffany, 40 years)
  • Good schools. (Joan, 52 years)

South Ogden Crime

What’s the crime like in South Ogden? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • I know a lady down the street frequently tries to kill herself. A random person let my dog out of my yard. I have him on check video. Lots of homeless people. (Charlotta, 1 year)
  • Near Riverdale. (Hazy, 1 year)
  • High? (Kaye, 1 year)
  • We have had some car theft and some break ins etc but in general it is a rather safe area. (Amber, 1.5 years)
  • 36th to 40th. (Lynne, 2 years)
  • Better than Ogden, but still sketchy at night. (Jeanine, 3 years)
  • From north Ogden to 36th st. (Stacey, 4 years)
  • Good. Some sporadic car break-ins, but very little violence or property crime. (Bryan, 6 years)
  • Close to Ogden. (Karen, 10 years)
  • Little. (Lynn, 17 years)
  • Very little crime. (Dennis, 25 years)
  • Under 40th street to 36th is filled with crime. I wouldn’t even consider that South Ogden though. (Gage, 25 years)
  • I think low. (Stephanie, 30 years)
  • I don’t know, we live in a safe area. (Joan, 52 years)

South Ogden Advice

Any advice for people moving to South Ogden?

  • Don’t do it. (Charlotta, 1 year)
  • Don’t. I love it as is. More people means more crime. (Hazy, 1 year)
  • Always add ‘South’ Ogden to your address – we are a separate city! (Kaye, 1 year)
  • Watch out for the bowl or get all wheel drive! (Lynne, 2 years)
  • Hiking trails are wonderful. (Stacey, 4 years)
  • Be friendly with your neighbors, they’re founts of wisdom and you can make lifelong friends. (Anonymous, 5 years)
  • Do it! (Bryan, 6 years)
  • Welcome! (Gage, 25 years)
  • Great place to live! (Stephanie, 30 years)
  • Schools are pretty good. (Tiffany, 40 years)

South Ogden Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in South Ogden (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • The lady down the street complained about my dog barking. I had to go to court 3X to have it sorted out. The lady couldn’t describe my house or my dog. The case was dismissed. Apparently a barking dog is nuisance animal which is considered a class B misdemeanor. My husband was very concerned he would lose his job. He is a firefighter for the city. (Charlotta, 1 year)
  • Crazy – twice, at the McDonald’s drive-through, other drivers have tried to squeeze me out – where the two drive-through lanes merge! Have not experienced this anywhere else in the country! (Kaye, 1 year)
  • We’ve only been here for 2 years, our craziest experience is last years crazy dumping of snow all winter long! The snowplow missing our side of the street consistently and getting stuck trying to go up steep hills. (Lynne, 2 years)
  • Someone broke my address sign that was in my front garden, stole half of it, and left real human dentures behind in the sign’s spot. (Jeanine, 3 years)
  • Annual festivals are fun. (Stacey, 4 years)
  • Lots of walks in the nature park. (Bryan, 6 years)
  • Playing sports in the road, going to Oakridge Market, Frost Market and Georges Market. We used to walk to all of them. (Lynn, 17 years)
  • Buying my first house a mile from my parents. (Gage, 25 years)
  • All I know is participating in all the extracurricular activities. (Stephanie, 30 years)
  • We love South Ogden Days. (Tiffany, 40 years)

South Ogden’s Future

How do you think South Ogden will change over the next 10 years?

  • I hope it gets better. (Charlotta, 1 year)
  • More people more crime. (Hazy, 1 year)
  • More people, more homes, more traffic, more pollution. (Kaye, 1 year)
  • We hope that a bowling alley will open up! The recent boom in the market will cause houses to appreciate. (Lynne, 2 years)
  • Hopefully get more shopping and good restaurants. (Jeanine, 3 years)
  • More houses, wider roads. (Stacey, 4 years)
  • I think the population will continue to get younger, and I would like to see a community rec-center/pool. (Bryan, 6 years)
  • The infrastructure is already changing, the roads and the older generation are starting to die away. (Karen, 10 years)
  • Get bigger. (Lynn, 17 years)
  • Aging infrastructure. (Dennis, 25 years)
  • More people moving to the area. (Gage, 25 years)
  • Only for the better. (Stephanie, 30 years)
  • Hopefully they will start taking better care of the roads. (Tiffany, 40 years)
  • It will expand by changing some boundaries. (Joan, 52 years)

South Ogden Facts

Any other interesting facts about South Ogden?

  • The dog park used to be cool…. We hope there is a lot improvement. We love to go there! (Lynne, 2 years)
  • When we moved from Raymond to Madison behind Marlon Hills School, it was nothing but dirt hills. (Lynn, 17 years)