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Sleep Apnea Survey

We’re surveying people about their experiences with Sleep Apnea. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*This information is not meant to replace medical advice, and the information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Name, Age)

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Sleep Apnea Symptoms

What symptoms have you experienced?

  • Morning headaches, daytime fatigue, drowsy driving, and brain fog. (Hailee, 24)
  • Fatigue, slightly elevated blood pressure. depression, anxiety, hypersomnia, water retention and weight gain. (Stacy, 34)
  • Extreme tiredness, headaches, forgetfulness, lymphedema. (Keeley, 39)
  • None, but husband noted the apnea and snoring. (Bee, 58)
  • Snoring, gasping for breath. (Bruce, 69)
  • Rapid breathing. (Michael, 77)
  • Hypetension, nocturia, difficulty falling asleep. (Allan, 82)

Sleep Apnea Causes

Is there anything you believe contributed to or caused your Sleep Apnea?

  • I have jaw problems. Sits too far back, causing my tongue to fall back more. (Hailee, 24)
  • Chronic inflammation. (Stacy, 34)
  • Overweight. (Keeley, 39)
  • Weight gain. (Bee, 58)
  • Old age possibly. (Bruce, 69)
  • Weight- possibly my deviated septum. (Michael, 77)
  • Overweight. (Allan, 82)

Sleep Apnea Facts

What are some interesting facts about Sleep Apnea?

  • I do not snore and started having symptoms at fifteen when I was skinny. I am overweight now, but definitely not to the point one would normally associate with sleep apnea. (Stacy, 34)
  • It can be life-threatening if untreated, more people diagnosed now than ever before. (Keeley, 39)
  • How common it is. (Bee, 58)
  • Complex- lots of trial and error to get the best treatment. (Michael, 77)

Sleep Apnea Pain Management

What’s your experience with Sleep Apnea-related pain and pain relief?

  • CPAP helped. (Hailee, 24)
  • None. (Stacy, 34)
  • CPAP is actually a life saver, it takes a bit of getting used to it. Once you’ve gotten comfortable it’s amazing. Without mine I don’t think I would be here. (Keeley, 39)
  • None. (Bee, 58)
  • Have no pain. (Bruce, 69)
  • None. (Michael, 77)
  • None. (Allan, 82)

Sleep Apnea Difficulties

What are the hardest aspects of living with Sleep Apnea?

  • Being untreated, once treated the hardest is getting used to a CPAP machine or whatever treatment you choose. (Haile, 24)
  • Getting treatment. Now that I have CPAP life is really good. But it took me 16 years to receive a proper diagnosis. (Stacy, 34)
  • Being so exhausted when untreated. (Keeley, 39)
  • Keeping my mouth shut while sleeping with the CPAP machine. (Bee, 58)
  • Sleeping with mask. (Bruce, 69)
  • Adjusting to mask and air pressure. (Michael, 77)

Sleep Apnea Advice

What encouragement/advice can you give others who experience Sleep Apnea?

  • Stick with your treatment. It’s hard but it gets better. (Hailee, 24)
  • Keep going, seek help, advocate for yourself. (Stacy, 34)
  • Keep persevering with CPAP, it is literally saving your life. (Keeley, 39)
  • Use your CPAP. (Bee, 58)
  • Just follow instructions. (Bruce, 69)
  • Read on good sites. Look for a support group. (Michael, 77)
  • It’s very treatable with non-invasive techniques. (Allan, 82)

Sleep Apnea Diet and Exercise

What’s been your experience with diet and exercise?

  • I don’t do diets, just eat balanced meals. I am an active person. Walking, biking, dancing. (Haile, 24)
  • Fine, I now have more energy to prepare healthy foods and exercise. (Stacy, 34)
  • I had more energy once I started CPAP therapy, so I could exercise more. I’ve lost 6 pounds since I got my CPAP two years ago. (Keeley, 39)
  • Not good enough. (Bee, 58)
  • Remained the same. (Bruce, 69)
  • Does not affect my apnea. (Michael, 77)
  • It helps to exercise and to avoid caffeine and stimulants in the evening. (Allan, 82)

Sleep Apnea Treatments

What’s been your experience with treatments (medication, surgery, etc.)?

  • I have only used CPAP for mine. (Haile, 24)
  • I do take medication to gain excess energy as I have idiopathic hypersomnia as well. However, I feel LOADS better than before, even with IH. (Stacy, 34)
  • CPAP is excellent, I wouldn’t be without it. I would be happier if I could get my ahi readings but my machine doesn’t allow me. (Keeley, 39)
  • None, other than CPAP. (Bruce, 69)
  • I use a mask plus machine. They have greatly improved over the last five years, especially with daily feedback. (Michael, 77)
  • No problem in adjusting to CPAP and APAP machines, except for minor facial itching. (Allan, 82)

Sleep Apnea Recommendations

Anything you’d recommend for someone with Sleep Apnea?

  • Get tested and get treated. (Hailee, 24)
  • Embrace CPAP treatment and keep a positive attitude. (Stacy, 34)
  • Use your CPAP as much as possible. Olbas oil on cotton wool near filter intake really helps to keep sinuses clear. (Keeley, 39)
  • Lose weight and use your machine. (Bee, 58)
  • Don’t give up. The adjustments are worth it. My techie advised me to start slowly, using the mask for a few nights for 3/4 days. (Michael, 77)
  • Get treated. (Allan, 82)

Sleep Apnea Resources

What specific resources have you found most helpful?

  • Speaking with people who also have it. (Hailee, 24)
  • My website I also love thelankylefty27 on YouTube. (Stacy, 34)
  • Facebook groups. (Keeley, 39)
  • Facebook groups and sleepyhead software. (Bee, 58)
  • Support group, Facebook: fun with apnea. (Michael, 77)
  • The supplier of masks, etc. has been helpful. The daily rating sent by wifi helps to monitor how I am doing. (Allan, 82)

Sleep Apnea Stories

Share an experience you’ve had related to living with Sleep Apnea.

  • I used to “black out” while driving a lot. I am glad that’s no longer an issue for me. (Hailee, 24)
  • I would get up in the morning knowing I had no sleep. Once I sat on the sofa I could sleep. Every working day at 2pm I couldn’t do anything and had to lock myself in the toilet to get 5 minutes of sleep. Once I was diagnosed and started treatment, I couldn’t believe how good I felt and it was only then I realized just how bad I felt before. (Keeley, 39)
  • Pain to bring the machine on all trips, amusing to find that you can buy distilled water in auto parts shops in Peru and it is used in car batteries. (Bee, 58)