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Singapore Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Singapore Mission. We try to keep this information up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

Singapore Mission
253 Bukit Timah Road, 5TH Floor
Singapore 259690

Phone Number: 65-6735-6723
Mission President: President Stephen A. Simmons

Singapore Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the Singapore Mission (LDS). To access the official, up-to-date map for the Singapore Mission:

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  2. Click here.

Videos with Singapore RMs and Natives

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Singapore Mission.  We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews.

mission interview  mission interview  mission interview

LDS-Friendly Videos about Singapore

Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about Singapore. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about Singapore, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

LDS Church  places  food  nature  mission calls  time lapses


LDS-Friendly Videos about Malaysia

Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about Malaysia. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about Malaysia, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

Language  places  food  nature  Storms and Natural Disasters  time lapses

Singapore Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Singapore Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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Elder James Holmes 2016
Elder & Sister Bodell 2016
Elder Trevor Lloyd 2016
Elder Dakota Pierce 2016
Elder Matthew Halpin 2015
Sister Haley Romney 2015
Elder Sam Mitchell 2015
Elder Brent Bester 2015
Elder Chaz Lundquist 2015
Sister Elisha Proffit 2015
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Sister Rachel Schriever 2015
Elder Coy Christensen 2015
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Elder Clayton Coleman 2015
Elder Jason Stowell 2015
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Elder Kelvin Tan 2014
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Elder David Robinson 2014
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Mission Alumni 2013
Elder & Sister Read 2013
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Elder Andrew Tippetts 2012
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Elder Kevin Blissett 2011
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Elder Ee Chien Chua 2010
Elder Jordan Troxel 2010

Singapore Mission Groups

Here are Singapore Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Singapore Mission.

  1. Singapore LDS Mission Alumni Facebook Group (744 members)
  2. Singapore Mission Quotes Facebook Group (247 members)
  3. Singapore Missionary Moms Facebook Group (46 members)
  4. Singapore Mission Moms (LDS) Group (24 members)
  5. Singapore Stake Mission Prep Class (2012) Group (19 member)
  6. Singapore Mission Reunion NZ Facebook Group (6 members)
  7. Singapore Mission Pres. Carl Warren 1994-97 Group (1 member)

Singapore Mission T-Shirts

Here are T-shirts for the Singapore Mission!

Shirt designs include Singapore Mission logo/emblem shirts and Called to Serve shirts. The shirts make great gifts for pre-missionaries, returned missionaries and missionaries currently serving. LDS Mission shirts come in all sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, up to 4XL.  The mission designs are printed on white shirts and are shipped to you.

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Singapore Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Singapore Mission.

  1. 2015-2018, Stephen A. Simmons
  2. 2012-2015, Bradley S. Mains
  3. 2009-2012, Terrence A. Clark
  4. 2006-2009, Bryan Skelton
  5. 2003-2006, Gary Lee Larkins
  6. 2000-2003, Joseph Flake Boone
  7. 1997-2000, Nicholas P. Collins
  8. 1994-1997, Carl D. Warren
  9. 1991-1994, Warren R. Jones
  10. 1988-1991, Robert Houghton
  11. 1985-1988, Harold DeLeMare
  12. 1982-1985, Lionel Walters
  13. 1980-1982, Talmage Jones
  14. 1978-1980, Winfield Q. Cannon
  15. 1975-1978, Soren F. Cox

Singapore and Malaysia LDS Statistics (2015)

  • Church Membership: 3,590 (Singapore), 9,476 (Malaysia)
  • Missions: 1 (Singapore)
  • Temples: 0
  • Congregations: 11 (Singapore), 34 (Malaysia)
  • Family History Centers: 1 (Singapore), 8 (Malaysia)

Helpful Articles about Singapore

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Singapore Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Singapore RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

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When did you serve?

  • 2015-2017 (Andrew)
  • 2014-2016 (Brayden)
  • 2014-2015 (Sister Missionary)
  • 2013-2015 (Ryan)
  • 2013-2015 (Madison)
  • 2013-2015 (Nathan)
  • Oct 2013-April 2015 (Haley)
  • 2012-2014 (Arielle)
  • 2012-2014 (Josh)
  • 2006-2008 (Julianne)
  • 2003-2005 (Tom)

What areas did you serve in?

  • Klang, Kuching 1, CCK/Clementi, Samarahan, Mukah, Batu Kawa, Miri 2. (Andrew)
  • Bintulu, Mukah, Kota Kinabalu. (Brayden)
  • Singapore: Toa Payoh, Woodlands, 4th Ward, 1st Ward. (Sister Missionary)
  • Ang Mo Kio, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Butterworth, Chua Chu Kang, and Subang. (Ryan)
  • Malaysia: Petaling Jaya Branch, Kuching International Branch. Singapore: 3rd (Filipino) Ward, Ang Mo Kio Ward, Clementi Ward, 4th Ward, Choa Chu Kang Ward. (Madison)
  • Bintulu, Kota Kinabalu, Sibu, and Johor Bahru. (Nathan)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore (Ang Mo Kio Ward), Kuching, Ipoh. (Haley)
  • Singapore, KL, Cheras, Miri, Singapore (west), and Kuching. (Arielle)
  • Kuching, Sarawak, Office, Singapore, Subang Jaya, KL, Ipoh, Perak Miri, Sarawak, Park City, Bintulu Batu Kawa, Kuching, Sibu Jaya, Sarawak. (Josh)
  • Ang Mo Kio, Toa Payoh. (Tom)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Chicken curry, nasi lemak, roti canai, mi goreng. (Andrew)
  • Nasi goreng pataya, Roti canai, Ostrich over rice, Lamb curry, Kuey tiew. (Brayden)
  • Barbecue sting ray, chicken rice, pepper lunch, pau, Kaya toast, sushi, Indian curry, naan, roti, dumplings, durian, so so many!!!! (Sister Missionary)
  • Naan, chicken rice, mango milk ice, rombutan, and ostrich. (Ryan)
  • All Indian food!!! Kuey, Teow, Indonesian BBQ, Fresh fruit juice, and Cendol. Butter Chicken and Pratha!! Green Curry! Soursop Juice! (Madison)
  • Nasi Lemak, Naan, Roti, Canai, Butter chicken curry(!), and Mi Goreng. (Nathan)
  • Nasi Lemak, Cendol, Laksa, Chicken Rice, Hot Plate, Curry, Roasted Duck. (Haley)
  • Nasi lemak, Indonesian bbq, laksa, parata, mangosteen, steam-boat, all Chinese noodles in hawker stands, chili sauce, and Indian food! (Arielle)
  • Nasi Petayah, Nasi Lemak, Idali, Clay Pot, Nasi Ayam, Nasi Briyani, Thosai. (Josh)
  • Chicken curry, beef rendang, Singapore chicken rice, roti canai, mangosteen, rambutan, durian, jack fruit, pomelo, kaya, nasi lemak (“fat rice”), pineapple cookies, steamed buns (“pau”), kolok mi (fried noodles). There is this incredible fusion of Malay, Indian, Chinese, and native foods there. (Julianne)
  • Sweet and sour chicken rice,rice with Indian curry and noodles. (Tom)

What was a funny experience?

  • Falling off a running ostrich. (Andrew)
  • The first time I saw how much rice there was at the grocery store. (Sister Missionary)
  • We were followed home by a drunk Iranian woman. (Ryan)
  • Listening to companions with broken English calling Potential Investigators from the Area Book. 🙂 (Madison)
  • Drunk People. (Nathan)
  • One time I fell off my bicycle at a stop light. I had one foot on the pedal and one on the sidewalk. I fell right in front of a man on a little motorcycle and he looked at me like I was crazy. I wasn’t hurt, but I just got up, apologized to the man and then rode like the wind laughing my head off. (Haley)
  • (In Malaysia) Four of us sisters helped a family move into a house on the water (on stilts) and as soon as we got all the boxes inside the house the family took the car to buy us lunch and told us they’d come back soon and as soon as they took off it started pouring! We couldn’t hear each other speak it was so loud. We tried talking to the neighbors and showed them the Book of Mormon but none were paying attention to us. We then had an hour of waiting in this one room house where we couldn’t stand up in and the small balcony in front and we were able to sing hymns and tell each other stories until the members came back, parked their car and jumped out into a clear blue sky. The rain had stopped as soon as they were there and they didn’t understand why we hadn’t left to get our bikes and come back. Whoops! (Arielle)
  • Most of my funny experiences seemed to involve food. The first time I had chicken curry was at a baptism a few days after I arrived. All the missionaries were raving about how good the curry was. I had a plate of rice soaked in curry sauce, and it was so spicy that I thought I might die right then and there. It took a few months for me to be able to appreciate how incredibly delicious that curry actually was! There are many opportunities to try unique things for the adventurous missionary. I tried sting ray, sego worms, chicken/pig/cow intestines, ants, and the King of fruit — Durian. I knew Elders who also tried dog, and senior missionaries who had monkey. (Julianne)
  • I had a funny funny experience in Singapore MRT…we were finding some people and making contact with them. Well, while we were meeting people one old age man started calling us bad names and bad language…well we passed him out our visiting cards and after one month he called us and said sorry to us for his bad behavior…. (Tom)

What was a crazy/dangerous experience?

  • My trainer and I walked down an alley at night to take a short cut and almost got mugged by 6 tamil guys before our branch president picked us up. (Andrew)
  • When my companion got T-boned by a car while biking. (Brayden)
  • A creepy investigator trying to get us to go into a secret elevator with him and sneaking away. (Sister Missionary)
  • We were threatened with knives. (Ryan)
  • Biking on the highways in Kuching, Malaysia and my bike tire inner tube fell off! Biking to an appointment one evening in an area that we didn’t realize previously was really sketchy. (Madison)
  • The rain and lightning. (Nathan)
  • Singapore is known as the safest country in the world and I believe it after living 9 months there! Riding the bike in Malaysia was both crazy and dangerous! You get to ride through cities but also through miles and miles of jungle. Malaysian drivers are so unpredictable, I don’t think the missionaries realize how often God intervenes to save our lives! (Arielle)
  • Riding bicycles in torrential rainstorms, rush hour traffic, through several inches-deep water. (Julianne)
  • Serving a mission is full of experiences. A funny experience I had was once my companion and I both went to investigator’s home. While we were teaching a discussion we heard a noise. The investigator’s father was caught with an evil spirit…both me and my companion got frightened and ran away…it was horrible to face a bad spirit… (Tom)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • Helping a family change their lives completely; father gave up smoking, drinking, gambling and stopped beating his family to join the church and is now the branch mission leader. (Brayden)
  • Wow, so many. Sometimes my favorite spiritual experiences were during companionship study and the Spirit was truly teaching my companion and I we got so excited and enlightened and it bonded us too. (Sister Missionary)
  • Had a lesson where we defined truth as everything that is true, not just scriptural knowledge. It opened up the investigator’s eyes, and she got baptized. (Ryan)
  • When an eternal investigator that we had been working with for so long finally prayed aloud and was shortly thereafter baptized. Helping Less-Actives and Investigators change through the Atonement! (Madison)
  • Simply seeing people change their lives into something much better than what they would be without the gospel. (Nathan)
  • I was transferred into a “dead area” right after being a Sister Training Leader. I was determined to turn the area around. Right on that first day, me and my companion made a goal to “explode” the area with missionary work. That first night our branch president called to welcome me to the area as well as to give us a referral. The girl was a co-worker of his and he wanted us to invite her to an upcoming baptism. We did. She came. And within a few minutes of talking to her I knew she was special. She accepted a baptismal date on that first appointment. I was with her for every lesson up to her baptism and every lesson after until she left the area three days before I did. I knew from the beginning I went on my mission to teach her. We had a connection I felt with very few other people. (Haley)
  • Too many of them! The simplest things are the sweetest: arriving in a ward said “cursed for sisters” white-washing and feeling like this one less-active family was the one we needed to visit and seeing them all at church before leaving the area! (Arielle)
  • The people are so ready to receive the gospel in East Malaysia…from the woman praying for guidance and help as she walked to the post office, to the incredible family who wanted to know where prophets and apostles had gone. There are so many strong, courageous individuals just waiting to discover the gospel there. (Julianne)
  • Well … I was bad in English and Chinese languages, so every day and every night I asked for language improvement and the spirit of understanding others…God blessed me with improvement and within month I got better in language and understanding of teaching…I developed my faith in prayer and fasting. Learning new things and getting closer to Heavenly Father. (Tom)

What are some interesting facts about the Singapore Mission?

  • The coolest thing is all the flying I think, along with it being one of the most expensive missions. (Andrew)
  • It covers three countries, more than 10 languages spoken, one of the most expensive missions in the world, and you can become a frequent flyer on Malaysia air. (Brayden)
  • Boleh means “can” in Malay and it’s the most important word you’ll hear. We have to do visa runs where we go into Indonesia (when serving in Singapore) for a day. You see the other missionaries all the time when serving in Singapore or KL. There’s lots of flying!! (Sister Missionary)
  • It’s the best, there are loads of cultures and things that just are crazy. There are holidays almost every week. (Ryan)
  • We are required to go in ‘Visa Runs’ every so often and we would have to pass through immigration in normal street clothes and avoiding groups of missionaries. In Malaysia it is illegal to proselyte to actual Malaysians. The Mission covers 3 countries, many different economic systems, and countless religions and races! It is the best Mission!! (Madison)
  • There’s a whole bunch of flying, and so many cultures blended together. (Nathan)
  • Our mission hours were a half hour later then the standard missionary schedule: rise at 7, sleep at 11. When we had lessons we could come home at 10 pm and those usually were the best because the whole family was there by 9! Our mission is of the most diverse in the world: Serving in Singapore (one of the richest countries in the world) and in East Malaysia (the jungle, where people live in scrap-metal houses and are poor) has nothing to do with the other: you could be serving in the same mission but not experience the same things at all! Our mission theme was a mix of English and Malay. (Arielle)
  • I served on Borneo Island, in East Malaysia. One of the tribes there were head hunters until the 1950s. They have an incredibly smelly fruit called Durian (you’ll either love it or hate it), and a flesh-eating flower the size of a dinner plate (rafflesia flower). (Julianne)
  • While serving a mission, a person can make personal spiritual experiments and he can learn more better. In fact, we develop humanity and learn God’s will for us. We get a chance to get closer to Heavenly Father…this is best time ever. (Tom)

What was the weather like?

  • Rainy and hot. (Andrew)
  • Hot, hotter, super hot… Rainy. (Brayden)
  • Very hot and very humid. (Sister Missionary)
  • Really hot and really wet. 80% humidity, and 30-40 degrees Celsius year round. (Ryan)
  • Hot!!! Humid!!! (Madison)
  • Hot, muggy, rainy. (Nathan)
  • If you weren’t wet from the copious amounts of rain, you were wet with sweat. (Haley)
  • Hot, humid. And it rains big time during wet season! (Arielle)
  • Hot and humid. (Josh)
  • There are two seasons there: wet and dry. It is always hot, but after a couple of weeks you’ll get used to it. (Julianne)
  • Crazy….unexpected in Singapore…sudden rain and sudden sunshine. (Tom)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • The hospitality of those who have so little. (Brayden)
  • It’s so incredibly diverse. You’ll meet people from literally everywhere. And the people like to laugh, but it may not seem that way on the trains when it’s so serious, but they do. They are also quietly serviceful, like giving their seat to someone who needs it or little things like that. (Sister Missionary)
  • They’re funny and great people. They are really good friends. (Ryan)
  • Everything! I love the culture, the country is beautiful, and the people are diverse and amazing. (Madison)
  • The simplicity of life. (Nathan)
  • Very friendly people. (Josh)
  • Borneo is such a beautiful place. The people are incredibly friendly and quick to love. They are easy to talk to, and very giving. (Julianne)
  • Multiple cultures, different languages and food. (Tom)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Don’t bring too many preparation day clothes, because t shirts and stuff in Malaysia are cheap. Wear crocs every day in East Malaysia! (Andrew)
  • Nike golf black pants. (Brayden)
  • If you like something, bring it. If you’re serving in Singapore you’re inside a lot anyways where there’s air conditioning. Also jelly shoes. (Sister Missionary)
  • Bring enough shoes that some can get wet..lots of white shirts. But…don’t bring too many. You’ll be okay. (Ryan)
  • Shoes that are comfortable and can withstand the wet. No layers. Flowy skirts. (Madison)
  • No suit coats! Every article of clothing will be soaked in sweat by the time you’re finished! (Nathan)
  • Have spandex in all your shirts, sisters. They will lose shape in the rain without it. DO NOT buy 100% cotton shirts since you probably won’t have a dryer and they will become the equivalent of a burlap sack in shape. Flowy skirts rock for biking areas, but I wish I had brought a few more structured skirts for when I served in walking areas and for special occasions. (Haley)
  • Sisters, don’t do the ankle-long skirts, especially if you’re going to bike. Sisters can wear open toed shoes as long as they are formal (in Malaysia.) Bring an umbrella. A fan would be advised, maybe a miniature one for throughout the day? Plastic bags (like Ziploc baggies) to water proof your handbags/side bags or backpacks. (Arielle)
  • Ties that don’t get ruined in the rain. (Josh)
  • Pack light clothing! When I was there, the sisters didn’t have to wear pantyhose, and we got to wear sandals. It was a life saver. But follow the current guidelines. Consider bringing a miniature set of scriptures (at least The Book of Mormon) for when you are out. Most missionaries left their good sets at home, because everything in your bag is at risk from water damage. (Julianne)
  • Just use cotton clothes and keep yourself neat and clean….and study scriptures daily. (Tom)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • Schooling opportunities, a new found desire to succeed in life, and many small things as well. (Brayden)
  • Ha, again so many!!! (Sister Missionary)
  • I know that God lives. I’ve connected with Him more than ever, and I have an increased desire to be like Him and with Him. (Ryan)
  • I learned how to understand and access the Atonement. I learned humility and the depth of faith in Christ that can strengthen us through trials. Miracles have not ceased! My Sister is now serving her own Mission and ROCKING it! SOOO many blessings I can’t even begin to name them, but two major blessings had to do with my family and myself. My family at home was unimaginably blessed through various circumstances. I came to understand and learn how to apply the atonement to my life daily! (Madison)
  • Perspective. Also I learned to do stuff on my own. (Nathan)
  • Before my mission I attended Eastern Washington University where I had one year left. While on my mission I had the impression to attend BYU Provo. When I didn’t get in, I went to BYU Idaho, thinking it was second best. Well, that is where my husband was. If I had gone back to EWU or if I had gotten in to BYU, I would have missed out on the greatest blessing of my life. (Haley)
  • Ever since, God has blessed me in every aspect in my life: Family relationships have never been better, my health has improved and I lost all of my mission pounds and more, financially I have been blessed since I got back, I found a job once I got back, received an answer to where I needed to go post-mission and because of the prompting I received (and recognized) I was able to meet, date and marry my amazing husband, I have gained so many friends and friendships that I am convinced I will always have for life, I have been exposed to amazing food I never thought I would ever try had it not been for my mission, my relationship with God is so precious and stronger than before the mission, I have a strong testimony of the Gospel that nothing can change, I know where to go to find answers when I’m enduring difficulties or simply looking for a solution for my problems. Missions are the best. (Arielle)
  • Increased testimony, and knowledge of the gospel, confidence in learning new languages, love for people, and for the gospel, better health, daily guidance from the Lord. (Julianne)
  • Good health, strength, wisdom and knowledge, spiritual experiences and good fellow beings. (Tom)

What are some skills you gained?

  • Patience, diligence, determination, social interacting and leadership. (Brayden)
  • Language skills, listening, teaching, and loving. (Ryan)
  • How to more effectively teach and involve those you are teaching. To fear no man and to trust God through Whom I can do all things. I learned countless other life-changing things. Public Speaking, Cultural Understanding, Language Skills, Teamwork and Unity. Hard Work. (Madison)
  • Learning how to bike really fast in the rain. Also dealing with people’s nonsense and loving them for it. (Nathan)
  • How to communicate with people who don’t speak much English; how to talk to strangers without creeping them out; how to testify of the gospel simply and with the Spirit; how to put others first; how to communicate with a partner effectively; how to ride a bike in a skirt. (Haley)
  • Patience, anti-contention feelings (seriously grateful for companionship inventory, no matter how people mock it, it’s the best!), the ability to listen, humility, love towards all kinds of people, a testimony to move a mountain. (Arielle)
  • Speaking another language, riding a bike with no hands, and talking to strangers. (Josh)
  • I definitely improved my bicycling skills. I learned to speak Malay fluently, and learned to work closely with my companions, who all had very different personalities. I also learned map reading, and networking with members to accomplish our various goals with our investigators. (Julianne)
  • Speaking and understanding of other languages. (Tom)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • It’s better to just go hard all the time. Never be lazy, obedience brings the Spirit and you need the Spirit. (Brayden)
  • How to study, what’s most important, and the worth of a soul. (Ryan)
  • That it takes practice and hard work to be a good, effective, and obedient missionary. How important Preach My Gospel is and that you can’t do anything on your own as well as you could with the Spirit. (Madison)
  • I wish I had known that everything would be ok. There was so much I didn’t know and I thought I would have been at a disadvantage for it. It’s ok if you don’t know everything. It’s ok if you don’t have the perfect pair of missionary shoes or the best missionary bag out there. It is more important to prepare spiritually and do the best you can temporally. Don’t reverse the importance. (Haley)
  • Just go with the flow and stop trying to find exceptions to rules. Life goes so much better when you’re simply obedient. (Arielle)
  • It doesn’t matter how well you speak the language. (Josh)
  • Know that you are enough. The only prerequisite the Lord truly cares about is your willingness to serve Him. He will help you with the rest. Rely completely upon Him, and He will never let you down. I felt incredibly overwhelmed at the beginning because I had been put into a strange place where I didn’t understand anything anyone said (they didn’t teach Malay in the MTC back then) and I was convinced that I was (A) going to get hit by a car and die, and (B) I was learning too slowly. Neither was true. (Julianne)
  • Good communication so I may able to understand others. (Tom)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Singapore/Malaysia?

  • Malaysia will wreck you at first, but it will become your home in NO time. The people are the absolute best ever. (Andrew)
  • The Singapore mission is the best mission. Go hard, the incredible people there need that. (Brayden)
  • Have fun, and give it everything you’ve got in you. That’s the only way you’ll grow. (Ryan)
  • The Church is true and God wants ALL of His children to know of His love for them and the amazing potential they have through His plan. You are commissioned to share it with them! Rely on the Spirit and you cannot fail! The Church is true!! Find out for yourself! (Madison)
  • Have fun and make friends with the members. (Nathan)
  • In the MTC, don’t focus on the language, focus on learning how to listen to the Spirit and how to be the best missionary you could be. The language will come, be patient with yourself and be ok with making mistakes. Also, keep your journal updated! (Arielle)
  • Try your best to teach whole families. We met many wives who were at home during the day while their husbands worked when we were out finding investigators. Make sure they know that you want to meet with their entire family. Be respectful to the fathers…they are the head of the home, and in Asian culture, the man is king of his home. I was blessed to find and teach many families, who were baptized together. (Julianne)
  • Just try to work hard and pray every day…just think this is God’s work…He will save you and protect you..try to seek for His guidance. Love every one….I know God lives. Jesus is our Savior and The Book of Mormon is the word of God. (Tom)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • Saying Christ knows your baldness…. (Brayden)
  • Accidentally telling people they’re super weird instead of nice. (Ryan)
  • One Sister was sharing her testimony in a zone meeting and instead of closing in the name of Jesus Christ, in one of our Mission languages (Malay) she said, “Can if you want.” And sat down, hahahaha. (Madison)
  • I once had a companion who asked an investigator if we could share an ayam suci (holy chicken) with them instead of an ayat suci (scripture). (Josh)
  • The word for ship (kapal), and head (kepala) sound very similar. An elder was teaching about Noah during the first lesson, and mixed these two words up. He told the family that Noah built a really big head, then put lots of animals into the head. My husband also served there (we met later), and he used to joke with the members that Malay is easy to learn. It went something like this: How do you say “taxi?” “Teksi” (pronounced exactly the same as “taxi”) How do you say “ambulance?” “Ambulance” How do you say “telephone?” “Telefon” How do you say “hospital?” “Hospital” See, Malay is the same as English! Malaysia was part of the British empire for a long time, so they have borrowed many words from English. (Julianne)
  • Pronunciation. (Tom)