San Francisco, California

Life in San Francisco, California, explained by people who’ve lived in San Francisco:

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San Francisco Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in San Francisco?

  • The food. (Anonymous, 7 years)
  • Living in a major city with direct flights to almost anywhere in the world, the Chinese food, the weather most of the time. (Anonymous, 7 years)

San Francisco Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in San Francisco?

  • ALL the people, not that they suck, well most don’t, just the absurd amount of them. Tourist season is the worst. That and the weird Peter-Pan culture where adults still do awkward child like things, like go to raves. It’s very strange to talk to 40 year old men who attended a rave my 19 year old sister just went to. (Anonymous, 7 years)
  • Cost of living, rent/mortgage, gross Korean food. (Anonymous, 7 years)

San Francisco Things To Do

What are fun things to do in San Francisco?

  • Food! (I swear I’m not fat!) but really eating all the different types of ethnic food. Also, the fact that there’s always something to do, and if you’re feeling poor, a lot of those things are probably free too! (Anonymous, 7 years)
  • Hiking, sightseeing, outdoor activities, eating, drinking. (Anonymous, 7 years)

San Francisco’s Reputation

What’s San Francisco known for?

  • Being multi-cultural, but sadly that’s being gentrified out. (Anonymous, 7 years)
  • Golden Gate Bridge, gays, cold weather, startups/tech companies (Uber, Twitter, Sales Force, etc), more men than women, hills. (Anonymous, 7 years)

San Francisco Crime

What’s the crime like in San Francisco? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • Any car. Basically anywhere. I don’t know. I grew up in a shadier neighborhood so I’m inclined to think it’s really not that bad. And crime is more related to a lack of common sense. If you park your car, don’t leave stuff in it people might wanna steal. (Anonymous, 7 years)
  • Lots of homeless encampments, cellphone thefts, car break ins, package theft from unattended buildings/apartments/condos, bike theft, stroller theft. (Anonymous, 7 years)

San Francisco Advice

Any advice for people moving to San Francisco?

  • Don’t. (Anonymous, 7 years)
  • Have a lot of savings, get used to the urine smell on the streets, syringes, homeless people, rent will be much higher than you’re used to, no need to have a car or you’ll pay $250-300+ for rent just for your car, not much of a nightlife. (Anonymous, 7 years)

San Francisco Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in San Francisco (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • I’ve gone through the good and the bad. I’ve had fun at free festivals and made candles at pop up shops. But I’ve also seen cars get broken into and watched bar fights where someone got their face smashed into the curb. (Anonymous, 7 years)

San Francisco’s Future

How do you think San Francisco will change over the next 10 years?

  • I think it will grow to fit the market and I think homelessness will get MUCH worse. But then once the bubble pops, it’ll go back to the ethnic/artistic hub it once was. (Anonymous, 7 years)
  • More technological advances, self driving cars, robot employees, cashless. (Anonymous, 7 years)

San Francisco Facts

Any other interesting facts about San Francisco?

  • Visit for the food. (Anonymous, 7 years)
  • Lots of interracial relationships, casually dressed, a lot of people with money. (Anonymous, 7 years)