December 21, 2017

Salem, Utah

Life in Salem, Utah, explained by people who’ve lived in Salem:

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Salem Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Salem?

  • Super quiet and nice people. (Lexi, 2 years)
  • Safe, beautiful, friendly community feel. (Christina, 5 years)
  • The quietness. (Michelle, 5 years)
  • Small town feel and the wonderful people! (Camilla, 10 years)
  • I like to not feel crowded. (Anonymous, 12 years)
  • The small town feel. (Joelle, 13 years)
  • The small town feel. The safety feeling. (Amelia, 21 years)
  • Small town atmosphere. (Janeal, 23 years)
  • Great community. (Stephanie, 23 years)
  • People, small town. (Anonymous, 32 years)

Salem Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Salem?

  • How busy it gets sometimes. (Lexi, 2 years)
  • Poor city planning. (Christina, 5 years)
  • Not very many restaurants. (Michelle, 5 years)
  • The drive to Provo/Orem. (Camilla, 10 years)
  • People can be rather judge-y. (Anonymous, 12 years)
  • I cannot think of one. (Joelle, 13 years)
  • How much it is growing. Seeing our town face problems. (Amelia, 21 years)
  • No indoor swimming pool close by, other than the Springville one which is packed and not worth going to. (Janeal, 23 years)
  • Not enough water for the exploding growth. (Stephanie, 23 years)
  • Nothing. (Anonymous, 32 years)

Salem Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Salem?

  • Eat, haha. (Lexi, 2 years)
  • Pond. (Christina, 5 years)
  • Salem Pond, parks. (Michelle, 5 years)
  • Salem Pond, Salem Days in August, fireworks. (Camilla, 10 years)
  • Go to the library. (Anonymous, 12 years)
  • I’m a photographer, so taking pictures. (Joelle, 13 years)
  • Visit the parks. Playing sports. Going for walks/hikes in the surrounding mountains. Salem Days in August. High school events. (Amelia, 21 years)
  • Go for walks to the pond. Bike ride. Attend fun events. (Janeal, 23 years)
  • Salem Days; Salem Days Fireworks. (Stephanie, 23 years)
  • Pond- boat. Walk, bike, SALEM DAYS. (Anonymous, 32 years)

Salem’s Reputation

What’s Salem known for?

  • The high school or the pond. (Lexi, 2 years)
  • Pond. (Christina, 5 years)
  • Being a small, quiet community. (Michelle, 5 years)
  • Salem Pond. (Camilla, 10 years)
  • The pond. That is the only thing. (Anonymous, 12 years)
  • Being a pretty little town. (Joelle, 13 years)
  • Salem Pond. City of peace. (Amelia, 21 years)
  • I’m sure friendliness and the small town feeling. (Janeal, 23 years)
  • Salem Pond. (Stephanie, 23 years)
  • Pond. (Anonymous, 32 years)

Salem Crime

What’s the crime like in Salem? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • Not a lot of crime, but plenty of annoying juvenile pranksters. (Christina, 5 years)
  • Not much crime. (Michelle, 5 years)
  • Not sure, but I know Salem’s one of the safest places in Utah. Least amount of crime. (Camilla, 10 years)
  • Plenty of speeding, and occasionally shady things will happen at the storage units on 100 E. (Anonymous, 12 years)
  • No idea anymore. (Joelle, 13 years)
  • Very low. (Amelia, 21 years)
  • Every place has crime, but we feel pretty safe here. Don’t know if anything considered crime areas. (Janeal, 23 years)
  • Low crime. (Stephanie, 23 years)

Salem Advice

Any advice for people moving to Salem?

  • Enjoy. (Christina, 5 years)
  • Stay out! We want to keep it small. Haha. (Camilla, 10 years)
  • Please do not. (Anonymous, 12 years)
  • Remember we are a small town. We have farms and animals which were here first, if you don’t like it, find another spot. (Amelia, 21 years)
  • You’ll love it, but we are good if there aren’t more moving here. We like the size. (Janeal, 23 years)
  • Don’t come in and try to change Salem. (Anonymous, 32 years)

Salem Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Salem (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • Going to the pond for lunch. (Lexi, 2 years)
  • I loved living in Salem. One of my favorite things is that everyone seemed to wave when you passed by. (Christina, 5 years)
  • Salem Days Cardboard Duct tape boat race at Salem Pond. Made our boat and it sunk pretty quickly, yet the memory of it has us laughing still! (Camilla, 10 years)
  • Back before the library was remodeled, the books were packed tight and a very large biography nearly fell on my head. (Anonymous, 12 years)
  • We had wonderful Easter egg hunts near Salem Pond. (Joelle, 13 years)
  • We love attending Salem Days every year. The events are wonderful and you definitely see the city unity. This experience is unforgettable. (Amelia, 21 years)
  • Lots of good times at many events. We love the people we live close to and love being a part of things. (Janeal, 23 years)

Salem’s Future

How do you think Salem will change over the next 10 years?

  • There’s a lot of building going on, especially annoying Arive Homes buying up all available land. We had wanted to build, but had a hard time finding land. (Christina, 5 years)
  • Seems like a lot of people see Salem’s beauty, so there will be a lot more homes being built. Less pastures. More amazing people will move here! (Camilla, 10 years)
  • I think it will grow a lot population-wise, but I don’t see many jobs coming to Salem, specifically. (Anonymous, 12 years)
  • Hopefully not much. (Joelle, 13 years)
  • Unfortunately I think it will continue to grow and industrialize. (Amelia, 21 years)
  • I’m afraid it will get more busy and crowded. (Janeal, 23 years)
  • More retail on the freeway entrance. (Anonymous, 32 years)

Salem Facts

Any other interesting facts about Salem?

  • Too many to share. (Amelia, 21 years)