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Yekaterinburg Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Yekaterinburg Mission. We try to keep this information up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

Russia Yekaterinburg
ul. Rabochikh 9 Office 1

Sverdlovsk oblast 620131

Phone Number: 7-343-288-5551
Mission President: President Ray M. Beck

Yekaterinburg Mission Map

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Videos with Yekaterinburg RMs

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Yekaterinburg Mission.  We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews.

mission interview  mission interview  mission interview

LDS-Friendly Videos about Russia

Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about Russia. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about Russia, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

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Yekaterinburg Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Yekaterinburg Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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Sister Ashling Petersen 2013
Elder Keaton Flitton 2013
Sister Myriam Lopez 2013
Elder Burk Butler 2013
Sister Clarice Harrison 2012
Elder Carson Buxton 2012
Elder Nathaniel Bybee 2012
Elder Hans Larson 2012
Elder Trevor Bamgartner 2011
Sister Brianna Hansen 2011
Elder Bradyn Ray 2011
Elder & Sister McEvoy 2010
Elder Chad Dewey 2010

Russia Yekaterinburg Mission Groups

Here are Yekaterinburg Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Yekaterinburg Mission.

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Yekaterinburg Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Yekaterinburg Mission.

  1. 2016-2019, Ray M. Beck
  2. 2013-2016, Val J. Christensen
  3. 2011-2013, E. Kent Rust

Russia LDS Statistics (2015)

  • Church Membership: 22,472
  • Missions: 7
  • Temples: 0
  • Congregations: 95
  • Family History Centers: 56

Helpful Articles about Russia

Yekaterinburg Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Russia Yekaterinburg RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

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When did you serve?

  • 2011-2013 (James)
  • 2006-2007 (Monica)
  • 2011-2013 (Matt)
  • 2001-2002 (Jessica)
  • 2012-2014 (Ashling)
  • 2006-2008 (Cameron)
  • 2003-2005 (Marc)
  • 1995-1997 (Ryan)

What areas did you serve in?

  • Kurgan, Yekaterinburg, Perm. (James)
  • Yekat, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan. (Matt)
  • Chelyabinsk, Revda and Yekaterinburg. (Jessica)
  • Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg 1 & Yekaterinburg 2. (Ashling)
  • Miass, Batanica, Perm, Yfa. (Cameron)
  • Ekat & Ufa. (Ryan)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Pelmeni, Plov, Sloykis. (James)
  • Palmeni, salad, soup (Monica)
  • Plov. Pelmeni. Borsch. Pirozhki. (Matt)
  • Peroshki, the ice cream, Ariant (soda in Chelyabinsk), and the bread. (Jessica)
  • Plov, borsche, bread!!, piroshki. (Ashling)
  • Palmeni, salads, borscht, pirogues. (Cameron)
  • Pel’meni, vareniki, borsch, plov’, podushechki cereal. (Marc)
  • Пелмены, голупцы, прироги. (Ryan)

What was a funny experience?

  • Getting kissed on the forehead from a babushka with a mustache. (James)
  • I was contacting on the street in the middle of winter and a huge gust of wind blew me over. I was at the top of a hill and it blew me over, and I slide to the bottom of the hill in a snowball. My poor companion didn’t know what to do. So she wished the man well and came down to get me having a great laugh. (Monica)
  • Accidentally helping a group of guys steal a safe. (Matt)
  • When I was brand new in the mission, we were on a long bus ride. I thought that I’d make good use of the time and practice my Russian writing. The man sitting next to me started talking to me and asked me what I was was doing. Instead of telling him that I was writing, I told him that I was peeing. (Jessica)
  • My companion and I had an appointment with a woman who was less active. We had never met her before but were excited that she was willing to meet. When we arrived, she was in the shower. Her husband insisted that if we really did have something important to say to her we should say it to her in the shower. He opened the bathroom door wide open and yanked back the shower curtain to reveal his babushka wife standing there, covered in suds. She wasn’t phased at all and continued washing herself as we explained that we would he happy to reschedule for another time. She said, “Fine. Then close the door! I’m getting cold!” (Ashling)
  • Watching toddlers play in the wintertime in their marshmallow suits. (Cameron)
  • I had a laser pointer and pointed it in front of a drunk guy’s feet. He started following it like a cat, but soon lost his balance and fell in the snow. I blame the alcohol, not the laser pointer. (Marc)
  • In my first month street tracting, I approached a man and said my routine, then asked his name. He said, “чо?” I thought that was his name, do I said it was good to meet you cho. My mission Dad, Igor, was dying from laughter after. 😛 (Ryan)

What was a crazy experience?

  • My companion and I got chased by a drunk man for about three blocks after we tried to save him from drowning in a lake that we lived across from in Kurgan. (James)
  • I hid in a stairwell with my companion as a group of kids were leaving. There was a bunch of fighting outside and shooting. We tried to keep hidden as we didn’t want to get caught in crossfire. Among other experiences. Russia is a crazy place. (Monica)
  • Some drunk guy told me he was going to stab me on a bus. (Matt)
  • My companion and I were put into a small city where we were the only missionaries. We were put in the area because the elders had recently been beat up by a group of men and the Mission President thought it might be less intimidating to put sisters into the area instead. One day while riding the bus home from church in another city, my companion and I were approached by a man. He was kind and we were having a good conversation until he decided to tell us that “they” know where we live and if we don’t get out of the city, they’d take us out. We got off at an early bus stop to avoid any trouble with the members. We hurried home and called our Mission President. He decided to take us out of the area and by that night, we had packed up and were transferred. (Jessica)
  • Encountering drunks in the podezs . (Cameron)
  • There was a guy, probably 250 lbs., locked us in the apartment and started trying to argue against the church. Mentioned how he has a good number of guns and knives in his back room, but eventually let us out without anything escalating. (Marc)
  • One dark evening in Шашка (Shakscha), a very drunk police officer tried to arrest my companion (Elder Lee) and me. He was escorting us to the police station all the while trying to intimidate us saying stuff like, “and don’t try to run off. I’m as fast as a deer. I’ll catch you.” As we approached the station, another very drunk man came walking the opposite direction. The cop was very interested in this guy for some reason. He never noticed as we slowly took off to home. (Ryan)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • When I heard our investigator in Yekaterinburg say in a prayer that “he understands that this is the path for him”. (James)
  • I heard whenever you’re discouraged and don’t want to do the work, that is when you find. When you want to go home and don’t, that is when you find. I had a strong feeling we needed to tract chastnie doms. But being a dangerous place, my companion refused. I received a new companion and we were praying to know where to go. My last comp put up such a fight not to go I stopped thinking about it. We stood at the door and the thought came to my mind. I looked at my comp and thought maybe she wouldn’t do it either. She looked at me and said I know where we are supposed to go. I asked her really? Where? She said I don’t know, but you do. Then I told her we were going to the chastnie doms. She took a breath and said ok. We taught multiple lessons and got multiple investigators from that one evening of tracking. It really taught me to not put things off or out. When we got home we couldn’t believe it. We got home and thanked God for giving us such an awesome tracking experience. (Monica)
  • Being able to see an investigator quit smoking after 50 years of smoking and get baptized. (Matt)
  • In my first area, there was an inactive member. We would go to her home and she’d often cancel. I remember visiting her one time and being so frustrated that I could not understand anything that was being said. I left that appointment not wanting to go back. We tried after that, but she was never home. Then one day after trying to see her, we noticed a funeral procession going on (these are done very differently in Russia). We walked over and we saw her standing there. Her husband’s friend had died. We spoke with her for a minute and she said we could come visit. We started coming to her every week. I had some incredible appointments with her. She started coming to church and began to prepare to go to the temple. She had saved up enough money to go. Then she got sick. The doctors said she needed surgery and she would need to use all the money she had saved for the temple. She asked for a Priesthood blessing. In the blessing, she was told she would be healed. The next day she went to the doctor and there was nothing. So, she was able to go to the temple. There were so many miracles and amazing conversations I had with her. I learned to speak with the Spirit rather than relying on myself. I also was able to see someone go from having forgotten her testimony to having that “light” switch back on and grow. It was incredible opportunity to watch her grow and strengthen her testimony. She came home from the temple within just a few days before I left for home. (Jessica)
  • I once met a woman on a bus. I really didn’t feel like talking to anyone. We had had a rough day that was filled with many cancellations but I began talking to her. She really wasn’t chatty and I had to force conversation. I eventually asked her about her family. As it turned out, her daughter had recently passed away and now she was left to take care of her grandson. She told me about how hard it was on her and that they simply didn’t understand each other. She said she wished her daughter was alive. Like any good missionary, I began bearing testimony of the plan of salvation. She cut me off to say that she didn’t care. She said that if God really loved her, He would have never taken her daughter. I’ve never felt a love more strong or words more clear that told me to tell her how much He loves her. I told her He was aware of her struggles but that He is helping her and loves her very much. We both sat in tears and in silence for a few minutes. It was my bus stop so I had to go. When I stood up, she grabbed my hand and thanked me. When I got off the bus, I said a little prayer. “Heavenly Father, please send her an angel today to strengthen her.” And the words very clearly came to my mind, “I just did.” (Ashling)
  • Sharing testimonies with everyone, watching investigators make decisions towards baptism. (Cameron)
  • There was a brother, Sasha, we were teaching in Perm’ central, my 2nd area, but he wasn’t really progressing. About a year later I transferred back to the Perm’ district (Zakamsk area). My first Sunday back there was a district conference, so I was attending at the Perm’ meetinghouse. To my delight I saw Sasha speaking in that conference as a member of the church. (Marc)
  • While working in the mission office, we were very limited on time we could spend tracting. One night, we decided to be led completely by the Spirit. Every intersection we came to, we prayed where to go. We arrived at a large apartment complex and prayed which подездь to go into. We prayed whether to start on the bottom or top. On the 2nd door we knocked, we were invited in and taught the first discussion. This lady eventually baptized soon after I was transferred. (Ryan)

What are some interesting facts about the Yekaterinburg Mission?

  • You will meet the strangest people in the world there. You will also come to learn that it is the people who are strange who are the kindest. (James)
  • The people are amazing. The members go through so much for what they believe. That is what has impacted my life the most. Also the people. Some are the weirdest people you could ever meet. I served in the continental divide and spent half my mission in Europe and the other half in Asia. The temple of the blood is pretty neat, the ballet, gannina Yama (Monica)
  • The Romanov’s were murdered there (Temple on the Blood). It’s on the border of Europe and Asia. (Matt)
  • It’s the best mission in the world. When I was there, we were the only mission not to have a McDonalds. Just outside of Chelyabinsk was a bigger radioactive disaster than Chernoble. (Jessica)
  • A big famous meteor hit Chelyabinsk in 2013. It’s where the Romanov family was killed. There is now a Russian Orthodox Temple that is built over the site they were killed. Translated it is called ‘temple on the blood’. It sits on two continents. Half of it is in Siberia. It has the best people in the world living there. There are only 7 branches. No wards or stakes (yet!). Traveling to other cities by train or bus takes 4-18 hours depending on where you’re going. Or sometimes you’ll take an airplane to certain cities. The areas are HUGE. Usually 4 companionships are assigned to a city of 1-2 million people. (Ashling)
  • Asia Europe border, visa travel out of country. (Cameron)
  • The furthest area, Surgut, was so far away from the mission home, President would actually fly on a plane to go there. The Yekaterinburg mission at the time I was serving was the furthest mission from Salt Lake City (it still might be, I haven’t checked). (Marc)
  • The city Уфа (Ufa) is in the province Башкирия (Bashkeria). The people there still consider themselves not really Russian. The city was also 80% Muslim. (Ryan)

What was the weather like?

  • Freezing and hot. (James)
  • Coldest of the cold and hottest of the hot. (Monica)
  • Ranged from -40F to 105F. (Matt)
  • Freezing in the winter, but beautiful in the summer. (Jessica)
  • Beyond freezing in the winter. Humid and hot beyond belief in the summer. Short spring and fall. (Ashling)
  • Cold in the winter an pleasant to hot in summer. Coldest I saw was -50C. (Cameron)
  • Very cold in the winter, especially in the Siberian zone. -40 was the coldest I saw (which is where degrees C and F meet). Winter weather would usually last 7 months. Snow in October and May was not uncommon. During July and August it was very humid and hot. Air conditioning was basically non-existent because it wasn’t worth the investment for such a short summer, but it made summer quite miserable. (Marc)
  • Hot and humid in summer, 90-100°F. Very cold in winter, -40°F. (Ryan)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • I loved serving the people of Russia because they are the as “real” and “tell it like it is” people that you will ever meet. When they commit, they commit. When they are not happy, they tell you. You can always count on Russians to be genuine. (James)
  • They are amazing. They have great attitudes in some of the hardest situations. That is what impacted me the most, was the people. (Monica)
  • The people are very honest and have big hearts. (Matt)
  • The people are incredible. Once they know you, you become their family forever. (Jessica)
  • The all look so tough. I remember thinking that they all look like they ate nails for breakfast. But the second you befriend them, they completely melt to be the most generous and loving people you’ve ever met. (Ashling)
  • The culture and how close wards were. (Cameron)
  • Their love and humility. Once a Russian is converted, he/she is solid. It was so amazing to see such devotion to the gospel in a place surrounded by alcohol, tobacco, immorality, and violence. They had so much love and respect for me as a missionary, always willing to go on visits with us and help us locally with anything we needed. (Marc)
  • Even though Russians are quite reserved and private in public, when you are in their home you are treated like royalty. They are very kind and very friendly. Always willing to help. (Ryan)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Get all your warm stuff stuff there besides socks. (James)
  • Buy winter clothes there. I still get bummed when I go to buy a coat and they just don’t make them here like they do there. Take a can opener or in some places you’ll have to use that weird thing that’s hard to use. You don’t need much. Take grammar books from the MTC (my teacher advises to leave them I only took a few and regretted it). They say all the apartments are full of them, this is not true. (Monica)
  • Buy good walking shoes at home, everything else there. (Matt)
  • Don’t worry about buying winter things until you get there, except long johns. (Jessica)
  • Don’t forget to bring summer clothes!! I thought it was cold year round. Heavens no. Sisters-tights are your best friends. Boots and coats should be purchased there. The boots come fur-lined there. If you want to keep your toes, you’ll get those! (Ashling)
  • Buy your coat there. (Cameron)
  • They have very nice stuff at much better prices than in the US. I would advise bringing only one suit and buy the other one out there. Also I would buy a winter coat out there, they are more suited for Russian climate and cost less. (Marc)
  • Buy winter clothes there, except winter boots. I highly recommend the Vasque sun downer boots. (Ryan)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • I came closer to my Savior than ever before. You will learn to rely on Him. (James)
  • It’s hard to pinpoint specific things. My frame of mind has changed. The biggest thing I learned is how much God will take care of you. (Monica)
  • I grew in countless ways, developed a conviction of the restored gospel, got a Russian speaking job after, and a million other things. (Matt)
  • My testimony of our Savior grew more than I cold have imagined. I learned to appreciate other people, their cultures, and their beliefs better. I grew to love the Book of Mormon and apply it’s principles more fully. (Jessica)
  • What blessing didn’t I receive from my mission? I have the most amazing friendships- with Russians and my companions. I learned compassion in a way I never had before. Humility came very quickly. Russian members showed me what it really means to be converted to the gospel and to sacrifice for your faith. (Ashling)
  • Experiences that shaped my testimony. (Cameron)
  • It taught me what it truly means to serve, and how important it is to serve as members of the church. Not just to serve once in awhile, but as much as we possibly can. Also taught me how the spirit can touch hearts and help people change. It didn’t matter if my Russian wasn’t very good or I didn’t always eloquently deliver the lessons, because the spirit is what did the teaching. My mission was a definite point in my life where, as Alma describes, I “felt to sing the song of redeeming love”. When I ask myself “Can ye feel so now” I often think back to my mission as a base point to that feeling, and have sought to feel that same way every day since. (Marc)
  • I learned to open my heart and love people very different than myself. Patience when having difficulty expressing myself. Hard work. (Ryan)

What are some skills you gained?

  • Planning, expressing myself, goal setting. (James)
  • Russian. I use it a lot living in the city. You learn to work, plan, be efficient, be compassionate. (Monica)
  • Planning. People skills. (Matt)
  • I think my mission taught me to listen better, to serve harder, to love more and to set, work towards and accomplish goals. (Jessica)
  • Teaching. Working with different personalities. How to speak Russian, obviously. Leadership skills. (Ashling)
  • People/social, teaching English as second language, public speaking. (Cameron)
  • Russian language. It’s been 11 years since I returned but I can still speak it. Increased ability to do hard callings and how to trust in the Lord to enhance our abilities. Less fear of new places and new experiences. Going to college, getting married, starting a family, and starting my career was less overwhelming because I served a mission. (Marc)
  • Language. Charity. Patience. Hard work. Roll with the punches life gives. (Ryan)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • How to play the piano. (James)
  • I wish my MTC teacher didn’t tell me to leave my books. I only took half of them. It’s better to take and leave than regret not having. Take church-related things. Pictures. (Monica)
  • I wish I kept a better journal. (Matt)
  • I wish I would have not stressed so much about the language. (Jessica)
  • I wish I had taken the time to have an individual relationship with every member in my area from the beginning. I was so focused on bringing in new converts that I missed some of the members already there. The members are incredible and you can learn so much from them, and they need all the support they can get. (Ashling)
  • Better spiritual preparation as a whole. I read back on Elder Ballard’s announcement from 2002 to raise the bar on missionary work, and am surprised I was allowed to go. I wish I would have studied more from the Book of Mormon and showed more reverence and modesty in my language and appearance. (Marc)
  • I wish I worked harder to learn more vocabulary. The language is all important. (Ryan)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Yekaterinburg?

  • The only intelligent thing to do on your mission in Yekaterinburg is to work as hard as you can 100% of the time. Be obedient, please. (James)
  • You have nothing to worry about. Russia is not the safest place, but I can’t tell you how many times the only explanation I’m living or not beat up was because God stopped it. You’re protected beyond what you can even imagine. Most, not all, horrible stories start with “I felt like we shouldn’t be there” (Monica)
  • There is literally no better place you could be serving. (Matt)
  • It will be an eye-opening and life-changing experience. I would do it all over again in a heart beat and there is nothing I would trade for my experiences- the good and the hard. It’ll be the hardest time of your life but the most rewarding. Love love love. These people don’t receive enough love and really need the hope that the gospel brings. Take it to them with courage. They’ll respect you more when you do. (Ashling)
  • Study the scriptures as much if not more than the language. Talk to people about anything not just church stuff. (Cameron)
  • Russian’s are very bold. Learn not to take rejection or criticism personally. Close off any romantic relationships you have before your mission, because you’ll have plenty of time for that after; however, two years is all you’ll have in Russia and it’s so much better not to worry about a girl back home. (Marc)
  • Learn the language as quickly as possible. (Ryan)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • I asked someone кем вы занимаетесь? Instead of чем вы занимаетесь? (You’ll find out why that’s bad when you get there). (James)
  • I’d slip and swear on whole notes in hymns as a greenie. One member liked to sit by me and laugh. It’s was kinda funny. (Monica)
  • Another missionary accidentally ordered liver instead of cookies. (Matt)
  • While bearing my testimony, I told a member that the Book of Mormon has helped my testimony of the gospel to get stronger. They looked so worried and asked me to repeat myself. So I did. They then explained to me that that was impossible. Turns out I was saying that my Priesthood has gotten stronger through reading the Book of Mormon. Nope. I’m a girl and don’t have the Priesthood. (Ashling)
  • My companion was in the market and instead of asking for a kilogram and a half of flour, he asked for a kilogram and half of torture. (Marc)