President Russell M. Nelson

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Nice Notes

A couple of years ago you visited our stake for a special stake conference and our family had the opportunity to come up to the stand and shake your hand. You don’t know us and had no way of knowing how awful I was feeling that morning as a mother. I felt like I was failing my five beautiful children and was the worst mother ever. Satan was doing an incredible job on me that morning and my heart was broken and so heavy. I kept feeling that maybe the Lord made a mistake making me their mother for surely they deserved better than me and what I had to offer them, what ever that was. As my kids shook your hand I marveled and how beautiful and sweet they all were and yet my heart was still very heavy. And then came my turn to shake your hand and it’s a moment I still carry close to my heart and will never forget. As I shook your hand you asked me if those were my children and when I said yes I saw a change come over your face, as if the Lord was speaking to you. You held my hand for a few moments and with the most loving face looked me in the eyes and said, “you’re doing a good job as a mother”. You’re words brought light back into my sad and discouraged heart. You did not know what I was struggling with and yet you said the very thing I needed to hear. I KNEW my Father in Heaven was speaking to me through you and that He didn’t make a mistake in making me their mother. I am not failing them, I am learning right along with them. I never had the chance to thank you for your inspiring and uplifting words and wanted to take this opportunity to do so now. Thank you for being the mouth piece for the Lord and helping to remind this young mother just how important she is to her kids and loved she is by her Father in Heaven very much, for He truly does not make mistakes. (Jennifer Ferguson, California)

President Nelson, one nice day in June 1990 I was waiting to cross the street from the ZCMI Center to return to my work at the Church Office Building. You walked up and said, “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” I replied that it was and said “Are you Elder Nelson?” I had never seen you in person. You are tall! I mentioned that I was a new COP employee in computing. You said, “Oh, a computer guru!” We shared only a few seconds as we walked across the street and parted as you entered the CAB. For the rest of that day a spirit that I can’t completely describe abided with me. It was uplifting, ennobling, assuring, peaceful. This was about 1pm. I basked in that spirit for many hours until I was alerted at home later by a call to dinner. I felt an uncommon communion with heaven. This, one of the most powerful spiritual witnesses of my lifetime of the power of the priesthood, the special call of the Lord’s special witnesses, and the restoration of the Gospel in these latter days. I was 38 at the time, had been a member of the Church 21 years, and married for 15. I have often reflected on that singular privilege I had that day. I am so glad you crossed my path. (Charles Allison, Utah)

My favorite general authority, I met him when I was 16 and a new convert to the church and a dear friend had sent a letter to headquarters to ask if a general authority could come and give her legally blind friend a blessing. To our surprise she received a letter back saying a general authority would be coming to our next stake conference. The YW from my ward were asked to prepare and serve a special meal for the stake presidency and Elder Nelson the night before conference. When done he came and met and thanked each of us individually for serving him. As he shook my hand he paused and stared into my eyes with his deep blue eyes and I knew then without a shadow of doubt he was an apostle of the Lord. The next day he spoke in stake conference and after we finished the closing hymn he stood and said he felt prompted to give us an apostolic blessing and we were to realize it is as if he were laying his hands on each of our heads. He gave a marvelous blessing and even mentioned my friend and I by name. It was one of the single most spiritual moments I’ve ever had in my 24 years in the church. I pray that someday I will be able to meet him again and express my gratitude. Happy birthday Elder Nelson, you are so special to me and I love you. (Jo Mattox Pfaff, New York)

I was a member of the Yale 2nd Ward when you served as the Stake President of the Bonnieville Stake in 1965. I was nineteen at the time, and worked at Holy Cross Hospital as a surgical ward clerk and attended BYU night school. One weekend three of us girls attended movie night at the stake center. At the end of the movie everyone started to leave the building and to return to their homes. But to our surprise the weather had made a big change during the movie and it was raining very hard as we exited the building. Some of us had walked to the stake center since we lived only a few blocks away. As our group stood together wondering how long the rain would last, you drove up in your Ford convertible and started taking everyone home. As there were numerous youth in this group, you took as many as possible and made many drop-offs around the neighborhood. Us three girls waited until last thinking the rain would stop soon and we would be able to hurry home. We had just decided to leave the building when you returned. We said we thought we could make it home, but you said you would take us. And since we had waited until last and the rain had stopped, you would put the top down and we could ride home with the wind blowing our hair. Sure love you President Nelson. (Nancy Huddy Lykins, Columbus, IN)

I am a relatively new convert (two years) and I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! You and the rest of the Quorum of the Twelve are an inspiration that myself and my family, who have all been baptized since I was! We love you and pray for peace for you at this time. (Jacqui, British Columbia, Canada)

Someone once told me that a HERO, is someone who is a role model, who serves willingly, who makes sacrifice, is inspirational; a hero is strong, kind, brave and courageous. You are definitely one of my heroes and are all of the above and so much more. You are an inspiration to me from your quotes, testimony and your inspiring story. I myself would like to go into the medical field as a Neo Natal doctor and have a family as well. I have people tell me every day that it’s not possible and I simply look at them and smile; cause I know it can be done. Thank you for being such a prime example in my life. I’m not even sure you will read this, but I hope you do and realize that you change lives every day. I know you have changed mine. 🙂 If you have any secret tips or pieces of advice that you could share with me about going through school and with a family my email is Oliviawaldron99 ( at ) (Olivia Waldron, Las Vegas, NV)

It was so nice that you came to our town and talked to us. My daughter was just about in tears when you shook her hand. She will remember that for the rest of her life. I appreciate the blessing that you gave to us at the conference. My son has a rare blood disease called PNH and the only way to cure it is a bone marrow transplant. He is now 17 and this is a very rare case for the doctors. We have a donor, but the doctors said he is doing good on this medicine so he no longer qualified for a transplant. As you can see we were devastated and didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to spend the rest of his life on blood thinners and infusions but when you blessed those with serious health problems and said they would be healed I new you meant my son. The next week I got a phone call saying the doctor wanted to talk to us and now he is going to get his transplant. Hopefully in January. I knew it was because of your blessing that helped the doctors change their mind. Thank you for coming and all that you do. (Karen Lybbert, Raymond, Alberta)

President Nelson, I was really impressed and touched by your last two conference addresses about personal experiences as a heart surgeon. Your sincere message was powerful! I reflected on those things I could improve upon in my own life. I have determined to be more patient, more dedicated in learning by first observing, then serving. We love you and sustain you in all that you do. We pray for you and all general and local authorities. (Chris Miller, USA)

Dear President Nelson, thank you for all that you do. Your love and compassion and your talent for saving lives have taught me so much about the Atonement. Because despite everything we can and ought to do to help one another, your focus on Christ has taught me that we alone cannot save or fix each other–we can help, that is true. But it is Christ, and only He, who can fix and heal all of us. Because of your great love for us and your greater love for Him, you have taught me that, and it has been a great comfort to me any time I have fallen short. Thank you, President Nelson, for bringing me closer to Christ. I love you! (Courtney Hoagland, Texas)

It was such a testimony-strengthening experience to hear you speak in Stake Conference on June 5th, 2016. And such a privilege to shake your hand after the closing prayer. My heart was filled with love, gratitude and joy as I watched you make the effort to shake my grandchildren’s hands and call them your special friends. I am grateful for the apostolic witness that you shared with us. My children and Utah grandchildren have had the opportunity to hear the witness of Elder Robert D. Hales at some of my mission reunions. It is a privilege for my Oregon grandchildren to have such an experience with you at their own stake conference. Thank you for your witness of the Savior and the Christlike love you shared with my family. (Colleen Esther Brown, Oregon)

Thank you for your inspired messages that lift, guide and remind us of who we are and our potential of who we can become as beloved sons and daughters of Heavenly Parents. Through your life and your example (even when faced with adversity) you have taught us to never give up. We feel truly blessed for your service. Love, the Peihopa Family (Peihopa Family, Perth, Western Australia).

Dear President Nelson, happy birthday! You do not look your age! I love your sweet spirit and the inspirational talks you give in conference. I will never forget your talk “Ask the Missionaries!“. My first and only missionary son entered the MTC three weeks ago in preparation to serve in the Adriatic North Mission. I am trying to be a better missionary as I support him in the hard things he is doing. He is learning Croatian and trying to discover how to best teach by the spirit. It is not an easy process, but he is getting better at it and growing each day. Thank you for your loving example of how to follow Christ. Sincerely, Sister Rachel Echols. (Rachel Echols, Loveland, Ohio)

Thank you for being a man to whom I can look to for answers and peace. I am grateful and blessed to know that there are apostles such as yourself who speak for Christ’s church. Thank you for teaching of the importance of women and the family. Thank you for being human. Thank you for making me laugh with your comments. Thank you for being you. I hope you feel OUR love for you as a church. (Emma Hartman, York, Pennsylvania)

You are a very inspirational man, Brother Nelson. It’s nice to know that the leaders of our church are schooled in secular knowledge too (besides the church) and it’s inspiring to me that you are a heart surgeon and did a tricky operation on President Kimball’s heart after being inspired by God how to do it. Happy 92nd Birthday brother Nelson! You do not look 92! (Doug, Idaho)

My Dear President, I wish my English is good to express how much your words have helped me. I am only one year in the Church, you’ve changed me and am proud to be a Mormon. Love you. And Ghana loves you my dear president. May our Almighty God be with you and I say all this in Jesus’ name, Amen. (Justina Woods, Leesville, Louisiana, Originally from Ghana)

President Nelson, I love you! Your life story and commitment to the gospel are inspiring. After I started studying Chinese I heard that you also spoke Chinese and have been able to do so much good for our country and for the Church in regards to China. I appreciate all the work you do to help this church run smoothly and the way the Lord would have it run. I love and sustain you, Madilyn Green. (Madilyn, Mississippi)

Thank you President Nelson for being such an amazing man who we can all look up to. I love hearing your conference talks and I always try to follow the guidance you give. You are never alone. Not only do you have Christ on your side, but also all of the members. We pray for you just as, I am sure, you pray for us. Thank you for all your service and selflessness. Happy birthday! (Marcelle, Utah)

Thank you President Nelson for everything. You are a pretty popular authority in our family, I’m not sure if you remember, or if you will ever read this, but you operated on my granddad and you saved his life and in return he gave you a watch, it’s good to see that sometimes you wear it out and about. I would just like to say thank you again, my family cannot say it enough. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀 (Gisselle Palmer, Auckland, New Zealand)

Thank you so much for your amazing example. You are absolutely incredible. I am grateful for all the talks you have given. You always inspire me to be better! Thanks for following the spirit and helping everyone who hears you to feel more of Heavenly Father’s love! I will forever be grateful for the things I have learned from you. Love you and pray for you! Happy Birthday! (Natasha, Idaho)

When I hear President Nelson speak, I am left with no doubt that he loves God with his whole heart, might, mind and strength. He leaves me determined to become a more devoted disciple of my Savior. (Kaytlin Davis, Utah)

Happy Birthday and thank you for your service to the church! A few months ago I read “A Plea to My Sisters” and “The Price of Priesthood Power” back to back. Those talks were very inspired and the Spirit was able to teach me a lot through reading those addresses. Thank you for being a worthy vessel for the Lord! (Sydney Christensen, Orem, UT)

You are one of the most inspired men on the planet, and I’m so grateful for you and all the work you’ve done. I’m preparing to leave on a mission to Omaha, Nebraska and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m studying Preach my Gospel, studying the scriptures, and studying your words , which are modern day scripture. My family and I pray for you every day. Thank you for everything that you do for us! Sincerely, Sister Graham. (Grace Graham, Utah)

President Nelson, I have been listening to older conference talks and came across one of yours about the creation. I have always loved how simply you talk about the gospel. It always seems to impact me for the better. I remember when I was a missionary serving in the Florida Tampa Mission and you came to visit us. The words you spoke and the kindness you showed when you shook all of our hands has deeply impacted me. I think often of the words which you shared with us. Thank you for your devoted service and example of love for the gospel and the Savior. With love, Brooklynn Smith. (Brooklynn Smith, Florida)

I was at a conference with President Nelson in Boston. It was a real treat to hear how he spoke of his love of learning and of Boston. Shaking his hand was amazing- being able to see the peace and strength in his bright blue eyes was a testimony of his words. One thing he said has always stuck with me- there are no bad days, only hard moments. I strive to live my life looking for the good moments instead of letting one negative thing ruin the day for me. (Amanda Forsythe, Idaho)

I had the pleasure of being with you twice in Ukraine when you organized the first stake in Kiev. I loved hearing you speak and I loved being able to perform your beautiful hymn at our zone conference there when you visited. Your talks were wonderful and I appreciated shaking your hand and being in such a personal meeting with you. (Lara, Utah)

Hi President Nelson! I just want to tell you that you are great. In a world where we are becoming more and more “peculiar” (as the scriptures say), you, and all our leaders, provide wonderful examples of how to be selfless, and how to try our best. I thank you so much for that. Have a beautiful day! (Shannon Stahle, California)

Hi President Nelson! Thank you so much for the spiritual power, energy, and wisdom you bring to this gospel! You are such an incredible, uplifting example. Thank you for the many efforts you go through, seen and unseen, to fulfill your calling. I enjoy hearing stories from your life in talks or Sunday School and listening to your addresses; your experiences have truly helped me along my mortal journey! I appreciate your faith, the light in your eyes, and the love you share with others. Have a fantastic birthday, President Nelson!! Thanks, Jen Baker. (Jennifer Baker, Mapleton, UT)

Thank you for your service, for your inspiring words. You’re a great example for me, because of your wisdom and love that you share with us!! Happy birthday!! A strong hug from a young man in Chile!! (Andrés Covarrubias, Rancagua, Chile)

President Nelson, I just want you to know you’ve affected my life for good. Your stories about your experiences as a surgeon are inspiring and motivating. I love your positive and kind-natured attitude. Thank you for all you do for me and the church. (Joshua Howard, Utah)

The most pure of my goals is to truly KNOW God the Father and His holy Son. I know that to reach that goal I need to have the pure love of Christ; charity. Thanks so much Elder Nelson, you are a true disciple of Jesus Christ. You are helping me to reach my goals in life. Whenever I see you, or I listen to your inspired words, I truly feel the love of Christ. You are an inspiration to me. A living example of someone who knows the Savior. I love you! (Erick Sizilio, Aichi/Japan)

I’m so excited for you to come to our Stake Conference today and tomorrow! You are so amazing and listening to your talks has gotten my family and I through the hard times that we are going through right now. You’re such a courageous man of God and my family, and I thank you! (Zoe, Washington)

Thank you for your amazing example. I met you while serving as a missionary in Texas last year, which changed my life. I remember the strong Spirit that was in that meeting and often reflect on the message you shared. In that meeting I was able to truly experience, probably for the first time, what charity really is. I am so grateful for amazing and worthy Church leaders to guide us in the last days. (Kelsie, United States)

President Nelson, thank you so much for all that you have done for us members of the church and for those who are not members. Your testimony is a great example to all who hear you speak, whether it’s through General Conference or in person. Thank you again! We love you, and we pray for you to have the Spirit to be with you and all the other Apostles as you go about doing the Lord’s work. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know! (Alayna J., Arizona)

Thanks for inspiring, loving, and helping tons of people come unto Christ, staying on the path of righteousness with helping us improve and endure through the hard challenges we are facing, and for helping us prepare to endure and continue to become better examples for our family, with your love. (Daniel Moroni Advincula, Utah)

You are such an amazing example to me. I was reading about your life and how you tried to keep your family even when you had an intense work schedule as a doctor. Your focus on family and caring for others has helped me to make important decisions in my life. You are super-duper awesome and I really look up to you. (Victoria W., Utah)

Feliz cumpleaños Presidente Nelson! Gracias por su servicio y por sus enseñanzas y dedicación a la obra del Señor. Es un gran ejemplo para todos. Gracias por su amor. Mi familia y yo tuvimos la oportunidad de saludarlo y a su esposa en una conferencia en la ciudad de Leon con presidente Hinckley y fue una de las mejores experiencias en mi vida porque pude sentir que usted realmente es un Apóstol del Señor. Su mensaje en esa ocasión marcó nuestras vidas también. Y gracias por aquella vez que mi mamá y yo lo vimos en el aeropuerto de Salt Lake y a lo lejos nos hizo un saludo con la mano. Se siente su amor aunque no estemos cerca. Gracias presidente!! (Diana Romo, Guanajuato, México)

We pray for you every day, and we are so grateful for your willingness and desire to serve so diligently. We sustain you and love you for the strong example of Christlike attributes you share with all of us. Your testimony of the Savior is contagious! (Juanita Murray, California)

Thank you for your amazing testimony and being a great man. (Quinn Longhurst, Utah)

Thank you President Nelson! Your countenance exudes love for all around you! Thank you for sharing your testimony and love of Jesus Christ with the world! (MaryDee Asay, Utah)

Happiest Birthday! Thank you for your commitment to the Savior, and for your never ending dedication to follow Him. Thank you for helping my husband be a better Priesthood holder, and for helping me be a better support to Him in his responsibilities! We love and pray for you! (Sarah Brown, Utah)

Happy Birthday President Nelson. There are too many experiences to write here of how much your counsel has helped us in our lives. Your words have been an answer to our prayers, have given us hope to press forward and lifted our souls when we have been down. You have illuminated the doctrine of prayer in our minds and hearts, and have given us courage to “try difficult things”. With all our love, The Kingi family. (Reihana & Cherie Kingi, New Zealand)

Dear President Nelson, thank you so much for your service and your great example. I learned a lot from you and I’m so thankful for your family. I’m also so thankful for your daughter Brenda Miles and her husband. I served my mission under President Miles. I learned a lot from your daughter and that changed my life. Thank you so much for everything you do. I’m sending you a lot of love and hugs. (Susanne Klein, Germany)

Your courage to share the gospel no matter the cost, your willingness to serve and have compassion for others, and finding joy in others’ joy has given me lasting hope for myself and that I can do it too. Thank you for being such a consistent and good example. (Lauren, Arizona)

Thank you for your outlook on us millennials. It gives me hope for my own generation to know that there’s good things we do and that we can help prepare for the Millennium. Thanks for being worthy and a righteous priesthood holder. (Mike, Utah)

I hope you have a wonderful birthday! Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I have learned so much and truly enjoy listening to your talks. You have helped me find hope in difficult times. Thank you for everything. (Chris, Nevada)

President Nelson, thank you for your inspiring messages, you inspire me to become more like the Savior. I hope you have a amazing day! (Tim Bryce, Orem, UT)

When you set my dad apart as a mission president last year, I remember how loving and personal you were with each of us. Even though you have a busy schedule, you made sure we knew you wanted to be there and wanted to take the time to show your love for us. (Michelle Olson, Utah)

So glad to share this day with you! You are a fine example for the world! My birthday is the same as yours, less 30 years experience. (Leon Luscher, Cranbrook B.C. Canada)

Thank you for being such a great healer, both physically and mentally. You have truly learned the “Healer’s Art”! (Robin E., Utah)

I always love your talks in general conference, your last one on priesthood power really spoke to me. I don’t always know what I’m doing when I use my priesthood. But I just have to trust that as long as I’m doing the right things in life and I have the spirit, I have the power. Thank you. (Alex Smith, California)

I remember you operating on my dad and for that I am so thankful. May you have a very special birthday. You are such an inspiration. (Diane Courtney, Arizona)

Thank you so much for all you do President Nelson. Thank you for your many inspired messages that have lifted and given strength to so many lives. We love you and sustain you. Happy Birthday! May the Lord continue to bless and strengthen you throughout your life.  (Sylvia Remmer, Utah)

Over the years since I joined the church, you have constantly blessed my life and my family through your diligence and steadfastness in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your long suffering on our behalf and may the good Lord continue to bless you in bounty. (Venessa, Capetown, South Africa)

You came to tour my mission, Oregon Salem Mission, a few months ago and I want to say thank you for showing me how to have Christlike love, showing it by example. As you talked at the Mission Conference and at Stake Conference, I could see it. Thank you for that experience. (Addison Goff, Arizona)

Happy birthday President! I love your talk. And you are my favorite. God bless you and your family too. I wish I could meet you someday. (Somaly Keo, Cambodia)

President Nelson, I got to meet you when I was a missionary at the Mormon Battalion Historic Site in San Diego. It had been a rough day for me and when you shook my hand, you said, “Sister, you look beautiful.” That really lifted me up and helped me have a better day. Your talks do that for me as well. I’m so grateful for your service and your love of the Lord. May the Lord bless you! (Whitney Tolman, Utah)

Gracias por llevar una vida digna y enseñarnos seguir al Salvador. Your messages and teachings help me to become a better husband and follower of Christ. (Giomar Garcia, Huancayo, Peru)

Happy Birthday President, We met you in the JHB Temple one year. You are a wonderful example and strength to us, to keep going forward and to try our best in living the gospel. Thank you for your conference messages. Hope you are especially blessed with peace. Love the Blignaut Family. (Sharon Blignaut, Johannesburg, South Africa)

My family and I love and sustain you, President Nelson. Thank you for your Christlike service and witness of the Savior. (Kaitlin Smith, Utah)

President Nelson, your faith is inspiring. I really appreciate your example of love and charity. I hope your birthday was wonderful. Best wishes for you and your wife. Love, Jessica Alpers. (Jessica Alpers, Utah)

I have always admired you and your kindness! You are truly Heavenly Father’s servant!! We love you 😄. (Balinda Mullins, New Mexico)

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please remember how loved you are. (Kim Jones, Idaho)

You have helped me to know the power and miracle of the temple. Thank you! (Nicole Holmstead, Utah)

Thank you for all you do for the church! I find so much strength and guidance in the talks that you’ve given to us. I’m grateful that you strive to share the Lord’s messages with us. I’m so grateful for the gospel and the servants the Lord calls to share it! Thank you. (Carrie Chappell, Utah)

Thank you for all you do for the church! (Maddie Jones, Utah)

Happy Birthday President Nelson!! We love you and hope you have a great day! (Rachel Herbert, Utah)

I LOVE YOU. Happy, Happy Birthday President Nelson. I have been a re-baptized member since 3/12/2012 and have so enjoyed your talks. they are so inspiring. God Bless you ALWAYS. (Carolynn Ericksen, California)

President Nelson! I love you so much and I am so excited to hear from you this coming General Conference. I always feel the spirit listening to your words and I’m so thankful for all you do to keep yourself and the church in a place where we can all feel the Holy Ghost. (Crystal, Washington)

Happy Birthday President Nelson, may your day be wonderful and your days, months and years ahead be the very best that they can be. We love you and we hope you are feeling great. Thank you for all your love and service in the Lord’s Kingdom. (Ina s. Morgan Fountain, Baker, FL)

President Nelson, I want you to know how much I appreciate all the great things you have done. I love listening to your conference talks and hope you are having a great day! (Chance Jensen, Utah)

You are extremely intelligent and even more inspiring to me. You came to my mission twice and since then I’ve always loved hearing you speak. I’ve found great wisdom and comfort from you! (Derek, Utah)

President Nelson, thank you for your many years of service. Your talk from the October 2015 General Conference helped me to be more supportive of my husband in his calling and work. (Kimberly Rice, North Carolina)

We love you President Nelson … we hope maybe one day we can see you come to South Carolina to the Florece Ward….please pray for my mother who is having some tough times right now …. we love you. (the Quintero family, Lake City, SC)

Messages of love, support, faith and instruction, from an example of righteous life and devoted service, strengthens and blesses lives. (Charles Patterson, California)

You are a great example of love and faith. I always enjoy hearing a prophet of God speak, and the Spirit is present during your remarks. (Stacie Williams, Utah)

You are a light to many people’s lives!!! Keep it up, Heavenly Father loves you! (Zoe Child, USA)

We love you and we are so thankful for you and your service. Happy, happy birthday dear heart. (Jack and Jo Forell, Colorado)

President Nelson, I hope you have a wonderful birthday with family and friends. Happy Birthday. (Jeanette Booth, Utah)

You came to visit our stake and stopped during your busy schedule to give my daughter, who has spina bifida, a huge hug and told her you loved her. She has never forgotten about it and loves to tell others! Thank you for being so thoughtful and loving to her. We love you. (Robyn Dowers, North Carolina)

Thanks President Nelson for your inspiring messages, my life has been truly blessed by following the counsel of the Prophet and Apostles. (Sister Pauline Brown, Utah)

I wish you a happy birthday and want to express my gratitude for you and the guidance you give to us through Heavenly Father. You are able to stay strong in the gospel and lift of those around you who falter and fall off the path. Thank you for never giving up. (Catherine Dawes, South Carolina)

We are so grateful to have your counsel and advice in our lives. Your advice and lessons over the years have blessed our marriage and lives beyond compare. Thank you for your love and service. (Steph Sorensen, Utah)

Thank you for dedicating your life to inspiring us. I look forward to the spirit arching between us this Sunday. (Andrew Woltjen, California)

I want you and the other apostles how inspiring you are to me. When I read or listen to your talks it usually is something I need to hear. I appreciate and love you! (Wanda Head, McNeal, Mississippi)

We share the same birthday! Hope you had a good of day as I did! Thank you for your dedication and hard work you put into the church and calling. We are blessed to have you as an apostle. (Naomi, Montana)

Your words of love and truth have lifted my soul on multiple occasions and inspired me to live a more holy life. I am forever grateful to you. (Elizabeth, Utah)

You are an amazing son of God. (Joelle Schmeltzer, Missouri)

Happy Birthday President Nelson, you wonderful person, you! (Abbey Barney, Washington)

Thanks for all you speeches. I love them. You are a wonderful person. I don’t know what else could I say. Thanks for being on this earth, following Jesus Christ and being such a good example. (Anna-Lena Bittner, Germany / Coburg)

May God bless you devoted man, I love to listen to your wisdom & voice, amen. (Sandra Mcelvanney, England)

All of your talks and your cheerful spirit have meant so much to me in my life. Thank you for magnifying your calling and blessing our lives with your service. (Andie, USA)

May our wonderful Father in Heaven bless your day with peace, love and joy like what you have given to our sincere prayer for your birthday. (DeAnna /Zacarias Padilla, Utah)

Thanks for all the words that you have been giving to us. God bless you. (Maria Esther Valdes, El Salvador, San Salvador)

I am really grateful to support you as a president of this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints! I always support and admire you! Love you!!♥ (Minji Kim, Korea)

Thank you for your example and service! (Lisa Daughtry, North Carolina)

Dear President Nelson, we love you and pray for you. May the Lord give you strength and peace always. (Roseann Hnath, New Jersey)

Thank you for all you do! My family and I love listening to you during General Conference. Your words have blessed us more than once. (Jana Davis, Utah)

He is proof that science and religion are not mutually exclusive. The way he explains scientific processes actually adds to the miraculous way that they work when we so often take things for granted. (Jessica Higgs, Utah)

We love you! Thank you for serving. For encouraging us to look up. For helping us know what is most important. Thank you for your life long service. (Joshua Dance, Seattle, Washington)

Elder Nelson, is ordained by God. He is one of my inspirations. Every time he speaks, he inspires me. I love the way he speaks with the companionship of the spirit of God. Thank you, Elder Nelson. (Carissa Samson, Lipa City, Phlippines)

I have been very fortunate to meet you Pres. Nelson on more than one occasion. You have always been very kind and aware of those around you. You inspire in each of us the will to do good. May God bless you as you continue to journey through this beautiful life. Love, Diana Diederich (Diana Diederich, Utah)

Dear President Nelson, Happy Birthday Always!!! I want to thank you for your examples and professions of profound love for your family members! You are truly a worthy chosen son of God! Thank YOU forever for your mighty work for us in these latter days! God continue to bless you and your elect family! I love you all forever~~~ (Sister Tina L. Seidel Roland, Pennsylvania)

Thank you so much for your wonderful consecrated efforts and your much needed and appreciated inspired counsel. We love and appreciate you, and we sustain you! (Dave Knowles, Orem, UT)

Thank you for your wonderful talk “A plea to my Sisters” a year back. I have taken what you’ve said into my heart and continually challenge myself to meet the expectations mentioned. Thank you for all of the spirit-directed messages that you have shared with us! 🙂 They have helped me realize who I should strive to be. 🙂 (Emilyanne, Utah)

President Nelson, in December you came and spoke in the Orem Suncrest Stake for a special stake conference. As you entered the chapel and continued down the aisle you stopped at one pew and shook hands with some small boys. Two of them were my young sons. The smile you brought to their faces was so delightful to see. Afterward my older son said he would never wash his hand again. Thank you for taking the time to minister one by one as the Savior did. I hope you have had a very HaPpY bIrThDaY! (Shannon Fuller, Utah)

Thank you for your positive messages and helpful advice throughout the years. Your talks and addresses have helped me become a better person. Thank you for your guidance. (Natalie Franson, Utah)

Thank you for all you do. I love and support you. I love to listen to you talk, it has helped me in ways I haven’t realized right away. Thank you for your example. (Rebecca, Utah)

I love you!!! Every time you speak in conference I feel the Spirit so strongly. The counsel that you give has literally changed my life. Thank you for blessing my life and the lives of everyone around you. (Jessica Gilliland, Arizona)

Happy birthday and many thanks for the successful operation on my aunt’s heart many years ago. (Margery McCombs, Mexico)

Dear President Nelson, we are so grateful for you, for your love and and wisdom! I feel joy and peace when I read or hear your message. It is such a big blessing – having you as a apostle in The Church of Jesus Christ! Best wishes, President! Live long and prosper! (Maria Kokova, Russia)

President Nelson, your talks and phrases that you share on social media have blessed my life is so many ways! I love how you shine your bright light in this dark world that we live in. You are an example to many! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and that you have many happy years to come! (Emma Rose, Utah)

Thank you for your leadership and wonderful spirit. I love that there are prophets and apostles on the earth today, and I rely so much on the doctrine and lessons you share. You’ve been an instrument in the Lord’s hands to answer many of my prayers! Thank you again! Happy Birthday! (Abbie, Arizona)

Thank you for the amazing words and experiences you share! They never fail to inspire me and encourage me to be a better person!! (Grace Christensen, Massachusetts)

Happy Birthday, President! Thank you for your empowering testimony!! We love and sustain you! (Noor Sabbah, Arizona)

Have a wonderful day President Nelson with your family on your special birthday. Thank you for your example, steadfastness and boundless devotion to Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ our Redeemer and your profound love for all the Brethren you work with in Salt Lake. Keep smiling your lovely face, it lights our lives in a dark world. (Janet Phillips, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

It was a very Merry Christmas! I was working in a bread making demonstration at ZCMI in 1982. I remember the day you came in to order the bread making machines for your daughters! I was very impressed! You were very high on my list of “Notable Men” after that! I gratefully sustain you as an apostle of our Lord. (Hazel S. Willard, Utah)

I believe in you…you are a man of God. (Denise Kakau, Tongatapu, Tonga)

It’s because of your enthusiasm for life I try harder each day to do the best I can. Thank you for your example! (Deena Mann, Utah)

Lo amamos, we love you. (Minelia, Mexico)

President Nelson, thank you for your Love for the Lord, your service and example. (Zora Ray, California)

Happy birthday President Nelson! Hope your day is great and filled with a ton of fun. (Makenzie, Provo, UT)

Hi President Nelson! Thank you so much for your example of consecrated service! The worldwide devotional you gave in January titled “Becoming True Millennials” greatly touched me and inspired me to want to do everything I can to bless others and build up God’s kingdom on Earth. Also, thank you for sharing how you kept doing heart surgery, despite having patients pass away. It reminds me to keep doing what I know I should, despite the hard trials that come my way. I know how I can serve others with my talents and I shouldn’t let fear keep me from trying to make a difference. Thank you! (Alex Balinski, Provo, UT)

We love you Pres. Nelson. You are a great motivation for us. (Nuri, Belize)

We love and support you! Thank you for all you do and for all you’ve sacrificed! (Jessica Healey, Utah)

Happy birthday and many thanks for the successful operation on my aunt’s heart many years ago. (Margery McCombs, Mexico)

Happy birthday (Stacie, Utah)

I am grateful that you came to visit our ward and let me hug you. Please consider it a Happy Birthday “Hug”…I love you and pray for you, and I’m grateful for your testimony of our beloved Savior… (Dorothy B. Call, Centerville, UT)

Thank you for your inspired leadership and kindness. You have touched my life for good. Happy Birthday and may you have many more. (Dwight Williams, Utah)

Happy birthday! I shook your hand once in Edmonton Alberta. I’m sure you remember me, haha, just kidding. I hope you have a great day and that your family is planning something wild to celebrate. Here are some ideas: trampoline park, mini golf, dirt biking, escape room, or just the old standby, ICE CREAM! (Kathryn, from Canada but living in MD)

Congratulations on celebrating your 92nd birthday. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful day and many more to come. Happy Birthday, President Nelson. (Carol S. Thacker, Utah)

I’m so strengthened that very intelligent men are running the Mormon church. Thank you for paying attention in medical school, President Nelson and successfully operating on President Kimball’s heart! (Anonymous)

Happy Birthday Pres. Nelson! I always love hearing you speak at General Conference! I know you are a beloved servant of our Heavenly Father and He loves you very much! I am so grateful to you for being a constant example to me and to the world! (Kathleen Bullock, Utah)

Thank you for all you do. I am humbled to have a man of God like you lead us in a world that is in need of guidance 😊. Happy Birthday! (Jamie, Utah)

Happy Birthday President Nelson! I am thankful for your words and your life. 💕💗💕 (Becky MacGugan, Nevada)

Happy birthday President Nelson! You are always an inspiration to me. I love your talks and advices, they make me want to be stronger, purer, more worthy and to come closer to Christ. Thank you for testifying and for being an example. I love you so much, and I wish you a happy birthday! (Gabriel Costa e Silva, São Paulo, Brazil)

President Nelson, wishing you the happiest of birthdays. May you be blessed with many more. I love you and sustain you. (Mariann Robinette, Sustin, Texas)

Dear President Nelson, We love you, pray for you, and sustain you with all of our hearts! Thank you for your tireless effort and energy expended in the service of the Lord. Your stamina, wisdom, inspiration, and optimism inspires us. May the Lord bless you!! (Alicia Rawlins, Utah)

Wishing you a great birthday! I am excited to hear you speak next month in conference. I love you and all you do! Thanks. (Shauna Crabtree, Canada)

One day I met you after a fireside in San Antonio. As we shook hands I felt as if your eyes pierced into my very soul. It was such an honor to meet an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Valerie Fulmer, Utah)

Have a wonderful birthday. (Joanne Bagley, New Hampshire)

I am so grateful for your love and hard work! You are a wonderful disciple of Christ. I love you!! (Meg, Utah)

You are simply amazing and I love your talks! Hope you had a great birthday! (Linda, Florida)

Happy birthday 😀 (Jeff, Idaho)

Thank you for your inspired words and testimony! We love you! (Sister Dixon, California)

We love you! 🙂 Thanks for your shining personality. (Veronica, Utah)

Happy Birthday! My son just turned 9 today, that’s so wonderful. (Crystal, Utah)

Feliz cumpleaños amado Presidente Nelson, have a blessed birthday! (Cecy Romero, Mexico)

I like your hair. (Jacob, Utah)

Thank you so much for your service to the Lord. Your service has effected me and brought me closer to the Savior! I hope you have a wonderful birthday! (Cami Rigby, Utah)

Happy, happy birthday!!! You deserve the best day ever, make it count 🙂 Lots of love! ❤ (Sarah Hatch, Sandy, UT)

You are an amazing man and an inspiration to all! (Taylor, Texas)

Thank you for giving up so much of your time and effort to spread the message of God’s love for his children around the whole entire world! And thank you for spreading that message to me! (Jillian Anderson, Texas)

Happy Birthday!! Thank you for all that you do! I love you and am so grateful to you! Have an amazing day! (Gloria Kniesler, New Jersey)

Happy birthday Elder Nelson! I hope sincerely that you have a great birthday! (Sharon Webb, Corinne, UT)

President Nelson, thank you for living in such a way that I can feel your spirit when you talk. Thank you for bringing peace to my soul. (Ivan Quiroz, Washington)

We love you, God is good. (Travis Aiono, West Valley City, UT)

Hope you’re having a great day! (Ana Contreras, Texas)

Thank you for your example of dedication, love & goodness. Much love to you❣ (Lisa Bowen, Utah)

It’s a big pleasure to say Happy Birthday Dear Pte. Russell M. Nelson, with love today, ever for ever. 🎂☺🙋 (Isis Luna Ferreira, Veracruz, Mexico)

President Nelson, you are an inspiration and I always love hearing your words as if from the voice of the Lord. We love you! (Ethan, Utah)

Have a very happy and blessed Birthday we all love you! (Benjamin Jaramillo, Utah)

Happy birthday President Nelson. We love and respect you and pray for your well being as you carry on the work of the Lord. (Tina Skaggs, California)

Happy birthday! We have enjoyed your talks over the years and been blessed by the counsel given. Hope you have a great day! (Chelsey & Sam, Illinois/Alaska)

Thank you for for being a great instrument for the Lord! We love you! You are in our hearts and prayers!💗 (Keiver Hawke, Idaho)

Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day. (Kerrey Hunt, Arizona)

Thank you for everything! You truly are inspired of God. We love you! (Kaleb Cox, Utah)

Hey President Nelson!!! Thank you so much for the example you are!!! I love you!! (Adelyn Kimmel, Orem, UT)