Preston, Idaho

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Preston, Idaho: Blogs

Here’s a list of Preston blogs and websites written by people who live in Preston, or are about Preston.

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Preston, Idaho: Groups

Preston Groups On Facebook

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  10. Preston High School Football (180 members)
  11. Preston High School- Class of 1997 (136 members)
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  16. Preston Idaho Services (49 members)
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  18. Friends Who Like Franklin County Fair (41 members)
  19. Preston Idaho Homes For Sale Group (34 members)
  20. Preston High School Friends (28 members)
  21. Special Olympics Of Preston, Idaho (24 members)

Other Preston Groups, Forums and Events

  1. Preston Rodeo Events
  2. Franklin County Fair

Preston, Idaho: Survey

We’re surveying people about living in Preston, ID. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*The information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Your name, How long you’ve lived in Preston)

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Preston, Idaho: Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Preston?

  • Nothing. (Lindsey, 20 years)
  • Small. (Debbie, 24 years)
  • Friendly rural culture, beautiful rolling scenery, and tap water that is way tastier than any bottled water. (Anonymous, 30+ years)
  • The people are friendly and willing to help. (Angela, 40 years)
  • The community. (Anonymous)

Preston, Idaho: Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Preston?

  • There is only one grocery store. That means they can and do jack the prices up. (Dru, 6 years)
  • Corruption in police, bullies in school not handled, thiefs, tons of drugs, police make their own rules and laws. (Lindsey, 20 years)
  • Preston doesn’t have another grocery store. (Debbie, 24 years)
  • Schools are pretty crummy. (Anonymous, 30+ years)
  • Hard to find anything to rent, and the o rd that are open are super expensive! (Angela, 40 years)
  • That there is only one grocery store and prices are too high! (Anonymous)

Preston, Idaho: Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Preston?

  • For who? Kids? There is a splash pad and a park that’s about it. For adults, nothing but the bar if you’re a drinker. (Dru, 6 years)
  • Go to Logan, Utah or Pocatello, Idaho. (Lindsey, 20 years)
  • Swimming. (Debbie, 24 years)
  • Everything outdoorsy, plus there are some amazing restaurants and a few surprisingly fabulous local shops. (Anonymous, 30+ years)
  • Going to the park. Riverdale Resort. (Angela, 40 years)
  • Camping, splash pad, bowling. (Anonymous)

Preston, Idaho: Reputation

What’s Preston known for?

  • Rodeo. (Dru, 6 years)
  • Corruption. (Lindsey, 20 years)
  • The Famous Preston Rodeo and Napoleon Dynamite. (Debbie, 24 years)
  • Napoleon Dynamite, Mormons and rodeo. (Anonymous, 30+ years)
  • RODEO. (Angela, 40 years)
  • Napoleon Dynamite. (Anonymous)

Preston, Idaho: Crime

What’s the crime like in Preston?

  • It’s been pretty bad lately. (Dru, 6 years)
  • Too high to imagine, even the cops do drugs. (Lindsey, 20 years)
  • Low. (Debbie, 24 years)
  • Historically low, but seems to be rising. (Anonymous, 30+ years)
  • Minimal. (Angela, 40 years)
  • Moderate. (Anonymous)

Preston, Idaho: Advice

Any advice for people moving to Preston?

  • Don’t plan on making many friends, the people here are shady. (Dru, 6 years)
  • Don’t. (Lindsey, 20 years)
  • Don’t, if you can help it. (Debbie, 24 years)
  • Property taxes are a lot higher here than on the Utah side of the valley, and the economy is sluggish. Come with a plan for making your own life better and an enthusiasm for improving the whole community. (Anonymous, 30+ years)
  • Remember your neighbors aren’t trying to be nosey. They genuinely care about you and your family. (Angela, 40 years)

Preston, Idaho: Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Preston (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • There is nothing to do here except hunt and fish. (Dru, 6 years)
  • The judge is sexist and said he will not take kids from their dads, but if I piss off my ex for any reason he will take my daughter from me, and forced me to give my ex everything he wanted in the divorce or he would take my daughter. I know many women that he has screwed over because he had his kids taken for a while and so he is very sexist. (Lindsey, 20 years)
  • When we put down sod, we didn’t ask for help, but the whole neighborhood showed up anyway. Folks here are solid. (Anonymous, 30+ years)
  • I can’t pick just one. School here was so much fun, and now I get to enjoy it as a parent. (Angela, 40 years)

Preston, Idaho: The Future

How do you think Preston will change over the next 10 years?

  • I think it will be a ghost town. It’s already well on its way, with all the vacancies on Main Street and people raising rent, when you don’t make more than 9$ an hour here. (Dru, 6 years)
  • It won’t. The main people in town with businesses won’t allow new businesses in. So even our grocery store can’t get competition, and jack up the prices to ridiculous amounts. (Lindsey, 20 years)
  • It won’t really. (Debbie, 24 years)
  • Without better incentives for businesses to open here, I’m afraid this industrious little community will deteriorate. (Anonymous, 30+ years)
  • More people. (Angela, 40 years)
  • It will continue to grow and hopefully get more stores like another grocery store or something like Walmart. (Anonymous)

Preston, Idaho: Other Facts

Any other interesting facts about Preston?

  • The people always end up finding themselves back here, yet hate it here, yet they can’t seem to get away. (Lindsey, 20 years old)
  • It is not in UTAH! Contrary to what many say. (Angela, 40 years)