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Quezon City Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Philippines Quezon City Mission. We try to keep this information up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

Philippines Quezon City Mission
Aurora Blvd Corner J.P. Rizal Street
Project 4 Cubao, Quezon City
1109 Metro Manila

Phone Number: 63-2-913-3863
Mission President: President David J. Koster

Philippines Quezon City Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the Philippines Quezon City Mission (LDS). To access the official, up-to-date map for the mission:

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Videos with Quezon City RMs

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Quezon City Mission.  We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews.

mission interview  mission interview  mission interview

Videos about Philippines

Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about Philippines. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about Philippines, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

LDS Church  places  history  food  People and Culture  language  Storms and Natural Disasters  time lapses  nature  traditions

Quezon City Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Quezon City Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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Elder Cody Aguiar 2017
Elder Jasen Snyder 2017
Sister Kathleen Leausa 2017
Sister Jade Hann 2017
Sister Alison Behunin 2017
Elder Brandon Johnson 2017
Sister Payton Pectol 2016
Elder Thomas Battraw 2016
Sister Natalie Latham 2016
Elder Henry Van Slooten 2016
Sister Taylor Huguely 2015
Sister Jenna Welling 2015
Sister Marissa Anderson 2015
Elder & Sister Schlager 2015
Sister Emma Franks 2014
Sister Ammah Jones 2014
Sister Jessica Dickison 2014
Elder Kaden Robison 2014
Elder Nathan Rock 2014
Elder Bret Blackham 2014
Sister Mandy Elsmore 2014
Sister Tasha Wilson 2014
Sister Kathleen O’Reilly 2013
Elder Jason Watters 2013
Elder Juliet Frounde 2013
Elder & Sister Hadlock 2013
Sister Shelby Curtis 2013
Elder & Sister Bird 2013
Elder Joshua Valdez 2012
Elder Aaron Posadas 2012
Elder & Sister Harris 2012
Elder Zach Peterson 2011
Elder & Sister Cooley 2011

Quezon City Mission Groups

Here are Quezon City Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the mission.

  1. Philippines Quezon City Mission Group (419 members)
  2. Philippines Quezon City Mission Group (235 members)
  3. Philippines Quezon City Mission Group (189 members)
  4. Quezon City Mission RMs (Astig) Group (178 members)
  5. Philippines Quezon City Mission Group (92 members)
  6. Philippines Quezon City Mission Group (68 members)
  7. Quezon City Mission LDS RM 1994-99 Group (30 members)
  8. Quezon City Mission LDS RM 1994-99 Group (30 members)
  9. Philippines Quezon City Mission Group (23 members)
  10. Quezon City Mission Moms (LDS) Group (13 members)

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Recommended Mission Prep Books

(Fun Fact: John Bytheway served in the Philippines!)

Quezon City Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Quezon City Mission.

  1. 2016-2019, David J. Koster
  2. 2013-2016, Carlos Revillo
  3. 2010-2013, David Delamare
  4. 2007-2010, Beaver T. Ho Ching
  5. 2004-2007, David R. Labrum
  6. 2001-2004, L. Michael Keone
  7. 1998-2001, Robert K. Wagstaff
  8. 1995-1998, Gordon T. Watts
  9. 1992-1995, Max W. Craner
  10. 1989-1992, Edmond P. Hyatt
  11. 1986-1989, Joel Leetham
  12. 1979-1982, Robert Sackley

Philippines LDS Statistics (2015)

  • Church Membership: 710,764
  • Missions: 21
  • Temples: 2
  • Congregations: 1,181
  • Family History Centers: 171

Helpful Tips about the Philippines (articles written by RMs)

Quezon City Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Philippines Quezon City RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

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When did you serve?

  • 2013-2014 (Beem)
  • 2013-2015 (Heiress)
  • 2013-2014 (Teela)
  • 2011-2013 (Junel)
  • 2011 (Jerome)
  • 2011 (Silvestre)
  • 2011-2013 (William)
  • 2010-2012 (Colton)
  • 2008-2010 (Halley)
  • 2006-2007 (Uzma)
  • 2004-2006 (Louise)
  • 1996-1998 (Emmanuel)
  • 1995-1997 (Ryan)

What areas did you serve in?

  • Quezon City, Antipolo, Taguig, Pasig. (Beem)
  • Morong, Cainta, Taytay and Quirino. (Heiress)
  • Marikina City, Antipolo City, Pasig City, Rizal Province, Occidental Mindoro Province. (Junel)
  • Sumulong, Balagtas, Sapang Palay, Novaliches, Marilao and Montalban. (Silvestre)
  • Antipolo, Pasig, Tayuman, Marikina, Taguig. (William)
  • Quezon City, Binangonan, Marikina, Bulacan. (Colton)
  • A lot. (Halley)
  • Marikina, Antipolo,Taytay-rizal & a few more. (Uzma)
  • SJDM,Taytay,Tanay, and PQCM Office. (Louise)
  • Marikina, Novaliches, Bulacan, Rizal. (Emmanuel)
  • Marikina, Quezon City, Malabon, Santa Maria, and San Jose Del Monte. (Ryan)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Adobo, RICE!, menudo. (Teela)
  • Adobo, Hamonado, Afritada, Ginatang Kalabasa, Lumpiang Shanghai, Sinigang, Manginasal. (Colton)
  • Adobo, bistek, bbq pork, sinigan, chicken curry, silog, all Filipino bread, banana-q, halo-halo, zagu. Pretty much everything. (William)
  • Pancit Canton, Lechon Manok, Sinigang, Biko, at Turon. (Ryan)
  • Shawarma, kikiam and barbeque. (Beem)
  • Banana que – deep fried bananas coated in brown sugar. (Halley)
  • Salad, Mangoes, and Buko Shake. (Heiress)
  • Bicol Express. (Junel)
  • Adobo, Lechon, Tilapia, Pansit, Fish in the coconut milk, coconut water & many more things. (Uzma)
  • Favorite foods, first on the list would be Balut, Pancit and Pizza. (Louise)
  • Pinakbet, adobo. (Emmanuel)
  • Labters which dinner appointment member. (Jerome)
  • Adobo. (Silvestre)

What was a funny experience?

  • We had to learn Tagalog and one of the sisters accidentally told a brother he was diligent after he mentioned he had 9 kids. (Teela)
  • I slipped in the mud and had to work the rest of the day like that. When my companion and I had went through a flood and we walked through an area that needed our help and we were both 6 foot tall and the little Filipino kids were swimming and trying to keep up with us but it was only waist deep to us. (Colton)
  • I fell into a canal once. (William)
  • Running away from a dog. (Beem)
  • When I slipped on the mud (because I wasn’t looking) on my way and a couple saw me, and they couldn’t stop laughing. And they would always laugh or smile every time they see me and remind me to be careful haha. (Heiress)
  • My Companion and I walking down the road surrounded by many people. most of them looking at us, maybe because I have an American companion and then suddenly I twisted my ankle and fell. (Junel)
  • Walking in the flood water, which touches your knees. Always bought the new shoes, umbrellas and bags because it rains a lot. (Uzma)
  • When my Office Companions, Elder Daniel Hawley and Elder Adam Claycamp, woke me up early in the morning to rush Elder Claycamp to St. Luke’s because of some stone problems with his kidney and Elder Hawley has to drive with a swelling lips, we believe he was bitten by a cockroach while asleep. (Louise)
  • When a companion interchange two similar sounding words with very different meanings Puso-heart Pusa-cat. (Emmanuel)
  • For me the best experience is slide during rainy season at Benagonan Rizal. That day interviewed for candidate. He is walking companion nadulas ako hanggang taas pababa hahahaha. (Jerome)
  • Forget the key inside the house and waited for the other missionaries to arrive.

What was a crazy experience?

  • My second area, I acquired a drug addicted stalker who was a former investigator. (Teela)
  • I walked across a flooded street and went to step onto the curb and slipped. I grabbed the light post in front of me and low and behold it had 210 volts of electricity running through it. It kinda made my arm tingle. I didn’t know what it was so I reached out again and realized after I grabbed it a second time that it was “live”. (Colton)
  • Chased by dogs. (William)
  • On New Year’s Eve 1996, my companion and I were walking in a neighborhood and a drunk guy pulled a gun out from behind his back and pointed it at us. Luckily, we were able to run and get out of that neighborhood. (Ryan)
  • Crossing a hanging bridge. (Beem)
  • When one of our appointments went on too long and before we knew it it was 11pm and we struggled to get home. (Halley)
  • When we got chased by a cow when we tried to go on a short cut. Hahaha. (Heiress)
  • A married couple less active member fought in front of us because brother thought his wife embarrassed him by telling us that brother was drinking alcohol on New Year’s Eve. (Junel)
  • On my first day of the mission, we went to visit a less active member and when they knew I was from Pakistan, they shut the door on us. (Uzma)
  • When my companion and I were still on our way home when a typhoon came. We had to hold tight to each other to avoid being carried away by the strong winds. (Emmanuel)
  • Thief at my apartment at Mindoro Occidental who took my food and money. (Jerome)
  • Working in the middle of typhoon. (Silvestre)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • We had a 14 year old investigator whose mother would not allow him to be baptized. After much prayer and fasting, my trainee suggested to him, in a joking manner, that he ask his mum to sign the permission form as his Christmas present. He was baptized a month after Christmas. (Teela)
  • We had the goal in our mission to complete families. One family was almost together but the dad always had to work and could never make it to church. His job was about 10 hours away so he would be home for Saturday night and that’s it. One day we went to visit and he was there, we were shocked but he then told us that he had been fired because his boss found out that he was interested in the LDS church. His boss was Catholic and didn’t like that idea. We tried to console him and tell him everything would work out. He then looked at us and said that it was the great blessing of his life. Now he could go to church and become a member of the only true church on earth. He was so happy that he could make his family complete and return to our Heavenly Father someday. He was baptized shortly there after. (Colton)
  • Seeing a family that I worked with for six months, get sealed in the temple. (William)
  • A temple visit with an investigator and a recent convert. (Beem)
  • We went to church, and we were almost late and then my companion forgot her badge and we had to go back home. At first I thought at the back of my mind, that we’re already late and we still have to go back, but I chose to just be patient and come with her to home. During our travel back, we met one of our investigators, Tatay Tony. We asked him to come to church. At first he was hesitant but later on he agreed to come. After church, we could observe something different from Tatay. He then said, Sisters, I want to come to church again next Sunday. After that day, he started to stop smoking and drinking coffee as well. (Heiress)
  • One of the many spiritual experiences I have experienced was when my trainee companion and I were both new in our area. On the first day, the previous missionary took me to almost every single member, less actives and investigator he knew where they lived. The next day, my companion and I now went in their houses, it wasn’t perfect but we miraculously were able to visit 98% houses of whom we visited on previous day. (Junel)
  • There were many experiences, especially during the teachings. All though in the beginning I didn’t know the language, but the Spirit always conveyed the message.  I have seen people’s lives changed.The best thing is the two of our converts whom I’m in contact with are also returned missionaries. (Uzma)
  • Sharing the Book of Mormon and asking the investigator to read it, but back then we have to some sort of have an monetary exchange for the book, however the family that we were sharing it with was way poor, the money that they have could be spent for food , but because they are interested in reading the book, they gave the money intended for food in exchange for the Book of Mormon, later on they got baptized. (Louise)
  • When we received a referral card just stating the name and a very huge village. We prayed to be guided by the Holy Ghost. We were walking silently when I heard the prompting to stop. When I looked at my companion, he just smiled because he received the same prompting at the same time. We knocked on the door of the nearest house and it was where the referral and his family lived. (Emmanuel)
  • For me spiritual experience every time I enter the temple.  I have received revelation in the area how to become strong and progress in the area and become strength to investigator. (Jerome)
  • Every day is a spiritual experience. (Silvestre)

What are some interesting facts about the Quezon City Mission?

  • White people were few and far between, but the Filipino people all wanted to be pale. Which is a shame because they have such beautiful skin. (Teela)
  • Our mission was split in 2011. We had 180 missionaries to teach and covered an area with 18 million people. After we split the mission we had the privilege of teaching and finding 9 million people. It was a little tough but we made it work. The last year of my mission we were told to stop baptizing people until we could reactivate all the less active members. There are 600,000 members but only 90,000 are active, then only 10,000 had their endowment. (Colton)
  • It is one of the smallest in the world. My second Mission President was the first Filipino Mission President of the Quezon City Mission. It had an insanely high reactivation rate while I was there. (William)
  • It has been split into 2 missions. Our mission president is now the Apia Samoa Temple President. (Halley)
  • We had the Occidental Mindoro area and we called it as “The Rock” or “Paradise Island”. (Beem)
  • Our mission has two parts. The mainland and the Mindoro Island. We also have the Manila Temple as part of our mission and we get to go for a temple session once every next transfer. (Heiress)
  • Half of our mission is city and the other half is province. We also have an island composed of one zone, which is Mindoro. Our mission is one of the smallest missions probably in the whole world but millions of people are living there. (Junel)
  • We worked hard and saw the results. After the mission, I have received so many blessings and still receiving every day. (Uzma)
  • It’s almost 20 years ago but I still cry when I recall my spiritual experiences. (Emmanuel)
  • Bowling. (Jerome)
  • When our mission is growing and growing until we split the mission. (Silvestre)

What was the weather like?

  • Hot. Always. (Teela)
  • There are only two seasons the hot/dry season and the wet season. When it’s raining, you wish it was sunny and when its sunny, you wish it was raining. (Colton)
  • Hot, raining, or even hotter. (William)
  • Hot and humid, rainy all the time. (Ryan)
  • Hot. (Beem)
  • Very hot and wet and hot … so hot you can feel sweat running down your leg and you’re 100 meters away from the flat to start your day.
  • Mostly it was hot and sunny during summer and rains a lot during the rainy and storm seasons. (Heiress)
  •  Crazy! it depends where you live…if you are living in lower area, it gets flooded easily when the typhoon comes…by the way…typhoon comes in the Philippines always not just in our mission, approximately 26 typhoons a year.. its very HOT when summer. (Junel)
  • Rain, Floods, Too Hot, Typhoons. (Uzma)
  • Humid. (Louise)
  • It’s summer the whole year round except when there’s a typhoon. (Emmanuel)
  • Sunny. (Jerome)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • It was very humbling. Many of these people had nothing in the way of material possessions but they were still so happy. (Teela)
  • The people are very warm and willing to give you anything, more so in the province than in the city. They are so happy and resilient in the trials and problems they face. (Colton)
  • The Filipino people are the nicest people in the world. (William)
  • I like their cooking and hospitality. I like how they treated us as missionaries. (Ryan)
  • Friendly approach and genuine smiles. (Beem)
  • They were faithful, friendly and loving. We could see their desire to follow the Savior even when life is challenging. (Heiress)
  • At first, I was like kind of disappointed because it sort of close to where I live…like 8-10 hours drive by bus. But I have learned to like my mission because we are very close in the Manila Temple…by the way, Manila Temple is in our Mission. (Junel)
  • People are so loving, caring and they love to share their life stories. It was a beautiful place. (Uzma)
  • They already have a knowledge about God and family is a priority. They are very hospitable. (Emmanuel)
  • Benagonan rizal, Antipolo city. (Jerome)
  • The place is full of adventure and the people are quite willing to listen to our message of the restored gospel.  (Silvestre)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Take light clothing and make sure you are able to sit on the ground comfortably. Girls – wear “croc” shoes or something similar. (Teela)
  • Bring a waterproof backpack. Waterproof shoes and bring something waterproof to wrap your scriptures. (Colton)
  • Bring slip on shoes!!! Also silk ties are totally fine. (William)
  • Garments 7 pairs or 8 for a week. 4 pairs of Sunday dress and 4 pairs of proselyting dress, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 set of pajamas. (Beem)
  • Clothing: Loose, light weight, fast drying. (Including garments) Shoes: It is cheaper to buy the rubber shoes there as they are more durable in wet season. (Halley)
  • Wear clothing that has a good material for hot weather. There are also many stores and malls in our mission where you can buy cheaper clothing. (Heiress)
  • Don’t bring many regular clothes, you won’t need them, because even p-day you are not allowed to wear regular clothes, exemptions are limited. Such as going to barbershop. and only when you are inside of your apartment. (Junel)
  • Extra strong shoes on the top of the list. Clothing of soft fabrics as it’s too hot there. Mosquito lotion. Sun screen. (Uzma)
  • It’s tropical so don’t bring thick fabric clothes and bedding. (Emmanuel)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • I gained a better understanding of myself. (Teela)
  • It is where I found my lovely wife. I returned home after and we pursued a relationship. We have just celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. (Colton)
  • It completely changed who I was. (William)
  • Skills and knowledge that is really helping me in my present calling and a good fiance. (Beem)
  • One is my testimony of the Savior and His gospel were strengthened. I felt closer to my Heavenly Father. My perspective about things became different. I learned to appreciate little things more. (Heiress)
  • I’m pretty sure most of the Return Missionaries say ‘a lot’ and I probably say the same. I will say a couple of them. 1. Temple Blessing. 2. I was sick right before my mission term ended. I wasn’t able to go home and had to stay in Manila for medication. and members in my areas helped me and let me live in their home temporarily while I was sick.  3. I am now confident of talking with other people 4. I understand more the importance of commitment many-many-many more. (Junel)
  • I have been blessed with a totally changed personality…confident, self reliant and hard-working. I’ve got my own loving family. I’ve been blessed with a 4 year old son. More faithful and strong to face the trials. Stronger testimony. (Uzma)
  • IT HELPED ME DEVELOP A REAL RELATIONSHIP with the Savior and learn to be in tuned with the Spirit. (Emmanuel)
  • Blessing for me must be to know myself and a strong testimony. (Jerome)
  • Of all the blessing, I will count that I received is knowledge and wisdom from God which I would not have without serving the Lord. (Silvestre)

What are some skills you gained?

  • I can now speak a second language :). (Teela)
  • Before my mission, I was very shy and lazy, but after I have a new driving force. I’m actively involved with people around me and I’m currently in school and trying to make mine and my wife’s life better. I really was brought out of my shell. I used to be very shy and scared but now I’m a lot more outgoing and willing to talk to people. (Colton)
  • Prioritization skills. People skills. The ability to hear and follow the promptings of the Spirit more closely. A deeper understanding of the gospel. (William)
  • Cooking, Speaking Tagalog. (Ryan)
  • Teaching skills, study skills and confident in approaching people. (Beem)
  • I can still speak Tagalog. (Halley)
  • Communication skills, time management skills and studying skills. (Heiress)
  • A lot… leadership skills, teaching skills, planning skills etc. (Junel)
  • Learned a new language. Learned to cook Filipino food. Gained confidence. Learnd to work hard and never give up. (Uzma)
  • Developed social skills. Learned to love even those I used to find hated to like. (Emmanuel)
  • Communication skills and listening the concern other people. (Jerome)
  • Teaching, and leadership. (Silvestre)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • I wish I had been more flexible – it would have saved me at least a few weeks of misery. (Teela)
  • I wish I knew the scriptures better. I wished I wouldn’t have worried as much about the language. I was so scared, but I put myself to the work and it came very naturally. (Colton)
  • There are many different ways to have a successful mission besides the number of baptisms. In fact, I would say that is the worst indicator of a successful missionary. Everything depends on the Bishop. Develop a good relationship with the Bishop as soon as you go to a new area. (William)
  • How to speak Tagalog better. (Ryan)
  • “How to begin teaching” skill in Preach My Gospel. (Beem)
  • Don’t be so stubborn about learning. (Halley)
  • A little more about how to ask effective questions. (Heiress)
  • I wish we have many baptism converts. (Junel)
  • The language. (Uzma)
  • That my first area will be last… like same ward and apartment just not the same bed but the same bedroom. (Louise)
  • To know how to work with a companion. (Emmanuel)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Quezon City?

  • Remember that you are there to serve the Lord. His will needs to be your first priority. Don’t worry about anyone else – worry about you, your companion and your investigators. (Teela)
  • Never give up, it will be tough but you will make it. Just trust in the Lord and everything will work out. Just know if it’s true before you go. Don’t forget to pray. (Colton)
  • Start reading the Tagalog Book of Mormon out loud as soon as you have a good base of the language. So I’d say as soon as you get to the field. (William)
  • Enjoy. (Ryan)
  • “Dare to stand alone” and be obedient at all times. Be friendly and gain the trust of the members. (Beem)
  • Once you accepted the call to serve, you are on the Lord’s errand. You represent the Savior and His church. Forget yourself and lose yourself in the work of the Lord. This work is very important. Prepare now and strengthen your testimonies. The Lord will bless you and help as you prepare yourself to serve Him. (Heiress)
  • Prepare yourself spiritually…study the scriptures, be a Preach My Gospel Missionary, don’t waste your time in debating with other beliefs, there are still many missionaries who will persecute you when you are doing right and being an obedient person, just keep doing it. Your loyalty must always be God first. Be Humble, Obedient and Teachable. (Junel)
  • Just work hard & be obedient.
    It’s a very tough mission, but rely on the Lord…he will help you at every step.
    This is the best decision ever and you’ll never regret.
    Trust the Lord. (Uzma)
  • Develop a romance with the scriptures. Fall in love with the Book of Mormon. Ask returned missionaries about how is it to work with a companion 24/7. (Emmanuel)
  • Become strong through trials and love your companions and be patient. (Jerome)
  • Keep working and give it your full attention. To serve… never disturb your mind with temptations surrounding you and keep looking forward, walk, walk, walk and pray to the Lord where He would like you to go. Have a vision in every area you are serving, never give up. (Silvestre)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • The word for life and house in Tagalog only has a one letter difference. My trainee accidentally told a less active that “sometimes house is hard” rather than life is hard. (Teela)
  • In the public transportation system you say “bayad” to pay for your ride and bring the money up to the front of the vehicle. Well instead of saying “bayad” I said “bayag” that is a male body part that we won’t name. (Colton)
  • My companion was a greenie and we were teaching about obeying the law of the land. After the lesson, she was the one who gave the commitment and she said “Susudin po ba ninyo ang batas ng kumain?” Which means “Will you follow the law of the eat” in English. The correct word for land is suppose to be “lupain” and not ” kumain” 🙂 (Heiress)
  • I made many mistakes, but can’t remember now. (Uzma)
  • Mararamdaman mo ang pagpapatutoo ng Banal na Spiritu sa iyong puso. You will feel the Holy Ghost testify in your heart. PUSO – HEART PUSA – CAT My companion used Pusa. It so happened that our investigator was cuddling his cat during the discussion. (Emmanuel)
  • Tongan or karabite so funny language. (Jerome)
  • PALPAK. (Silvestre)