Peanut Allergy

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Peanut Allergy Survey

We’re surveying people about their experiences with Peanut Allergy. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*This information is not meant to replace medical advice, and the information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Name, Age)

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Peanut Allergy Symptoms

What symptoms have you experienced?

  • Facial swelling, hives head to toe. (Breezie, 4 years old)
  • Severe, itching, hives, swelling to lips, wheezing. (Ethan, 4 years old)
  • Swelling of eyes. Tongue burning and itching. Nettle rash over face. Bloodshot eyes. Hives. (Liam, 4 years old)
  • Sickness, Hives, Itching, Shortness of Breath, Closing of throat. (Elise, 16 years old)
  • Throat swelling. (Adrianna, 38 years old)

Peanut Allergy Causes

Is there anything you believe contributed to or caused your Peanut Allergy?

  • Mum believes lots of antibiotics when Ethan was a baby for post viral wheeze, chest infections. (Ethan, 4 years old)
  • No. (Liam, 4 years old)
  • My mum claims she ate a lot of peanut butter during my birth, but who knows 😂. (Elise, 16 years old)
  • Removing it from my diet for three years due to my 4 year old daughter having a severe allergy to peanuts as well. (Adrianna, 38 years old)

Peanut Allergy Facts

What are some interesting facts about Peanut Allergy?

  • Most candy is made from peanuts. (Breezie, 4 years old)
  • Reaction can be different each time. (Liam, 4 years old)
  • I always have an excuse to buy handbags ;). Got to carry my epi-pen in something. (Elise, 16 years old)
  • The protein oil stays in your skin once consumed for 4.5 hours. (Adrianna, 38 years old)

Peanut Allergy Difficulties

What are the hardest aspects of living with Peanut Allergy?

  • Having friends over to play with. (Breezie, 4 years old)
  • Anxiety for Mum, exclusion for Ethan. (Ethan, 4 years old)
  • Missing out on birthday parties because my mummy doesn’t trust the hosts 😔. (Liam, 4 years old)
  • People don’t take it seriously. (Elise, 16 years old)
  • Not being able to eat any foods at gas station. (Adrianna, 38 years old)

Peanut Allergy Advice

What encouragement/advice can you give others who experience Peanut Allergy?

  • Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water. (Breezie, 4 years old)
  • It does get easier, lots of info from anaphylaxis campaign. (Ethan, 4 years old)
  • If people are jerks, don’t take it to heart – they won’t understand until something happens to them. (Elise, 16 years old)
  • Read labels. (Adrianna, 38 years old)

Peanut Allergy Diet and Exercise

What’s been your experience with diet and exercise?

  • I’m a little overweight, but exercise daily. (Breezie, 4 years old)
  • Ethan has no issue with exercise, obviously some restrictions with diet. (Ethan, 4 years old)
  • My diet is rubbish, but that’s paired with the fact I have a selective eating disorder. On the other hand I LOVE exercise. Very sporty 🙂 (Elise, 16 years old)
  • I’m overweight, even though I exercise four days a week. (Adrianna, 38 years old)

Peanut Allergy Treatments

What’s been your experience with treatments (medication, surgery, etc.)?

  • I have multiple food allergies, so a lot of meds I’m allergic too. (Breezie, 4 years old)
  • Lots of hospital food challenges which has been really great at getting other foods which he had an IgE positive blood result into his diet: IE: tree nuts, sesame, haricot beans. This has been life changing. (Ethan, 4 years old)
  • Overnight observations in hospital. Antihistamines. Steroids. (Liam, 4 years old)
  • I started the peanut desensitisation program at Addenbrookes and although very exspensive, staff were lovely and is going very well. (Elise, 16 years old)
  • I hate predizone injection because I feel like my head is being rushed with fluids. (Adrianna, 38 years old)

Peanut Allergy Recommendations

Anything you’d recommend for someone with Peanut Allergy?

  • Join a support group on Facebook. (Breezie, 4 years old)
  • Anaphylaxis campaign, get component testing done, allergy lifestyle do great AER bags for epipens. Consume all 14 major allergens twice a week to prevent further allergies developing with advice from consultant, take vit D supplement if asthmatic and probiotics we use symprove and this seems to have really helped. (Ethan, 4 years old)
  • Always carry your epi-pen even if you think nothing could happen. Better safe than sorry. Also always check the date on your epi-pens. (Elise, 16 years old)
  • Stay away from sweets in the store. (Adrianna, 38 years old)

Peanut Allergy Resources

What specific resources have you found most helpful?

  • Pinterest & FARE. (Breezie, 4 years old)
  • Anaphylaxis campaign website and training. (Ethan, 4 years old)
  • Facebook forums. (Liam, 4 years old)
  • Facebook Groups. (Elise, 16 years old)
  • Pinterest,,, Peanut allergy support group on Facebook. (Adrianna, 38 years old)

Peanut Allergy Stories

Share an experience you’ve had related to living with Peanut Allergy.

  • Last year I ate a granola bar at a birthday party didn’t know it had traces of peanuts in it, ended up having to Epipen and sit in hospital with I’ve hooked up for 6 hours, then had to swallow nasty predizone for 5 days to feel better. (Breezie, 4 years old)
  • I’ll start with some negative experiences; people have thrown peanuts at me, threatened me about it, bullied me about coming out with them because I’m an inconvenience, completely disregarded my safety and left me out of events. However on a positive note you realize who your real friends are as they will support you the whole way, you don’t miss out on too much, and as somebody who works with food, there was an occasion I met a little girl with a peanut allergy who happened to have the same name as me and her parents said meeting me made her so happy. That was lovely. (Elise, 16 years old)
  • When I first found out I was told to replace all utensils and pans to prevent cross contamination. This is hard when your low income. It’s also hard to figure out the food prior to testing my throat closed 25 times in one month sending me to hospital to get Epipen daily, it took a toll on life and work. (Adrianna, 38 years old)