Paige Kohler

Paige’s Childhood


Hi my name is Paige Kohler. I am from Midway, Utah. I actually got married three months ago and so my last name is actually Karpowitz now- Paige Karpowitz. I am from Midway, Utah- I grew up there, and I want to tell you about myself.


So, I have four brothers and one sister. Three of my brothers are older than me, one is younger, and then my little sister is quite a bit younger than everyone else, and then I also have step siblings- three step sisters and a step brother. So, I think that is ten of us, so I have ten siblings that I have grown up in a really big family. It has been fun and crazy. I have also, most of my childhood I grew up with my four brothers, and now it is a really fun experience being the only girl. I actually really loved it. You know the stereotypical teasing and things like that definitely happened. Actually, funny story, one time, so the brother that is just older than me, Steven, we really like sports in my family, we really like athletics and we are really competitive. One time me and my brother Steven, we got in a little argument, where Steven said “I bet I could beat you at any sport” and I was like “Oh whatever” I mean, I’m the smaller sister, of course he is going to beat me, but I was way too prideful. We went outside and we played all of these different sports. He beat me at soccer, basketball, and a race. And you know, I’m feeling pretty mad, and Steven is just on top of the world, then we went in the backyard, and we wanted to play baseball, so I grabbed this baseball, he has the bat, and we are doing a game of accuracy, so whoever could hit the ball and hit the playhouse most accurately would be the winner. Steven went first, I pitched the ball to him and he hits it and it just comes right back in my face. It hits me right in the forehead, and it hit me right in the head, and gave me the biggest black eye iI have ever had. That is actually the only black eye I have had, but luckily it was spring break, so fortunately no one had to see me with this big, black, puffy eye.

My other brother Jeremy, we have this little go-kart and we always zip it around, we live kind of on a mountain, so we always go up in the hills and ride it on the dirt roads.Me and Jeremy were on the go-kart, he was driving, and I a am probably four years younger than Jeremy, four or five years younger than Jeremy, so I’m pretty little, and we go up on the hill, and Jeremy is not really paying attention and he just would skid on a bunch of gravel. He was going super fast, and I get flung out of the go-kart and I’m just like skidding on the road. Jeremy turns around and comes back to pick me up, and I’m bleeding everywhere, and I had to get stitches. I always tease Jeremy and Steven about that, and the times that they hurt. It was funny. I loved growing up with my brothers, it was so fun. I was really, really excited when my Mom was pregnant with my little sister, we’re going to get another girl. My younger brother was eight years old at the time, so there’s a bigger gap between them, but it was a lot of fun. We have a big crazy family. We still get together all the time and play games and it’s really fun. I really love my family.

Growing Up In Midway

I think I mentioned this in the beginning, but I grew up in Midway Utah. I think we moved there, my Dad grew up in Midway, and his dad grew up in Midway so, the Kohler family has been in Midway for a really long time. I think when I was born, my family was living at Park City at the time, but our family moved to Midway soon after. Midway has grown quite a bit in the past couple of years, but when I was growing up it was a pretty small town, and i loved it. I have so much hometown pride and, there is just so many fun things about growing up in a small town. For example, there’s tons of little quirky traditions that I just love. We do this thing called the Swiss Days, it’s the day before Labor Day, and it’s just this big festival, town celebrations. Vendors come and they set up booths. Then, there’s tons of food booths, and I remember when I was younger I was like I loved Swiss Days, but when I was younger, it was just good. I was trying to get out of school on Friday, but my Mom usually never let me skip school, but me and my cousins have about five cousins that live in the valley, we just like run around the town square. We’d have so much fun. I remember working in the food booths. It was so fun.

And, another thing that Midway does is that they have a Midway town cleanup where the community gets together and everyone just goes and picks up garbage early in the morning, and its kind of weird but I actually really loved doing that, I remember our Mom would always wake us up really early, and we wouldn’t be very excited about it, but looking back, I really loved that experience of walking around and picking up garbage and making the town more beautiful. Midway is really beautiful, it’s there’s mountains and there’s a lot of Swiss influence, hence the Swiss Days. That’s because the Swiss settled it, and it reminded them of Switzerland. It’s really beautiful. During the winter, there is tons of snow. Actually, I went out to my parents’ last weekend, and there were just like five feet of snow in the front yards. Pretty crazy. It’s just a beautiful place, I’m just so lucky to have grown up there, I remember just I had to ride on my bike everywhere, everyone in the midtown knew each other, and it’s just a really great place to grow up, and I really love Midway.


I kinda mentioned this earlier, but, a lot of my Kohler family lives in Midway, I think most of them do, actually. Midway or Heber, which is actually pretty close to Midway. It was really fun being so close to my relatives, I’m super close to my cousins. I did mention this, there are about five of us girls who are super good friends, and we would hang out all the time. One of them was in my same grade in high school, so we grew up together, and we were never in the same class, which is a bummer, but were together through elementary school and stuff. But we were like super good friends.

One of my favorite memories is, me and my cousins, we would always go sleepover at my grandma’s house, and my grandma’s so funny, we would always play phase 10, and my grandma would always cheat, not on purpose, she just would get too eager and steal someone’s card, she would always cheat and go out of turn. It wasn’t her fault. She just got excited. I loved doing that. We would always stay up super late. I was always the one that would fall asleep first. It was embarrassing. In the morning, we would always, they would always be like, “We had so much fun after you fell asleep.” I’m not a night owl, but that was one of my favorite memories. My grandma lives on a farm, my Grandpa lives with her. The farm is so fun. We have huge swings and a rope swing and trolleys and just big fields, there are cows everywhere, it stinks, but it’s so fun, and I would always would have the Kohler reunion there. We would have so much fun running around and it’s a really great experience. That was a really great experience for me and I am just really grateful to grow up close to family, and to be close to my cousins.

Lake Powell

So, growing up, my very favorite vacation spot, probably in the whole wide world, not even just from then, still today, is Lake Powell. My family would go to Lake Powell every single summer, and we have a houseboat and it is just the funnest place. You’re just gross all week, but your just in the lake and in the water all the time: boating, wakeboarding, tubing, cliff jumping, building sand castles, catch lizards. We would always have really great food. I don’t know what it is, but food just tastes so good at Lake Powell, it’s probably just because you are always hungry. We would go on fun hikes, I remember one time, one year, we went on this really awesome hike and there was just little baby frogs everywhere and we would catch the frogs, and that was so much fun. The houseboat has slides. I would always slide down the slide and jump off the diving board, we would jump off of that. My uncle has one of those big blow-up tramps, and we would always have that, and that was really fun. The most recent year that we went, we brought Spikeball, which is really, really fun, and we would have Spikeball tournaments on this little beach, and everyone just gets sun burnt. You sleep outside on the top of the houseboat and the stars are just amazing, and I love Lake Powell. I loved going there every year. When I was little, and now, it’s my all-time favorite vacation spot.

Other Vacations

My older brother, Jeremy, he served his mission in Uganda and Ethiopia, those two countries were part of the same mission. So, when I was 16, I was the lucky child that got to go, it’s probably because I begged my parents everyday, but me and my parents went and picked up my brother, and it was a really fun experience. I remember the plane ride was terrible, it was so long, and just not super fun. We first went the Ethiopia, we were in Ethiopia for, like, four days. Before, I had made like 50 infant blankets, and we brought them to an orphanage while we were there. So that was a really cool experience. It was really cool to hold all these cute, precious kids and babies, and we went to an orphanage that was clear out in the boonies in the middle of nowhere, and then we went to one that was in city. So that was really, really cool. The food in Ethiopia is really, really gross. There were some good things, but they have a thing called igera, which is like a really moist tortilla and it’s kind of spongy feeling and they eat it with everything. They will just grab their beans and their igera and just eat it. And, it was just, I could not eat it. It is made out of fermented teft flour, and teft is just, like, some sort of grain. I could be wrong about that. I know it’s fermented, so it’s not very good. And I’m not a very picky eater, so it was kind of surprising, but igera wasn’t good. We went to a ward party, and they had a goat there and they just, like, killed the goat and cooked it on the fire, and we ate it, it was interesting, but, it was really cool.

We took this drive up to the top of this mountain and there was this big cathedral. On the way up there, there’s a lot of grassy fields, there was this makeshift soccer field, and the posts were made of wood, and these little kids are playing soccer. And so me and my brother got out and went and played soccer with all of these little kids. It was super fun, really really cool. Ethiopia was a really great experience. Afterwards, we flew to Uganda, where my brother had served previously, and Uganda is a lot more different than Ethiopia. Uganda is more tropical and humid, and Uganda is more like deserty, cold type of thing, and so Uganda was a lot different. Uganda had better food. I don’t want to say, like, it was my favorite food, it was a lot better. The fruit there was amazing. We went on safari. That was really cool. I saw a leopard and elephants and giraffes. We got really, really close to giraffes. That was really cool. We also went on a boat safari in the Nile and there were hippos and alligators, and that was really really cool. It was a really cool experience. We met a lot of the members, and just walked around the streets, and it was really fun. On our way back from Uganda, we stopped in Rome, and we were in Rome for four days, so we saw the Colosseum, St. Peters Basilica. We ate gelato every single day, sometimes both times a day. The food was amazing and that also really fun. That was one of the coolest vacations I went on. It was exhausting because we were walking around, sightseeing all the time, but I loved that trip to Africa and Italy. It was really really fun and a really great experience.

Paige’s Education

Midway Elementary

Growing up in Midway, I went to Midway Elementary. It’s the only elementary school in Midway. I loved Midway Elementary. It was so fun. I had the best teachers, I still remember all my teachers from my kindergarten teacher up to my fifth grade teacher. I had the same teacher twice in third and fifth grade because she jumped grade levels. I had so much fun at Midway Elementary. One of my very favorite things was field day. I guess that I really like athletics, and I am really competitive, and so, every year, we would have a field day, and it was just this little competition where they do like a distance run, and everyone races around the field, or they do a frisbee toss and a sackrace. I like lived for field day. I loved field day. It was so fun. Midway Elementary is so full of memories. Some of my very best friends, we met in first grade at Midway Elementary, and I loved it and it was so fun.

High School

High School was really fun. There is only one high school in the Heber Valley, so that takes in Midway and Heber and Wallsburg. One high school for the valley. We would all have to drive. All of the Midway kids and everyone would have to drive from Midway to Heber to go to high school. It’s not that far, but still. I went to Wasatch High School. We were the Wasatch Wasps. Our colors were black and gold and white, which I liked the colors, their fine, but I still have a really hard time wearing black and yellow together because I just think of high school, but I had so much fun at high school. I was really lucky. They built the new high school, so my sophomore through senior year I was in a brand new school, super nice.

In high school, I played a lot of sports. I played softball, I played freshman year, but I got kind of burnt out, so I switched to track. Ran track my junior and senior year, and I played soccer, I started playing soccer in eighth grade. One of the soccer coaches asked me to play, and I was like, “sure” because I had never played before. I ended up loving it and it was really fun. So I ended up playing soccer throughout high school and also basketball. I played basketball since I was in second grade doing jr. Jazz. It was a lot fun. I think basketball and soccer were my favorite sports. I had really, really amazing coaches the were such good people and it was so fun. I remember, I have really, really great memories of high school sports. My senior year, I decided to play golf, which I been golfing before with one of my brothers, I mean, we didn’t really take it seriously. My brothers and my Dad, my older siblings, they are really good at golfing, and I am not much of a golfer. But I had been before, so I was like “oh, it will be fun”, and so, I made the golf team, which doesn’t really mean anything, since I’m pretty sure anyone could have made the Wasatch High School Girl’s golf team, but it was a really fun experience.

I remember, my very first golf tournament, which they take very seriously. We were in a region with a lot of private schools we had like Judge Memorial and Juan Diego. These girls had been playing golf since they were born, and I had never actually played a real, legit round of golf, and so in my first tournament, we are at this course in Salt Lake, and there’s all these rules that I wasn’t aware of. For example, if you swing and miss, and you don’t even touch the ball, it counts as a stroke. I had no idea. I remember the first time we were teeing off, there was like this super-long range and the hole was just like on this little hill over to the side. It was more on the left. I remember, I went up there, saying “oh great, this is going to be terrible” and there happened to be on the left side of the range — the left side had the hole and the right side had a tree, and this tree actually jutted over a little bit. But it was pretty far away. I meant to hit it towards the left where the hole was, but I ended up hitting it more towards the right, I just shanked it, and it just goes shsshshsh, over to the right. And it was a huge blessing that tree was there because the one tiny little branch that jutted, my ball hits it, and drops right on the green. It was a miracle. And all the other girls were so mad because I made it in two strokes because it dropped my ball right next to the hole. And it was a miracle because it was going the complete other direction. I think that story is so funny. Girl’s golf is hilarious. I had a really good experience with golf and high school sports. Wasatch High School is a really great school, it was so much fun. I know a lot of people have terrible memories of high school, but I actually really, really loved high school.


After high school, I applied to several schools and ended up getting into BYU, which is where I wanted to go, and so I went to BYU, me and my friend, Abby, we lived in Heritage Halls which actually don’t exist anymore because they tore them down because they were just old and gross, but it was so fun living there and, there were six girls in one apartments. We shared one bathroom. It was quite the experience. It was really fun. Me and Abby ended up living together until we got married, and so that was really cool we had a lot of fun experiences.

Initially, when I went to BYU, I wanted to study nutritional science, so my freshman year consisted of chemistry and biology and just these crazy classes that I though that I would love because in high school I loved chemistry and I loved biology. But, I turns out, college is a little different, and I didn’t love CHEM 105, it kind of scared me. So, since then, I have been taking business pre requisites, and I am thinking about business, but I don’t actually know what I am going to study yet, so I need to decide really soon because I’m getting to the point where I have too many credits, so they are going to get mad at me and tell me I need to pick a major. Hopefully, after the end of this semester, I will be able to know what my career path is and pick something to study. In freshman year, was super fun. BYU is really fun. I remember my first couple weeks of school I was like, what am I doing her because everyone told me that “college is so fun, you’ll love it” and I remember the first couple weeks I was just like, “they all lied, this is not fun it’s so hard. it’s not fun.” But it all changed, after about two months, I got used to it, and it was so fun.

Paige’s Mission

Deciding to Serve

I was at BYU in 2012 or 2013 when they made the age change for missionaries. Initially it was girls went at 21 and boys went at 19, and then they changed it to boys can go at 18 and girls can go at 19. And, they made that announcement in the fall conference, and my birthday is the end of October. So they literally made the age change 2 weeks before I turned 19. Before then, I had though about serving a mission. I had a bunch of young women’s leaders who served missions, and they would always talk about experiences, and I always thought that was cool, but I though 21, I’ll never be 21. I’ll come to that when the time comes, I’ll think about it. It just, I don’t know, I never had decided I am going to go, I’m not going to go. After the age change happened, this is going to sound really bad, I felt like it was sort of a bandwagon thing, like, everyone I knew was like, “I’m going on a mission,” and it made me not want to go. I just remember thinking, “everyones going on a mission, it’s just the thing to do. I don’t want to do it.”

But even when I said that, way deep down I knew that I needed to go and I really wanted to go.It took me a while. My two best friends got their mission calls, and I was still just like, “no, I’m still not going.” Finally, I didn’t have a huge special moment when I knew I needed to go. I just remember, I opened my papers and its like, and its like, urgh, it’s time to fill them out, and we’ll see what happens. Then, all of the sudden, I was like, “you know, I don’t care what other people are doing. I want to go, and I feel like I should.” Once I made the decision I wanted to go, it was super quick. I finished my papers within a couple of months, well, not even that, a couple of weeks, and then submitted them and I actually didn’t tell my mom I submitted my papers I though I was being like super sneaky, and it was going to be hilarious when she just got the call in the mail. She claims that she knew, but I don’t think she did.I submitted my papers when I was taking a Book of Mormon class, and the class would have each student who got their call to stand up to say where they were going and when they were leaving, and this was in March and because there were so many missionaries going out, people weren’t leaving until October. I was like, “oh no, I’m not going to leave until next November.” I was not looking forward to that. It was actually a huge blessing. I turned my papers in in March. I got my call in a couple of weeks, and I was leaving in two months. I left in the middle of May. It was a really quick wait compared to people who were waiting, like, four to six months, and I had two months. So I got called to Washington D.C. and, I was really excited, I was excited to go serve the Lord, and just see what the new experience would bring.

My Mission Call

As I said, I got called to Washington D.C., the Washington D.C. North mission. There is also a D.C. south mission. I remember, my brother, my oldest brother, Lance, was actually living in Washington D.C. at the time, but he had just finalized a job in Salt Lake and was moving back home.I was like, why are you moving? But, another thing that was unique about my call was that I was also called to the visitor’s center. So, there’s the Washington D.C. temple is beautiful and huge, and it has a visitor’s center next to it. We would do, only sisters are called to the visitor’s center, and people come in, and we get to talk to them. That was a really, really interesting experience, and I never had thought of the visitor’s center, or going to a visitor’s center. When I thought of a visitor’s center, I thought of Salt Lake City and I figured I want to get called there because I am from Utah. That was an interesting experience. I remember thinking, before I got my call, I didn’t really care where I went, but I was thinking I want to go somewhere I don’t have to do my makeup or my hair because somewhere like the Philippines, or some third-world country where I wouldn’t have to get ready everyday. Then, I got called to the visitor’s center. You have to look really nice and in the description it said we had to wear a blazer everyday to the visitor’s center, and I was like, oh great. But I actually was really excited, and looking back on it, it was exactly what I needed. I needed that experience in the visitor’s center. It was really good, but initially, I wasn’t bummed, I was really excited about the VC, I just remember thinking like, “the visitor’s center, what is that?” It turned out to be really, really good.

Mission Stories

I had a really cool mission. It was really cool. There was a lot of missionary work. Missionary work was, like, exploding at the time. There were a lot of new things that happened while I was a missionary. Something that is unique about Washington D.C. is that it is, like, the melting-pot of the world. There is someone from every country there. It’s crazy. There is just so much diversity, and I think my mission there were five or six languages spoken in my mission. I was English speaking, but there were other missionaries that spoke tons of other languages. It was really, really cool. I got to meet people from all over the world with tons of different backgrounds. It was just crazy. It was so fun. Another unique thing that I mentioned is the DC temple, the temple is huge, and we were East Coast, it’s humid, there are tons of trees, and the temple, the way that it is, is in like, the perfect spot, with, like, this little hill, and there’s just tons of trees and stuff. And so, when you come up there’s a beltway that goes around DC and its super busy. And when you come up over this hill on the beltway, this temple is just, like, bssh, out of the trees. It’s beautiful so people are always going to the visitor’s center and asking, “what is this building, it’s so beautiful.” that was really fun to tell people about the temple. The visitor’s center was super unique. How that worked was we all had an area, so, depending on all the sister companionships you had your area, just like every other missionary.

Then you would have a shift at the visitor’s center 2-3 times a week for half of the day. You would either go in in the morning until three o’clock, and then go back to your area and work or you would come in at three o’clock ’til nine, and then go back and work in your area in the morning. It changed every transfer. It depended on the area that you were in. How many times you go to the visitor’s center. It was really, really fun. There was a lot of really cool experiences that happened at the visitor’s center, a lot of really cool miracles. One of the coolest things that I got to see was the festival of lights. Every December, they light up a ton of lights, just like they do at Temple Square, and people come and see the lights, and we get to talk to them, and they have a free Christmas concert in this big auditorium downstairs every night. It is a really good place to get all sorts of people in to tell them about the Lord and about the temple and to answer the questions. That was really fun. I got to meet a lot of cool people.

They have a diplomat night and an ambassador night. We get to meet a lot of people from all over the world that have these cool jobs. That was really fun. Another thing that they did, which I loved, this was probably my favorite thing. They had a program called “Why I Believe” and it was every third Sunday of the month. In this big auditorium, they would have all of the recent converts stand up and say when they got baptized, and then they would pick two beforehand that would share their experience, their conversion story. They would have two other speakers that were either converts or more famous people. I don’t know if you could call them famous. For example, Brian Kill, he’s an NFL football player for the Redskins. He’s a member, and he and his wife came and talked about why they believe. That’s a thing throughout the whole night. Us, as missionaries, we could bring our investigators there, and they could see other people who have made the decision to join the church. It was a really, really awesome, there were some really, really spiritual nights there. My perspective on visitor’s centers from when I got my call to after serving there has completely changed. Visitor’s centers are awesome. They are awesome missionary tools to help people learn about the church. I really loved my mission. I met the best people.

One of my favorite things about the mission was my companions. I don’t know why, I must have been the troubled companion or something, but I had the best companions, and we’re all really, really good friends. We hang out all the time, and have been bridesmaids at each other’s weddings. I loved my companions. I had a ton of fun. I actually only served in three areas of my mission. One was in Quiz Orchard or German Town, and then I served in gooey, and then I served in Rockville. I got to spend a lot of time in these three areas, and it was so fun. I loved each of them. I think my favorite was Bolie. It was out in the bushes. It was super far away from everything and it was more rural. When I got to Bolie, the first three people that I saw were missing several teeth and I was like what is going on, where are we? It was so fun. The people were so nice, and we had a lot of success there and lots of really hilarious stories. I ended up loving Bolie. I remember that the first couple weeks it was like, “What’s going on, I don’t want to be here.” But, I loved that area. It was so fun. So if you ever go to Maryland, go to Bolie, it is the best.

Mission Presidents

On my mission, I had two mission presidents. The first was one, President Matsumori, I only had him for about a transfer in a half, but he actually had a huge impact on my mission, and my life. He was obviously the missionary to welcome me to the mission and bring me there and put me with my trainer. And, he was very, very strict. He was, like, “this is how it is, and this is what we do” And it was really cool because that really set the tone for my mission and helped me. I really think it helped me become a better missionary because I just knew why I was there and I knew my purpose, and he really helped me with that. Since being home, he actually passed away a year ago. I remember going to his funeral, and afterwards it was the inspiring funeral. He was an amazing person, and I really admire and look up to him a lot because he taught me a lot about what it means to be a disciple of Christ. And then, I was privileged to have a second mission president come in, President Cook, and he was also amazing. He was so fun. He was an Army general, and so I remember before he came in everyone was like, “Oh no. We are getting an army general. It’s gonna be so strict.” He wasn’t quite as strict as the previous mission president, but he was so good, and it was perfect, and I learned a lot from him, and he and his wife, both of my mission presidents’ wives, are just amazing people, and I really admire my mission president, and I was able to learn a lot from them. Yeah, I loved them both. I am really lucky to have had two really great mission presidents.

Paige’s Marriage

How I met my Husband

As I mentioned, me and my husband, Kaleb, we got married in September, on September 15, so it has been about four months. We really met freshman year of college at BYU, we were both living in old Heritage, and we were one of those people, we were in the same ward, and I remember the first time I met him, I didn’t know who he was, I did have a roommate who had a crush on him though. And now, I am a terrible person, I didn’t, I knew, but I didn’t know who he was. Because I was close to home, I would go home a lot of the weekends, and so I didn’t stay around and get to know my ward very much as I probably should have. One morning, he came storming into my apartments, his friends with some of my roommates. I remember, I was cooking something in the kitchen and he just walked in, and I was like, “Hi”, and he was like, “Hey,” You know, it’s like, “What are you doing, who are you? Why are you in my apartment?” He was being goofy. We just chatted for a minute and I think he asked me to make him a sandwich, and I was like, “No, you make me a sandwich.” So that’s the first time I ever met him, and I never thought of dating him or anything. It was funny. It was funny that he stormed in and that’s how we met, and yeah, it was really funny.


So, after my husband had stormed in and we had met, I don’t really know what happened. We didn’t really talk much after that. He would just keep, like, storming into my apartment, and like talk to us, I think he thought I was funny. Me and my roommate were just like, “What are you doing? Who are you?” Our first date was actually on Valentine’s Day, which that sounds like, super cliche, but we were, like, we didn’t even really like each other. But, one of my super good friends, and one of his super good friends in the ward, Dave, he wanted to take this girl out, and was planning this big group date, and Kaleb, I don’t know if Dave told Kaleb to ask me, or I don’t really know, that was between them. Kaleb asked me, and I was like, “Okay, sure.” So we go on this date, and it was pretty funny. I mean, we had fun, and we still talk about it, but nothing super special, but I think I wooed him, he was like, “Dang, I really like this girl.” After that, he would, like, ask me on dates. One time, he tried to kiss, he’s going to be really embarrassed if he sees this, but one time he tried to kiss me and I totally shut him down, and I was like, “Whoa, you cannot kiss me.” And it was pretty funny. We started hanging out more, and we were just friends. Then, I think after I shut him down and I told him that he couldn’t kiss me, I think he kind of was over it.

We didn’t talk for a while, but then, just randomly, we probably didn’t talk for three months, and then randomly, we started talking again. Kaleb likes to pull pranks. I am more of a reserved, introvert, shy person, and he’s like the complete opposite, so I remember, it was my birthday, and I was walking home, and you kind of walked up this hill to the building, and there was this giant, massive poster of my face. This picture, there is this picture of me and my mom, and I am eating pasta, and my mouth is open, and it’s like, a not very cute picture. He had blown it up and it was huge, and it was just hanging on the front of our building, just massive, and I was like, “oh, no,” I was so embarrassed, and of course I knew exactly who it was, but, he was always pulling pranks. Me and my roommate tried to get him back one night, and we snuck into the boys apartment late at night, which, like, don’t tell anyone, we were not supposed to do that, but we were just like in the main commons thing, and we filled up a ton of little cups of water, so that they couldn’t step out of their apartment. They ended up catching us, we didn’t get super far, but it was pretty funny.

We kind of started dating, that’s kind of how we started dating, it was nothing super serious, though, because we were both going on missions, we both had our mission calls at that point. I was going to DC as I mentioned before, and he served in Berlin, Germany. So it was really casual. We didn’t really talk about the future at all, but, when we both went on our missions, we started writing, and it was really casual writing, just friendly. We wrote for awhile, and he wrote me a lot more than I wrote him. I felt bad. I just, like, was terrible at writing letters to my family, I’d write like a teeny paragraph. About nine months into my mission, I was like, “oh no, I’m going home soon, and I don’t know how I feel about this.” and so I wrote him off. And it was really nice. If you are ever going to write someone off, do it the way that I did it. It was really nice. I don’t know if he feels like it was nice, but I felt like it was really nice, and so he says that he was really sad, but he, anyways. I ended up writing him off, and we didn’t really talk for awhile, but I forgot a story.

Before that, when we were writing, I had probably been on my mission for, like, three months, and we both left at about the same time. He sent me this package, and I remember getting the package, and thinking, “Germany?” Kaleb sent me a package? What is going on? I opened it up, and there was this traditional German dress, and it has white poofy sleeves, and a blue and red apron, and it’s really cool, but it was so funny and my companions teased me about that forever. I’m pretty sure every sister that I served with knows that I was sent this German dress, and they always tease me about it, and it’s funny. I still have it, it’s great, it’s in my closet, but, that was really funny. Anyways, I wrote Kaleb off and we didn’t really talk for awhile. When he got home, I got home before him, and when he came home, I wasn’t expecting anything to happen, but we started dating again, and he actually had, like, fifty girlfriends that he was dating, and I was just one of the many, and I was still going on dates with other people, but we would hang out a lot and we had a lot of fun together, and so that’s how we started dating after the mission.


Me and Kaleb, after we had started dating for awhile, he started breaking up with all of his girlfriends, and he told me, “I only want to date you.” That made me really nervous. I was super scared to be exclusive with someone, so I, I told him, that’s really great, and I like hanging out with you, but I don’t like feel like I can date just you right now. We went for probably a good six months where I was the only person he was dating, but I would go on other dates, and looking back, he should have just dumped me, I don’t know. I wasn’t trying to be mean, I was trying to figure out what I wanted and what to do. He was very, very patient with me, and he waited for a very long time, and I am very grateful. But then, there was a lot of things that happened. I went to New York for one of my friend’s weddings. When I cam back, that was when we were like, we really like each other, let’s start dating. So that was when I was more exclusive with him, and we ended up getting engaged in April and married in September, but right after we were engaged, he went to North Carolina for the summer, so we were apart that whole summer.

It was a really long summer, and it wasn’t super fun, but, you know, in a lot of ways, I am really grateful for it, we talked on the phone every single night and it was cool because I think we got to be even better friends, we were really good friends beforehand, but when all you can do is talk on the phone and communicate like that without seeing people’s facial expressions. You have to be creative, and figure out things to talk about. We had to know each other really well, and it made us really, really good friends. He got home at the end of the summer, and actually, that’s sort of a cool story, when he got home, he was supposed to get home at this certain date, and then he and his friend ended up driving from North Carolina to Utah, all non-stop without sleeping, and they’re crazy. He showed up at my house, unexpectedly, like, a super surprise, it was like midnight and he calls me and he’s like, “hey, come outside” and I was like, “No!” I didn’t think that he was serious or that he was really that because he was supposed to come two weeks later, so that was a really fun surprise. Anyways, he came home from the summer, we hurried and planned the rest of our wedding. I remember going suit shopping for a very long time and he got a very nice suit, so that was good. Then, we got married. We got married on September 15. It was in the middle of the semester, which was kind of crazy, juggling school and wedding plans and getting married. It was good. It worked out great. And we were married. We have been married for four months, and we live in this little teeny shack thing, but it’s perfect. Being married is great. I’m very grateful that Kaleb was patient with me and he waited for me, even though I felt like I needed to date other people. I don’t know. I’m really grateful that he was willing to wait for me.