Noblesville, Indiana

Life in Noblesville, Indiana, explained by people who’ve lived in Noblesville:

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Noblesville Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Noblesville?

  • Close proximity to where I work, good schools, easy access to shopping and entertainment. (Rebecca, 5 years)
  • Clean city, plowed roads. (Andrea, 7 years)
  • Close to Indy. (Michele, 8 years)
  • Small. (Sa, 30 years)
  • Great schools, close proximity to anything needed, still has the small town feel. (Rachael, 33 years)
  • The schools. (Laurie, 40 years)

Noblesville Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Noblesville?

  • The traffic, the bullying that is ignored by all at the schools, and how rude a lot of the people are. (Rebecca, 5 years)
  • Only one high school with way too many schools. (Andrea, 7 years)
  • It you didn’t grow up here you aren’t “in.” It is very “clickish.” (Michele, 8 years)
  • Very republican. (Sa, 30 years)
  • Traffic is getting worse. (Rachael, 33 years)
  • Lack of restaurants, slow to change. (Laurie, 40 years)

Noblesville Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Noblesville?

  • Saturday night car show on the square, free concerts in the park, bowling. (Rebecca, 5 years)
  • Go swimming at the public pool. (Andrea, 7 years)
  • Concerts, Morse Reservoir. (Michele, 8 years)
  • Forest park concerts, strawberry festival, dance on the square, shops on the square. (Sa, 30 years)
  • Shopping downtown, visiting the parks. (Rachael, 33 years)
  • Shopping downtown. (Laurie, 40 years)

Noblesville’s Reputation

What’s Noblesville known for?

  • The Square. (Rebecca, 5 years)
  • Trying to be like Carmel. (Andrea, 7 years)
  • Field of Dreams. (Michele, 8 years)
  • Was our train museum, but, such is life. (Sa, 30 years)
  • Quaint downtown. (Rachael, 33 years)
  • Friendly community. (Laurie, 40 years)

Noblesville Crime

What’s the crime like in Noblesville? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • It’s a fairly safe city. (Andrea, 7 years)
  • Noble Manor is a mess! (Michele, 8 years)
  • Really bad drug, meth, situation..anything south of 32/Connor street in the downtown area, some of the north area as well now. and the Stringtown pike area. Apartments are bad no matter where. (Sa, 30 years)
  • Minimal. (Rachael, 33 years)
  • Not too bad, drugs are a problem. (Laurie, 40 years)

Noblesville Advice

Any advice for people moving to Noblesville?

  • Live on the west side of the river! (Andrea, 7 years)
  • Try to get involved in schools. (Michele, 8 years)
  • If you’re democrat, forget ever having representation, they’ve creatively rewritten the district maps. Avoid the high school, go private. (Sa, 30 years)
  • Great area to raise a family, excellent schools, Main Street offers so much. (Laurie, 40 years)

Noblesville Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Noblesville (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • When my daughter was young she walked off with the donkey from the 4th of July parade. (Sa, 30 years)

Noblesville’s Future

How do you think Noblesville will change over the next 10 years?

  • It’s going to keep growing which means more traffic, not enough roads, more kids in our already full schools. (Rebecca, 5 years)
  • Be way too overcrowded. (Andrea, 7 years)
  • It will just be BIGGER, kids will just be a number. (Michele, 8 years)
  • More diverse, more crime, people are moving away from Noblesville now to Hamilton Heights for the school, or out to the Fortville area. Nearly the entire junior class is flunking math, and our school placed very low in math as well. They are stuck on this new math program. (Sa, 30 years)
  • Growth will likely slow down. (Rachael, 33 years)
  • I hope to see more retail, restaurants and downtown living. (Laurie, 40 years)

Noblesville Facts

Any other interesting facts about Noblesville?

  • Interesting although I wouldn’t brag, but it was a huge site for the KKK back in the 1890. (Sa, 30 years)