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Nigeria Calabar Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Calabar Mission. We try to keep this information up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

For Letters:
Nigeria Calabar Mission
# 20 MCC Road, Opp. Mirage Hotel
Cross River

For Packages:
Nigeria Calabar Mission
PMB 1396
Cross River

Phone Number: 234-81-5909-2064
Mission President: President Mathias O. Eguko

Nigeria Calabar Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the Nigeria Calabar Mission (LDS). To access the official, up-to-date map for the Calabar Mission:

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Videos with Nigeria Calabar RMs

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Nigeria Calabar Mission.  We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews. Coming soon..

LDS-Friendly Videos about Nigeria

Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about Nigeria. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about Nigeria, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

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Nigeria Calabar Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Nigeria Calabar Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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Mission Alum 2016
President & Sister Eguko 2015
Elder Bentum Joseph 2012

Nigeria Calabar Mission Groups

Here are Calabar Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Calabar Mission.

  1. Calabar RMs (Mission of Exact Obedience) Group (198 members)
  2. Nigeria Calabar Mission RMs Facebook Group (65 members)
  3. Nigeria Calabar Mission Facebook Group (13 members)

Nigeria Calabar Mission T-Shirts

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Nigeria Calabar Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Calabar Mission.

  1. 2015-2018, Mathias O. Eguko
  2. 2012-2015, John E. Kosin
  3. 2009-2012, I. Raymond Egbo

Nigeria LDS Statistics (2015)

  • Church Membership: 129,989
  • Missions: 5
  • Temples: 1
  • Congregations: 416
  • Family History Centers: 46

Helpful Articles about Nigeria

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Nigeria Calabar Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Nigeria Calabar RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

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When did you serve?

  • 2014-2016 (Gifty)
  • 2013-2015 (Precious)
  • 2007-2009 (Chukwudi)
  • 2007-2009 (Osayande)
  • 2007-2009 (Angelus)
  • April 2014-October 2015 (Rodaline)
  • February 2010-August 2011 (Joana)
  • 24 months (Stanley)

Which areas did you serve in?

  • Uyo (Abak, Abak road, Ik). (Gifty)
  • Akamkpa, Ikot Ekpene, Ibiono Ibom, Itu, Oron, Atiabang, Okobo, Ibesikpo Asutan, Federal Housing/Ikot Eyo, Ikot Akpan Abia, +2 other areas I can’t remember their names now. (Precious)
  • Calabar, Ikot Akpadan, Eket and Etinna. (Chukwudi)
  • Uyo, Abak, Oron, Ikot Ekpene, Eket, and Calabar respectively. (Osayande)
  • Akwa Ibiom state and Calabar state of Nigeria. (Angelus)
  • Cabalar, Eket and Akampa. (Stanley)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Eba and okro soup, Adekanko soup. Egusi soup, pounded yam and white soup. (Gifty)
  • Ekpankpukwo Afang soup Efere Eyap yi Atama. (Precious)
  • Rice, afam soup, beans, yam and garri. (Chukwudi)
  • Rice and stew. (Osayande)
  • Gari, Afan soup, while soup made with cocoyam, bitter leaf soup, and pepper soup with rice. (Angelus)
  • Eba and afang soup. Semovita and edikaiko. (Rodaline)
  • Eba and afan soup, white soup and pounded yam, pepper soup with gari. (Joana)
  • My favorite was eba and afan soup, fufu with afan soup. (Stanley)

What was a funny experience?

  • Proselyting in one area for six months. A formal branch president always bragging. (Gifty)
  • Translating the language differently, and speaking a different dialect for a different people. (Precious)
  • How I started eating their local food I was not familiar with, how I was able to deal with home-sickness. Super preparation day, we had the opportunity to play football with other missionaries in the zone. (Chukwudi)
  • Investigators knowing that the scriptures are true, but finding it difficult to believe. (Osayande)
  • Any time we greet people some will ask us in their native language if we have eaten. We visited a first councillor in branch presidency on why he didn’t attend church that day and he replied he is mourning his lost dog. (Angelus)
  • Investigators interpreting Christ’s baptism in the lesson 3 pamphlet as a fight, the way it was described was usually very funny. (Rodaline)
  • Beaten by rain while standing under shade, going to visit an investigator. (Joana)
  • To me is the Preparation days on every Monday. (Stanley)

What was a crazy experience?

  • Going to the market in December, and being chased by their masculate. Sunflyers biting. (Gifty)
  • Trekking the longest distance ever in life, because of fuel scarcity. (Precious)
  • When I fell from my bike on a hill on our way to see an investigator and had faith to continue the journey with blood on my white shirt. (Chukwudi)
  • Investigators rejecting the gospel. (Osayande)
  • My companion and I was chased out from a house with a machete. We went visit a member and on our return to the apartment on a motorcycle (means of transportation in Nigeria) we were cut up between a big truck and a van and the van nearly pushed us under the big truck. I thought I would die that day. (Angelus)
  • Being chased by masquerades in some areas and you would have to run fast because they will beat you if they lay their hands on you, it was crazy. (Rodaline)
  • Trying to jump the chapel wall to escape gun shot after a stake conference. (Joana)
  • First time meeting people and they seem not to listen to you and not believe what you are telling them is true. (Stanley)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • Being able to speak in tongues (their local language) and teach. (Gifty)
  • Having the purest love of Christ for everyone. Total change of personality.. Receiving a lovely answer after fasting and praying. (Precious)
  • Our life was safe from kidnapping because they saw that we where praying when they entered our apartment. When I baptized a man who had investigated for over six months. (Chukwudi)
  • Missionary work is full of experiences, my spiritual time is when I keep to the mission rules. (Osayande)
  • My companion and I was covering three areas and one Sunday we were going to visit our second ward when I felt that we should inform the first ward’s bishop who lives close to the apartment. Upon arriving, we saw the bishop’s mother sitting on the floor crying, looking at her daughter who was in serious pain rolling on the floor . We asked where the bishop was and she said he had already left for the chapel. So we asked to give her daughter a priesthood blessing and left to the second ward. On our return from the second ward to the first ward, we found the sister who was seriously in pain at church happily participating in church activities. We were very surprised and said to each other what a miraculous healing. (Angelus)
  • On our way to an appointment, we tried locating the place we were going but found it difficult. A young man watching offered to help but with his approach, we felt reluctant to accept his help. Something prompted me to accept his offer, so we did. On our way, to  show us the place, we took the opportunity to share the gospel with him. Surprisingly, he accepted the message and the invitation extended to him to come to church. He accepted a baptismal date and got baptized at the appointed date. He had real intent and he is one of the active members in his current ward and he wants to serve a mission. I know following the promptings of the spirit is very important especially in missionary work. (Rodaline)
  • Sharing with an investigator, who can’t speak English, the gospel but was edified. The experience of speaking in tongues. (Joana)
  • Well, the spiritual part for me was very great side because am always excited seeing new people, I teach getting understanding of what I and my companion and moreover seeing them enter into the waters of baptism. (Stanley)

What are some interesting facts about the Calabar Mission?

  • Very Large areas. Interesting & lovely People. (Precious)
  • Lovely people, love to see missionaries, fed us as much as we wanted. Made up of mostly villages, most rode a bike. (Chukwudi)
  • The missionaries are wonderful people although all of us have our differences. The mission president is such a lovely and caring person. He is like a father to the missionaries and his wife as well. (Rodaline)
  • Sisters sitting in front in all meetings and elders putting on long sleeves during meetings. (Joana)
  • Facts always meeting new people with new questions and learning new things every day. (Stanley)

What was the weather like?

  • Very good. (Gifty)
  • Hot, cool and chill. (Precious)
  • Hot and cool. (Chukwudi)
  • Very cool. (Osayande)
  • Hot and rainy. (Angelus)
  • The weather was mostly cold. It usually rained there but sometimes it was sunny. (Rodaline)
  • Sometimes very hot and other times cold. (Joana)
  • Wow, very well. (Stanley)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • Always ready to ask questions. (Gifty)
  • They were loving, and cheerful. They’re welcoming to outsiders. They are ever ready to treat missionaries to good home meals. (Precious)
  • Hospitable to us. Free meal, nice people to be with it, more baptisms if you are ready to work. (Chukwudi)
  • Fruitful and diligent. (Osayande)
  • Most people are so nice to missionaries, and they treat missionaries as very special people in the church. (Angelus)
  • The place was so interesting because the people there are friendly and lovely. They have nice surroundings as well. (Rodaline)
  • The welcoming nature of the people. The smiles that appear on the faces of members. (Joana)
  • Mmm, okay my first area was Eket, I really like the place and the people because you are always teaching and you do not get stressed. (Stanley)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Normal clothes for hot weathers, for Elders lot of long sleeves. Get a rain coat for the raining days. (Precious)
  • No, just your normal mission clothes. (Chukwudi)
  • You should be very mindful of any belongings and no heavy clothes unless during rainy season. (Angelus)
  • One shouldn’t pack so many items…both going on the mission or returning from the mission. Always make sure you look your best but very simple. It will speak well of you as a representative of Jesus Christ. (Rodaline)
  • Not really. (Joana)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • My knowledge about the gospel, the atonement and the plan of salvation have increased. (Gifty)
  • More love for the restored gospel. A better me. The gift of tongues. Much wiser and bigger me, and many more blessings I can’t think of now. (Precious)
  • I am happily married with my lovely wife who served a mission in Nigeria Lagos mission. I have peace of mind because I was able to covert many souls while on my mission. (Chukwudi)
  • So many blessings, I can not count. Heavenly Father has really blessed me a lot. (Osayande)
  • My life was changed for the better. I have become more Christ-like. And my life after mission going on well as I always pray for and still experiencing miracles in my life. (Angelus)
  • I was able to understand the gospel so well and know what I really believe in and with this I know I will become a good mother and wife someday. (Rodaline)
  • Good health, fluent in speaking the native language of the people. (Joana)
  • Wow uncountable. (Stanley)

What are some skills you gained?

  • Trainer. (Gifty)
  • Teaching skills. Cooking skills. Communicating skills. Working hard and under difficult situations. (Precious)
  • Driving and communicating. Being bold in talking to people. (Chukwudi)
  • Facing people and being straightforward. (Osayande)
  • I understand more about the scriptures. I have improved in my reading and writing. (Angelus)
  • Cleaning, being able to talk boldly in public, being honest, management, budgeting, lots more. (Rodaline)
  • Becoming a good speaker. (Joana)
  • How t0 speak in public. Reasoning to achieve good result. (Stanley)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • I wish I knew that I didn’t need to a whole lot of unneeded materials on mission with me. (Precious)
  • How to teach the lessons. (Chukwudi)
  • To know how to meet to my investigators needs. (Osayande)
  • I wish I could teach all the missionary lessons. (Joana)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Calabar?

  • I testify that being obedient to mission rules and having love for companions will help you feel the Spirit throughout your mission. (Gifty)
  • Nigeria Calabar Mission is indeed and in truth a lovely place to serve, as you go, go with the spirit of the Lord, and serve faithfully and effortlessly with all your heart. (Precious)
  • Forget yourself and work for the Lord. He will help you in time of need. Be courageous, the Lord is on your side. (Chukwudi)
  • My advice for them to do their best, and that God blessing them a lot for their diligence. (Osayande)
  • The place is very nice and will have great success if you work heard. He should learn their broken English quick it makes them feel you are part on of them. you should be focus and know your purpose because there is a lot of destructive activities. (Angelus)
  • Serving in Calabar Mission was a great experience. My testimony of the Savior and his Atonement has really increased. I know beyond any reasonable doubt that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the one and only true church upon the face of the earth. Serving a mission is not an easy task, but when we rely on the Savior and forget the things of the world, we will come out successfully. (Rodaline)
  • Have the desire to serve the Lord by loving the people around you and I know the Lord will bless you . (Joana)
  • Well, servicing a Mission or be in the mission field is a very great place to learn to become as what the LORD, GOD wants you to be. (Stanley)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • Can’t figure that out now, I learnt to speak the language later well, but initially I was making mistake with a lot of words, eg. The Holy Spirit. (Precious)
  • Calling Elders only their surname. (Chukwudi)
  • Learning the Efik and Ebibio language. (Osayande)
  • When I begin to leaning the native language, I used to make mistakes when saying “God thank you”, I said “God grow old” and made them laugh a lot. (Angelus)
  • Can’t remember one. (Joana)
  • MMM, trying to learn the new things. (Stanley)