“My Missionary Is Calling!”

*Guest post by Gina Underwood

Ring-Ring-Ring…the cherished time is now! Finally, you get to talk to your missionary in the field. You have a million things you want to share. You answer the call. You see your missionary’s face, your heart melts…and all the million things melt away from your mind. Where are your reminders? Where are the sticky notes? The random sheets of paper to remind you what you wanted to say…They too vanish.

My name is Gina Underwood. My husband and I have a missionary serving in the Layton Utah Spanish Speaking Mission. I created these two planners in an effort to have more effective conversations when he calls home every week.

The above scenario was me before I created the planner! I would get so excited to see his face and hear his voice….that I would forget everything. What did I want to share with him? Couldn’t remember. I was just overjoyed to see and hear him!

Then, my life turned around with my beloved planner! The “My Missionary Is Calling!” planner has benefited me greatly! To have all my notes in one place–instead of scattered sticky notes all over the house—has made my weekly conversations with my missionary much more effective.

Now, I have my planner in one location and jot down notes throughout the week. All my questions and thoughts are in one easy-to-find spot! Other family members also make notes in the planner…never miss sharing a life highlight again!

I also created a Missionary Journal planner for the missionary….to jot down things he wants to share with us during the calls.

Start today to journal this beautiful, brief phone call time with your missionary! A great place to record your thoughts and feelings is in this keepsake planner. Upon my missionary’s return, I will give it to him to add to his mission memories.

There are 2 planners:

Wishing you and yours all the best blessings!

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