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Misión México Tuxtla Gutiérrez

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Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission. We try our best to keep this information up to date, but it’s a good idea to double check the mission address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission
Apartado Postal 278
29020 Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas

Phone Number: 52-961-671-9761
Mission President: President Kevin V. Doman

Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission (LDS). To access the official, up-to-date map for the mission:

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Videos with Tuxtla Gutierrez RMs

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission.  We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews.

mission interview  mission interview

LDS-Friendly Videos about Mexico

Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about Mexico. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about Mexico, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

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Tuxtla Gutierrez Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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 Sister Kaysie Larsen  2018
 Elder Dennis VanBuskirk  2018
Sister Katelynne Dangl 2017
Elder Brigham Martin 2017
 Sister Morgan Connolly 2017
Sister Staci Leavitt 2016
Elder Michael Hagues 2016
Elder Aaron Wixom 2016
Sister Jordyn Hansen 2016
Elder Garth Hunt 2016
Elder Hyrum Portlock 2016
Sister Sariah Cook 2016
Elder Ethan Runyan 2015
Sister Holli Humphrey 2015
Sister Shalie Taylor 2015
Sister Sadie Peine 2015
Sister Mckenna McNaught 2015
Sister Melanie Hickman 2015
Elder Alexander Norris 2014
Elder Jaymes Monson 2014
Elder Taylor Parker 2014
Elder Andrew Nickerl 2014
Elder Jaden Petersen 2014
Elder Fred Bassett 2014
Elder Clark Roth 2014
Elder Greggory Peck 2013
Elder Tyler Lythgoe 2013
Mission Alumni 2013
Elder Jake Dansie 2013
Elder Geoffrey Palmer 2012
Elder Brandon Leslie 2012
Elder Bryce Harris 2010

Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission Groups

Here are Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission.

  1. Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Mision 2007-2011 Group (408 members)
  2. Mision Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez Facebook Group (131 members)
  3. Ex-Misioneros Mision Tuxtla Gutierrez 1988-93 Group (72 members)
  4. Mision Tuxtla Gutierrez 1988-1990 Facebook Group (16 members)
  5. Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission Moms (LDS) Group (15 members)
  6. Mision Tuxtla Gutierrez (la banda) 2002-04 Group (2 members)

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Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Tuxtla Gutierrez LDS Mission.

  1. 2017-2020, Kevin V. Doman
  2. 2014-2017, Arley Hulet George
  3. 2011-2014, Juan Gabriel Cardenas Tamayo
  4. 2008-2011, Guillermo Velasco
  5. 1999-2002, Jose M. Lopez
  6. 1996-1999, Benjamin De Hoyos
  7. 1993-1996, Carlos R. Merino
  8. 1990-1993, Octaviano Tenorio D.
  9. 1988-1990, Alberto De La O Gamboa

Mexico LDS Statistics (2015)

  • Church Membership: 1,368,475
  • Missions: 34
  • Temples: 12
  • Congregations: 1,998
  • Family History Centers: 268

Helpful Articles about Mexico

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Tuxtla Gutierrez Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Mexico Tuxtla Gutierrez RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

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When did you serve?

  • 2015-2016 (Lisa)
  • 2013-2015 (Justyce)
  • 2011-2013 (Donnie)
  • 2009-2011 (Gordon)
  • 2008-2010 (Alejandro)
  • 2005-2007 (Noah)
  • 2005-2007 (RM)
  • 2014 (Bertha)
  • 2013-2015 (Michael)
  • 2013-2015 (Casandra)
  • 2013-2015 (Polly)
  • 1988-1990 (Alfredo)

Which areas did you serve in?

  • Tuxtla Mactumatza, Tapachula Izapa, Tapachula México, Comitán. (Lisa)
  • Zanatepec at Oaxaca; Chenalhó, Pantelhó, Tuxtla and Comitán at Chiapas. (Donnie)
  • Tuxtla, Paraiso, Palenque, Zapata, Villahermosa. (RM)
  • Tapachula y Cacahuatan. (Bertha)
  • Tuxtla, Cintelapa, Comitan, Ixhuatan Oaxaca. (Michael)
  • Tapachula y Tuxtla Gutierrez. (Polly)
  • Tabasco. (Alfredo)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Pozole, pozol, tacos, tamales de pollo con chipilín, mole…todo. (Lisa)
  • Tlyudas, sopas, pollo, chiles rellenos (Stuffed peppers). (Justyce)
  • Pozol of cacao, Tamal of pitubil with chicken. (Donnie)
  • Tacos, Riquis, sopes, pizza, tacos dorados, huaraches, hamburguesa, jocho, tinga de pollo, pozol, pozole, elote preparado, tostadas, ceviche de camarón, Coca cola mexicana, any Fanta flavor, tlayudas, quesadillas, pollo asado y a la leña. Pollo al carbón. And so on. (Gordon)
  • Pozol ° lentejas ° pizza ° la arrachera ° tlayudas ° la variedad de frutos. (Alejandro)
  • Tacos al Pastor. Pozol. (Noah)
  • Chiles rellenos (beef). Milanesa. (RM)
  • Las tortilla los mole y muchos mas. (Bertha)
  • Tlayudas are my favorite. Also enchiladas and tacos dorados are really tasty! (Michael)
  • Pozole, Chile Verde, Mole, Pozol (a corn drink), Caldo de Rez. (Casandra)
  • Los Mangos! All the fresh fruit. Some members made this breaded chicken that I loved. In my experience, the food most of the time was amazing! (Polly)
  • Tomar pozol, iguana, pescado. (Alfredo)

What was a funny experience?

  • Not really funny I guess, but for a zone p day, our mission president took us to the beach in Oaxaca and let us play in the sand and even enter the water!! It was so much fun but I forgot to put on sun screen and I was so sun burned the next day!! Literally I was as red as a lobster. It was sad because that weekend we met Elder Oaks , and there I was, red as a lobster! Another funny thing that happened, so my companion and I were both from Utah learning Spanish…. We were asked by our convert to sing at her baptism so we prepared a medley of 3 primary songs and spent the week before practicing. When we finished singing, the branch president stood up and thanked us by saying ‘what beautiful voices, the spirit was so strong I didn’t need to understand your English to know how beautiful it was’! Everyone started laughing because we definitely sung in Spanish! (Justyce)
  • At the Indian areas you can find many hard roads between coffee plantations and maize fields, but when the rain comes everywhere you can find mud, and you can get stuck in the mud, even slide and fall. Then you need to walk all the way ahead full of mud. (Donnie)
  • Many of the funniest experiences happened due to something being lost in interpretation. My companion once thought I was referring to a girl’s bottom, but in fact, I was just asking him how to say harass in Spanish. My other companion thought I was making a list of things hay uno, hay dos etc. I really was just reminding him that we were fasting. Ayuno. (Gordon)
  • El trabajar bajo la lluvia en algunas ocasiones. Como el convivir con los miembros que son super divertidos y sencillos. (Alejandro)
  • An iguana bit my fingers. Don’t feed the wildlife! (Noah)
  • My companions and I would play “rock soccer” when we were walking down dirt roads, trying to kick rocks between each other’s legs while walking. We missed often, leaving lots of bruised shins and ankles. (RM)
  • Trabajar bajo las lluvias. (Bertha)
  • When Jehovah Witnesses want to Bible bash. I just walked away. (Michael)
  • A mosquito flew in my area while we were at the front door contacting a less active member. I screamed and flailed. It completely broke the ice, and the less active member let us share a message. The Lord works in mysterious ways! (Casandra)
  • Andar en visicleta cuando llovía. (Alfredo)

What was a crazy experience?

  • Some group of young men tried to pick pocket my companion and then they wanted to beat us up but a man came and fought them off for us. (Gordon)
  • I got really sick from eating strawberries that were contaminated. (Noah)
  • My companion and I once had to forge a swamp and then a river to get to an investigator’s home. We learned only after arriving that both the swamp and the river were infested with crocodiles. Needless to say, we prayed the whole way back through the swamp. (RM)
  • Pos aquellos días cuando había temblor y cuando pasaba un huracán. (Bertha)
  • I almost got hit by a motorcycle which was driven by a drunk man. (Michael)
  • My companion and I had to travel down a road where these huge, mean dogs were loose. Every time we went past, the dogs snarled and growled closer and closer to us, but they usually stayed on the cement pavement guarding a house. Once they left their stations and came to attack us! My companion hid behind me, and I had the feeling to keep walking calmly. The dogs snapped at us, but it was as if there were angels surrounding our bodies, protecting us. We got through without a scratch! There were also lots of scary experiences with drunk men in the streets. The members were so good to accompany us at night. (Casandra)
  • Ir de frontera tabasco a la ranchería la estrella en vici. (Alfredo)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • We were lost looking for an address, asking everyone on the street about this unheard of neighborhood. We contacted a woman and her child who told us she was very interested in hearing our message herself. That week we tried to contact her many times, but we couldn’t find her house and the phone number never worked. Three weeks later (on New Year’s Eve) we found ourselves having been turned away three times in San Miguel. My companion and I felt impressed to try to contact her one more time right then. She answered and we were only a block away from her house. It turned out that she had been praying to find a connection to the Church again for months. She had gone to church for nearly a year five years prior. She and her family were baptized a month later. Talk to everyone. Never give up. Always listen to the Spirit. (Lisa)
  • There were so many!! But every time I was able to be a part of someone’s conversion, or be at their baptism, the spirit was so strong! I remember one baptism was especially spiritual for me. In that area, we did them in a river and even though we were outside and could hear other noises, the moment that the prayer was being said, it was as if the world stood still. The spirit was definitely there then! (Justyce)
  • When we had district meeting learning about the eight fundamental principles of Preach My Gospel. We prayed as a district to know that the Book of Mormon is true and we all received a strong answer of its truthfulness by the Spirit. (Gordon)
  • The Lord guided me through my mission. My transfers got better and better. If you don’t have a good experience at first don’t give up. It will get better. Keep learning. (Noah)
  • There was a huge hurricane that wiped out a large portion of a city. A couple elders jumped into the flood water to save some people who were drowning. Although only two Elders entered the water, on-lookers swore that they saw many more people dressed in white, pushing debris away from the elders, and helping them get back to safety. (RM)
  • Ver como personas que no querían nada del evangelio luego nos buscaban para que les en señaramos. (Bertha)
  • I was able to baptize two families who were sealed a year later in the temple and I was even able to be present for one of them even though I had finished my mission. (Michael)
  • There are way too many spiritual experiences to share here! One that comes to mind: My companion and I were fasting to find two more prepared investigators that could be baptized before the end of the transfer. That Sunday, we were informed that one of the members is not actually a member! He had never been baptized but has been attending church for eight years. Our lessons with him were 100% guided by the Spirit, and I thought how cool it was to be a vessel, so this Hermano could hear exactly what he needed to hear to accept baptism. So cool! (Casandra)
  • Sentir el espíritu dando una vendision de salud. (Alfredo)

What are some interesting facts about the Tuxtla Gutierrez Mission?

  • There are a lot of ancient ruins and if you are lucky, hopefully the mission president will take you to see them on a mission trip! (Justyce)
  • It’s the most beautiful place on earth. (Gordon)
  • Amazingly rich history. Mayan ruins dot the mission. (Noah)
  • The Palenque ruins, Lehi’s vision stone, and many other sets of ruins resided in my mission. (RM)
  • Los miembros de cada barrio y las nuevas personas. (Bertha)
  • It is one of the safest missions in Mexico. (Michael)
  • The people there are SO loving! There are rumors these are the Book of Mormon lands! We got to go see a Rock that resembles Levi’s dream of the tree of life in Izapa. There are lots of mangos and other yummy fruit. The main source of transportation are vans called “combis”. The cars have no speed limits. I found lots of interesting bugs and animals there. The mission is all of Chiapas and part is Oaxaca. The showers are not heated, and we had lots of plumbing problems where I stayed. It is the best mission on earth!!! (Casandra)
  • Aber experimentado el tocar puertas i folletos. (Alfredo)

What was the weather like?

  • It’s hot. Unless you serve in the highlands (Los Altos), San Cristóbal or Comitán, prepare for 90-100 degree weather with a lot of humidity. In most areas, it rains a lot. (Lisa)
  • Hot and humid in some areas; cold in others (San Cristobal and Comitan were my cold areas!). Most areas have a decent amount of wind. (Justyce)
  • It is awesome, I found cold and heat, but over all, a lot of rain and also sun. (Donnie)
  • Hot humid. Lots of rain during monsoon season. Very windy in some coastal towns especially. (Gordon)
  • Es super super tropical, nunca hizo frio..como dice el estado, es el eden de mexico. (Alejandro)
  • Hot and humid. (Noah)
  • Very hot, typically 90% humidity or more. Typical jungle/rain forest-like weather. Heavy, flooding rain in wet months. (RM)
  • Caluroso. (Bertha)
  • Hot on the coast and cold in the mountains. Humid everywhere else. (Michael)
  • It’s soooo hot. There’s only one area that’s cold: San Cristobal de las casas. And during raining season (March — April-ish), it sure does rain. The streets will flood! Make sure to have an umbrella always (either for the sun or the rain). (Casandra)
  • Hot and humid. Plan on sweating your brains out. Sometimes it would rain A TON so bring good rain shoes 😁😁 (Polly)
  • Caluroso. (Alfredo)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • Everyone is SO nice. I had people flat out reject me, and they still offered to give us dinner. And in general, everyone was really receptive to the Spirit. Chiapas is such a unique culture. The traditional clothing is so beautiful. (Lisa)
  • I love the Mexican culture and the members there were awesome! I loved how they would make me feel like part of their family! (Justyce)
  • The people, they are very kind with each other, and they love the missionaries so they take care of them as if the missionaries were their own sons and daughters. (Donnie)
  • It is a shorter list to say I didn’t like the very steep hills I walked up and down way too frequently. I don’t like Panza/mondongo/menudo or liver or heart or tongue or snout or hoof. (Gordon)
  • La gente es bien humilde y compartida con lo que tiene. Son muy amigables. (Alejandro)
  • People are very friendly. Express true interest in them, and they will see it. (Noah)
  • Very lush, green, beautiful environment. People are very loving, fun-loving, and friendly. (RM)
  • Las personas son muy amables y puez la comida muy rica. (Bertha)
  • The people are really humble and the countryside is gorgeous. Long bus rides to be able to appreciate the environment. (Michael)
  • I love the culture. It is my personal theory that because we’re all so smashed everywhere we go, there’s no room to be selfish. The people there are so humble and loving! And they feed us so much! Their love is definitely shown in so many ways, but especially in their food. (Casandra)
  • Que las personas son muy amables y que te ofrecen todo sin nada a cambio. (Alfredo)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • For sisters: Don’t bring any kind of heel, unless it’s a low wedge for better support. In all of my areas, the roads were such that you wouldn’t want to wear them anyway. Fabric should be durable and the less it wrinkles, the better. Light weight clothing for the heat. A very waterproof rain jacket and a sturdy umbrella. A rain poncho works great. (Lisa)
  • Sisters, bring loose fitting tops that don’t need to be layered (more layers=too hot!) but also pack a little bit of warm stuff (maybe some tights and a sweater and a jacket) for if you get sent to the cold areas. Also , it’s really windy sometimes so be careful with your skirts, if they are really full they will blow up! (Justyce)
  • Only bring one suit even if told to bring two. You should only need it for zone conference or zone leader council. (Gordon)
  • Ropa sencilla y no mucha ropa de frio. (Alejandro)
  • Each area is different. (Noah)
  • Mostly short-sleeved shirts. Pack very sturdy pants/slacks. Bring a couple long-sleeved shirts in case you serve in the mountains. High rain boots that fit over your shoes are helpful. Bring a few pairs of jeans for many service opportunities. (RM)
  • You might actually need a coat or at least a jacket if you go to the mountains where it is cold. (Michael)
  • You can find super cheap modest dresses everywhere there! I didn’t even end up wearing a ton of the clothes I brought. Get clothes that are modest and one layer since it’s so hot. Also, we hand wash our clothes. Pack light. All the areas are hot except, but there is a chance you might serve in San Cristobal, so bring a jacket. In the winter, it gets chilly in the winter at nights. But honestly, you won’t get used to the heat… just the sweat! (Casandra)
  • Yevar ropa cómoda por el calor. (Alfredo)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • The greatest blessing is just understanding a little bit more of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. (Lisa)
  • I loved my mission because although it was hard at times, I learned how to look for the positive side of every situation. I have been blessed now to be sealed in the temple and have a stronger testimony of the gospel because of the things I learned while I was serving the Lord. (Justyce)
  • Got to appreciate the many things I had at home, when I thought they were many instead of a few. (Donnie)
  • The beautiful gift of tongues to speak Spanish fluently, read it, write it, and understand it. I was able to make lifelong friends. They have blessed me knowing them. I now have a beautiful wife and two kids. The Lord is looking out for us. (Gordon)
  • La mejor bendición fue haber aprendido experiencia para toda mi vida en tomar las mejores decisiones y saber que mi familia siempre tuvo lo dispensable todo el tiempo de mi mision y aun después de ella, las bendiciones no paran dia con dia. (Alejandro)
  • I formed powerful friendships. (Noah)
  • You name it. Great wife & family, many great jobs, amazing friends, both my family and I have been VERY well taken care of. (RM)
  • Que mi familia acepte alas misioneras y que mi hermano se aiga bautizado. (Bertha)
  • I am a stronger disciple of Jesus Christ. (Michael)
  • I feel overwhelmed trying to list all the blessings because there are too many! Best thing in my life by far. Ok, I’ll try… The friendships. The love. The protection. Strength. An enormous desire to live the gospel for the rest of my life. My rock solid testimony. Sharing my experiences strengthens others. My family’s safety. My family’s strength to overcome obstacles. A wise perspective on life. My friends’ and families’ desire to serve missions …. So many more. (Casandra)
  • El tener un testimonio fuerte de la iglesia. (Alfredo)

What are some skills you gained?

  • How to be confident when talking in public! (I was really shy before I served!) I can now speak Spanish!! I now understand the importance of writing in a journal- everything- the spiritual things, the funny things, the sad things, it should all be recorded in a journal. (Justyce)
  • Study skills, teaching skills, material inventory skills, customer service skills, navigational skills, culinary understanding, administrative and delegation skills. (Gordon)
  • Mas y mejor servicio sin importar las condiciones, reconocer el discernimiento y la abilidad de saber quien realmente soy…Un Guerrero de Nuestro Padre Celestial. (Alejandro)
  • Cooking, public speaking, Spanish of course. (Noah)
  • Great interpersonal skills, Spanish language skills, ease at picking up other languages- including programming languages, classroom management, conflict resolution, etc. (RM)
  • Poder hablar con muchas personas y un poco de ingles. (Bertha)
  • Speaking Spanish. Accounting from having served as financial secretary. How to make tortillas by hand. (Michael)
  • How to take initiative in things instead of waiting around for someone else to tell me to do something. How to teach people, not lessons. How to love all of God’s children. How to listen to the Spirit. How to speak Spanish. How to wash my clothes my hand. How to wash dishes by hand (a lot, super fast, without much water). How to find houses with no prior knowledge. How to lead meetings. How to motivate others. How to make tortillas! How to eat 3 dinners one day. (Casandra)
  • El hablar con la jente sin temor ni miedo. (Alfredo)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • Have faith and be optimistic always. Miracles come to those looking for miracles. Being “realistic” does not mean to have low standards. (Lisa)
  • Studied Spanish harder, how to connect with people better, I also wish I knew at the beginning of my mission that it is okay to not be perfect. That the best thing I can do is just be myself and share my testimony, just let people see the light in your eyes! (Justyce)
  • That long sleeve shirts would be useless. (Gordon)
  • The Lord does his part, and you do yours. You cannot serve without him, but you must be very willing to serve his way. He will help you. (Noah)
  • I wish I had studied the gospel more before serving. I wish I would have humbled myself much more before leaving. I wish I had worked harder at the beginning of my mission. (RM)
  • Buscar muchas personas y ayudar ami compañera. (Bertha)
  • A mission is about showing love to those you serve and showing your love to the Lord by obeying the mission rules. (Michael)
  • I really wished I had studied the Book of Mormon better, as well as Preach My Gospel. I feel like the first 3 months of my mission I was a lump on a log because I didn’t know what to do, or what to teach. Also, it would have been nice to be experienced with the language, but it gave me character taking 45 minutes to say one sentence to my native non-English-speaking companion. (Casandra)
  • Ekser humilde. (Alfredo)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Tuxtla Gutierrez?

  • Be exactly obedient 100% of the time to the commandments and mission rules. Seek to be a Christlike missionary who develops Christlike attributes. Let the Lord change you and mold you. Study and teach diligently. (Gordon)
  • Keep learning. There is no one secret that is attained in your first area. Each area is different, and you will be happiest if you keep learning. (Noah)
  • Be humble, work as hard as you can, have fun. (RM)
  • Testifico de que Jesucristo nos ama y que es nuestro hermano mayor que si nos esforzamos por ayudar alas personas seremos bendecidos y si nos concentramos en las personas no en los números todo ira bien si nos esforzamos ellos podrán llegar a tener una familia eterna la obra de salvación es maravillosa entreguen su alma mente y fuerzas …..(Bertha)
  • Be worthy. (Michael)
  • Best. Experience. Of my life. Not because it was fun all the time (I definitely had fun), but because of the joy of seeing the gospel in action. The joy of growing yourself exponentially! (Casandra)
  • The members are so wonderful and the location is gorgeous. Enjoy the little things there and become close with the members! They are there to help you. The mission makes us better disciples of Christ. Enjoy it! (Polly)
  • Ser humilde i predicar el evangelio con el ejemplo i seguir los consejos del espíritu. (Alfredo)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • I called Jose smith a girl a few times…. I had a companion that said that God will take away all of your fish if you just pray and ask forgiveness (fish and sins in Spanish are really close, pecado/pescado). (Justyce)
  • Almost every day I sounded like a robot. Keep it simple at first. If you try to be too word smart you will sound arrogant. Focus on listening and asking questions. People really respond well to that. (Noah)
  • One of the new missionaries called a sister hot, that he was in heat, and that he was pregnant, instead of telling the sister that she looked like she was feeling warm, that he too was warm, and that he he felt embarrassed. On another occasion, a missionary kept switching the word “pedo” (I fart) for “pido” (I ask) while praying aloud. All the investigators were in a giggling fit throughout the very long prayer. (RM)
  • They are mostly inappropriate (the ones I remember anyways haha). So I will refrain from mentioning those. (Michael)