January 2, 2018

Mapleton, Utah

Life in Mapleton, Utah, explained by people who’ve lived in Mapleton:

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Mapleton Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Mapleton?

  • Proximity to school campus… how close I feel to other people. (Anne, 6 months)
  • Small town, not crowded. And I love seeing all the farm land with animals. (Melissa, 2 years)
  • Trying hard to think of something… sorry, nothing sticks out. (Tara, 4 years)
  • Quiet, off the beaten path. (AJ, 6 years)
  • The small town, country feel of Mapleton. (Jan, 6 years)
  • Very small town feel. (Rob, 6 years)
  • Small town, but close enough to big city if you need it. (Sally, 6 years)
  • The small town feel. (Marcie, 8 years)
  • It’s quiet and the people are wonderful. (Adelinda, 9 years)
  • The small-town community feeling and having a little space. (Jane, 10 years)
  • The rural feel and fields. (Tara, 14 years)
  • Quiet neighborhoods and less traffic. (April, 19 years)
  • The people are kind. (Anonymous, 19 years)
  • My neighbors. (Terry, 20 years)
  • There’s a rural feel to the community. (Kaylene, 21 years)
  • The feeling of quiet. (Lois, 32 years)
  • That it’s a small community. (Anonymous, 42 years)

Mapleton Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Mapleton?

  • Not enough snow. (Anne, 6 months)
  • Seeing the development. I don’t like that it is growing. (Melissa, 2 years)
  • Nothing near by, lacks convenience! We do all our shopping in Spanish Fork or Springville, and they get the tax benefit from it! Busses for school are ridiculously crowed and come at 7:05am for 8:00am school start time and we live right in Mapleton, not in the boonies. Volunteer fire department which is SCARY if there’s a fire or real emergency. (Tara, 4 years)
  • Taxes, fees and politics. (AJ, 6 years)
  • No grocery store. (Jan, 6 years)
  • Not sure. (Rob, 6 years)
  • How quickly it is growing. (Sally, 6 years)
  • No sidewalks, horrible city planning. (Marcie, 8 years)
  • It’s starting to get crowded. (Adelinda, 9 years)
  • The growth!! (Jane, 10 years)
  • That it gets more snow than Provo! (Tara, 14 years)
  • Entitled citizens and their children. (April, 19 years)
  • The air is dry. (Anonymous, 19 years)
  • No stores. (Terry, 20 years)
  • Property taxes are higher than other neighboring communities. (Kaylene, 21 years)
  • It’s growing so quickly. (Lois, 32 years)
  • That it’s growing too large. (Anonymous, 42 years)

Mapleton Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Mapleton?

  • Summer concerts in the park, parade, hiking. (Melissa, 2 years)
  • Ice cream at the pharmacy, hike whiting trail, night games, lol. (Tara, 4 years)
  • Parks, music in the park, holiday celebrations. (AJ, 6 years)
  • Pioneer Day celebration in the park, ride the Mapleton bike trail, senior gym and senior luncheons and activities. (Jan, 6 years)
  • Camping at Whiting Campground, Pioneer Day celebration. (Rob, 6 years)
  • Hiking. (Sally, 6 years)
  • The path. (Marcie, 8 years)
  • Running, walking, relaxing, church gatherings. (Adelinda, 9 years)
  • July 24th Celebrations. (Jane, 10 years)
  • Go to the park, hiking trail, walks, rides up in the mountain, camping. (Tara, 14 years)
  • July 24! You are missing out! (April, 19 years)
  • Hike. (Anonymous, 19 years)
  • Hiking, biking, walking, gardening, get togethers with friends and family. Mapleton Days. (Terry, 20 years)
  • Participate in the 5-k family fun run on Pioneer Day, go to the Pioneer Day parade, festivities at the park after the parade, the ping pong ball drop from a helicopter, and attend the concert and fireworks on the night of the 24th of July. Hike in the mountains, bike, walk… (Kaylene, 21 years)
  • Walk, summer concerts, nice parks. (Lois, 32 years)
  • Hiking and biking. (Anonymous, 42 years)

Mapleton’s Reputation

What’s Mapleton known for?

  • Small town, rural. (Melissa, 2 years)
  • Rich, keep to themselves type of people, no retail and one place to eat…Subway. (Tara, 4 years)
  • Open spaces and good families. (AJ, 6 years)
  • Wide open spaces, small town feel, friendly people. (Jan, 6 years)
  • Being rural and residential. (Rob, 6 years)
  • Beauty. (Marcie, 8 years)
  • There are a lot of wealthy people. High property taxes. It is a beautiful area though. (Adelinda, 9 years)
  • Small town, quiet community. (Jane, 10 years)
  • Being a small rural town off the beaten path. (Tara, 14 years)
  • Depends on who you ask. It’s not on most maps. Most people outside Utah County don’t even know where it is. Those of us who’ve been here for a while know Mapleton as small, with a lot of wealth. (April, 19 years)
  • Nice houses and pretty scenery. (Anonymous, 19 years)
  • It’s Maple Trees, small community, friendly people. Everyone looks out for one another. (Terry, 20 years)
  • 24th of July fireworks! Maple Mountain (a beautiful, symmetrical mountain) and the good people who live here. (Kaylene, 21 years)
  • Mapleton mountain, trees. (Lois, 32 years)
  • Being beautiful. (Anonymous, 42 years)

Mapleton Crime

What’s the crime like in Mapleton? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • Very low crime as far as I know. (Melissa, 2 years)
  • Very low. There’s lots of stupid, bored teenager type of crimes like egging homes, turning off people’s power, and saran wrapping poles. (Tara, 4 years)
  • Fairly minimal. (AJ, 6 years)
  • Not much crime, which is very nice! (Jan, 6 years)
  • Not much crime. (Rob, 6 years)
  • By the highway seems the most likely, but overall it feels very safe here. (Marcie, 8 years)
  • I’ve never had any problems on our end. (Adelinda, 9 years)
  • For the most part, fairly minimal crime. (Jane, 10 years)
  • I think the main crime is car break-ins, and teenagers looking for open doors on houses. (Tara, 14 years)
  • Not much crime to speak of. (April, 19 years)
  • Not much- an occasional theft. (Anonymous, 19 years)
  • Springville. (Terry, 20 years)
  • Very low, but don’t speed through Mapleton. We have far too many cops with not much to do other than issue speeding tickets. (Kaylene, 21 years)
  • I’ve only heard of crime, so I do not know the areas. I would no longer walk alone early mornings or after dark. I did when we first came. (Lois, 32 years)
  • A lot of theft. (Anonymous, 42 years)

Mapleton Advice

Any advice for people moving to Mapleton?

  • Get involved in the community and government, so you have a say in how Mapleton is developed. (Melissa, 2 years)
  • Don’t! Go to Springville where you can have a great library, cheaper access to the newly built rec center, yet still be in the Nebo School District, have lower property taxes and a lower water bill. (Tara, 4 years)
  • It’s a great place. (AJ, 6 years)
  • It’s a great place to raise a family in a quiet city near all the hustle and bustle. (Rob, 6 years)
  • You won’t want to leave. (Marcie, 8 years)
  • Get to know all your neighbors. They’ll be a great support system. (Adelinda, 9 years)
  • Embrace the culture of the people – old timers especially! (Jane, 10 years)
  • Buy up a big lot so that it doesn’t get sold to developers! (Tara, 14 years)
  • Be warned about your water bill— it’s exorbitant! Xeriscape your yard so you can water less. The deer are AWFUL! They are breeding and taking over! Your chances of hitting one are 1 in 4. (April, 19 years)
  • It is the best place on earth for families. (Anonymous, 19 years)
  • Get to know your neighbors. (Terry, 20 years)
  • It’s ok to wave to everyone as you drive through town, but don’t speed! (Kaylene, 21 years)
  • Enjoy. (Lois, 32 years)
  • Please don’t. We want it to stay small. (Anonymous, 42 years)

Mapleton Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Mapleton (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • I just love looking at the beauty of the land every time I am out driving or walking around. And I love meeting people who are elderly and have lived here their whole lives. I enjoy hearing their stories about the town. (Melissa, 2 years)
  • 24th fireworks are great, but that’s not done by the city, so it’s not something we can count on year to year. The 24th 5k was pretty fun! (Tara, 4 years)
  • Ride horses at the neighbor’s house. (AJ, 6 years)
  • People (not even just neighbors) wave and say hello on the bike trail…even my California visitors noticed the friendliness! (Jan, 6 years)
  • Watching the great fireworks display held every year at Ira Allen Park. Small town, but big fireworks! (Rob, 6 years)
  • Beauty all around. Good, down to earth people. (Marcie, 8 years)
  • I delivered papers to everyone south of Maple Street for over a year. I got to know all the houses and streets. I’ve seen deer, skunks, raccoons, cats, bats, owls, and crazy people who like to run in the middle of the road without reflective gear at ungodly hours of the morning. I wouldn’t do that job ever again, but I got to know this side of Mapleton really well. (Adelinda, 9 years)
  • Best times spent with Mapleton old timers – they are the salt of the earth people who value the small town and neighborly attitude that we love here. (Jane, 10 years)
  • I love horseback riding in the mountains! (Tara, 14 years)
  • Too many to mention. (April, 19 years)
  • A few years ago I was coming home and noticed my neighbors chimney had flames coming out of it. Everyone called the fire department. Made sure everyone in the house was ok. Then our bishop had them spend the night at their house until the smoke could be cleaned out of theirs. (Terry, 20 years)
  • Pioneer Day. (Anonymous, 42 years)

Mapleton’s Future

How do you think Mapleton will change over the next 10 years?

  • More houses and a few more businesses and increased taxes to pay for it. (Melissa, 2 years)
  • I hope Mapleton will get tax revenue brought in though retail. It will certainly grow! (Tara, 4 years)
  • Hopefully a few more places to eat. (AJ, 6 years)
  • A few more subdivisions, but hopefully not an explosion like Spanish Fork! (Jan, 6 years)
  • Slowly add some more commercial/retail, but hopefully stick to keeping it mainly residential and let the surrounding areas (Provo/Springville/Spanish Fork) build all the big stuff that Mapleton can easily/quickly access. (Rob, 6 years)
  • Grow. 🙁 (Sally, 6 years)
  • Grow in value and population. (Marcie, 8 years)
  • It’ll keep growing and growing. (Adelinda, 9 years)
  • Growth is going to change because “old timers” are dying off and newcomers will not appreciate the once small town community that Mapleton was/is. (Jane, 10 years)
  • It is going to grow quite a bit and probably get a few stores by then. (Tara, 14 years)
  • It sounds like the current mayor has approved a lake right in the middle of town. That’s going to bring crowds, traffic and noise we didn’t currently see here. (April, 19 years)
  • More people. (Anonymous, 19 years)
  • More homes built. (Terry, 20 years)
  • I think it will grow like crazy. It already is changing, but I hope it always keeps it’s rural feel. (Kaylene, 21 years)
  • More and more homes and cars. More stop lights. (Lois, 32 years)
  • That we are going to get too big too fast, with extremely high dollar homes. (Anonymous, 42 years)

Mapleton Facts

Any other interesting facts about Mapleton?

  • There’s a lot of heritage here and people who have lived here their entire life! (Tara, 4 years)
  • I wish we had a ski resort. (Marcie, 8 years)
  • There’s more deer in town than up the canyon. Especially during hunting season. We’ve got a whole herd that lives next door in an old barn. Mapleton also has the most beautiful mountain in the entire valley right behind it. (Adelinda, 9 years)
  • Where else in the country do people stop for chickens, rabbits, ducks or deer? Mapleton, Utah. (Terry, 20 years)