January 25, 2018

Macular Degeneration

Here’s a free collection of resources about Macular Degeneration.

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Macular Degeneration Survey

We’re surveying people about their experiences with Macular Degeneration. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*This information is not meant to replace medical advice, and the information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Name, Age)

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Macular Degeneration Symptoms

What symptoms have you experienced?

  • Blurred vision. (Mason, 5 years old)
  • Leaks, central vision deterioration. (Simon, 33 years old)
  • Blurry eye. (Ken, 60 years old)
  • Wet left eye, and dry right eye. (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • Absences in peripheral vision and slight smudges in central vision on amsler grid, flashes in both eyes, macular detachment in one eye (healed leaving scar tissue) dark circles in centre of both eyes in dim light, and light sensitivity. (Jan, 60 years old)
  • Distortion. No such thing as a straight line anymore. Straight lines are important to a carpenter. Since my left eye has gone wet nothing looks right but at least I still have my right eye. Even with my dry right eye, things appear and disappear. So far, my exact central vision in my right is still intact. But if there is something right next to what I’m looking at, its not there. (Steve, 64 years old)
  • In my left eye I have and still do experience parallel lines coming together to the right side. (Dave, 64 years old)
  • 40% vision loss in left eye, I need bright light to see as well as possible. (Warren, 71 years old)
  • Blurred vision–also as I explain to my family I feel my world is like looking at a Picasso painting every day–odd angles points people with one eye in forehead, etc. (Sandra, 73 years old)
  • Significant visual distortions. (Kathleen, 73 years old)

Macular Degeneration Causes

Is there anything you believe contributed to or caused your Macular Degeneration?

  • Heredity. (Mason, 5 years old)
  • Myopia. (Simon, 33 year sold)
  • I never protected my eyes. (Ken, 60 years old)
  • Years of being stupid and not thinking about my eyes unless I had an issue. (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • Both grandparents were blind, no definate diagnosis. Disease in family too. Possibly poor diet. (Jan, 60 years old)
  • Probably genetics. Perhaps working in bright and glaring conditions without protection. Perhaps working around construction lasers. Getting older hasn’t helped. (Steve, 64 years old)
  • Probably poor nutrition. (Dave, 64 years old)
  • Heredity. (Warren, 71 years old)
  • Genetic inheritance. (Kathleen, 73 years old)
  • Not a clue, it came on very fast –or the eye doctor missed it, who knows. (Sandra, 73 years old)

Macular Degeneration Facts

What are some interesting facts about Macular Degeneration?

  • No cure. (Mason, 5 years old)
  • So many people have it and some are young, never thought too much about being blind. Not many people get their eyes checked on a regular basis, get a yearly check up. (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • That one out of 7 people in their 50’s will get it. (Steve, 64 years old)
  • Still able to drive, I’m having a tough time with read light font on computer screens though, which I understand that could be related to heavy metals in the body. (Dave, 64 years old)
  • I have only one eye, so when/if it’s gone, I’ll be blind. (Kathleen, 73 years old)
  • I find it all scary. (Sandra, 73 years old)

Macular Degeneration Difficulties

What are the hardest aspects of living with Macular Degeneration?

  • The worry that it will progress. (Mason, 5 years old)
  • Inability or difficulties reading. (Simon, 33 years old)
  • You realize that this is the real deal and your life can change over night, I never saw this coming and now have to deal with it. (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • Fear of losing independence, losing sight and living alone. Constant changing symptoms and not knowing what it means. (Jan, 60 years old)
  • Focusing. Right now my left eye is wet and basically useless and my right eye is dry but is being closed in on by the black mass I see when blinking and looking at a blank wall. (Steve, 64 years old)
  • Not seeing as well as I used to. (Dave, 64 years old)
  • Loss of independence and psychological adjustments. (Warren, 71 years old)
  • Difficulties with night driving, and reading. (Kathleen, 73 years old)
  • I’m getting to the point of not being able to see my hubby’s face and watch my grand babies grow. I have wet in both eyes. It’s also very hard getting the shots each eye every month or two. (Sandra, 73 years old)

Macular Degeneration Advice

What encouragement/advice can you give others who experience Macular Degeneration?

  • Hope for the best! (Mason, 5 years old)
  • Seek treatment asap. (Simon, 33 years old)
  • There’s an answer out there. (Ken, 60 years old)
  • Don’t panic, start researching and learn as much as your brain can handle. I started watching what I eat, I lost 14 pounds and feel good about that. Also I started working out on weights, set-ups, push-ups. Started vitamins for the eyes and do as my doctors say. (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • I’m working on that. (Steve, 64 years old)
  • Check out FSM frequency specific microcurrent and Dr. Edward Kondrot. (Dave, 64 years old)
  • Live life the best you can. Try to find things to occupy your time. Listen to your doctor. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. (Warren, 71 years old)
  • I just keep telling myself I could be dying of cancer or something else–I have no advice, as nothing works. (Sandra, 73 years old)

Macular Degeneration Diet and Exercise

What’s been your experience with diet and exercise?

  • Eat healthy always and limit strenuous exercise. (Mason, 5 years old)
  • Maybe relevant to help prevent age related MD, not myopic as it’s more of a mechanical issue. (Simon, 33 years old)
  • Still ongoing. (Ken, 60 years old)
  • It helps a lot that I have always been an active person and will remain active through this. Best thing I can say is eat less. Gotta move your body, keep focused and you will start to crave it. (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • I am taking macuvue. (Jan, 60 years old)
  • I haven’t been told anything about diet and exercise helping MD, except for blood pressure. (Steve, 64 years old)
  • The hardest thing is that I don’t care anymore. (Warren, 71 years old)
  • I take lutein, vitamin D, and other anti-oxidants every day. (Kathleen, 73 years old)

Macular Degeneration Treatments

What’s been your experience with treatments (medication, surgery, etc.)?

  • Nothing available for me at this time. (Mason, 5 years old)
  • Avastin is great. Not full proof, but really good. (Simon, 33 years old)
  • Lumigan, the 1st day I took lumigan my eye went blurry. (Ken, 60 years old)
  • The shots have helped a little but they are changing my medication today so we will see. (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • No treatments or surgery received. (Jan, 60 years old)
  • Just had 6 shots. Rather painless, helped the digital scan but not my ability to see. (Steve, 64 years old)
  • I understand there are no surgical procedures that help AMD but proper nutrition and possibly certain supplements like Lutien may help. (Dave, 64 years old)
  • Three surgeries on left eye to no avail . AREDS 2 and eye drops have slowed down deterioration of macular. (Warren, 71 years old)
  • Shots in each eye. I also have cataracts but not ripe enough for surgery. (Sandra, 73 years old)
  • The monthly shots I have been receiving have stalled the progression, although have not improved my vision. (Kathleen, 73 years old)

Macular Degeneration Recommendations

Anything you’d recommend for someone with Macular Degeneration?

  • A support group. (Mason, 5 years old)
  • Research about it. (Simon, 33 years old)
  • Go to a specialist like Wills eye do not think this is going away by it’s self. Get fit start taking care of yourself it is never to late. (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • Join a group and share worries. (Jan, 60 years old)
  • Watch out for any changes and keep checking the grid. (Steve, 64 years old)
  • Get on a good clean organic diet and stay hydrated to decrease internal inflammation. (Dave, 64 years old)
  • Listen to your doctor. Let your friends and family know about your vision issues and be patient with them and answer their questions. Be willing to ask for help. (Warren, 71 years old)
  • Dr. tells me it is hopeless, just trying to keep your vision as long as we can so how can I say anything to that? He also says nothing on the market will help so save your money when I ask about reds-vitimens etc. (Sandra, 73 years old)
  • Take any treatments that are available to you. (Kathleen, 73 years old)

Macular Degeneration Resources

What specific resources have you found most helpful?

  • Facebook support groups. (Mason, 5 years old)
  • You can Google anything you want to know about anything at all. So do some homework on the net, join some support groups (really helps). (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • YouTube videos with a Dr. Edward Kondrot who owns healing the eye center in Florida. (Dave, 64 years old)
  • AMD websites and doctors. (Warren, 71 years old)
  • None really, but I have joined groups just to see what others are doing. (Sandra, 73 years old)
  • Shots to control wet macular degeneration. (Kathleen, 73 years old)

Macular Degeneration Stories

Share an experience you’ve had related to living with Macular Degeneration.

  • Not sure yet… just found out. (Mason, 5 years old)
  • Its ok for me as I still have some good vision in one eye for reading. (Simon, 33 years old)
  • 20/20 vision on a Monday woke up Tuesday blind in my left eye. (Andrew, 60 years old)
  • I sometimes get depressed when I cannot do what I used to do. I’m still a carpenter and check many more operations with my hands and need as much light as I can get. Bright lights also give me eye strain and headaches. (Steve, 64 years old)
  • I’m not able to see things as well, such as seeing the flight of a golf ball after hitting it. (Dave, 64 years old)
  • I’ve lost my close up depth perception. I love to go fishing. I can no longer watch my line or see to tie knots, or bait a hook. (Warren, 71 years old)
  • Doctor hit a nerve and blood vein so my one eye looked VERY bad the day before I was to cruise and so I had to get a doctor letter to prove I did not have pink eye or worse. (Sandra, 73 years old)