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Los Angeles, California: Blogs

Here’s a list of Los Angeles blogs- blogs written by people who live in Los Angeles or are about LA.

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Los Angeles, California: Groups

Los Angeles Groups On Facebook

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  22. Best Friends Los Angeles Volunteers Group (554 members)
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  24. LDS Writers, Artists and Performers in Los Angeles Group (56 members)

Other Los Angeles Groups And Forums

  1. Los Angeles TripAdvisor Forum (42,647 topics)

Los Angeles, California: Survey

We’re surveying people about living in Los Angeles, CA. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*The information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Your name, How long you’ve lived in Vineyard)

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Los Angeles, California: Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Los Angeles?

  • The weather! (Floris, 7 weeks)
  • The weather. (Margriet, 3 months)
  • Diversity of people. (Julie, 16 months)
  • The weather, the diversity of people. (Terri, 16 months)
  • Different cultures. (Marc, 1.5 years)
  • The amazing trees and plants. (Sabrina, 1.5 years)
  • The different cultures and that there is always something to do. (Tayler, 1.5 years)
  • The weather. (Mary, 19 months)
  • Multi-cultural experiences. (Tom, 23 months)
  • The food and street vendors. (Aaron, 2 years)
  • You have everything in LA. (Armando, 2 years)
  • Different people from different cultures. (Chris, 2 years)
  • Variety of cultures. (Cody, 2 years)
  • The friendliness of the Spanish-speaking people in the area. (Devin, 2 years)
  • Getting to know people from different countries and of their culture. (Juan, 2 years)
  • The food. (Matt, 2 years)
  • The food. (Patrick, 2 years)
  • All the things to do. (Todd, 2 years)
  • Ocean. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Mountains, it’s busy. (Tam, 20+ years)
  • Public transportation. (Lydia, 60 years)

Los Angeles, California: Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Los Angeles?

  • The food (unhealthy). (Floris, 7 weeks)
  • A number of things. How spread out everything is, how expensive everything is, pretentious people, etc. (Margriet, 3 months)
  • Smog. (Julie, 16 months)
  • Not feeling safe, the smog, traffic. (Terri, 16 months)
  • SMOG. (Marc, 1.5 years)
  • Parking. (Sabrina, 1.5 years)
  • Traffic. (Tayler, 1.5 years)
  • The smog! (Mary, 19 months)
  • The traffic. (Tom, 23 months)
  • Driving, parking, curb cleaning. (Aaron, 2 years)
  • Traffic. (Armando, 2 years)
  • Pollution. (Chris, 2 years)
  • Traffic. (Cody, 2 years)
  • Cockroaches. (Devin, 2 years)
  • Bad areas. (Juan, 2 years)
  • Sketchy areas. (Matt, 2 years)
  • Smog. (Patrick, 2 years)
  • Traffic. (Todd, 2 years)
  • People/cars/smog. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Attitude. (Tam, 20+ years)
  • Traffic. (Lydia, 60 years)

Los Angeles, California: Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Los Angeles? Best kept secrets, etc.

  • I like sightseeing in expensive neighborhoods, and watching expensive cars. (Floris, 7 weeks)
  • If you want to go out, contact promoters, you can find a lot of them on Instagram. (Margriet, 3 months)
  • Hike hills in Malibu. (Julie, 16 months)
  • The beach, people watch. (Terri, 16 months)
  • All the small “hole in the wall” restaurants. (Marc, 1.5 years)
  • I love to eat fish tacos at Duke’s Malibu Cafe right on the ocean. The Farmers Market next to the Grove in downtown is fun as well. There’s also a restaurant around called Cafe 50’s, and if you wear your pajamas there on Tuesday, your meal is free! It’s kind of fun! (Tayler, 1.5 years)
  • There are lots. I particularly liked the glass church. (Mary, 19 months)
  • Small shops and privately owned businesses in the barrios. (Tom, 23 months)
  • Sporting events, The Grove. (Aaron, 2 years)
  • Sightseeing, beaches, amusement parks, sports events. (Armando, 2 years)
  • Swap meets, taco trucks, the alley, soccer shops on 7th and San Pedro. (Chris, 2 years)
  • The Getty Museum and the Point Vicente Lighthouse. (Devin, 2 years)
  • Asian and Latin food, the beach. (Matt, 2 years)
  • Boardwalk, St. Monica pier, LA Temple lights, PV golf course. (Patrick, 2 years)
  • Cultural tours. (Todd, 2 years)
  • Fresh seafood. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • I work too much, I don’t know. (Tam, 20+ years)
  • Free concerts, art walks, hidden restaurants, shopping at the alley in LA. (Lydia, 60 years)

Los Angeles, California: Reputation

What are some things Los Angeles is known for?

  • Beach, weather, relaxing. (Floris, 7 weeks)
  • Celebrities, house parties, nice weather, surfing. (Margriet, 3 months)
  • Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Ghetty museum, sports teams, college football (USC, UCLA), Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive). (Julie, 16 months)
  • Traffic, Hollywood, palm trees. (Terri, 16 months)
  • Crime. (Marc, 1.5 years)
  • The beach, Hollywood, being expensive. (Tayler, 1.5 years)
  • Hollywood! Beverly Hills. Beaches. Freeway parking lots! (Mary, 19 months)
  • Commerce center for the Pacific rim. (Tom, 23 months)
  • Beaches, amusement parks. (Armando, 2 years)
  • Hollywood, gangs, traffic, food, hipsters. (Chris, 2 years)
  • Hollywood. (Cody, 2 years)
  • Street tacos, celebrities and the beaches. (Devin, 2 years)
  • Pollo loco. (Juan, 2 years)
  • Hollywood, coast line, alley market. (Matt, 2 years)
  • City of Angeles, Lakers, Dodgers, Clippers. (Patrick, 2 years)
  • The fun and sun. (Todd, 2 years)
  • Traffic. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Weather, arts and entertainment, traffic. (Tam, 20+ years)
  • Philippe’s, Chinatown, Union Station, Olvera St., beaches. (Lydia, 60 years)

Los Angeles, California: Crime

What’s the crime like in Los Angeles?

  • Lot of criminal shootings in bad neighborhoods. (Floris, 7 weeks)
  • I haven’t experienced any, but I live in North East LA, so it’s pretty safe there. (Margriet, 3 months)
  • The news makes it sound worse than it feels when you live there. (Julie, 16 months)
  • Terrible. Worst part of living here. Drive by shootings at elementary schools, dirty streets, gangs, you never feel safe. (Terri, 16 months)
  • HIGH. (Marc, 1.5 years)
  • I have always lived in pretty nice areas, and have not had problem with crime. (Tayler, 1.5 years)
  • Gang warfare. Just keep out of the rough areas. (Mary, 19 months)
  • Much like the rest of the world. You need to remain alert. (Tom, 23 months)
  • Depends where you live. Are you in Compton or Beverly Hills? It really depends. (Aaron, 2 years)
  • Just like any other large city. (Armando, 2 years)
  • It’s definitely there. (Chris, 2 years)
  • It lives up to it’s reputation. (Devin, 2 years)
  • It could be dangerous. (Juan, 2 years)
  • Pretty bad. (Matt, 2 years)
  • Very high in some spots, while lower in others. (Patrick, 2 years)
  • Keep your own nose clean. (Todd, 2 years)
  • Depends on the area. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Like any other big city. (Lydia, 60 years)

Los Angeles, California: Advice

Any advice for people moving to Los Angeles?

  • Save a little bit of money, and go live in an expensive part of LA, so you avoid a lot of traffic. (Floris, 7 weeks)
  • If you don’t have a credit card, get one. If you don’t have a car, choose housing that doesn’t make traveling around so expensive. Or maybe don’t move to LA? It’s more of a holiday spot. Barcelona is a great alternative. (Margriet, 3 months)
  • Enjoy the diversity! (Julie, 16 months)
  • It’s a great place to visit, but not an extendable lifestyle, particularly for a family. May be a fun short-term adventure. Way too expensive, way too liberal and simply not safe. (Terri, 16 months)
  • Better have a good job. (Marc, 1.5 years)
  • Be prepared to pay huge amounts of money for rent and parking. Also if you can, pick an apartment close to where you work. (Tayler, 1.5 years)
  • Learn Spanish. (Mary, 19 months)
  • Pay the additional price to find/live in a better neighborhood. (Tom, 23 months)
  • Don’t move to Los Angeles unless you are going to South Bay or can afford to live in West LA. (Aaron, 2 years)
  • Live close to where you work. (Armando, 2 years)
  • Get ready to pay through the nose for everything. Don’t just get stuck in the city. (Chris, 2 years)
  • Brace yourself for traffic. (Cody, 2 years)
  • The traffic looks intimidating, but it actually moves like clockwork. (Devin, 2 years)
  • Know your neighbors. (Juan, 2 years)
  • Stay away from East and South LA. If you can’t afford other areas, then think of moving to Inland Empire. (Matt, 2 years)
  • Leave early, enjoy the nice weather all year long. (Patrick, 2 years)
  • Get a backup plan. (Todd, 2 years)
  • Don’t. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Make sure you have a job, it’s not cheap. (Tam, 20+ years)
  • Move to a suburb just outside the city..it’s easy to get into LA on public transportation. (Lydia, 60 years)

Los Angeles, California: Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Los Angeles (interesting/funny/crazy, etc.):

  • Trying to hike the Hollywood sign in 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and we gave up after 10 minutes. (Floris, 7 weeks)
  • Fun: Because I’m a young pretty girl, I get to go to a lot of house parties and party for free. Crazy: My roommate’s girlfriend assaulted me, and threw half of my food in the fridge out in the trash. (Margriet, 3 months)
  • I met a guy in the projects who had been shot in the arm, and he showed me his wound and I almost threw up. (Julie, 16 months)
  • Freeways are insane, but you can also get accustomed to, even addicted to the high! Never try following someone doing 50 on the freeway. Much safer doing 90! (Terri, 16 months)
  • I got a parking ticket because I forgot to move the car to the other side of the road on the day they cleaned the road. I thought it was ironic, as I used to be a traffic warden (parking enforcement officer) in London! (Mary, 19 months)
  • We love the people who don’t want to “go with the flow” — who were willing to share their lives and rich experiences with us. (Tom, 23 months)
  • I ran into a famous soccer player at the Grove and no one knew who he was but me. (Aaron, 2 years)
  • The dad of The Game (a rapper) came up to us on the street, and talked to us like it was nothing at all. (Chris, 2 years)
  • I met a former member of the Anaheim Angels when canvasing a neighborhood. (Devin, 2 years)
  • Talking gospel with gangs. (Matt, 2 years)
  • Shopping in Melrose Ave. (Todd, 2 years)
  • Watching the transformation of LA grow and expand, has been amazing… (Lydia, 60 years)

Los Angeles, California: The Future

How do you think Los Angeles will change over the next 10 years?

  • Better public transport. (Floris, 7 weeks)
  • No idea. Probably more polluted, water shortage, more homeless people. (Margriet, 3 months)
  • More families will move away. It’s a tough place to raise kids. (Julie, 16 months)
  • It can only go downhill from here. More smog, more crime, more people, more liberal attitudes. (Terri, 16 months)
  • I think the traffic will get worse, and more people will start using the new metro line that extends to Santa Monica. (Tayler, 1.5 years old)
  • Population growth. (Mary, 19 months)
  • It’s a living, growing mass of people/cultures. It is always changing! (Tom, 23 months)
  • More people moving out of the valley. (Aaron, 2 years)
  • More traffic. (Armando, 2 years)
  • More people trying to squeeze into too small a space. Run down areas will become gentrified and it’ll get even more expensive to live there. That’s a problem since it’ll lead to more problems with law enforcement and poorer citizens not being able to afford to live where they are. (Chris, 2 years)
  • Crazy, crazy. (Cody, 2 years)
  • It will grow. (Devin, 2 years)
  • The richer will get richer. (Matt, 2 years)
  • More traffic. (Patrick, 2 years)
  • More racially diverse. (Todd, 2 years)
  • Busier. More cars. More traffic. More smog. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Auto everything.. (Tam, 20+ years)
  • For the better, I hope. (Lydia, 60 years)

Los Angeles, California: Other Facts

Any other interesting facts about Los Angeles?

  • Did you know that by law it’s not allowed to hunt moths under street lights? (Margriet, 3 months)
  • I love the daily sunshine, but wish I could actually see it through the fog! I lived here three months before I saw a mountain I’d passed daily. I met every possible kind of person here, so that’s a plus! (Terri, 16 months)
  • Being proned to earthquakes, I thought it pretty scary that they built an underground subway. I’d rather stay above ground! (Mary, 19 months)
  • There are many public parks and places of recreation that don’t cost a lot. (Tom, 23 months)
  • Weather is nice always. It’s a good place to visit, but not really to live in on purpose. (Aaron, 2 years)
  • I love the cultural diversity. (Armando, 2 years)
  • Whites are a minority in Los Angeles. (Chris, 2 years)
  • The weather is phenomenal. (Devin, 2 years)
  • I love the cultures, love the food, love the sun. (Todd, 2 years)
  • Los Angeles has the oldest street in California, and the mission across the street from there is the first one built. (Lydia, 60 years)