Kevin Wing


(paraphrased from Kevin Wing’s┬ávideo interview)

My name’s Kevin Wing- they call me Kevin “the Wing Man”ing.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about me- I was raised in Spanish Fork I met my wife and Moved to Provo, Utah. I fell in love with Provo. I fell in love with the surrounding areas, I fell in love with the people. I realized that Provo sometimes has it’s shortcomings, like parking and so forth, but I like to say that I’m about the youth. I’m about bringing forward the youth in our area- rising them to the top- to their full potential- that is what I’m about and who I am.

I love the outdoors. I also do Santa Claus every December- that’s why I have the beard, so please don’t judge me for that, please. Happiness for the children is one of my key things that really makes a big difference in my life. I hunt, fish, I like hiking, I like the outdoors.

I really love the Provo river and the surrounding areas. The Rock Canyon is a beautiful place to hike. For all those who’ve never been, I urge you to go. Learn to fall in love with your surrounding areas, there’s plenty of activities to do here- for the older generation, the hiking is probably going to be the best thing to do- it gives you good exercise as well.

If you have any questions out there- if you see me on the street, don’t be afraid- come up and ask me, come talk┬áto me, come tap me on the shoulder. I’m here for you. I’m here for Provo.

I have no kids, I’ve been married for nine years, and sometimes it’s just not in the cards for some, but it gives you a lot of time to focus on other people’s children and the future of our children here in Provo.