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Idaho Falls, Idaho: Blogs

Here’s a list of Idaho Falls blogs and websites written by people who live in Idaho Falls, or are about Idaho Falls.

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Idaho Falls, Idaho: Groups

Idaho Falls Groups On Facebook

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  4. You Grew Up In Idaho Falls, If You Remember… (9,275 members)
  5. Idaho Falls Man Stuff (7,132 members)
  6. Idaho Falls Classifieds (4,226 members)
  7. Idaho Falls Blessings (1,913 members)
  8. Idaho Falls High School Fallen Angels (1,729 members)
  9. Idaho Falls iHike Facebook Group (1,541 members)
  10. The Idaho Falls Bulletin Board (1,187 members)
  11. Idaho Falls Moms (970 members)
  12. Life In Idaho Falls (886 members)
  13. Naval Power Training Unit- Idaho Falls (837 members)
  14. Pokemon Go Group (Idaho Falls) (579 members)
  15. Idaho Falls Fruit Group (479 members)
  16. Idaho Falls YSA (434 members)
  17. Idaho Falls High School Class Of 2006 (312 members)
  18. Idaho Falls Progressives (306 members)
  19. Idaho Falls Tea Party (302 members)
  20. Idaho Falls Homeschool Support (290 members)
  21. Idaho Falls High School Class Of 2005 (280 members)
  22. Idaho Falls High School Class Of 2007 (253 members)
  23. Idaho Falls High School Class Of 2009 (236 members)
  24. Skyline High School Class Of 1987 (213 members)
  25. Idaho Falls High School Class Of 1987 (197 members)
  26. Idaho Falls LDS Mid-Singles (135 members)
  27. Mothers Of Preschoolers, Idaho Falls (118 members)
  28. Idaho Falls High School Class Of 2015 (109 members)

Other Idaho Falls Groups, Forums and Events

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Idaho Falls, Idaho: Survey

We’re surveying people about living in Idaho Falls, ID. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*The information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Your name, How long you’ve lived in Idaho Falls)

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Idaho Falls, Idaho: Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Idaho Falls?

  • Small town feel in a big town. (Jb, 11 months)
  • The local parks and proximity to national and state parks. (Adam, 1.5 years)
  • Idaho Falls has lower crime and traffic than where I came from. (Marie, 1.5 years)
  • Being near family. (Brenda, 3 years)
  • Community. (Dylan, 3 years)
  • Slower pace. (Karen, 9 years)
  • How safe it is. (Jenny, 12 years)
  • Smaller city. Friendly people. (Sheri, 12 years)
  • Being close to the river. (Ginger, 13 years)
  • Nice…river? Sure. Nice river. (Carter, 14 years)
  • The falls. (Lorry, 14 years)
  • Being close to family. (Ashley, 22 years)
  • Great people. (Mike, 25 years)
  • It’s where my family is. (Amy, 26 years)
  • Less traffic. (Anonymous, 32 years)
  • Things to do so close by. (Heather, 35 years)
  • Weather. (Glenn, 43 years)
  • Easy to navigate. Low crime. Mountains/lakes just minutes away. (Brent, 45 years)
  • Conservative values of the residents. (Lisa, 48 years)
  • Mountains. (Earnest, 58 years)
  • It has a very large music and arts presence for the size of community it is. (Jessica, Nearly my whole life)

Idaho Falls, Idaho: Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Idaho Falls?

  • It’s hard to make friends if you are not LDS. (Jb, 11 months)
  • 17th Street. (Adam, 1.5 years)
  • It’s hard to make new friends. (Marie, 1.5 years)
  • Westerners are a little unfriendly. (Brenda, 3 years)
  • Traffic. (Dylan, 3 years)
  • Stupid people and this area is 40 years behind the times. (Karen, 9 years)
  • The religious pressure and influence, and that there’s not much to do. (Jenny, 12 years)
  • Not a lot of things to do. (Sheri, 12 years)
  • Traffic. (Ginger, 13 years)
  • So conservative, many Mormons, wow. (Carter, 14 years)
  • The winters! (Lorry, 14 years)
  • Traffic and people. (Ashley, 22 years)
  • Winters. (Mike, 25 years)
  • No Costco or Red Lobster restaurant. (Amy, 26 years)
  • No shopping. (Anonymous, 32 years)
  • Closed-minded people. (Heather, 35 years)
  • Too many Latter-day Saints. (Glenn, 43 years)
  • Other city’s close around have free splash pads for kids. Idaho Falls does not. They won’t fix the pool at Reinhart Park. (Brent, 45 years)
  • Liberal spending habits of the city council resulting in high taxes. (Lisa, 48 years)
  • Snow. (Earnest, 58 years)
  • No Costco! Also, the schools here are really struggling with overpopulation and haven’t found good solutions. (Jessica, Nearly my whole life)

Idaho Falls, Idaho: Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Idaho Falls? 

  • Zoo, downtown, movies, museum, art, plays, farmer’s market, walk on the river, guns and gear. (Jb, 11 months)
  • There are events almost every weekend in the summer. (Adam, 1.5 years)
  • Walk the river, go to events. (Dylan, 3 years)
  • Walking the river. (Jenny, 12 years)
  • Climbing gym, Kids Town, iJump, movie theater, zoo, shopping, restaurants, painting at Grape Van Gogh. (Sheri, 12 years)
  • The River. (Ginger, 13 years)
  • Possibly Picasso, Greenbelt Walk, the zoo. (Carter, 14 years)
  • River walk. (Lorry, 14 years)
  • Walk the greenbelt, the artitorium, the zoo, the museum, the art museum, the edge climbing gym, starlight skating rink, bowling alleys, and so much more. (Ashley, 22 years)
  • River walk, fall. (Mike, 25 years)
  • The zoo, movies, parks, boating, hiking, walking around the waterfall downtown. (Amy, 26 years)
  • Zoo, greenbelt. (Anonymous, 32 years)
  • Idaho Falls rocks, splash park, swimming, camping, go to the zoo, thrift shop, antique shop… (Heather, 35 years)
  • Eat. (Glenn, 43 years)
  • Parks, zoo, green belt, downtown activities, rodeo, duck race. (Brent, 45 years)
  • Movies, shows, events, restaurants, Museum of Idaho, Reed’s Dairy, Greenbelt, tons of parks, but also try the thrift store loop for a new kind of fun! (Lisa, 48 years)
  • Museum of Idaho- attracts very prestigious exhibits, the Zoo- high quality, walks around the Snake River/Greenbelt. (Jessica, Nearly my whole life)

Idaho Falls, Idaho: Reputation

What’s Idaho Falls known for?

  • The falls. (Jb, 11 months)
  • The falls. (Adam, 1.5 years)
  • No Costco. (Brenda, 3 years)
  • Mormons. (Dylan, 3 years)
  • Closeness to Yellowstone. (Jenny, 12 years)
  • The waterfall by the temple. (Sheri, 12 years)
  • The River. (Ginger, 13 years)
  • Gateway to Yellowstone, eclipse. (Carter, 14 years)
  • The falls. Potatoes. (Lorry, 14 years)
  • Hydroelectric abilities and the LDS temple. (Ashley, 22 years)
  • Falls and Temple. (Mike, 25 years)
  • Potatoes. When people aren’t mixing it up with Ohio. (Amy, 26 years)
  • Snake River. (Anonymous, 32 years)
  • The falls and greenbelt events like fireworks. (Heather, 35 years)
  • LDS. (Glenn, 43 years)
  • The gate way to west Yellowstone. (Brent, 45 years)
  • The falls and friendly people. (Lisa, 48 years)
  • Falls. (Earnest, 58 years)
  • It’s built around a beautiful river. (Jessica, Nearly my whole life)

Idaho Falls, Idaho: Crime

What’s the crime like in Idaho Falls (hot spot areas, etc.)?

  • Non-existent. (Jb, 11 months)
  • I moved here from Orlando… so from my perspective, everyone here has a chronic case of Kumbaya. (Adam, 1.5 years)
  • Low in my opinion. (Marie, 1.5 years)
  • I’m not sure. Our neighborhood has a few car break-ins and vandalism fairly often because of teens. (Brenda, 3 years)
  • Not bad. Just traffic stops. (Dylan, 3 years)
  • Fair. Most is because of too much lack of personal security. (Karen, 9 years)
  • Not bad. (Jenny, 12 years)
  • Idaho Falls’ low crime rate, hot spots would be around 1st street and Holmes area. (Sheri, 12 years)
  • Not bad at all. (Ginger, 13 years)
  • I don’t know. (Carter, 14 years)
  • In my neighborhood, minor thefts from yards, slashed tires a couple times a year, and hit and runs are many… but still less crime than larger cities. (Ashley, 22 years)
  • It’s kind of all over, but there isn’t much crime in Idaho Falls. (Amy, 26 years)
  • Low crime rate. (Anonymous, 32 years)
  • A lot of people throughout the community addicted to pain killers, to many doctor give them too freely. (Heather, 35 years)
  • None. (Glenn, 43 years)
  • Low crime. A hot spot area would be Belair Garfield St. and by Midget Market. (Brent, 45 years)
  • Very low, even in “hot spots.” (Lisa, 48 years)
  • Low. (Earnest, 58 years)
  • The older streets surrounding the Idaho Falls Temple have higher crime I’ve heard. Most neighborhoods are very good at watching out for each other. (Jessica, Nearly my whole life)

Idaho Falls, Idaho: Advice

Any advice for people moving to Idaho Falls?

  • There’s a lot of Mormons, learn to be ok with that. (Adam, 1.5 years)
  • If you’re liberal, stay where you are. (Marie, 1.5 years)
  • Buy a vehicle with 4-wheel drive, have warm clothes because it gets really cold during the winter! (Brenda, 3 years)
  • It’s just as hot as the rest of Idaho. (Dylan, 3 years)
  • Watch where you move. (Karen, 9 years)
  • Don’t. (Jenny, 12 years)
  • We’re a pretty friendly community. People tend to drive slower, there is strong Mormon community here. (Sheri, 12 years)
  • It’s great here. (Ginger, 13 years)
  • (Softly) Don’t. (Carter, 14 years)
  • Be prepared for very cold winters. (Lorry, 14 years)
  • Go out walking with your family, get to know your neighbors. A strong neighborhood community lessens crime. Also a Sam’s Club membership gets you the best bang for your buck when it comes to gas. (Ashley, 22 years)
  • Enjoy. (Mike, 25 years)
  • Be picky about schools if you have kids. (Amy, 26 years)
  • Prepare to slow down your lifestyle and do a lot of weekend traveling out of town. (Anonymous, 32 years)
  • Get connected on community events. (Heather, 35 years)
  • Beware of LDS. (Glenn, 43 years)
  • The east side is congested. (Brent, 45 years)
  • Be willing to talk to all your neighbors without prejudice, and you will find a high caliber of people here. (Lisa, 48 years)
  • Look on the edges of Ammon and Idaho Falls- you will find lots of great neighborhoods, and town is expanding outward. (Jessica, Nearly my whole life)

Idaho Falls, Idaho: Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Idaho Falls (fun, crazy, etc.).

  • I climbed on top of the old Bonneville hotel with my wife, and watched the sunset. Not sure if it was legal, but it was awesome. (Adam, 1.5 years)
  • I get stuck behind a tractor all the time. I didn’t realize they could drive on the road. So slow! (Brenda, 3 years)
  • Meeting complete strangers at the river playing Pokémon Go, and it seeming to be a normal thing. (Dylan, 3 years)
  • Watching my husband work on the Japanese garden at the river. (Ginger, 13 years)
  • I was the only person to check out a paleontology book from the library for three years. I still might be the only person. (Carter, 14 years)
  • I love going to the Emotion Bowl! The big rival game between the local high schools. Past years there was a bit of violence, but now it is just high passion. West side versus east side. Bands, flag teams, dance teams, fun football, plus now I get to watch my cousin play. (Ashley, 22 years)
  • River walk with granddaughter. (Mike, 25 years)
  • Many days taking the kids to parks looking for rocks and hiding rocks. Getting everyone in the house disconnected from electronics for a while enjoying the outside getting active and having fun. (Heather, 35 years)
  • Fourth of Julys. (Earnest, 58 years)

Idaho Falls, Idaho: The Future

How do you think Idaho Falls will change over the next 10 years?

  • It will grow too big and be ruined, like Boise. (Jb, 11 months)
  • Probably not much. I can see Ammon booming though. (Adam, 1.5 years)
  • See it growing. (Marie, 1.5 years)
  • Get bigger, less farming. (Brenda, 3 years)
  • A lot more people living here. (Dylan, 3 years)
  • Hopefully Idaho Falls will include everyone and not be so snobby. (Jenny, 12 years)
  • More access to the river. (Ginger, 13 years)
  • Maybe the city will get their lives together, and actually design a functional road system? Doesn’t seem likely. Probably it’ll get a few more fountains. (Carter, 14 years)
  • It will probably get too crowded for me. I prefer smaller town feel with less traffic, and it is already getting too crowded for me. (Ashley, 22 years)
  • Grow. (Mike, 25 years)
  • Idaho Falls is growing really fast lately. The school districts are having to build new schools and update current schools. The city is also updating and expanding all the roads and installing fiber internet while they do. (Amy, 26 years)
  • Idaho Falls will most likely grow at the current rate. Not a lot of social change. (Anonymous, 32 years)
  • Grow bigger, sadly. (Heather, 35 years)
  • Grow big. (Glenn, 43 years)
  • Idaho Falls might get a water park. (Brent, 45 years)
  • Unfortunately, growth is happening east of town in Ammon, not IF proper, and will continue that way. (Lisa, 48 years)
  • A bunch. (Earnest, 58 years)
  • It’s steadily growing, and attracting more businesses. (Jessica, Nearly my whole life)

Idaho Falls, Idaho: Other Facts

What are some interesting facts about Idaho Falls?

  • It gets a lot of snow. It was in the top 10 coldest recorded temperatures in the USA. (Brenda, 3 years)
  • Idaho Falls used to be called Eagle Rock Crossing. (Ginger, 13 years)
  • It seems nice, but it’s actually quite hellish for any queers, non-Mormons and liberals. Also, the falls were man-made, so we could have hydroelectric power! Over half our power still comes from the river. (Carter, 14 years)
  • Look into the history of it. The museum has an exhibit where you can see just what it was like originally (pictures, clothing, what the inside of a school house looked like…etc…). (Ashley, 22 years)
  • Diverse. (Mike, 25 years)
  • We have the most diverse zoo in the state. (Amy, 26 years)
  • The history of the people here and that have passed through. (Heather, 35 years)
  • Cheap, overly righteousness. (Glenn, 43 years)
  • Idaho Falls was first named Eagle Rock. The falls are man-made to feed the power plant. (Brent, 45 years)
  • Temple. (Earnest, 58 years)
  • The Idaho National Laboratory is the region’s largest employer and brings lots of high quality, driven people to the area. Melaleuca is also a large employer. (Jessica, Nearly my whole life)