48 Creative Uses For IBC Totes

Here’s a list of 48 creative uses of IBC totes:

  1. Cage swing: Ever heard of a tire swing? How about an IBC cage swing? Modify an IBC tote and suspend the tote in the air with cables or ropes.
  2. Shed: Create a sturdy shed by cutting and welding multiple IBC totes together.
  3. Boat: Create a boat by cutting an ibc tote and frame and attaching a motorized propeller.
  4. Outdoor shower: Build an outdoor shower by attaching a showerhead and plumbing to an IBC tote.
  5. Dock: Use IBC totes as a base for a floating dock by attaching wooden planks to the metal frame.
  6. Hot tub: Create a DIY hot tub by insulating an IBC tote and adding a heating element and pump.
  7. Grocery cart: Attach a bicycle frame to an IBC tote on wheels, for a way to transport dozens of bags of groceries.
  8. Firewood storage: Keep firewood dry and organized by stacking it inside an IBC tote with a custom-built cover.
  9. Chicken coop: Build a chicken coop by cutting openings in an IBC tote and adding nesting boxes and perches.
  10. Dog house: Convert an IBC tote into a dog house by cutting an entrance and adding insulation and bedding.
  11. Outhouse: Create an outhouse by stacking two modified IBC totes.
  12. Lighting: Create colorful lighting for outdoor nighttime events by placing a colorful light inside each IBC tote.
  13. Drip irrigation system: Use an IBC tote as a water reservoir for a gravity-fed drip irrigation system in your garden.
  14. Raised garden bed: Cut an IBC tote in half and fill it with soil to create a raised garden bed for growing vegetables or flowers.
  15. Seedling nursery: Use an IBC tote with a clear plastic lid as a mini greenhouse for starting seedlings.
  16. Mushroom cultivation: Convert an IBC tote into a humidity-controlled environment for growing mushrooms.
  17. Rainwater collection system: Collect rainwater for irrigation or household use by connecting a downspout to an IBC tote.
  18. Aquaponics system: Combine fish farming and hydroponics by using an IBC tote as a fish tank and grow bed.
  19. Compost bin: Create a large compost bin by cutting an IBC tote in half and adding a lid.
  20. Greenhouse: Construct a small greenhouse by attaching a clear plastic cover to a frame made from IBC totes.
  21. Worm farm: Convert an IBC tote into a worm farm by adding bedding material and composting worms.
  22. Goat shelter: Create a simple shelter for goats by cutting off the top of an IBC tote and placing it on its side.
  23. Animal feeder: Cut an IBC tote to create a large animal feeder for hay or grain.
  24. Duck pond: Create a small duck pond by burying an IBC tote.
  25. Livestock waterer: Provide a large water source for livestock by converting an IBC tote into a waterer.
  26. Fish pond: Create a backyard fish pond by burying an IBC tote and adding a pump and filter system.
  27. Mobile storage: Attach casters to the bottom of an IBC tote to create a mobile storage unit for tools or equipment.
  28. Outdoor toy storage: Store outdoor toys and sports equipment in an IBC tote with a lid to keep them organized and protected from the elements.
  29. Laundry hamper: Use an IBC tote as a large laundry hamper by cutting a hole in the top for easy access.
  30. Bulk storage: Store bulk items such as grains, sand, or wood pellets in an IBC tote.
  31. Recycling bin: Sort and store recyclable materials in IBC totes with labels for easy identification.
  32. Outdoor sink: Install a faucet and drain on an IBC tote to create a functional outdoor sink for gardening or cleaning.
  33. Solar water heater: Build a solar water heater by painting an IBC tote black and attaching a solar collector to heat the water.
  34. Outdoor planter: Use an IBC tote as a large outdoor planter for flowers, shrubs, or small trees.
  35. Traffic barrier: Create a heavy traffic barrier by creating a solid wall of IBC cages filled with firewood or rocks.
  36. Chicken tractor: Create a chicken tractor by modifying one or more IBC totes.
  37. Tornado shelter: Create a tornado shelter by filling multiple IBC totes with water, sand or dirt, and tie the totes together with thick metal wire. Bury the outer sides of the totes and place a sturdy roof on top.
  38. Food pyramid: Create a sort of vertical, tiered garden by leaning and attaching multiple IBC totes and filling them with soil and garden plants.
  39. Outdoor movie screen: Attach a white sheet or screen material to the metal frame of an IBC tote to create an outdoor movie screen.
  40. Fence or privacy screen: Use IBC totes as a fence or privacy screen by attaching wooden slats or lattice to the metal frame.
  41. Fountain: Create a water feature by installing a pump and plumbing in an IBC tote and adding decorative elements.
  42. Emergency water storage: Store emergency water supplies in IBC totes for natural disasters or other emergencies.
  43. Sand or salt storage: Store sand or salt for winter road maintenance in an IBC tote with a lid to keep it dry and protected.
  44. Solar still: Create a solar still for water purification by using an IBC tote as a collection container.
  45. Hugelkultur bed: Build a hugelkultur bed by filling an IBC tote with logs, branches, and soil.
  46. Solar oven: Construct a solar oven by attaching a reflective surface to an IBC tote and adding a cooking rack.
  47. Utility cart: Place an IBC tote on wheels to create a spacious utility cart or trailer.
  48. Fire extinguisher: Attach a hose and water pump to an IBC tote that’s filled with water, to add fire protection to your homestead.

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