Heber City, Utah

What life in Heber, Utah is like, explained by people who live(d) in Heber:

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Heber City Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Heber City?

  • Views/the surrounding landscape. (Nick, 2 years)
  • The beauty- I love the slow pace, farmhouse feel. (Pamela, 4.5 years)
  • The people. (Lynne, 8 years)
  • The scenery. (Chenise, 10 years)
  • Small town feel. (Carsun, 17 years)
  • The Wasatch County Events Center. (Harlie, 17 years)
  • The comfortable atmosphere and proximity to nature. (Camille, 20 years)
  • Friendly/helpful people. (Jean, 65 years)

Heber City Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Heber City?

  • Californians. And Main Street. The population is too large to handle it efficiently. (Nick, 2 years)
  • Horrible restaurants and traffic on Main Street (also the tankers coming through town), and the schools didn’t work for us- we have to drive our kids to Orem. (Pamela, 4.5 years)
  • Growth. Out of control, no plan in sight growth. (Lynne, 8 years)
  • Nothing. (Chenise, 10 years)
  • Drama (like anywhere else). (Carsun, 17 years)
  • The traffic that has been brought to us by gross news city people. (Harlie, 17 years)
  • Some people let their junk pile up and there are some run-down buildings that just sit empty. (Camille, 20 years)
  • How fast it is growing- taxes are way to high for seniors making us to have no choice but to move. (Jean, 65 years)

Heber City Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Heber City?

  • Park City. (Nick, 2 years)
  • Crater, tubing, hiking, fishing, train. (Pamela, 4.5 years)
  • My passion is the rodeos held at the event center. (Lynne, 8 years)
  • Fishing, hiking, horse back riding, plenty of four wheeler trails, not to far from Park City for skiing, and Daniels summit for many other fun things. (Chenise, 10 years)
  • Hiking, snowshoeing. (Carsun, 17 years)
  • Riding in the arena. (Harlie, 17 years)
  • Hike, mountain bike, swim, boat. (Camille, 20 years)
  • Fish, four wheeling, biking, hiking, riding horses. (Jean, 65 years)

Heber City’s Reputation

What’s Heber City known for?

  • Being the town next to Park City. (Nick, 2 years)
  • Crater, tubing, hiking, fishing, train. (Pamela, 4.5 years)
  • Beauty. The beauty of the surrounding landscape.. (Lynne, 8 years)
  • The Heber Creeper. (Chenise, 10 years)
  • Dairy keen. (Carsun, 17 years)
  • The arena’s dirt and Dairy Keen. (Harlie, 17 years)
  • Dairy Keen. (Camille, 20 years)
  • Beautiful Mountains. (Jean, 65 years)

Heber City Crime

What’s the crime like in Heber City?

  • None that I’ve seen. (Nick, 2 years)
  • I have not experienced any, and think the police are over zealous on good people because they are bored. (Pamela, 4.5 years)
  • It’s on the upswing. (Lynne, 8 years)
  • I wouldn’t really say anywhere. (Chenise, 10 years)
  • Mostly in the west (ish). (Carsun, 17 years)
  • A lot of drugs and alcohol in the high school.  (Harlie, 17 years)
  • Everyone knows that drugs are traded behind the bowling alley… (Camille, 20 years)
  • Not a scary place to live. I feel very safe here. (Jean, 65 years)

Heber City Advice

Any advice for people moving to Heber City?

  • If you’re from California, go away. (Nick, 2 years)
  • Prices are on the rise, buy sooner than later. (Pamela, 4.5 years)
  • Don’t. (Carsun, 17 years)
  • Don’t move here, we don’t want you. You just make the town bigger and will [bleep] about the traffic and it wouldn’t be bad if new people wouldn’t move in. (Harlie, 17 years)
  • Be prepared for all weather. (Camille, 20 years)
  • Get to know your neighbors and enjoy our painted masterpiece each time you go outside. Enjoy the clean air, and marvel at the stars dotting across the sky. (Jean, 65 years)

Heber City Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Heber City (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • I got a job and people are nice. (Nick, 2 years)
  • Derby is super fun. (Pamela, 4.5 years)
  • Riding on Heber Creeper as a child, going to the lake all summer, and to the amazing derby and rodeos. (Chenise, 10 years)
  • One time, this guy punched my neighbor in the face, and he didn’t get arrested when she called the cops because he has autism. (Carsun, 17 years)
  • Drifting, and sitting on sex hill catching people doing the dirty. (Harlie, 17 years)
  • As kids we loved riding our bikes all over town. (Camille, 20 years)
  • When growing up here we used the canals to swim in and had rope swings to jump into. In the winter we would use the canals for ice skating. We would ride our bikes everywhere or roller skate. Going on an all day horse ride packing our lunch and enjoying our beautiful mountains. (Jean, 65 years)

Heber City’s Future

How do you think Heber City will change over the next 10 years?

  • Californians *shudder*…lots of growth! It’ll probably be overpopulated. (Nick, 2 years)
  • More transplants (like me), less old timers. Hopefully better food. (Pamela, 4.5 years)
  • I really hope the powers that be can get hold of the out of control growth. (Lynne, 8 years)
  • I think it’s going to keep expanding and it won’t be like it used to be. There will be less outdoors fun. (Chenise, 10 years)
  • It’ll be too big. (Carsun, 17 years)
  • Get too big, and then we will have to kick out everyone that moved in, and go back to all the farm land. (Harlie, 17 years)
  • It will continue to grow quickly. (Camille, 20 years)
  • Too much growth! Open spaces will be dotted with houses- taxes will be so high older people will not be able to live here! (Jean, 65 years)

Heber City Facts

Any other interesting facts about Heber City?

  • Main Street was once open and not crowded. (Nick, 2 years)
  • Close proximity to Orem! We live on the south side and used to live on the north side and always took 80 to Salt Lake. Provo Canyon is the best kept secret! (Pamela, 4.5 years)
  • A lot of Californians love here. (Carsun, 17 years)
  • There are a lot of drugs. (Harlie, 17 years)
  • The community is very supportive of the high school, since all the kids go to the same school. (Camille, 20 years)