Health is a resource by the people, for the people. Instead of presenting one expert’s opinion, we give you access to dozens of personal experiences and opinions and encourage you to form your own opinions. There are key insights you can gain by learning from dozens of ordinary people who’ve lived through what you’re about to live through (as opposed to just talking to a few experts). Sometimes those who’ve lived their entire life with a medical condition are more expert on a condition than a doctor who’s merely studied the condition.

Our mission is to make life easier for those with medical conditions. We aim to create hundreds of free resources about each medical condition– blog indexes, support group lists, written surveys, video interviews, etc. The idea is that you’ll be able to browse any health condition and access dozens of personal experiences and insights from people who’ve had that specific condition.

We hope Lifey resources will help you deal with whatever life throws your way. This is a resource we wish existed, so we’re working to create it. If you would like to contribute to these resources, please feel free to email me at Thanks!


Alex Balinski

**The information on this website is not necessarily accurate, nor is it meant to replace professional medical advice.