August 21, 2017

Health Anxiety

Here’s a free collection of resources about health anxiety (also known as hypochondria)- Health anxiety blogs, videos, support groups, first-hand experiences and advice from people who have health anxiety, etc.

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Health Anxiety Blogs

Here’s a list of health anxiety/hypochondria blogs- blogs written by hypochondriacs, or are about health anxiety.

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Health Anxiety Support Groups

Health Anxiety Support Groups On Facebook

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  2. Health Anxiety Facebook Group (7,782 members)
  3. Health Anxiety/Hypochondria & All Anxiety Disorders (5,655 members)
  4. Hypochondria & Health Support Group (3,112 members)
  5. Living With Health Anxiety (1,448 members)
  6. Health Anxiety Group (1,425 members)
  7. Living With Health Anxiety (820 members)
  8. Mental Health, Anxiety, OCD, Hypochondria Support Group (809 members)
  9. Health Anxiety & Hypochondriac Support (654 members)
  10. Health Anxiety Forum (650 members)
  11. Health Anxiety Support Group (329 members)
  12. Health Anxiety – Peri & Menopausal Women (273 members)
  13. Anxiety, Hypochondria, Health Problems Support Group (161 members)
  14. Hypochondria Group (90 members)
  15. Hypochondriac Support Group (85 members)
  16. Hypochondriacs Anonymous (75 members)
  17. Hypochondria! Facebook Group (71 members)
  18. Hypochondriacs Anonymous Israel (57 members)
  19. Hypochondriac Society of Australia (43 members)
  20. Health Anxiety Support Group (36 members)
  21. Health Anxiety Support Forum (35 members)
  22. Hypochondriac’s Corner (23 members)
  23. Hypochondriac Bingo (21 members)

Other Health Anxiety Support Groups And Forums

  1. Daily Strength Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group (896 members, 7,002 posts)

Health Anxiety Survey

We’re surveying people about their experiences with health anxiety. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*This information is not meant to replace medical advice, and the information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Name, Age)

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Health Anxiety Symptoms

What symptoms have you experienced?

  • Intense fear of my children or my family and I getting cancer or a virus that could kill us. (Tina, 24 years old)
  • Believing I had MS and a brain tumor. Scanning my body for physical symptoms. Overly aware of myself, dizzy spells, shortness of breath. (Leisa, 27 years old)
  • Racing heart, crying, nausea, dizziness, exhaustion. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • Always thinking I’m going to die of a stroke, heart attack or brain aneurysm, also fear my daughter is ill all the time. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • Shaking, cold sweats, nausea, racing thoughts, negative thoughts, fear. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • Irrational thoughts on body symptoms. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • Anxiety, fear, pain. (Janet, 61 years old)
  • Fast heartbeat, headaches, general aches and pains, nausea. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Causes

What do you think contributed to your health anxiety?

  • Only started after I contracted pneumonia 2 years ago. (Tina, 24 years old)
  • Stress. Post-natal depression. (Leisa, 27 years old)
  • Hearing about people with cancer. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • I had thyroid cancer when I was 23. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • Having depression and anxiety. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • Yes. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was 12. We weren’t told what was wrong with her. It created my phobia. (Janet, 61 years old)
  • I was frequently ill as a child. My mother looked after me. She was always anxious when I became ill. I evidently picked up on that, and became anxious myself. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Facts

What are some interesting facts about health anxiety?

  • It can mimic symptoms of illnesses. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • It can happen at any time. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • None, it’s a nightmare. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • You can know other people are fine, but you are going to die. (Janet, 61 years old)
  • If parents are anxious about health then children often are too. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Pain Management

What’s been your experience with pain and pain relief?

  • I don’t mind pain or pain relief if absolutely necessary. (Tina, 24 years old)
  • I rarely experience pain. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • Trips to the hospital, I’m now on setraline. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • Upset stomach and tension headaches. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • I don’t suffer pain with anxiety. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • Tranquilizers, Xanax, Valium. (Janet, 61 years old)
  • A bit hit and miss at times. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Difficulties

What are the hardest aspects of living with health anxiety?

  • No one else being able to understand what goes through your head. (Tina, 24 years old)
  • Constant battle with your own mind. (Leisa, 27 years old)
  • It’s hard to live with the depression that accompanies health anxiety. I feel like I can’t look forward to the future when I think I’m dying. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • It’s not a life always fearing that I’m going to drop down dead and my daughter- it’s scary thinking this all the time. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • Constant fearful thoughts, being afraid of leaving the house for more then a few hours and insomnia. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • Hell on earth. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • It’s 24/7, there are few moments when I’m not thinking about it. (Janet, 61 years old)
  • I worry constantly about becoming ill, especially when there is a flu bug or some other illnesses doing the rounds. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Advice

What encouragement/advice can you give to people who have health anxiety?

  • Even though it feels like it, you are not alone. (Tina, 24 years old)
  • It can get better with time, medication and help. (Leisa, 27 years old)
  • Don’t Google symptoms. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • Go and see a doctor for help, and don’t Google symptoms. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • Take it one day at a time, and talk to your doctor. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • It will pass. It’s not real. Try and face your fears. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • See a psychiatrist. (Janet, 61 years old)
  • I’m afraid I have no advice to give anyone at the moment. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Diet and Exercise

What’s been your experience with diet and exercise?

  • It’s hard to get yourself to exercise, but once you do, it helps. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • I feel much better when I hit the gym, but my social anxiety stops me going, and when I diet, it boosts my mood, but doesn’t make health anxiety go. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • Going to the gym, working out at home and yoga. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • None. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • I feel better. (Janet, 61 years old)
  • Hit and miss. Can vary. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Treatments

What’s been your experience with treatments (medication, etc.)?

  • I was offered medication by a doctor for my health anxiety but I have never taken it in fear that the medication will make me sick. (Tina, 24 years old)
  • Medication made a huge positive difference. (Leisa, 27 years old)
  • Celexa is great. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • Sertraline made my symptoms worse when first starting, then helped for a bit. Now it doesn’t work at all. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • Zoloft. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • Helpful. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • Some relief. (Janet, 61 years old)
  • Not always effective. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Recommendations

Anything you’d recommend for someone with health anxiety?

  • Rescue Remedy. (Tina, 24 years old)
  • Talk to your doctor. (Leisa, 27 years old)
  • Celexa. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • I’m looking for that answer myself. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • Talk to someone. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • Counseling and meds. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • I haven’t got any recommendations at present, I’m still trying to learn how best to deal with it. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Resources

What specific resources have you found most helpful?

  • A facebook group for hypochondriacs. (Tina, 24 years old)
  • Websites that help deal with anxiety. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • Facebook groups. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • Talking to your doctor, friends, family and therapists. (Veronica, 36 years old)
  • Talking to other people who suffer. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • Nothing in particular. I tend not to read or research illness any longer. (Christine, 62 years old)

Health Anxiety Stories

Share your health anxiety story.

  • Ever since giving birth to my son five years ago, I have been terrified of dying young, and leaving him without a mother. I’m particularly afraid of developing cancer. (Tara, 29 years old)
  • It’s a horrible nightmare which stops me enjoying life, and I don’t think it will ever go. (Emma, 31 years old)
  • It’s too long to write on here. (Claire, 40 years old)
  • I have bronchiectasis, asthma and arthritis. I’m always wary of being around someone who has a cold or cough, in case I catch it as well. I don’t like being around ill people. I worry constantly. (Christine, 62 years old)