February 3, 2018

Gillette, Wyoming

Life in Gillette, Wyoming, explained by people who’ve lived in Gillette:

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Gillette Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Gillette?

  • It’s a big city and has lots of options for shopping and things to do. (Anonymous, 3 years)
  • We live just off 59 on country club road so we are just a skip away from all the main places in Gillette! (Jason, 3 years)
  • Buffalo Ridge School. (Michele, 4 years)
  • Absolutely everything. (Devon, 6.5 years)
  • The weather, people, freedom, etc. (Anonymous, 20 years)
  • Spirit Hall. (Kalen, 20 years)
  • How friendly it is. (Jade, 21 years)
  • Sense of community. (Michelle, 21 years)
  • Nothing to do in this town for a family besides bars. (Anonymous, 22 years on and off)
  • People. (Glippy, 24 years)
  • My family, and friends. (Anonymous, 27 years)
  • Daughter and grandchildren live here too. (Lynn, 29 years)
  • Complex park and Fishing Lake. (Anonymous, 30 years)
  • Community support/school district. (Lisa, 34 years)
  • It’s active. (Don, 37 years)
  • The wide open space, schools and people. (Jamie, 43 years)
  • The wonderful people. (Sharon, 47 years)

Gillette Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Gillette?

  • Its a boom/bust town. People avoid making lasting friendships here. I believe because people come and go from here as the oil and gas comes and goes. It makes it hard for people like us who came during the bust. (Anonymous, 3 years)
  • The drivers. (Jason, 3 years)
  • The CEO of the hospital. (Michele, 4 years)
  • Too many to answer. (Dorothy, 5 years)
  • When the county doesn’t grate the roads after a big snow. (Devon, 6.5 years)
  • Cops. (Anonymous, 10 years)
  • People. (Gail, 14 years)
  • Drivers, drama, juvenile delinquents. (Anonymous, 20 years)
  • Sonic. (Kalen, 20 years)
  • Drivers, lack of jobs. (Jade, 21 years)
  • Lack of cultural events. (Michelle, 21 years)
  • Hate all of Gillette from the dullness to the high expenses of normal daily life. (Anonymous, 22 years on and off)
  • There are no 24 hour diners and how unsupportive the community is of the arts. (Taylor, 23 years)
  • Traffic. (Glippy, 24 years)
  • Our local government. (Anonymous, 27 years)
  • Shopping sucks. We need Sam’s Club and Herberger’s or similar. (Lynn, 29 years)
  • Small business saying “I can order it for you”. (Anonymous, 30 years)
  • Crime/drugs. (Lisa, 34 years)
  • Attitudes. (Don, 37 years)
  • The winter. (Jamie, 43 years)
  • Everything. (Ken, 45 years)
  • The limited shopping available to us. (Sharon, 47 years)

Gillette Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Gillette?

  • Kids: rec center, library activities, sports, not much else. Adults: drinking, drugs, race track. (Anonymous, 3 years)
  • My kids love the fishing lake and recreation center in the winter, my wife and I have become quite content just driving around the city and finding great lookouts of the city line! (Jason, 3 years)
  • Water slides. (Michele, 4 years)
  • Fair week. (Dorothy, 5 years)
  • Bowling, skating, movies, shows, there’s a ton of stuff if you just get out and do it. The planetarium, and I can go on and on. (Devon, 6.5 years)
  • Explore downtown, auctions, community get-togethers. (Anonymous, 20 years)
  • Hockey, County Fair. (Kalen, 20 years)
  • Go to Wal-Mart. Lol. (Jade, 21 years)
  • 4th of July events. (Michelle, 21 years)
  • I have found nothing fun to do in Gillette. Maybe looking for rocks but then again everyone lets ya know where they are so that’s not much fun anymore. (Anonymous, 22 years on and off)
  • Go to the bar, go out to eat. There is not much else to do. (Taylor, 23 years)
  • All things outdoors. (Glippy, 24 years)
  • Not much, good thing it’s close to The Black Hills, keyhole, Buffalo, Sheridan, and the big horn mountain. (Anonymous, 27 years)
  • Rec Center! Free outdoor pool, plays, frisbee golf, golf, AVA, Pizza Career and a great movie theater. (Anonymous, 30 years)
  • Movies and bowling and painting. (Lisa, 34 years)
  • Youth sports, high school sports, movies, drives in the country, library, clubs, dining, community involvement. (Don, 37 years)
  • Parks, rec center, within a two hour drive to mountains, 45 mins to the lake. (Jamie, 43 years)
  • Movies, Camplex events, Rec Center, Friends, caring community, good basic folks. (Sharon, 47 years)

Gillette’s Reputation

What’s Gillette known for?

  • Being an energy reliant town. Lots of drugs, drinking and crime. (Anonymous, 3 years)
  • Coal and energy production. (Jason, 3 years)
  • The most bars in one city. (Michele, 4 years)
  • Spending too much on statues and not able to make its mind up about anything. (Dorothy, 5 years)
  • Energy capital of the world. (Devon, 6.5 years)
  • Coal. (Anonymous, 10 years)
  • Coal. (Gail, 14 years)
  • Small town feel, ranchers, bad drivers. (Anonymous, 20 years)
  • Coal/Oil industries. (Kalen, 20 years)
  • Coal. (Jade, 21 years)
  • Coal. (Michelle, 21 years)
  • Money hungry people. (Anonymous, 22 years on and off)
  • Coal. (Taylor, 23 years)
  • Camels. (Glippy, 24 years)
  • Coal, gas, oil and the rail road. (Anonymous, 27 years)
  • Energy capitol of the nation. (Lynn, 29 years)
  • Obnoxious sports fans and title teams. (Anonymous, 30 years)
  • Coal and oil. (Lisa, 34 years)
  • Energy production. (Don, 37 years)
  • Coal, oil, and gas. (Jamie, 43 years)
  • Coal. (Ken, 45 years)

Gillette Crime

What’s the crime like in Gillette? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • Church street is the ghetto. There are also some blocks around twin spruce area and the homeless shelter that you couldn’t pay me to walk past. (Anonymous, 3 years)
  • Bullying in schools seems to be a big problem as well as meth use, however it is confined to select areas of the outskirts of town and seems maybe an apartment complex or three along church street. Appears slummish! (Jason, 3 years)
  • Meth to keep the coal miners awake. (Michele, 4 years)
  • It’s everywhere, and people get a slap on the wrist if they do get caught so what’s the point. (Dorothy, 5 years)
  • None that I know of. I guess depends on who you hang out with but I don’t see any. (Devon, 6.5 years)
  • High here. (Gail, 14 years)
  • Crime isn’t a huge problem but can definitely be worked on (drugs). (Anonymous, 20 years)
  • Not too bad. (Kalen, 20 years)
  • Decent. (Jade, 21 years)
  • Relatively low, but increase has been consistent with the population rate increase and dynamic of people moving into the area. Church St area (behind CCHS) has always been a high crime area. (Michelle, 21 years)
  • Getting way bad and all areas are hot spots in my eyes. (Anonymous, 22 years on and off)
  • Bars are shady places. Other than that, it’s fine. I leave most of my things unlocked without worry. (Taylor, 23 years)
  • Meth. (Glippy, 24 years)
  • Overall crime is low. However there are a lot of 17-35 year old meth heads. Pot is common. (Anonymous, 27 years)
  • Not that bad. (Lynn, 29 years)
  • Getting worse every day. (Lisa, 34 years)
  • No more so than other towns this size. (Don, 37 years)
  • Small amounts. (Jamie, 43 years)
  • Low. (Ken, 45 years)
  • Not too bad….I’d say Church street area. (Sharon, 47 years)

Gillette Advice

Any advice for people moving to Gillette?

  • Don’t. It’s not a good place to raise a family. Not a lot of people are willing to be true friends. Money spent in this town isn’t thought through. Money is allocated years ago, so now doesn’t matter. It’s not a pretty town. People are from all over so there’s a clashing of attitudes, driving abilities and nuances. Just don’t. (Anonymous, 3 years)
  • Hillcrest is an amazing school with good neighborhoods surrounding it. Try to research the job market and land a good job before moving as the employment scene is very limited! (Jason, 3 years)
  • Don’t do it. (Michele, 4 years)
  • Live outside of town to be happy and only go to town for grocery shopping. Watch red lights cuz everyone runs them and cops don’t care. (Dorothy, 5 years)
  • You will love it just get used to the weather before you leave. You so get used to it. (Devon, 6.5 years)
  • Don’t. (Anonymous, 10 years)
  • Don’t come here. (Gail, 14 years)
  • If you have kids, put them in activities/sports; open your mind to how things work here. (Anonymous, 20 years)
  • Be prepared for snow! (Kalen, 20 years)
  • Get your kids involved with activities early. (Michelle, 21 years)
  • I wouldn’t move here and can’t wait to get out. Seems to go downhill each year. (Anonymous, 22 years on and off)
  • Suicide rate is pretty high. If you live an alternative lifestyle or want your kids to get a well rounded education (art and music included) look elsewhere. (Taylor, 23 years)
  • Don’t. (Glippy, 24 years)
  • Don’t. (Anonymous, 27 years)
  • It’s expensive to live here, but the people are basically good. (Lynn, 29 years)
  • Get out and join something, organization or church or leagues. (Anonymous, 30 years)
  • You’ll love the schools and people!! (Lisa, 34 years)
  • Get involved, learn your town. (Don, 37 years)
  • Be sure to have a job before moving. (Jamie, 43 years)
  • Not to. (Ken, 45 years)
  • Lots of job opportunities, if you want to work, good schools, great choice of housing available. (Sharon, 47 years)

Gillette Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Gillette (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • Crazy woman who I thought was my friend, shot my dehydrator to pieces when she accused me of trying to sleep with her husband. My job was robbed when I was at lunch. I started carrying a gun after that. My car has been broken into. I had to confront a creeper around my old house with a shot gun because police didn’t take me seriously. (Anonymous, 3 years)
  • My wife and I declared our first year of marriage that we would not be living in Missouri on our ten year, and we were in Gillette then and got a very nice hotel room at the Candlewood Estates, and celebrated in a hot tub! (Jason, 3 years)
  • The criminal justice system doesn’t work for the little guy. (Michele, 4 years)
  • My beautiful daughter was born here and way too many memories to tell in a survey. But love love love it here. (Devon, 6.5 years)
  • Hockey vs Helena. (Kalen, 20 years)
  • The 4th of July pancake feed! (Jade, 21 years)
  • Sporting events at school. (Michelle, 21 years)
  • Suckling my money from me from high electric, rent, things to do and everything else the energy state can offer. (Anonymous, 22 years on and off)
  • Still thinking. (Anonymous, 27 years)
  • I raced for a time at the old race track. (Lynn, 29 years)
  • Dozer crushing cars, international pyrotechnics guild shows, horse races. (Don, 37 years)
  • Camel football games, July 4th parade. (Jamie, 43 years)
  • Bed race, 4th of July activities, family is all here. Good folks around here. (Sharon, 47 years)

Gillette’s Future

How do you think Gillette will change over the next 10 years?

  • Hopefully it booms. Because in 8 years my youngest kid turns 18 and we want to sell the house and get the hell out of here. (Anonymous, 3 years)
  • My hope is that coal will either level off or boom and we can enjoy ten years of stability! (Jason, 3 years)
  • It won’t change. (Michele, 4 years)
  • I don’t think it will. Maybe the population will grow and shopping hopefully will grow. More stores to shop at. (Devon, 6.5 years)
  • Hopefully coal jobs come back, other than that it probably won’t change too much other than technology. (Anonymous, 20 years)
  • I believe it will get a lot bigger. (Jade, 21 years)
  • I think it will remain pretty stable with population, but crime rates will continue to grow. (Michelle, 21 years)
  • Be like a big city. (Anonymous, 22 years on and off)
  • I hope they will move to be more accepting of people from all walks of life and encourage kids in the arts and music. You can get scholarships for that too. Its not just sports. Like seriously. Rethink how you fund these programs and spread the wealth. (Taylor, 23 years)
  • A lot. (Glippy, 24 years)
  • For the better yes with more shopping. (Lynn, 29 years)
  • Boom and bust. (Anonymous, 30 years)
  • Continue to grow and refine itself. (Don, 37 years)
  • I hope to see it grow and the economy to diversify. (Jamie, 43 years)
  • For the worse. (Ken, 45 years)
  • Younger generation is coming up. Energy will be handled more responsibly. (Sharon, 47 years)

Gillette Facts

Any other interesting facts about Gillette?

  • There are a few good things about here, but they are few. And far between. None of the good involves people younger than 50. Only the old, old people are decent. (Anonymous, 3 years)
  • The Rockpile museum has an amazing display of the history of Gillette! A must see to appreciate the beauty and story of our town! (Jason, 3 years)
  • The police rarely enforcement traffic laws. (Michele, 4 years)
  • Great for families starting out. (Michelle, 21 years)
  • The streets are paved. (Glippy, 24 years)
  • Local government sucks. (Anonymous, 27 years)
  • Fast pace, expensive to retire in, young populations. (Don, 37 years)
  • Coal/oil/gas hub of the nation. (Sharon, 47 years)