Denver, Colorado

Here’s a free collection of resources about Denver, Colorado- blogs, videos, groups, first-hand experiences and advice from people who live in Denver, etc.

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Denver, Colorado: Blogs

Here’s a list of blogs and websites written by people who live in Denver, or are about Denver.

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City of Denver 2017
Visit Denver 2017
University of Denver 2017
University of Colorado: Denver 2017
Colorado Free University 2017
Community College of Denver 2017
Regis University 2017
The Denver Post 2017
9 News 2017
Fox 31 Denver 2017
Denver Westword 2017
Denver Patch 2017
The Colorado Independent 2017
Denver Art Museum 2017
Zillow Real Estate 2017
Wikipedia Article 2017

Denver, Colorado: Groups

Denver Groups On Facebook

  1. You know you are from Denver when.. (57,485 members)
  2. Denver Area Classifieds (22,923 members)
  3. Oldskool Denver (13,027 members)
  4. Denver Roommates (11,024 members)
  5. Denver Area Creative Housing (10,168 members)
  6. Denver Auction *Sell Anything* Facebook Group (9,306 members)
  7. Jobs in Denver Metro Area Facebook Group (9,086 members)
  8. Denver Jobs (6,064 members)
  9. Denver, Colorado- Buy, Sell, Trade Group (3,563 members)
  10. Denver Vegans (3,152 members)
  11. Denver, Colorado Free Classifieds (2,985 members)
  12. Denver Collective Housing Network (2,393 members)
  13. Denver Facebook Flea Market (2,288 members)
  14. Five Points Neighborhood (1,467 members)
  15. Job Opportunities: Denver, Colorado (1,371 members)
  16. Whittier Neighborhood (1,193 members)
  17. Bear Valley Neighborhood (348 members)
  18. Westwood Residents Association (346 members)
  19. I live in Denver Highlands (282 members)
  20. Mar Lee Neighborhood (266 members)
  21. Denver: A Witness to History (263 members)
  22. Valverde Neighborhood Association (188 members)
  23. Denver, CO Bloggers (145 members)

Other Denver Groups, Forums and Events

  1. Eventbrite Events in the Denver Area
  2. TripAdvisor Denver Forum

Denver, Colorado: Survey

We’re surveying people about living in Denver, CO. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*The information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Your name, How long you’ve lived in Denver)

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Denver, Colorado: Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Denver?

Denver, Colorado: Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Denver?

Denver, Colorado: Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Denver?

Denver, Colorado: Reputation

What’s Denver known for?

Denver, Colorado: Crime

What’s the crime like in Denver?

Denver, Colorado: Advice

Any advice for people moving to Denver?

Denver, Colorado: Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Denver (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

Denver, Colorado: The Future

How do you think Denver will change over the next 10 years?

Denver, Colorado: Other Facts

Any other interesting facts about Denver?