Denmark Copenhagen Mission

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Copenhagen Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Denmark Copenhagen Mission. We try to keep this info up to date, but it’s a good idea to check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

The Danish Mission Office
Borups Alle 128, 1.Tv
2000 Frederiksberg

Phone Number: 45-38-113-999
Mission President: Daniel R. O’Bryant

Denmark Copenhagen Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the Denmark Copenhagen Mission (LDS). To access the official, up-to-date map for the Copenhagen Mission:

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Videos with Copenhagen RMs

Here are in-depth YouTube video interviews with returned missionaries from the Denmark Copenhagen Mission.  We interview hundreds of returned missionaries each year, so check back regularly to see new RM interviews.

mission interview  mission interview

LDS-Friendly Videos about Denmark

Here are LDS-friendly educational videos about Denmark. We scoured YouTube to find the best quality videos about Denmark, that are free from inappropriate music, immodesty and profanity.

LDS Church  places  history  food  language  time lapses

Copenhagen Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Copenhagen Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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Copenhagen Mission 2017
Elder Taylor Jeffery Howes 2017
Sister Courtney Jones 2017
Elder Alex Reed 2017
Elder Parker Weese 2016
Elder Evan Poff 2016
Sister Brittney McArthur 2016
Elder Zachary Sakurada 2016
Elder Maxwell McBride 2016
Elder Brandon Jeppson 2016
Sister Lucy Ferguson 2016
Elder Jeremy Pike 2016
Elder Jed Bradshaw 2016
Sister Amelia Williams 2016
Sister Morgan Soelberg 2016
President & Sister Sederholm 2015
Elder Kenneth Burton 2015
Elder Morgan Parry 2015
Elder Conner Ludlow 2015
Sister Kendra Perkins 2015
Elder Christian Wawro 2015
Elder Andrew Swan 2015
Sister Hannah Barrett 2015
Elder Kolby Madsen 2015
Elder Jamen Brindley 2015
Elder Teagan Pitcher 2015
Elder McKay Holbrook 2015
Elder McKay Holbrook 2015
Elder Samuel Daw 2014
Elder Mackenzie Wible 2014
Elder Jmichael Crank 2014
Elder Jared Pitts 2014
Sister Breanna Rogers 2014
Sister Katherine Murray 2014
Sister Kelly Orgill 2014
Sister Brittany Rigby 2014
Elder Kenneth Swenson 2013
Mission Alumni 2013
Sister Hannah Morse 2012
Elder Logan Wooden 2012
Elder Samuel Feil 2012
Elder & Sister Gronnestad 2011
Elder & Sister Broberg 2011
Elder Tyler Lee 2011
Elder Skyler Hardy 2011
Elder Ricky Pullan 2011
Elder Karl Sandstrom 2010
Elder & Sister Wilberg 2010

Copenhagen Mission Groups

Here are Denmark Copenhagen Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Copenhagen Mission.

  1. Denmark, Copenhagen Mission – Williams Group (142 members)
  2. Denmark Copenhagen Mission Facebook Group (105 members)
  3. Copenhagen Mission (President Greer) Group (45 members)
  4. Copenhagen Mission Moms and Friends (LDS) Group (16 members)

Copenhagen Mission T-Shirts

Here are T-shirts for the Denmark Copenhagen Mission!

Shirt designs include Denmark Copenhagen Mission logo/emblem shirts and Called to Serve shirts. The shirts make great gifts for pre-missionaries, returned missionaries and missionaries currently serving. LDS Mission shirts come in all sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, up to 4XL.  The mission designs are printed on white shirts and are shipped to you.

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Copenhagen Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Copenhagen LDS Mission.

  1. 2015-2018, Daniel R. O’Bryant
  2. 2012-2015, Shawn D. Sederholm
  3. 2010-2012, Jens H. Anderson
  4. 2007-2010, Douglas Olausson
  5. 2004-2007, H. James Williams
  6. 2001-2004, Gary M. Hudson
  7. 1998-2001, Byron A. Rasmussen
  8. 1995-1998, Knud B. Anderson
  9. 1992-1995, Alma D. Anderson
  10. 1989-1992, Spencer B. Greer
  11. 1986-1989, Dee V. Jacobs
  12. 1984-1986, Svend Svendsen
  13. 1981-1984, Ronald R. Jensen
  14. 1978-1981, Richard C. Jensen
  15. 1975-1978, Roger L. Hansen

Denmark and Iceland LDS Statistics (2015)

  • Church Membership: 4,408 (Denmark), 275 (Iceland)
  • Missions: 1 (Denmark)
  • Temples: 1 (Denmark)
  • Congregations: 23 (Denmark), 2 (Iceland)
  • Family History Centers: 12 (Denmark), 1 (Iceland)

Helpful Articles about Denmark

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Copenhagen Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Denmark Copenhagen RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

*Click here to take a survey to help pre-missionaries going to your mission.

When did you serve?

  • 2013-2015 (Georgia)
  • 2013-2015 (Ridge)
  • 2013-2014 (Katie)
  • 2007-2008 (Stephanie)
  • 2008-2010 (Susan)
  • 2013-2015 (Baylan)
  • 1992-1994 (Ryan)
  • 1986-1988 (Corey)

What areas did you serve in?

  • Copenhagen; Odense; Esbjerg; Silkeborg; Horsens. (Georgia)
  • Odense; Silkeborg; Holbæk; Sønderborg; Ålborg; Viborg. (Ridge)
  • Esbjerg, Lyngby and Horsens. (Katie)
  • Randers, Herning, Odense, Aalborg (my favorite), Copenhagen. (Ryan)
  • Silkeborg, Birkerod, Sonderborg, Horsens, Bornholm, Kobenhavn. (Corey)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Flæskesteg, Æbleskiver, Pølser, Mediste pølser, Brøn kartofler. (Georgia)
  • Rød grøde med flød, brun kartofler, smørbrød, frikadeller (Red berries with cream, brown potatoes, open-faced sandwiches, and these really good meatballs they make). (Ridge)
  • Danish pastries were AMAZING, flaeskesteg, frikadeller, pickled red cabbage, brown potatoes, aebleskiver and marzipan. (Katie)
  • Frikedeller, Potatoes, Kebab, Gelato (European Ice Cream). (Stephanie)
  • The Christmas meal, Æbleskever, Pickled herring, a whole lot of everything. (Susan)
  • Pork roast, duck, special meatballs, Danish pastries, Remoulade. (Baylan)
  • Rodkol, potatoes. I had lots of Lasagna there for some reason. The pastries are  so good. Look for treykants! (Ryan)

What was a funny experience?

  • Guy opened the door completely nude. I still gave him a Book of Mormon. (Ridge)
  • The first week I was in Denmark, I was absolutely mortified to talk to people because I didn’t know what to say or even how to RESPOND if they answered my questions. My trainer told me that it was my turn to contact the next person. So, a Greenlandic man was coming our way, and I stopped him and told him that we were missionaries for the Church. It came out HORRIBLY though! I couldn’t even understand myself. However, he said “what” and then turned his hearing aid on. Haha, crisis averted, and I got a second chance to give him our spiel. He ended up getting baptized a month later. (Katie)
  • When I was a new missionary I was teaching a member lesson with another new missionary and we were using the Bible story of Jesus commanding His Apostles to feed His sheep. Instead of saying the word for “feed” my companion said the word for “eat”, telling the members that we needed to be sure to “eat Jesus’ sheep.” (Stephanie)
  • I almost slapped a swan once. I was standing on a path near a river watching baby swans when a grown swan came thumping up behind me. I turned, it was nearly tall enough to look me in the eye, and hissed like a velociraptor. I almost slapped it, but decided an LDS missionary cannot be seen slapping swans in the park. (Susan)
  • Telling a member that my name was Utah after I didn’t understand what she asked me. (Baylan)

What was a crazy experience?

  • Literally nothing dangerous happens here. One time a dunk guy spanked me and then winked at me while he walked away. (Ridge)
  • Denmark is not a very dangerous place, however, in one of my areas we had a crazy upstairs neighbor. One day, one of my companions was feeling pretty sick so we stayed in. The Elders were so kind and brought us over some medicine during their lunch, so we thought it would be kind to share our lunch with them. They weren’t allowed in our apartment, so we figured we could just eat right outside our door. We were finishing up and getting our dishes together when our crazy neighbor walked through the front door to our building (he had been kind to us up to this point). He asked us what we were doing, and we thought he was just being sarcastic like most Danes. He didn’t like our jovial answer, so he asked us again in a more angry manner. He then proceeded to tell us how he was sick and tired of the Jesus pictures we had in our window, and if we didn’t take them down he would turn into a psychopath and do it himself through whatever means. He then threatened the Elders and told us he was going to tell the landlord and we would get kicked out. He then stormed up to his apartment and slammed the door. We were a bit scared after that, so we stayed in the President’s house for one night. The next day we made a booby trap in our apartment just in case he decided to break in. Lucky for him, he never did, haha. (Katie)
  • Denmark is very safe, and I never felt in real danger. Having said that though, there was an uncomfortable experience where my companion and I were catching a train home and there were two German teenagers waiting at the same platform, who were drunk and approached us and kept bothering us. They didn’t hurt us, they were more annoying than really frightening. (Stephanie)
  • Denmark is incredibly safe, and therefore boring in that regard. But one time, I almost got in a brawl with a swan. Also, bugs would get stuck in my eyeballs while out biking and I’d nearly crash into traffic. But that’s it. (Susan)
  • Denmark is too safe for any dangerous experiences! (Baylan)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • Healing of Sister Turpin of breast cancer and her return to the mission being pronounced clean! The many prayers and fasting of the mission were so powerful! (Georgia)
  • Though lessons are often few and far between you really get a knack for appreciating the ones where the Spirit is present. Hint: works best when the people you are teaching aren’t drunk. (Ridge)
  • On Christmas, we decided to go to a square next to a bus station and pass out Book of Mormons while singing Christmas carols. We wanted to see how many we could hand out, so some of us just gave them without explaining them. One of the members who was with us was taking the time to explain the Book of Mormon to a young girl who was having a hard time. He told her about prayer and taught her how to pray. Amazing! However, she left without giving us a name or number. My companions and I had, had some crazy experiences with prayer and our faith was so childlike that we truly believed that if we prayed for something, we would receive it. So, the next companionship prayer we prayed to find the girl who we gave the book to (that’s as specific as we could get because she looked like every other Dane in Denmark, haha). Anyway, later that day we were at the bus station getting ready to go to a dinner appointment. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a familiar face. IT WAS THE GIRL!! After some hesitation, we followed her to a hot dog stand where she was meeting with an older gentleman. I FINALLY got the guts to talk to her. She was grateful that we found her. We asked her about the Book of Mormon and prayer. She said that she hadn’t read the book, but that her dad was very sick and she held the book tightly and prayed with everything she had. The older gentleman she was with (her dad) asked her who we were. She told them that we were the ones who taught her how to pray, and that because of us he was better. He turned to us and said, “thank you”. It was one of the absolute neatest things I have ever experienced. (Katie)
  • In my very first area as a missionary I served on Amager and my trainer and I found a young man that hadn’t really ever heard of God or Christ before. As we were teaching him, he seemed to come alive with the information we were teaching. At one point after we taught him about Jesus Christ and His love for us, we gave him the first lesson pamphlet that has the picture of Christ holding the lamb. He looked at the pamphlet and after a few moments looked up at us and with tears in his eyes said, “that is a lucky lamb.” (Stephanie)
  • The whole mission experience seemed designed to be the best possible kind of hardest for me personally. I truly felt God’s love and patience and hope for me individually. Also, for every investigator. I fit like a puzzle piece right in this prepared niche. It was inspiring. (Susan)
  • Hearing people pray for the first time in their lives! (Baylan)

What are some interesting facts about the Copenhagen Mission?

  • The fewest missionaries to return home early! Credited to Pres. Sederholm’s spirituality and love for his missionaries, and his great example of faith and dedication to the Lord’s work! (Georgia)
  • First language the Book of Mormon was translated into. Mission also includes Iceland but only ~8 missionaries serve Icelandic-speaking and we hardly ever see them. The Kristus statue is in Vor Frue Kirke in Copenhagen. Relatively small mission. HC Anderson born in Odense on the island of Fyn (my first area). Lots of castles including Hamlet’s castle in Helsingør. (Ridge)
  • There is only one mission in Denmark. It comprises of Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, and Greenland. However, only Elders are in Iceland, and there are no missionaries in Greenland or the Faroe Islands. The language is Danish. Contrary to popular belief, Danish people are extremely kind and helpful. They love to talk (not necessarily about religion), and they are wonderful friends. The language is difficult, but people are patient as long as you are trying. An interesting personal fact…I met my husband on my mission! OH! And people ride bikes EVERYWHERE. (Katie)
  • When I served, it was the largest mission, land area wise, but the smallest in missionary numbers. We only had about 45 young missionaries in our mission with 6-8 sisters. (Stephanie)
  • My mission includes Iceland and Greenland and the Faroe Islands. As such it has the most landmass and the widest geographical reach of any mission in the world. (Susan)
  • It is small and is a whole country. The first translation after English was Danish for The Book of Mormon. Thousands of Danish people left Denmark to join The Church. (Baylan)

What was the weather like?

  • Mild for these two years, an answer to my prayers! (Georgia)
  • The biggest factor from weather is the darkness. In winter it gets dark ~3 and you have like 4 hours of “light” which is actually just clouds. You still have to work though. This was the hardest part of my mission for me. It sounds fine but those winter moths are HARD. The trade off is the summer where you wake up and it’s sunny and you go to bed and it’s still super bright out. Nothing compares to the Scandinavian summer. People are happier and willing to talk, and life is just better. (Ridge)
  • The weather is not as cold as you would think. It is slightly humid, so that makes the not so cold days colder and the not so hot days hot. It is windy there (not super windy, but there is always a light breeze). It rains quite a bit over there. Not downpours like in other places, but it sprinkles quite a bit. (Katie)
  • It’s very similar to the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It rains a lot. It does get colder in the winter than it does in the PNW though–so be prepared for that. It’s warm in the summer, with more consecutive sunny days. (Stephanie)
  • Cool, not cold, and foggy and rainy. There were two weeks of spring and summer, five months of winter, and seven months of fall. It got light at 3am in the summer. In the winter the sun rose at 11am. (Susan)
  • There are all four seasons. It’s humid, gets super dark in the winter and summers are beautiful. (Baylan)
  • Rainy. Cooler than Utah. Did get snow one of the winters, but none the other winter. (Ryan)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • The people were friendly, the Saints were like family! The country is one of the safest! It is a beautiful country…and I truly miss it! (Georgia)
  • Really difficult place to serve but I loved it and wouldn’t trade the lessons I learned for an easier place to teach or baptize. You get out of this mission what you put in because if you don’t work the work will not come to you like it might in other parts of the world. Danes do not like religion. One lady told me (and several others agreed) that she would rather talk about her physically intimate life with me than religion. That’s the way they view spirituality – incredibly personal. (Ridge)
  • They were so kind and helpful. They feel like my other family, and Denmark is my second home. I love everything about it. (Katie)
  • I love Denmark. The people at first may seem more withdrawn, but once you get to know them, they are the friendliest, most generous people you will ever meet. The country itself is extremely beautiful. There are amazing country views as well as beautiful architecture and history wherever you serve. (Stephanie)
  • Oi, this is a long survey, all essay questions too. (Susan)
  • Super caring people. Some of the best people you will meet! (Baylan)
  • Very nice. (Ryan)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Pack half of what you think you need!! Weight is costly if you go over! All cosmetics should be in plastic bags! Customs lives to confiscate excessive cosmetics! (Georgia)
  • Buy your stuff there. It’s way better. Also shop at Genbrugs. It’s like the Danish version of a thrift store. (Ridge)
  • Buy NICE shoes (as a sister missionary). They will fall apart because of the rain if you don’t. Bring waterproof and windproof clothing items. You will need them. Don’t be afraid to be stylish. The people over there dress nice, and if you dress nice you will set a good example for the girls considering serving a mission. (Katie)
  • Waterproof your shoes. I got to the land in the summer and bought a raincoat while I was there. It’s one of my favorite souvenirs. I bought the Scandinavian brand Helly Hansen. It was expensive, but excellent quality. Wool tights for the winter (sisters–obviously). (Stephanie)
  • Bring skirts you can ride a bike in. Also a long heavy winter coat is a must. (Susan)
  • Buy as much of your stuff there as you can! It is a little more expensive, but you want to buy their style, their clothes that are specific to being in Denmark. (Baylan)
  • Good shoes. Pants that won’t rip in the crotch. Lots of biking. (Ryan)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • A refining and defining of who I am and how well I truly live gospel principles! The power of forgiveness and how the atonement can be a powerful influence in how we see others! (Georgia)
  • Learned a lot about myself. (Ridge)
  • I received more than I can even count. I gained so many friends, strengthened my relationship with Heavenly Father, and I met my husband on my mission. I promised myself that I would never marry anyone I served with, but I’m SO blessed that I did. I came home heartbroken because I missed my mission so much. However, Heavenly Father never leaves us…even after the mission. My husband let me talk about my mission (our mission) all the time. He knew who my friends were and encouraged me to keep up my Danish. (Katie)
  • Countless. Everything good in my life I can trace to serving a mission. In total seriousness. My testimony was strengthened. I learned countless Gospel and temporal lessons that bless my life regularly. I met my husband through an Elder I served with, etc. (Stephanie)
  • Shedding a lot of social anxiety and becoming capable of doing really hard things. (Susan)
  • I found my wife after my mission. Because of serving, I have lifelong relationships, I grew as a person- as a husband and father- I came closer to my Savior. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world. (Baylan)
  • Innumerable. It made me the person I am today. I grew up. Developed a strong testimony that is still serving me today. My wife. (Ryan)

What are some skills you gained?

  • Language refinement! Great to renew what I learned. 50 years ago! Computer skills and dealing with immigration issues for each missionary! (Georgia)
  • Danish, obviously. Also just a lot of confidence. Trust me after serving here you won’t fear rejection in the slightest because you will have experienced it so many times in so many different ways. (Ridge)
  • I can now speak Danish. I am a LOT more friendly, and I know who I am now. I know how to study, and I know what it feels like to love people that I don’t know at all. I also know what it means to stand up for my beliefs in a positive way. (Katie)
  • People skills. I was very shy before my mission. Now I’m not afraid of people. Working through conflicts–even when you love your companion you won’t always get along. I learned a lot of patience on my mission. The overall knowledge that I can do hard things. (Stephanie)
  • Event planning, studying, life scheduling. (Susan)
  • Communication is the main one. You learn how to talk to people and how to be in uncomfortable situations. (Baylan)
  • Meeting new people. Talking to strange people, finding common ground. Learning a language. (Ryan)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • It’s ok to not be perfect. Rests and breaks help your work more than working 110% all the time. Enjoy the ride and don’t stress! (Ridge)
  • I wish I knew more of what to bring. I also wish that I wasn’t as afraid to talk to people. (Katie)
  • It will go faster than you could ever imagine. The days might seem long at times, but when you are done you will wonder how it happened. (Stephanie)
  • You don’t have to fake smiles for everything. It’s ok to feel annoyed, irritated, fed up or sick of your companion’s behavior. Just don’t let it stop the work, at all. (Susan)
  • I wish I knew how short the time was going to be. (Baylan)
  • That it will end. Enjoy the time. Don’t look forward to the end of your mission. Enjoy the moment. (Ryan)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Denmark/Iceland?

  • Know gospel principles…read the Book of Mormon frequently! It is a powerful testimony builder. Listen to the Spirit! Respond to the promptings of the Lord quickly as you trust in the Lord for understanding! (Georgia)
  • Prayer is something that helped me a lot, which if you told me that before I mission wouldn’t have made sense to me. Sincere prayer can get you through a lot, key word: sincere. (Ridge)
  • Heavenly Father sends you to a certain place for a reason because He trusts you. Denmark, and any place for that matter, is not the easiest place to be. You are away from your family, and you need to work hard because there are people out there that are searching for the gospel of Jesus Christ. There will be times that are dark and hard…however, Heavenly Father is ALWAYS there. He loves you, He’s proud of you, and He knows that you are trying. Numbers in baptisms don’t indicate how successful you are. Your personal growth and the development of your testimony are the key indicators to your success. I know that I was sent to Denmark for a lot of reasons, but mostly it was for me. I am forever in Heavenly Father’s debt for sending me to a place where I could grow the most and find immense joy. If you can, serve a mission. It is the foundation for the rest of your life. (Katie)
  • Denmark is an amazing country that will be a big part of your life for the rest of your life. The people you meet, the experiences you have, and the sights you see will stay with you forever. You will love it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives for the better. Your service as a missionary will change your life and it will change the lives of the people you teach. The Gospel brings happiness and peace even when going through trials. Bring that hope and love to Denmark! (Stephanie)
  • It’s really the best thing ever. There is no replacing this experience. No one else’s mission can ever give you the experience you’ll have on your own. (Susan)
  • Don’t have any regrets. DO EVERYTHING and always follow every prompting. (Baylan)
  • Study that Book of Mormon. Get a firm testimony of that book. Everything else will fall into place. Dump your girl/boy friend now. (Ryan)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • Asking for a piece of “testimony” instead of “pastry”…. Addressing the woman of the house as a “frog” instead of “lady” En Eller et fru. (Georgia)
  • Many missionaries think it’s funny to tell the new Elders to order a kejsernit at the bakery because it sounds similar to some of the actual pastry names. Kejsernit actually means C-Section. Don’t order a C-Section. (Ridge)
  • A lot of the words sound similar. In a lesson once, we were talking about Joseph Smith’s First Vision. The word for “sin” and “vision” sound very similar. So, in one lesson I said “Joseph Smith’s first sin”. Haha, there are plenty more, and as embarrassing as it is…it always brings a good laugh and a funny story. (Katie)
  • See above funny experience. (Stephanie)
  • The word for pray and the word for bathe are nearly identical in Danish. At one point I told an investigator that we split men and women into separate meetings at the third hour of church and she said “what? Are we going to bathe together or something?” And I said, enthusiastically, “Yes!” (Susan)
  • My companion told a woman that he was very warm. But directly translated it means that he was sexually ready. That was cleared up quickly. Be careful. (Baylan)