Cyndee Balinski

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“Whenever I think of you Auntie Cyndee, I think of all the times I was able to spend with you. All the summers spent at your house in Concord, the family potlucks we had for any holiday or birthday, and most of all I remember the “girls’ nights” we spent at your house or at Nanny’s. It was always you, Ashley, mom (dawn), Keiri, Nanny and me. We would spend the night watching you give mom a perm or swapping haircuts, then eating snacks and watching chick flicks. All of us kids would curl up on the floor in our sleeping bags enjoying the time away from all of the boys. It was there I would watch you and learn how to do a perm on someone else and use later when I went through school to become a cosmetologist. I learned to love strawberries, sour cream and brown sugar, a combination I never thought I’d try. That time together really helped is grow closer. After an amazing evening we would all wake up and spend the day at yard sales. I still hope to spend time like that with my daughter and hopefully some of my nieces. Thank you for being a part of that. For watching us all grow and letting us constantly turn your home into our summer retreat. Love you Auntie Cyndee!” ~Tia Campbell

“In honor of Mother’s Day, I reflect on the great women whom I`ve been blessed to have known. Many attributes define these women- strength, love and kindness just to name a few. There is one woman that I have had the great privilege of knowing that comes to mind and her name is Cyndee Balinski. She provided shelter for me and my brothers at a critical time in my life (right when I turned 18) the evironment at the Balinski home was as close to perfect as I could imagine, and I couldn’t imagine possessing any of the good qualities that I have if it weren’t for that time and place. Cyndee was the center of that house, the essential piece of my life that helped forge me into the man I am today I thank her and the rest of her household for the irreplaceable experience given to me there.” ~Stephen De Montigny

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