Cheyenne, Wyoming

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Cheyenne, Wyoming: Blogs

Here’s a list of blogs and websites written by people who live in Cheyenne, or are about Cheyenne.

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Cheyenne, Wyoming: Groups

Cheyenne Groups On Facebook

  1. Cheyenne Yard Sale (14,129 members)
  2. Cheyenne, Wyoming Business Trade, Jobs, Service, Etc. (3,867 members)
  3. Cheyenne Antique, Vintage, Retro Group (2,495 members)
  4. FE Warren Air Force Base/Cheyenne Wyoming Online Sale (2,354 members)
  5. Cheyenne and Wyoming News (1,226 members)
  6. Cheyenne Virtual Yard Sale Group (727 members)
  7. Lending a Helping Hand (Cheyenne, WY) (700 members)
  8. Pokemon GO Raiders Cheyenne, WY (610 members)
  9. Indivisible Cheyenne (428 members)
  10. Cheyenne WY Friends (348 members)
  11. Cheyenne Central High School Class of 2008 (214 members)
  12. Cheyenne, Wyoming Moms (203 members)

Other Cheyenne Groups, Forums and Events

  1. TripAdvisor Cheyenne, Wyoming Forum
  2. Greater Cheyenne Chamber of Commerce Calendar
  3. Eventbrite Events in or near Cheyenne
  4. Cheyenne Civic Center Event Calendar

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Survey

We’re surveying people about living in Cheyenne, WY. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*The information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Your name, How long you’ve lived in Cheyenne)

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Cheyenne, Wyoming: Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Cheyenne?

  • The suburban feel. (Christy, 1 year)
  • The surrounding hills and wildlife. (Lisa, 2 years)
  • There are a lot of good people that live here. And there is opportunity. (Delilah, 3 years)
  • It’s close to Fort Collins. (Jason, 6 years)
  • The great outdoors. (Pcilla, 6 years)
  • Friendly people. (Michelle, 14 years)
  • Community activities. (Alexyss, 17 years)
  • Small town vibe. (Katie, 20 years)
  • Nice summers. (Judy, 61 years)

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Cheyenne?

  • I can’t get a manager job and utilize my degree, without experience. (Christy, 1 year)
  • The crime. (Lisa, 2 years)
  • The cost of living is too high for a single mom working. (Delilah, 3 years)
  • The wind, no real shopping or great sports bars. (Jason, 6 years)
  • Nothing to do for families. (Pcilla, 6 years)
  • No mountains. (Michelle, 14 years)
  • Downtown. (Alexyss, 17 years)
  • Crime rate and drug problem. (Katie, 20 years)
  • I’ve been here all my life. (Judy, 61 years)

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Cheyenne?

  • The ghost tours, Botanical Garden of Cheyenne. (Christy, 1 year)
  • The botanical gardens, the aquatic center, the mall, farmers market at the Depot, museums. (Lisa, 2 years)
  • The parks are amazing. Cheyenne Frontier Days. (Delilah, 3 years)
  • Applebees happy hour. (Jason, 6 years)
  • That is what we are looking for too. (Pcilla, 6 years)
  • Greek festival. (Michelle, 14 years)
  • Rollerskating, bowling activities. (Alexyss, 17 years)
  • Movies, parks, downtown events, art studios, hockey games at event center. (Katie, 20 years)
  • Shop, drive around, fish, visit people. (Judy, 61 years)

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Reputation

What’s Cheyenne known for?

  • Cheyenne Frontier Days. (Christy, 1 year)
  • Frontier Days. (Lisa, 2 years)
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days. (Delilah, 3 years)
  • CFD. (Jason, 6 years)
  • Frontier Days, in early 1900’s debauchery. My grandpa always said you made sure you and your horse left town before dark. (Pcilla, 6 years)
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days. (Michelle, 14 years)
  • CFD. (Alexyss, 17 years)
  • Frontier Days….we do not participate. (Katie, 20 years)
  • Wind. (Judy, 61 years)

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Crime

What’s the crime like in Cheyenne?

  • It seems pretty bad. (Lisa, 2 years)
  • Same problems anywhere you live. I guess it’s up to you- the company you choose to keep. (Delilah, 3 years)
  • Horrible. (Jason, 6 years)
  • The crime is getting worse. (Pcilla, 6 years)
  • Getting worse. More killings, vandalism, child abuse and theft. (Michelle, 14 years)
  • Focused in areas, but not too bad. (Alexyss, 17 years)
  • Terrible. Crime seems to be growing. (Katie, 20 years)
  • Seems average for the population size. (Judy, 61 years)

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Advice

Any advice for people moving to Cheyenne?

  • Try to stay north of the tracks. If renting, try to stay north/west. (Lisa, 2 years)
  • The weather is unpredictable. Dress in layers and always keep a coat handy. (Delilah, 3 years)
  • Move to Loveland or Fort Collins. (Jason, 6 years)
  • Good luck. (Pcilla, 6 years)
  • Be ready for wind and snow. (Alexyss, 17 years)
  • Be prepared during winter months. (Katie, 20 years)

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Cheyenne (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • Lindt got hit in the roundabout while I was in middle of it. A drunk driver merged into my lane. (Christy, 1 year)
  • The farmer’s market downtown at the depot is always fun. (Lisa, 2 years)
  • The car dealerships are horrible. (Jason, 6 years)
  • I’ve had my car broken into, the driver’s window shot out, and a hit and run. All at different times. (Michelle, 14 years)

Cheyenne, Wyoming: The Future

How do you think Cheyenne will change over the next 10 years?

  • Hopefully better, without growing. (Christy, 1 year)
  • Hopefully the downtown area will be more welcoming, with more inviting businesses. (Lisa, 2 years)
  • For the worse. (Jason, 6 years)
  • Hopefully the city will see the need to grow, and stop stifling business that want to bring more to Cheyenne. (Pcilla, 6 years)
  • Worse crime. (Michelle, 14 years)
  • Cheyenne is going to grow. (Alexyss, 17 years)
  • Hopefully we will clean up the yuck buildings around town, maybe put some to good use. I really love the idea of a children’s museum, an indoor skatepark, a youth center or a bigger indoor venue for concerts or other events. (Katie, 20 years)
  • Will continue to grow as a Colorado bedroom community or retirement community. (Judy, 61 years)

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Other Facts

Any other interesting facts about Cheyenne?

  • If you’re nice, pretty much everyone around here will treat you the same way. (Katie, 20 years)