Centerville, Utah

Life in Centerville, Utah, explained by people who’ve lived in Centerville:

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Centerville Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Centerville?

  • The people; the Stars Hollow-like park with gazebo; the hills so close; the sunsets. (Bonnie, 11 months)
  • Beautiful mountains. (Tera, 13 months)
  • Convenient. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Proximity to SLC. (Dan, 5 years)
  • The people, they’re so friendly and kind. And the (mostly) reverent atmosphere around the neighborhood. (Christian, 10 years)
  • The people. The low crime rate. (Alisa, 18 years)
  • The strength of the community coming together. They truly care about each other. (Arianne, 18 years)
  • Although it may be growing it still has a small town feel. (Samantha, 20 years)
  • It used to be the small town feel, but it doesn’t feel that way anymore, so I can’t really say. (Katherine, 21 years)
  • I’m close to everything I need. Groceries? We got them. Fast food? We got those. Library? Oh, we got it. (Chris, 22 years)
  • Friendly people and close proximity to either Salt Lake or Ogden. (Bryan, 33 years)
  • The great people who live here. (Holly, 36 years)
  • Small community, no houses up the mountain. (Adam, 38 years)
  • My wonderful neighbors. (Laura, 38 years)

Centerville Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Centerville?

  • Some of the people can be ridiculous with that “small-town thinking”. (Chris, 22 years)
  • Too busy around parish and marketplace. (Tera, 13 months)
  • East winds. Property taxes are unusually high. Snow removal on city streets is really bad. City planning is horrible. Parish Lane traffic patterns. Lack of vision for the future of the city. Whenever property is available, high density housing is the first thing to be considered. Remaining property on which to build is very expensive. (Dan, 5 years)
  • City isn’t quite caught up with modern technology. i.e. city utilities is set up at city hall on a postcard, and can’t pay electronically. (Adam, 38 years)
  • Hard to say. (Alisa, 18 years)
  • Poor city planning, no rhyme or reason to the city growth; city getting too big, losing the community feel; too many fast food restaurants, an Olive Garden, Macaroni Grill, or a sit down restaurant that isn’t a sports bar would be nice; no real down town just Walmart and Target shopping centers, city policy on basement rentals, other cities allow the basement to be rented so long as the homeowner lives upstairs. (Katherine, 21 years)
  • The freeway off ramp at Parrish Lane. (Arianne, 18 years)
  • Walmart. (Bryan, 33 years)
  • All those garrish neon signs and franchises along Parrish Lane with the huge lack of small quaint mom-and-pop shops like coffee shops, boutiques, etc. (Samantha, 20 years)
  • House prices. (Bonnie, 11 months)
  • The air pollution (inversion) and the fact that no one else other than our family seems to care about it, or want to change it. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • The exit and on-ramp portals to I-15. Not an efficient design. (Christian, 10 years)
  • High density seems to be the only solution to every vacant lot. (Laura, 38 years)

Centerville Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Centerville?

  • Deuel Creek hike or the movie theaters. (Chris, 22 years)
  • Trails, parks. (Tera, 13 months)
  • Hiking in canyons above Centerville. (Dan, 5 years)
  • Hiking, movies at the park, parasailing, etc. (Adam, 38 years)
  • Hang out with friends. Hiking. Go to the library. (Alisa, 18 years)
  • Centerpoint Theater, 4th of July celebration, movies in the park. (Katherine, 21 years)
  • Go get a blizzard at Dairy Queen and go eat it at the park with friends. (Arianne, 18 years)
  • Hike the foothills. (Bryan, 33 years)
  • Movies in the park in the summer, 4th of July is AWESOME. (Samantha, 20 years)
  • Deuel Creek Waterfall hike, Bonneville Shoreline Trail. (Bonnie, 11 months)
  • Founders Park 4th Of July. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Sledding Ward activities Eating at various restaurants watching movies at the Megaplex hiking enjoying breathtaking sunsets photography enjoying the quietness biking learning about historical sites shopping getting water from the well(s) going to school laughing at how weirdly some people drive. (Christian, 10 years)
  • Hiking, biking, walking. Paragliders use the Centerville Jr High field for landing purposes. (Holly, 36 years)
  • Walk and hike. Pickle ball. (Laura, 38 years)

Centerville’s Reputation

What’s Centerville known for?

  • Our Walmart, theaters or In-n-Out. (Chris, 22 years)
  • Quiet. (Tera, 13 months)
  • High winds. (Dan, 5 years)
  • Quaint city with a close-knit community of friendly people. (Adam, 38 years)
  • The DI. It’s pretty good pickings. (Alisa, 18 years)
  • Fast food restaurants and good schools. (Katherine, 21 years)
  • Wind! (Arianne, 18 years)
  • Being the city next to Lagoon and Farmington Station. (Bryan, 33 years)
  • 4th of July. (Samantha, 20 years)
  • The old Bamburger Train. (Bonnie, 11 months)
  • Mormons. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Being the “Friendly City beside the Great Salt Lake” being the city that is literally at the center point between Salt Lake City and Ogden. being located on the skinniest stretch of land between the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch mountains. A LOT of family-friendly events on holidays, like fireworks and movies in the park. (Christian, 10 years)
  • Good 4th of July parade. (Holly, 36 years)
  • High home values, nice people, good commute to SLC. (Laura, 38 years)

Centerville Crime

What’s the crime like in Centerville? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • Not that bad. Walmart has a lot issues, but not nearly as much as other cities around. (Chris, 22 years)
  • Hmm, car break ins, that’s all. (Tera, 13 months)
  • Somewhat bad near freeway exits and into surrounding neighborhoods. (Dan, 5 years)
  • I haven’t seen any crime. (Adam, 38 years)
  • I don’t know of any crime hot spots. (Alisa, 18 years)
  • Low crime rate, although, it is getting worse. (Katherine, 21 years)
  • It doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot going on. (Arianne, 18 years)
  • Not as bad as it could be. (Bryan, 33 years)
  • There really aren’t any bad spots! (Samantha, 20 years)
  • Low, I believe, and hope. (Bonnie, 11 months)
  • As far as I could tell not high. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Not sure, although I feel much, much safer walking around on the streets at night in Centerville versus in Salt Lake City. (Christian, 10 years)
  • Crime can occur anywhere. Seems fairly low here. But, recently our neighbor’s suburban was stolen. (Holly, 36 years)
  • Higher crime at Walmart and in high density areas. (Laura, 38 years)

Centerville Advice

Any advice for people moving to Centerville?

  • Learn to love how quirky it can be. (Chris, 22 years)
  • It’s great. (Tera, 13 months)
  • It’s a wonderful city to live in. So far it’s been my favorite. (Adam, 38 years)
  • Make friends with your neighbors. Chances are good that they’re good people. (Although everyone has problems.) (Alisa, 18 years)
  • Get to know your neighbors and get involved! (Katherine, 21 years)
  • We have good schools and friendly neighbors. (Arianne, 18 years)
  • Places are hard to come by but it’s worth it! (Bryan, 33 years)
  • Stay away from Dick’s Market’s delicious bakery–you’ll thank me later! (Samantha, 20 years)
  • You’ll love it, but you’ll pay for it. (Bonnie, 11 months)
  • Be ready for horrible air pollution and people who just don’t care. Get ready to meet some really nice people who mostly happen to be LDS. Get ready to see the city along Parrish Lane become a ghost town on Sundays. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • Please maintain your property and don’t litter. Also, please no wandering pets. (Christian, 10 years)
  • You’ll enjoy it here. (Laura, 38 years)

Centerville Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Centerville (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • A friend and I once walked around town wearing fake mustaches, eye patches and fake teeth and had a blast. (Chris, 22 years)
  • 4th of July parades. Love the Tongan band. (Tera, 13 months)
  • Hiking up to the V with my family was beautiful, easy and fun! (Adam, 38 years)
  • 4th of July parade and celebration. (Alisa, 18 years)
  • I love, love, LOVE the 4th of July there—especially the parade! I was in it a couple times and I love those memories! (Katherine, 21 years)
  • My neighbor walking her pig, Penelope! (Arianne, 18 years)
  • Fireworks for Independence Day. Simply amazing. Very good performances. Super friendly people. Seems like Centerville’s budgeting is top-notch. (Bryan, 33 years)
  • When our children were young there were many opportunities for good friendships within our neighborhood and some several blocks away. Together, these youth built a tree house in the big sycamore trees on our property. This was a great place to think, plan, dream, play and observe. Below the trees they drew giant pictures on the street with chalk.. some really good chalk art. During those years the traffic was lighter, so our street allowed for more undisturbed drawing, bike riding, rollerblading and long boarding. Centerville was a great place to grow up, and I believe still is. Happily, these Centerville childhood friendships have remained strong to this day…30 plus years later. (Holly, 36 years)

Centerville’s Future

How do you think Centerville will change over the next 10 years?

  • Hopefully that area by the theater will get more developed with other businesses. (Chris, 22 years)
  • Hopefully it won’t, but I fear more homes. (Tera, 13 months)
  • I don’t want it to change too much. (Adam, 38 years)
  • Dunno. I probably will be moving away from it because of high property values and not having a lot of money. (Alisa, 18 years)
  • Grow even bigger, more crime. (Katherine, 21 years)
  • It will continue to grow because more people will realize how awesome it is! (Arianne, 18 years)
  • More traffic and congestion. (Bryan, 33 years)
  • Keep growing. (Samantha, 20 years)
  • Hopefully, more small businesses will open without big neon signs when they do! (Bonnie, 11 months)
  • Get more expensive. (Anonymous, 2 years)
  • More traffic, more businesses opening up on the west side of the freeway, but nothing much else. Pollution WILL get much worse from the expanded refineries. (Christian, 10 years)
  • I hope some things don’t change, like the small town feeling, but I do see a need to add more upscale restaurants and to redevelop the Pages Lane shopping area. (Holly, 36 years)
  • More high density. (Laura, 38 years)

Centerville Facts

Any other interesting facts about Centerville?

  • It’s not the center of Utah. (Chris, 22 years)
  • The history- preserving memories at the Whittaker museum. (Tera, 13 months)
  • When I tell people from out of state that there’s 4 LDS stakes in Centerville, they’re surprised. (Adam, 38 years)
  • It’s fresh spring water well at the white church on 200 south and 200 east. (Alisa, 18 years)
  • If you want a bit more trees and an old-town feeling, try moving to Farmington. It’s probably more expensive there, though, especially in places like Fruit Heights. (Katherine, 21 years)
  • The white LDS church building located at 200 East and 100 South has the distinction of being the oldest continuous use church building in the LDS church. (Arianne, 18 years)