Centerfield, Utah

Life in Centerfield, Utah, explained by people who’ve lived in Centerfield:

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Centerfield Favorites

What’s your favorite thing about living in Centerfield?

  • Quiet. (Jim, 1.5 years)
  • Quiet. (Christi, 15 years)
  • The people are friendly and have accepted me as one of their own. I’m a transplant from the Little Cottonwood/Sandy area and it’s very easily become HOME ❤ when we first moved here the draw was all the elbow room and green alfalfa fields. More room for growing our own food. Since then too many new houses have gone up and the green fields are shrinking. Now we are considered a city …feeling limited coz people complain about stinky lil farms. If you don’t like farming then WHY did you move here 😕? (Wendie, 25 years or more)
  • I know most of my neighbors, and I met my husband here. (LeeAnn, 28 years)

Centerfield Least Favorites

What’s your least favorite thing about living in Centerfield?

  • No businesses. (Jim, 1.5 years)
  • Nothing. (Christi, 15 years)
  • The soil is soo difficult to work with and soooo many rocks. (Wendie, 25 years)
  • Nothing. (LeeAnn, 28 years)

Centerfield Things To Do

What are fun things to do in Centerfield?

  • Go for a walk, Beck Family Farm. (Jim, 1.5 years)
  • Close to mountains. (Christi, 15 years)
  • Thank goodness for the parks. I enjoy gardening…so I’m good 👍. Becks family farmers market is a super plus. ☺ (Wendie, 25 years)
  • Not much to do unless you want to go to a movie or eat out and then you have to go to Gunnison to do that, which is about a 5 minute drive. (LeeAnn, 28 years)

Centerfield’s Reputation

What’s Centerfield known for?

  • No idea. (Jim, 1.5 years)
  • I dunno…but it’s history is very interesting. (Wendie, 25 years)
  • Farming, once called Skin Town. (LeeAnn, 28 years)

Centerfield Crime

What’s the crime like in Centerfield? (hot spot areas, etc.)

  • None that I know. (Jim, 1.5 years)
  • Better since we formed a police force. (Christi, 15 years)
  • There is crime here?? 😨 (Wendie, 25 years)
  • Typical for a small town, not as much goes on here as in the city. Drugs are a problem all over though. (LeeAnn, 28 years)

Centerfield Advice

Any advice for people moving to Centerfield?

  • Hope you like the small town. (Jim, 1.5 years)
  • Get involved. (Christi, 15 years)
  • If you do move to Centerfield….once you have a job, hold on tight coz somebody is always looking for one and you can’t jump around from job to job….this is defiantly not like the city. (Wendie, 25 years)
  • You’ll love it. It’s a great place to raise a family. Good people here and better than the hustle and bustle of city living! (LeeAnn, 28 years)

Centerfield Stories

Share an experience you’ve had in Centerfield (fun, crazy, dangerous, etc.).

  • My family enjoys going to the Beck Farm for all the pumpkins. (Jim, 1.5 years)
  • We like that we can do bbq in our back yard. As long as the fire is well contained go for it…invite the neighbors…have a good time…lay out under the stars hanging out in a tent in the field. We have good memories with family and friends. (Wendie, 25 years)
  • Met my husband here, church parties, the old folks parties. (LeeAnn, 28 years)

Centerfield’s Future

How do you think Centerfield will change over the next 10 years?

  • Centerfield might join Gunnison as a single city. (Jim, 1.5 years)
  • Get too big. (Christi, 15 years)
  • Eeek…might grow bigger. (Wendie, 25 years)
  • Don’t think it will change much, most people are happy with the town the way it is. (LeeAnn, 28 years)

Centerfield Facts

Any other interesting facts about Centerfield?

  • None that I know. (Jim, 1.5 years)
  • My father’s family came here from Denmark and Sweden after becoming Mormons and helped in settling this area as a town. (LeeAnn, 28 years)