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Cellulitis Survey

We’re surveying people about their experiences with Cellulitis. Here will be a collection of their responses.

*This information is not meant to replace medical advice, and the information gathered via surveys may or may not be correct. Hopefully it will be helpful to you!

*Response format = Answer (Name, Age)

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Cellulitis Symptoms

What symptoms have you experienced?

  • vomiting, dieriah headache pain. (Tamara, 26)
  • High fever, swelling, pain, redness, heat of affected area. Edema. (Amber, 27)
  • Pain, redness, swelling, heat, itching, pus filled blisters, flu like symptoms, vomiting, (shivering, sweating, nausea, headache, feel like death, high temperature.) (Melissa, 41)
  • Pins and needles in fingertips. Groin pain and vomiting. (Jennifer, 44)
  • Heat in legs (area of cellulitis), fever, exhaustion, pain, skin blistering, skin flaking. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Causes

Is there anything you believe contributed to or caused your Cellulitis?

  • No, (Tamara, 26)
  • I believe that stress can cause me to have a flare up. (Amber, 27)
  • Not keeping the infection clean. Dirt got into the open wound, which caused the infection. Medical professionals believe only over weight people get cellulitis. Hence part of the word being cellulite. But this is false. Cellulitis has nothing to do with cellulite or being over weight. No matter what your build, age, etc, everybody can get it. Even children. So always be aware of the symptoms. (Melissa, 41)
  • Athletes foot. (Jennifer, 44)
  • Spider bite years ago that became infected. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Facts

What are some interesting facts about Cellulitis?

  • It can happen to anyone of any age, no area of your body is safe. It can get anywhere. Even in your eyes. (Melissa, 41)
  • How you can get it. (Jennifer, 44)
  • Once you have it, you have it. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Pain Management

What’s your experience with Cellulitis-related pain and pain relief?

  • It burns. (Tamara, 26)
  • Pain can be excruciating. Paracetamol, ibuprofen and Codine can help. (Amber, 27)
  • The pain level is out of this world. It’s totally unbearable. Cold compress helps. Never add heat to it as it’ll only make the cellulitis spread and get worse. To reduce the infection it needs to be kept cool. (Melissa, 41)
  • Feels like leg is going to burst. Groin feels badly bruised. Flucloxacillin medication. (Jennifer, 44)
  • Only recently started having pain with it. Pain meds help. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Difficulties

What are the hardest aspects of living with Cellulitis?

  • Sometimes u cant do everything u would like. (Tamara, 26)
  • Never knowing when a flare up will happen. Time off work. (Amber, 27)
  • Walking, if the infection is on your leg. It can leave you with future problems with your daily living. Mine was on my leg and I now have a disability with walking. I now have to use walking aids. (Melissa, 41)
  • Laid up and I can hardly walk when I get it. (Jennifer, 44)
  • Never knowing when a flair up will occur. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Advice

What encouragement/advice can you give others who experience Cellulitis?

  • Take good care of your skin. Be vigilant about keeping any cuts clean. (Amber, 27)
  • Stay strong. Don’t let it beat you. Cellulitis can be life threatening. So always go back to A&E should you have any concerns or you think the infection is getting worse. Draw around the infection with a marker so you can tell if the infection is spreading or reducing. Keep it cool at all times. NEVER ADD HEAT TO IT. For further support please join my support group via Facebook. Thank you. (Melissa, 41)
  •  Live for today. Keep leg elevated when you can. Rest and keep warm. (Jennifer, 44)
  • Find a good doctor who listens. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Diet and Exercise

What’s been your experience with diet and exercise?

  • My infection stabilized once I had changed my diet. The more healthier you eat. The better it will get and remain. Cut down on sugar, salt, pastry foods, greasy foods, fried foods. Add in more fruit and vegetables. Especially a banana every day as this will help with cramps that cellulitis causes. Drink plenty of vitamin C like Orange juice/squash. As this helps keeps the blood cells healthy. Plenty of water too. Only do what exercise you can manage. Never try to over do it. As the years pass, never change your diet. Keep it healthy. Cellulitis can affect you psychologically to. So be aware of this. (Melissa, 41)
  • OK with diet, but appetite can change. Limited for exercise due to not being able to walk well. (Jennifer, 44)
  • No difference. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Treatments

What’s been your experience with treatments (medication, surgery, etc.)?

  • Oral antibiotics (fluclox and pen v) for mild flare ups. Teicoplainin I.Vs for major flare ups. (Amber, 27)
  • I was allergic to the medications. So I had to fight it without meds. Nearly lost my life Cuz of it. That’s why I set up my own support group via Facebook. To help others. (Melissa, 41)
  • Flucloxcillin. Ibuprofen. Came out in a rash over body due to medication, but don’t know which one caused it. (Jennifer, 44)
  • Cipro is what worked for me. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Recommendations

Anything you’d recommend for someone with Cellulitis?

  • It will go with meds, but act quickly as you can at the beginning. (Jennifer, 44)
  • Take care of the area. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Resources

What specific resources have you found most helpful?

  • I had to learn everything myself on trial and error. Mostly by error that’s why i nearly died. But I learned tea tree oil and coconut oil are good to use on cellulitis. They help to reduce the infection. (Melissa, 41)
  • My doctor. (Wynn, 52)

Cellulitis Stories

Share an experience you’ve had related to living with Cellulitis.

  • Had a flare up while on a holiday in Spain. Spent 3 days in bed with high fever, and on high dose antibiotics for the remainder of the holiday. (Amber, 27)
  • My worst experience is I now have trouble with walking and I cant stand for to long or walk far for long. I was having bad leg cramps every day which started to reduce by me eating a banana every day. Cellulitis can cause Arthritis afterwards. Which makes you struggle to cope with daily life. I now rely heavily on a carer each day to help me try to cope. (Melissa, 41)
  • It can scar and my leg never felt the same since. (Jennifer, 44)
  • I’ll get it and end up in the hospital. (Wynn, 52)