April 10, 2017

Bulgaria Sofia Mission

Dan (Bulgaria Sofia Mission)

–Paraphrased from  Dan’s mission interview–

Bulgarian History

Most of Bulgaria was farming villages, and then they were enslaved into the Ottoman area. For a brief period after WWI, they were free, but then communism came in. The communists decided to force everyone into industrial cities. You’ll go into a city of 20,000 people living in extremely dense communities and then outside of that there is nothing. You have people living in these really drafty, dirty buildings for their whole life. So weird things scare them, like if you are sitting outside on the concrete, they will come make you move so you don’t get sick. They’re afraid of cold drafts as well, because it was dangerous to get sick.

Niels (Bulgaria Sofia Mission)

–Paraphrased from  Niels’ mission interview–

For Future Missionaries

I think about my mission almost everyday, and I realize it had more of an effect than anything so far on my life. It helped me recognize my potential as a son of God. As you’re obedient the Lord will be able to mold you. I came home knowing who I was and the difference I could make for good in the world. I developed such a love for the people there. As you serve people and give them all of your time, you will love them and become excited to share in the work with them.

The Church in Bulgaria and My Testimony

This is the Lord’s work. When you do it his way and serve with obedience and diligence, he will bless you. He will strengthen your relationship with your companion and your life. Put your shoulder to the wheel and you will have success. The Book of Mormon has the power to change lives, and in Bulgaria it’s doing that. Bulgaria is a country that needs the gospel and the Lord is preparing them for it. God lives and loves all of his children. This is His work, and I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.