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Missão Brasil São Paulo Norte

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Sao Paulo North Mission Address

Here’s a recent address for the Sao Paulo North Mission. We try to keep this info up to date, but it’s a good idea to double check the address with several sources, including your mission packet or the mission office.

Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission
Avenida Nova Cantareira, 1146 Fundos
02330-001 São Paulo – SP
Phone Number: +55 11-2977-2326
Mission President: President Edson D. G. Ribeiro

Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission Map

Here’s a link to the mission map for the Sao Paulo North Mission (LDS). To access the official, up-to-date map for the Sao Paulo North Mission:

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Sao Paulo North Missionary Blogs

Here’s a list of LDS missionary blogs for the Sao Paulo North Mission. This list includes the missionary’s name, URL and when their blog was updated.

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Mission Alumni 2016
Elder Cameron Messick 2016
Sister Kail 2016
Elder Josh Olsen 2016
Elder & Sister Barrus 2016
Elder David Sagae 2016
Elder David Burt 2016
Elder Diego Torres 2016
Elder Marcus Hunt 2016
Elder Joshua Olsen 2015
Sister Sydney Jorgensen 2015
Elder Dallas Schoen 2015
Elder Daniel Carney 2015
Elder Michael Youd 2015
Sister Olivia Huskey 2014
Elder Stephen Jarvis 2014
Sister Theresa Conley 2014
Elder David Bean 2014
Elder Bryan Jacobson 2014
Sister Rachael Fuller 2014
Elder Tavin Fox 2013
Elder William Shelton 2013
Elder Tanner Paxman 2013
Sister Lori Lund 2012
Elder George Groesbeck 2012
Elder Alec Garner 2012
Elder Trent Carnahan 2012
Sister Heather Sabin 2011
Sister Kellie Steinbeigle 2011
Elder Evan Gutzman 2011
Elder Eric Arnett 2011
Sister Emily Peck 2011
Sister Erin Knudsen 2011
Elder Bryan Briggs 2010
Elder Chase Caldwell 2010
Elder Josh Loucks 2009

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Sao Paulo North Mission Groups

Here are Sao Paulo North Mission Groups- for LDS missionary moms, returned missionaries, mission presidents and other alumni of the Sao Paulo North Mission.

  1. Missao Brasil Sao Paulo Norte Facebook Group (493 members)
  2. Sao Paulo Norte 2011-14 com Pres. Martins Group (291 members)
  3. Missao Sao Paulo Norte! Presidente Chipman Group (270 members)
  4. Sao Paulo North 1997-01 (Broadhead, Ellis) Group (152 members)
  5. Missao Brasil Sao Paulo Norte – Pres. Day Group (59 members)
  6. Sao Paulo Norte – 1981/84 – Pres. Christensen Group (58 members)
  7. Missao Sao Paulo Norte – 1976/82 – Group (55 members)
  8. Missao Brasil Sao Paulo Norte Presidente Degn Group (39 members)
  9. Brazil Sao Paulo North Mission Facebook Group (8 members)

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Sao Paulo North Mission Presidents

Here’s a list of current and past Mission Presidents of the Sao Paulo North LDS Mission.

  1. 2017-2020, Edson D. G. Ribeiro
  2. 2014-2017, Timothy L. Farnes
  3. 2011-2014, Marcus H. Martins
  4. 2008-2011, Jeffry L. Cooley
  5. 2005-2008, Michael J. Bertasso
  6. 2002-2005, Richard S. Bangerter
  7. 1999-2002, Stanley G. Ellis
  8. 1996-1999, Fenton Broadhead
  9. 1993-1996, Ralph Degn
  10. 1990-1993, Ralph D. Chipman
  11. 1987-1990, Andrew J. Day
  12. 1984-1987, Robert R. Steuer
  13. 1981-1984, Darwin Christenson
  14. 1978-1981, Harry E. Maxwell
  15. 1975-1978, Saul Messias de Olivera
  16. 1972-1975, Leroy Dreschel
  17. 1969-1972, Sherman Hibbert
  18. 1966-1969, Lloyd R. Hicken
  19. 1963-1966, Wayne Beck
  20. 1960-1963, William G. Bangerter
  21. 1957-1960, Asael T. Sorensen
  22. 1946-1947, William Seegmiller

Brazil LDS Statistics (2016)

  • Church Membership: 1,326,738
  • Missions: 34
  • Temples: 6
  • Congregations: 2,038
  • Family History Centers: 341

Helpful Articles about Brazil

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Sao Paulo North Missionary Survey

Here are survey responses from Brazil Sao Paulo North RMs, to give you a snapshot into what it’s like to live in the mission.

When did you serve?

  • 2013-2014 (Lauren)
  • 2005 (Scott)
  • 2003-2005 (Anonymous)
  • 1983-1985 (Carlos)
  • 1983-1984 (Maria)

What areas did you serve in?

  • Campinas, Marilia, Campo Grande, Araçatuba, Ferreira, Ponta Porã, Ramo da Cruz, Areia Branca, Rio Claro, etc. (Carlos)
  • São José do Rio Preto, Guaratinguetá, Sorocaba, Pirassununga, Campinas. (Maria)

What were some favorite foods?

  • Coxinhas = little chicken thighs aka. a delicious chicken (usually) filled dough. Be careful of getting it from just anyone on the street though. I got sick once, but usually you´re fine. Carne de panela, arroz, feijão, e BANANA!!! = pressure cooked meat and potatoes, rice, beans, and banana. – Yeah, I know it sounds weird but don´t knock it ´til you have tried it! 🙂 (Lauren)
  • The basics: rice, beans, some salad, chicken/beef… lasagna was always a nice surprise. Oh, and there’s a soda you only found in Sorocaba: Vedete (love that stuff)!! (Anonymous)
  • Lasanha, Inhocchi, Churrasco, Sorvete, Salpicão, Pudim de Leite Moça, etc. (Carlos)
  • Arroz carreteiro cai. (Maria)

What was a funny experience?

  • We got lost my first day on my mission. (Lauren)
  • Tinha um clube das snakes e tentaram beijar o meu companheiro, outra que a gente marcou almoço com o bispo de araçatuba para comer fudy, não sei como se escreve, de chocolate bem doce, e esquecemos e fomos e comemos na casa de outro irmão, na volta o bispo perguntou se a gente estava pronto, e tinhamos comido muito no outro irmão, o bispo disse que se a gente não comesse não dava mais almoço pros missionarios, então comemos de novo, e bem, kkkk. (Carlos)
  • Cai da bicicleta em uma ladeira, utilizando a tão conhecida “bangela”. (Maria)

What was a crazy experience?

  • The Lord will protect. Basically be sure you always have a map and know your address! That´s all. (Lauren)
  • When I was with Elder Cruz em Ponta Porã, quase morri por uma batida da policia na favela, (Carlos)
  • A esposa de um investigador mandou me fazer um medoconhecer. (Maria)

What was a spiritual experience?

  • One day I was on exchanges and went to contact a former investigator. When he wasn´t home was asked his dad if anyone on the street was going through a hard time. He pointed to a house down the street and that was that. We went over and clapped. A woman came out that was talking on the phone and was very upset. When she saw we were missionaries she didn´t want to talk to us. However, we just waited there for a minute and eventually she let us in. Later, we found out that whoever she was talking with on the phone told her to talk to us. As we started talking to her she shared her anger and sadness with us. She had recently discovered that she had cancer and was furious at God. As we listened to the Spirit -which was the main teacher, reminding you that this was the first day me and this particular sister taught together – we were able to teach in unity to this sweet sister about Heavenly Father´s plan for her and that there is hope. By the end of the lesson this sister who had been so mad she was in tears was smiling, laughing, and glowing with hope. I had never seen such an amazing change in such a short amount of time. I don´t know what happened after as it was not my area, however, I have no doubt that the Lord sent us to her at the exact moment that she was needing to know that He was aware of her and loved her. (Lauren)
  • One investigator got converted inside the São Paulo Temple, during the open house for the re-dedication. That’s when he decided he wanted to be baptized and go on a mission. (Anonymous)
  • Ele parou e eu bati com a bicicleta nele, o espirito falou pra ele parar. (Carlos)
  • Conhecer alguém que já havia me visto em sonho e que falou claramente sobre o Livro de Mórmon. (Maria)

What are some interesting facts about the Sao Paulo North Mission?

  • No knocking door. Just lots of clapping! (Lauren)
  • Eu tive a missão de curto prazo com o Presidente Halpkins, depois a missão de um ano e meio que era o prazo na epoca com o Presidente Christesen e depois com o Presidente Stewer, fiquei mais um mes depois do prazo a pedido do presidente, mas estava muito trunk,kkk. (Carlos)
  • Batizar um jovem que conseguiu converter seu pai alcoólico e logo depois o pai se tornou bispo. (Maria)

What was the weather like?

  • For the most part the weather is pretty nice. Be aware that when it rains it will pour. Be sure to have a good umbrella and either water-proof bag or a way to protect your books from water. I did have to walk in almost knee deep water every once in a while. During the summer it also gets very hot. I probably could have worn Chocos (sandals) for about 10 of the 12 months. I used them a lot and loved them, but they are a little tacky. The winter does get a bit chilly. I would highly suggest taking a decent coat and warmer clothing that can be layered because as the day goes on it will get warmer. (Lauren)
  • Frio para mim que sou nordestina. (Maria)

Any things you really like about the area/people?

  • Their willingness and excitement to talk about God. Not everyone is going to always get baptized (I´m not saying that´s impossible though….. 🙂 but a lot of the people love God and will talk about Him openly. (Lauren)
  • Sorry, but I would say the correct question is ‘What I don’t love about those places and people?’ Even the not-so-great things were okay, like some excessive heat or cumin (they really love this spice in Indaiatuba). (Anonymous)
  • Marilia, Ramo da Cruz, todas as areas foram boas. (Carlos)
  • Muitos me procuraram depois da missão e continuam firmes. (Maria)

Any packing/clothing advice?

  • Already mentioned in the weather section. Be sure however, that you have clothes you can mix and match and at least one nicer outfit for conferences. You will get tired of your clothes no matter how much you love them at the beginning of your mission so don´t be afraid to exchange with other sisters! (Lauren)
  • Be prepared for everything. São Paulo can have any kind of weather, anytime of the day. (Anonymous)
  • O padrão sempre será a melhor escolha e ser simples e elegante isso realmente abre portas, jamais andar com roupas sujas afasta o espírito e os investidores. (Maria)

What blessings did you receive from serving a mission?

  • New skills…see below. Love for all sorts of people. So many, just trust that they will come. They will be unique for each one of us. Over a year later, I´m still receiving them! (Lauren)
  • All the people I met, all the things I learned from members, companions and leaders and a desire to always strengthen my testimony. Oh, and that learning the basics of the gospel is always amazing and satisfying. (Anonymous)
  • Pude adquirir o testemunho que eu tanto queria ter do Salvador, pude servir as pessoas que precisavam, mudei minha vestimenta, minha forma de falar, tive companheiros muito especiais, aprendi sobre outras culturas, incluindo a forma como os meus companheiros me contavam e eu via, muito bom! (Carlos)
  • Muitas, através das experiências espirituais nunca desisti apesar das provações pois o doce espírito voltava ao meu coração. (Maria)

What are some skills you gained?

  • Confidence. Better scripture study. Faith. Seeing the good in the world despite all the tragedies around us. (Lauren)
  • Talking to people. (Anonymous)
  • Experiências de vida. (Maria)

What do you wish you knew/did at the beginning of your mission?

  • This is the Lord´s work. He knows how He needs it done, so have enough faith to do it His way. You don´t need to re-invent the perfect wheel. (Lauren)
  • Como eu ja vim de outra missão que era a Missão Brasil São Paulo Sul, eu ja tinha experiencia como missionario de curto prazo. (Carlos)
  • Que o estudo individual te responde toda e qualquer dúvida que você tenha, até as dúvidas não relacionadas a missão, mas a doutrina. Estudei pouco coisas pertinentes a minha bênção patriarcal.experiencias. (Maria)

Any advice/testimony for pre-missionaries going to Sao Paulo North?

  • Study Preach My Gospel. Strengthen your testimony of the Restoration by sharing it with people – even if they are already members! Start talking to random people, even if it´s not about the church, but you´re going to need to talk to a lot of people so you should start getting used to it now! (Lauren)
  • Love your mission. Love the people there (members and non- members). Follow the Spirit even if it means you might have to disagree with your companion. And never forget you’re entitled to receive revelation and were called to do this amazing work. The Lord trusts in you, so should you. Don’t think you’re an angel and that people in the ward should love you and serve no matter what. Be grateful. (Anonymous)
  • A missão faz com que tenhamos coragem de segurar na barra de ferro para sempre, o estudo com o Espírito Santo nos permite muitos testemunhos que só obtive tão fortemente na missão. (Maria)

What was a funny language mistake?

  • Bêbado = a drunk person, uma bebida = a drink. Don´t mix it up when teaching the Word of Wisdom. (Lauren)
  • One classic one: not knowing the difference in pronunciation between coconut and poop. My district leader once thanked a family for the poop dessert. (Anonymous)
  • Ingles, Paraguaio, Castelhiano. (Carlos)
  • No almoço ela disse estou lotada, então consertamos não você está satisfeita, quando veio o ônibus lotado ela disse que estava ônibus satisfeito. (Maria)

Michael (Brazil Sao Paolo North Mission)

–Paraphrased from  Michael’s mission interview–

Mission Boundaries

The city itself is huge. The boundaries have 12 million people. The surrounding cities included and its over 20 million people. There are five missions in the city. The state of Sao Paolo has four, for a total of nine. The work has been going on there for a long time. There are really old families there that you would meet that have been in the church for 60 or 80 years.

Religious Backgrounds

A lot of the people are devout Catholics or Protestants. Most people are very religious. Half of the mission is the city and has concentrated houses, people, and workplaces. The other half is the countryside. I got to serve in both. The mission was split right before I got there. I served in the mission office for months, and the president lived in the other mission. It was cool being in the city. Everyone is always running around. You clap at doors instead of knocking on them. Most of the people are very kind and open. Farther out in the country people are slow. They have their farms and they take a different approach to life. Sao Paolo North is a very high baptizing mission. Its incredible how many people come into the church. People have challenges with cigarettes and drugs a lot of the time. It’s hard for them to leave everything and their families will be resilient sometimes as well. People there have so much faith that they are most likely willing. Sao Paolo is a very special place because there are so many people ready for the gospel.

Family Oriented

The culture is very family oriented. You talk to them about eternal marriage and how their families can be together and they love that. There are tons of wards and stakes. 50 to 100 people is about the norm for a ward. The mission isn’t terribly huge, but the main concentration is in the city of Sao Paolo. You have a lot of old families that invite new people in. You can get a lot of member help. There are still the challenges of finding new people. Talking to everyone you see is still the best way I have found to find new people. As we helped these people, we grew to love them.

The leadership of the church in Brazil is so strong. Every bishop and stake president I met were so focused. They want new people, they want to work with the missionaries and feed the missionaries, and they are just very helpful.