April 10, 2017

Brazil Salvador Mission

Alexis (Brazil Salvador Mission)

–Paraphrased from  Alexis’ mission interview–

Mission Info

The mission is huge. You have to take buses everywhere too. One of my areas was ten hours away by bus. The elders have two day bus rides for the farthest areas. It covers two states. You’re either in the desert where it’s super hot or you’re in the trees and the beach. One of my areas was in the mountains too. In Brazil you work with your companion and most of the time you have another set of missionaries with you. It’s pretty traditional. The church is super new there. It has only been in Bahia for 20 years. Sometimes you open areas where the church has never been. You get to see the church as it’s starting. It was cool getting to witness the effects of it. The mission is so large that you don’t see your district very much. You usually have to travel pretty far to go to zone conferences. You never have to knock on doors, you just walk on the streets and teach like five lessons. They love to talk to you and hear why you are there. They love Jesus Christ and are very religious and loving. You’ll feel their love and feel accepted. A lot of the areas have very nice church buildings, but sometimes you’ll go places that are just branches and have no building.