April 10, 2017

Brazil Piracicaba Mission

Christine (Brazil Piracicaba Mission)

–Paraphrased from Christine’s mission interview–

For Future Missionaries

A mission is  something that’s hard, but it’s also one of the most rewarding you can do in your life. I like the saying that the mission isn’t the best two years of my life, but the best two years for my life. On the mission you learn things that will help you for the rest of your life that you’ll be able to apply in school, relationships, and life in general.

It’s cool that Heavenly Father trusts us to go out and share the gospel, but we’re not alone in doing so. We’re instruments in his hands, and as long as we are willing to be used by him, and we show that through our obedience and doing the best that we can, Heavenly Father will bless us and we will see miracles. A mission is definitely hard, especially when you’re trying to learn a new language and culture, but you’ll get through it. Your companion, other missionaries, and your mission president will all be there to help you